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Enrico Nicola, Henry
Enrico Nicola Mancini
H. Mancini
Henri Mançini
Henri Mancini & His Orchestra
Henry Manchini
Henry Mancini
Henry Mancini (American composer, conductor and arranger)
Henry Mancini (Amerikaans componist (1924-1994))
Henry Mancini and His Orchestra
Henry Mancini and the Mancini Pops Orchestra
Henry Mancini (compositeur américain)
Henry Mancini (compositore, direttore d'orchestra e arrangiatore statunitense)
Henry Mancini & His Orchestra
Henry Mancini (US-amerikanischer Komponist)
Henry N Mancini
Henry Nicola Mancini
Mancine, Henry
Mancini, Enrico
Mancini, Enrico Nicola
Mancini, Enrico Nicola "Henry"
Mancini, Enrico Nicolò
Mançïnï Genrï
Mancini, H.
Mancini, Henri
Mancini, Henry,
Mancini, Henry and his Orchestra
Mancini, Henry Nicola
Г. Манчини
Генрі Манчіні
Манчини, Г
Манчини, Генри
Хенри Мансини
Хенри Манчини
הנרי מנציני
מנציני, אנריקו ניקולה
מנציני, הנרי
مانتشىينىي گەنرىي
هنري مانشيني
هنری مانچینی
เฮนรี แมนซินี
マンシーニ, H.
マンシーニ, ヘンリー
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Andrews, Julie
BMG France
Donen, Stanley
Edwards, Blake (1922-2010)
Henry Mancini and His Orchestra
Henry Mancini and His Orchestra (see also from)
Henry Mancini Chorus (see also from)
Hepburn, Audrey (1929-1993)
Mancini Pops Orchestra (see also from)
Mancini, Henry (1924-1994)
Mercer, Johnny
met accoordsymbolen
Peppard, George (1928-1994))
Richards, Scott (1951-)
Selby, Andy
Sellers, Peter
Vaughan, Sarah (1924-1990)
Villa-Lobos, Heitor (1887-1959)
Waller, Bert
Walt Disney Company
Warner home video France
Webster, Paul Francis
Фиртич, Георгий Иванович (1938-)
מרסר, ג'וני
駿河, あきら
"10" la mujer perfecta : banda sonora original de la película
2 hacia California Back roads
99 44/100% Dead!
Abner Has Left
Abner's Burial
Abner's Painting
About Last Night
Academy Award Collection
Academy Award Selections
Academy Award Songs, The
Accordion Dance
ActionLine News Source
Adventures of the Great Mouse Detective: Main Title, The
Aerobic (Instrumental Version)
Aerobic (vocal)
African Symphony (4.0 mix)
After Hours
After the Ball
After the Killings
After the Shower
Ain't for Sale
Airplane Source
Airport Attempts
Airport Love Theme (tema de amor de “Aeropuerto”)
Alex and the Hoods
Alfie's Act
Alfie Takes a Drive
All by Myself
All Clear / Red Cap
All His Children (From "Sometimes a Great Notion")
All his Children (Reprise)
All the Things You Are
All The Way (from "The Joker Is Wild")
All Time Greatest Hits Volume I
Almond Eyes
Almost a Love Song (Victor/Victoria)
Almost Persuaded
Aloha Little Pakes / Longside New Home / Whipped Whip
Alone in Paris
Along Came Omar
Alright, Okay, You Win
Alternate Main Title (The Circle Game)
Amanda and the Devil
Amarcord (Rota)
Amy Makes a Run for It
Analyst Resigns, The
Ancient One, The
Ancient Ritual
Annie’s Song
Announcement, The
Another Foot
Antonio's Flashback*
Anyone for Tums?
Anywhere the Heart Goes (bonus)
Appointment, The
Arctic Whale Hunt
Are You in There?
Arm in Arm
Arrival at Liton's Chateau
Arrival at Queensland
Arrival at the Vatican
Arrival in Valencia (Instrumental)
Artic Whale Hunt
As Time Goes By (From Casablanca)
Ass on the Grass / The Big Heave
At the Dance
Attack of the Prognoviach
Attempting Murder
Auntie Returns
Auntie's Theme (End Title)
Autopsy on the Guard
Autumn Nocturne
Ave Maria
Avril's Theme (Guitar/Orchestra)
Avril's Theme No. 1
Avril's Theme No. 2
Award-Winning Hits of Henry Mancini
Award Winning Hits, Volume 2
Awards Music
Away in a Manger
B Cups and Braces
Baby Elephant Walk from Hatari!
