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Impey Murchison, Roderick
Murchison, R. I.
Murchison, R. J.
Murchison, Robert I.
Murchison, Rod
Murchison, Roderick
Murchison, Roderick I.
Murchison, Roderick Impey
Murchison, Roderick Impey (Sir)
Murchison, Roderick Impey (Sir, bart)
Murčison, Roderik I.
Roderick Impey Murchison (geologo e paleontologo scozzese)
Roderick Murchison (Brits botanicus (1792-1871))
Roderick Murchison (Geologist)
Roderick Murchison (schottischer Geologe und Paläontologe)
Мурчисон, Родерик Импи
Родерик Мърчисън
Родэрык Імпі Мурчысан
Ռոդերիկ Իմպի Մուրչիսոն
رودریک مورچیسون
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Cartographic material
Language material
Manuscript language material
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Diemer, John
Gardner, James (18..- senior)
Geological Survey, England and Wales Affiliation (see also from)
Johnston, Alexander Keith (1804-1871))
Keyserling, Alexander Graf (1815-1891))
Leonhard, Gustav (1816-1878))
Leonhard, Gustav von (1816-1878))
Nicol, James (18..-1..)
Sedgwick, Adam
Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge
Verneuil, Édouard de
Woodward, S.P.
Address delivered at the Southampton meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, September 10, 1846
Address to the Royal geographical society of London, delivered at the anniversary meeting on the 24th May 1852, preceded by observations on presenting the royal medals of the year, by Sir R. I. Murchison,...
British fossil Brachiopoda
Figures of the Silurian fossils, to illustrate Murchisons's 'Siluria'
First sketch of a new geological map of Scotland with explanatory notes
Geological map of England and Wales (with all the railways)
Geological map of Europe exhibiting the different systems of rocks...
geological structure of the North of Scotland, The
Geologičeskaâ karta Evropejskoj Rossii
Géologie de la Russie d'Europe et des montagnes de l'Oural
Geologie des europäischen Russlands und des Urals
Geology of russia in europe and the ural mountains
Letter from Sir Roderick Murchison to Sir William Henry Gregory
Mémoires (de géologie)
Mémoires de M. Roderick Impey Murchison [et démonstration que l'extrémité nord de la chaîne du Forez les roches ardoisières de Sichen doivent être rapportées à l'époque carbonifère ; sur l'origine des eaux minérales de Vichy] traduits par M. Alluard
Murchison in Moray : a geologist on home ground : with the correspondence of Roderick Impey Murchison and the Rev. Dr. George Gordon of Birnie
Murchison papers
On the distribution and classification of the older or Palaeozoic deposits of the North of Germany and Belgium, and their comparison with formations of the same age in the British Isles
On the excavation of valleys, as illustrated by the volcanic rocks of central France
On the geological structure of the Alps, Apennines and Carpathians more especially to prove a transition from secondary to tertiary rocks, and the development of Eocene deposits in Southern Europe
On the relations of the tertiary and secondary rocks forming the Southern Flanks of the Tyrolese Alps near Bassano
On the silurian and associated rocks in Dalecarlia, and on the succession from lower to upper silurian in Smoland, Oland, and Gothland, and in Scania
On the slaty rocks of the Sichon : and on the origin of the mineral springs of Vichy
On the succession of the older rocks in the northernmost counties of Scotland with some observations on the Orkney and Shetland Islands ; On the sandstones of Morayshire (Elgin, etc) containing reptilian remains and their relations to the old red sandstone of that contry
On the tertiary fresh-water formations of Aix, in Provence : including the coal-field of Fuveau
Osservazioni stratigrafiche e paleontologiche concernenti la geologia della Toscana e dei paesi limitrofi : in appendice alla memoria sulla struttura geologica delle Alpi, degli Apennini e dei Carpazi di Sir Roderick I. Murchison
Outline of the geology of the neighbourhood of Cheltenham
Quarterly journal of the Geological Society of London
scenery of Scotland viewed in connexion with its physical geology, The
Siluria, 1854
Siluria histoire des roches les plus anciennes contenant des restes d'êtres organisés avec une esquisse de la distribution de l'or sur la terre
Siluria. The history of the oldest fossiliferous rocks and their foundations.
Siluria. The history of the oldest known rocks containing organic remains, with a brief sketch of the distribution of gold over the earth.
Silurian region and adjacent counties of England and Wales, geologically illustrated
Silurian system
Sketch of the Structure of the Eastern Alps, A ; with Sections through the Newer Formations on the Northern Flanks of the Chain, and through the Tertiary Deposits of Styria, &c. &c
Supplementary remarks on the strata of the oolitic series, and the rocks associated with them, in the counties of Sutherland and Ross, and in the Hebrides
Sur les dépôts lacustres tertiaires du Cantal, et leurs rapports avec les roches primordiales et volcaniques
Über die älteren vulkanischen Gebilde im Kirchenstaate und über die Spalten, welchen in Toscana heisse Dämpfe entsteigen, und deren Beziehungen zu alten Eruptions- und Bruch-Linien
Ueber den Gebirgsbau in den Alpen, Apenninen und Karpathen, namentlich um einen Uebergang aus sekundären Gebilden in tertiäre darzuthun, und über die Entwicklung eocener Ablagerungen im südlichen Europa
Ueber die älteren oder paläozoischen Gebilde im Norden von Deutschland und Belgien, verglichen mit Formationen desselben Alters in Grossbritannien
Uebersicht der Fauna der paläozoischen Gebilde in den Rheinlanden und... Tabelle der organischen Reste des devonischen Systemes in Europa, von Archiac und Verneuil...
War before science, 2013:
Геологическая карта Россiи