Baby Elephant Walk (La marcha de los elefantitos)
Baby Elephant Walk (Long)
Baby Elephant Walk (Short)
Baby Face
Baby Hal Dies
Baby, It's Cold Outside
Baby Talk
Bachelor in Paradise (demo version)
Back at 221b
Background for Murder
Bad Toys
Bagdad on Thames
Bagman, The
Bali Hai
Ball for John, A
Ballerina's Dream, The
Balls' Caprice
Bamba, La
Banzai Pipeline (Remastered)
Baretta's Theme (Keep Your Eye on the Sparrow)
Barn Swallow
Barn, The
Barroom (piano)
Barroom Rock
Basil der Mäusededektiv
Bat Nest, The
Bat Song II
Bateau Mouche
Battle Axe (alternate mix)
Battle In the Bat Cave
Be Careful
Be Happy
Beach Walk
Beat, The
Beatles Medley: A Hard Day's Night / And I Love Her / All My Loving / Norwegian Wood / Michelle / Yesterday
Beaver Valley '37: I. The River
Beaver Valley '37: II. Black Snow
Beaver Valley '37: III. The Sons of Italy
Beaver Valley Suite: Black Snow
Beaver Valley Suite: Sons of Italy
Beaver Valley Suite: The River
Bedroom Radio
Beer Contest
Beers & Tequila
Before the Fireworks / Hong Kong Fireworks
Beginning of the End
Behind the Red Door
Bell for John, A
Belly Belly Boom Boom (4.0 mix)
Belly Belly Bum Bum
Belly Buttons and Booze
Belly Dance
Bench Warmer
Bermuda Nights
Best of Henri Mancini, The
Best of Henry Mancini, The
Bevete Piu Latte! (Drink More Milk!) (Rota)
Bevete Più Latte (From "Boccaccio 70")
Beyond the Candy Store
Bicycle Chase
Bier Fest Polka
Big Band Bwana
Big Band Montage: I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You / Blue Flame
Big Ben Chase
Big Blow Out, The
Big Blowout, The
Big Bug, The
Big Climb, The
Big Drag for Amy
Big Drag, The
Big Heist, The
Big Latin Band of Henry Mancini, The
Big Lift, The
Big Noise from Winnetka
Big Q, The
Big Screen, Little Screen
Big Stunt, The
Bike Chase, The
Bike Ride (Orchestra & Chorus)
Bike Ride (Orchestra / Piano)
Bird Speaking Portuguese, A
Birdie Num-num
Birdy Num-Num
Birthday Party
Blackie's Ranchero
Blake Edwards' the Return of the Pink Panther
Blind date
Blocked Exit
Blood and Bruises
Blood Clot, The
Blue Flame
Blue Hawaii
Blue Mantilla
Blue Pianola
Blue Roses
Blue Satin
Blue Steel
Blues and the Beat, The
Blues Brothers: Peter Gunn Theme, The
Blues Flame
Blues for Mother’s
Blues From Mother's
Blues in Three, The
Bluish Bag, A
Boat Ride, The
Boire et déboires
Bomb, The
Bombe Richelieu (Natasha's Theme)
Bombes Away / Natasha in Venice (Natasha's Theme)
Bon Voyage
Boompa / Night Night
Borderline Montuna
Borsalino: Theme
Boss, The
Brandy Sniffer
Break In
Breakfast at Tiffany's - 50th Anniversary Edition
Breakfast at Tiffany's / Arabesque
Breakfast at Tiffany's - Moon River
Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Music From the Motion Picture Score
Breeze and I (Andalucia), The
Brew with the Boys (album version), A
Brew With the Boys (film version), A
Brian's Song
Brief and Breezy
Broken Photo, The
Brothers go to Mother's, The
Brothers Go to Mothers, The
Brunette in Yello
Brunette in Yellow
Bruno’s Theme
Bruno’s Tune
Bulbus Terror
Bumper's Theme (From the Lorimar Production 'the Blue Knight')
Burn Out
Burnt Fingers
Butterfly (4.0 mix)
Buttons and Bows
By the Time I Get to Phoenix
Bye Bye Charlie
Bye Bye Dane
Bye Bye Mun Ki
Bye-Bye Professor Lie Down George
Bye-Bye Rolls
Bye Bye Roselli / Willing to Forget
Bye Bye Sarkak
"C" Jam Blues
Café Olé (Alternate)
Café Royal
Call Me Irresponsible / The Second Time Around
Call of the Wild
Cameo for Flute "... for James"
Cameo for Violin
Can-Can Cafe, The
Can't Buy Me Love
Can't Get Started, I
Can't Stop Loving You, I
Candlelight on Crystal
Candy Store, The
Capitan, El
Captured! / Under Arrest
Car Chase
Car Recoveries
Car Wash
Cardboard Machine, The
Carlsen's Story
Carlson's Story
Carlson Sleeps
Carnival Source 1
Carnival Source 2
Carnival Source 3
Carnival Source 4
Carol for Another Christmas
Carousel (medley)
Carson's Story
Casey’s Theme (End Titles)
Cast and End Title
Cast and End Titles
Castle Rock
Cat and Mouse
Cat Nip
Cat, The
Cathedral, The
Celia / All About Celia
Cemetery, The
Cha Cha Cha for Gia
Chain Reaction
Chair Kicker
Chamber of Fear, The
Champagne & Quail
change of seasons, A
Charade (carousel)
Charade: Charade
Charade / Experiment in Terror
Charade Logo
Charade (main title)
Charade (Opening Title)
Charade (Opening Titles)
Charade : Thème principal
Charade/Two for the Road/Moon River: Songs for Audrey
Charade (vocal)
Charleston Alley
Charlie's Angel's
Chase, The
Chaser, The
Cheap Detective, The
Check Mate
Chelsea Bridge
Cherokee (Indian Love Song)
Cherry Ripe
Chiago, Illinois
Chicago, Illinois
Chicken Little Was Right
Children of Sanchez, The
Chim Chim Cheree
Chime Time
Chopin's Waltz (Source)
Christina's Story
Christmas Eve on Skid Row
Christmas Jingles (rehearsal)
Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire), The
Cinema Italiano: Music of Ennio Morricone & Nino Rota
Cinema Paradiso (Theme)
Classic Mancini: The Classic Film Scores of Henry Mancini
Classic Soundtrack Collection: 1958-1963, The
Clean Hands
Cleo's Fiddle (Jack Hayes)
Cleon and Lena
Clifton Sleigh Theme
Close Encounters of The Third Kind
Clowns (Rota), The
Club Car Rock
Cocktail Hour
Cold Finger
Come On Louie / The Doll
Come to Me (instrumental)
Come To The Mardi Gras (Nao Tenho Lagrimas)
Concert Sound of Henry Mancini, The
Condorman Logo (outtake)
Condorman Main Title
Confide in Me
Continental (from "Gay Divorcee"), The
Continental (You Kiss While You're Dancing), The
Cool Shade of Blue, A
Cop Show Themes, The
Cornelia's Home
Coronation (film version), The
Coronation Waltz
Cottage / The Body, The
Could It Be Magic
Cow Bells and Coffee Beans
Cowboys - Main Titles, The
Crate at Port
Crazy Smell
Crazy World (Le Matelot Club)
Cream Puff (combo demo)
Cream Puff (instrumental)
Creature Walks Among Us (1956): Main & End Titles, The
Creature Walks Among Us: Stalking the Creature, Part 4, The
Creepy Rupert and the Kidnapping
Crime Fighters Medley: Dragnet / The Untouchables / Peter Gunn / Batman / Mission: Impossible / Baretta / Charlie's Angels / Swat / Kojak / Hawaii Five-O / The Rockford Files
Crocodile, Go Home!
Crocodile, The
Cruces, Las
Crushed Box
Curse of the Pink Panther
Cutting Roat A New One
Daddy Wouldn't Buy Me A Bow Wow
Dallas Has a Plan
Dance Medley
Dancing Cat, The
Dancing in the Dark / A Foggy Day / Something's Gotta Give / How Long Has This Been Going On / Nice Work If You Can Get It / I'm Building Up to an Awful Letdown / Who Cares
Darling Lili. Selections
Darling Lili: The Girl in No Man's Land
Darling Lili: Whistling Away the Dark
David's Sorry
Dawson Finds Olivia
Day in the Life of a Fool, A
Daybreak America Source
Days of Wind and Roses
Days of Wine and Roses, Charade and Breakfast at Tiffany's: Three by Mancini and Mercer
Days Of Wine And Roses (from "Days of Wine and Roses")
Days of Wine and Roses (guitar source, take 1)
Days of Wine and Roses (guitar source, take 2)
Days of Wine and Roses (Main Title)
Days of Wine and Roses, The
Days of Wine and Roses (vocal)
Days of Wine and Roses (Warner)
Deacon Speaks, The
Dead Daggett
Dead Elephant
Dead Priests
Deadbeat/Two Tickets
Deadly Delivery
Dean Speaks, The
Dear David
Dear Heart and Other Songs About Love
Dear Heart: Dear Heart
Dear Heart (vocal)
Deborah's Theme (Morricone)
Delta Dawn
Demo #1 Cream Puff (Combo)
Demo #2 Mr. Hobbs' Theme (Combo)
Desayuno con diamantes
Desert Song, The
Dey Dere
Diamants sur canapé
Días de vino y rosas
Didn't We
Dinner for Two
Dirty Little Rat
Disaster Movie Suite, The
Disco (4.0 mix)
Discovery, Part 1: Spacewalk
Discovery, Part 2: Into the Alien Craft
Discovery, Part 2: Into the Alien Spacecraft
Discovery, Part 3: Exploration
Discovery, Part 4: Sleeping Vampires
Discovery, Parts 1-5, The
Dog Eat Dog
Dolce Vita (Rota), La
Doll Again, The
Dolly's Place
Domain St. Juste
Don't Call It Love (Main Title) (instrumental)
Don't Make Waves / Big Drag For Lisa
Don't Trust Him
Don't Worry / Webster Worries / Casing the Joint / Lake House
Doomsday Machine, The
Doorbell Effect
Dornenvögel (Original Television Soundtrack)
Dornenvögel (Thorn Birds), Die
Dos en la carretera
Down by the Wharf
Down Yer Arp
Drag Blues
Dream a Little Dream of Me
Dream of a Lifetime
Dream of You
Dream Street
Dreamy (4.0 mix)
Dreamy Princess, The
Driftwood and Dreams
Drink More Milk (Bevete più latte!)
Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes
Drip-dry Waltz, The
Drum Effects / Bachelor in Paradise
Drummer's Delight
Du mit mir
Dude of My Dreams, The
Duel, Part 1, The
Duel, Part 2, The
Dungeon of Zenda, The
Early to Rise
"Easy Baby" (single version)
Easy Life in Paris (long version), The
Easy Life in Paris No. 1, The
Easy Life in Paris No. 2, The
Easy Money Montage
Easy Ride
Easy to Love
Ebb Tide
Eiffel Tower Flight
Eight Classic Albums
Elephant Scare
Elf Portrait
elisir d'amore
Empty Room
En Garde Again
Enchanting Creature
Encore! More of the Concert Sound of Henry Mancini
End Cast
End of Clouseau?, The
End of the World, The
End (Theme From The Molly Maguires), The
End Title and Credits – Alternate 2 (Orchestra/Chorus))
End Title and Credits – Alternate (Orchestra/Wordless Chorus)
End Title and Credits – Film Edit (Orchestra / Chorus) (Lyrics: Larry Kusik)
End Title / Goodbye So Soon
End Title (The Circle Game)
End Title (Theme From Switch)
End Titles: Thank You, Santa (Does Not Appear in the Film)
Ending, The
Energy Crisis
Enter Basil
Enter Leclou
Enter Lerlie
Enter Maggie / Fickle Fate
Enter Mr. Chong
Enter Professor Fate
Enter Professor Moriarty
Enter Ratigan
Enter Scallini
Enter Sherlock Holmes
Entertainer, The
Entr'Acte (The Sweetheart Tree) / Red Sky
Escape and Home Boys Home (film version), The
Escape From the Bats
Escape From the Fire
Eskimo Pie
Eskimo Wool
Essential Henry Mancini, The
Eu me perdi
Even Now
Evergreen (love theme from "A Star Is Born")
Every Breath You Take
Every Christmas Eve (alternate Lyrics)
Every Christmas Eve (instrumental version)
Everybody Blow!
Everything I Do (I Do It for You)
Evil Theme, The
Evil Visitation
Exceptional Person, An
Exit Music
Exodus From the Castle
Experiment in Terror (Twist)
Exposed! / Holy Cow
F Minor Stretch
Facade (With Chorus)
Face to Face / Margot Loves Alex
Fade In
Fallas I, Las
Fallas II, Las
Family History
Fanfare No. 1 / The Great Race March
Fanfare (Times Square) / They're Off
Far East Blues
Farewell Note, The
Farewell, Princess Flavia
Farewell to Vacation
Fashion Show
Faster! / Faster Still! / Escape!
Fate Again
Fate Is a Fink
Father Ralph Returns and Funeral Procession
Fatherly Talk
Feeding Time
Fiddle and Fife (album version)
Fiddle and Fife (film version)
Fiery Finale (Who Is Killing The Great Chefs Of Europe?)
Fifth of Beethoven, A
fille du régiment
Final Deal / Wrap Up, The
Final Feast / The Confession, The
Final Out at Candlestick Park
Finale / End Title
Finale from Victor/Victoria
Finale (Harry’s Theme)
Finale - The Pink Panther Theme
Finale: The Shady Dame From Seville / Crazy World / You and Me / Le Jazz Hot
Finale: The Shady Dame From Seville / Le Jazz Hot / Crazy World / You and Me
Find Him
Fine mess
Finish Line
Fire Bomb
Fire Escape, The
Fire on Drogheda
Fired (Alternate Version)
Fireplace Ploy, The
First Fight
First Job (Part II)
First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, The
First Youth (Morricone)
Fish & Poi
Fistful of Dollars, A
Flashing Nuisance
Flight From Police
Floater, The
Floating Pad
Fluter's Ball
Flutter's Ball
Flutters Ball
Flying Circus March, The
Follow Me (Love Song From 'The Mutiny on the Bounty')
Food Fight Polka
For Money / One Guess
For the Good Times
Forbidden Love
Foreign Film Festival
Free and Easy
Free As A Bird
Free Lunch
Free Single Woman
French Collection, The
French Provincial
French Taps
Friends to the End
Frish Frosh
Frosty the Snowman
Frühstück bei Tiffanny
Fumiko (Japanese Love Theme)
Fun of Flying, The
Funeral, The
Gaily, Gaily: The Tango I Saved for You
Game of Chess, A
Game Over
Gas Main Blows, The
Gassy! / Strum Along / The Doll
Gathering Of The Clan
Gay Paree
Gay Tango, The
Gentlemen Callers
German Carousel, The
German Invasion
Get in the Tub, Part 1
Get in the Tub, Part 2
Get It On
Ghost Town
Gideon Goes Down
Gigi (from "Gigi")
Giles' Apartment
Giovanna's New Life*
Giraffe Country
Girl From Ipanema (Garota De Ipanema), The
Girl in No Man’s Land, The
Girl in the Raincoat, The
Give Me Some Mo'!
Gladiator, The
Glass Menagerie, Part I
Glass Menagerie, Part II
Glass Menagerie: The Glass Menagerie, The
Glenn Miller Story, The
God Bless Clouseau
God Help the King
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen / Deck The Halls
God's Little Creatures
Godfather and other Movie Themes, The
Godfather Theme (Rota), The
Godfather Waltz (Rota), The
Goin' Fishin'
Going Home
Gold Teeth
Golden Gate Twist
Gone Mommy, A
Gonna Fly Now (theme from "Rocky")
Good as Gold / The Big Q Skips
Good-bye, Dane
Good Morning, Mr. Ransehoff
Good News
Good Old Days, The
Good Old Rock 'n' Roll Medley: Rock Around the Clock / Bye Bye Love / Great Balls of Fire / Proud Mary / Bad Bad Leroy Brown / Blue Suede Shoes / Peggy Sue / Shake, Rattle and Roll
Good, the Bad and the Ugly, The
Good Things Take Time / Mucho Gusto Seсor
Goodbye So Soon
Goodbye Syl and the Count’s Revenge
Goofin' at the Coffee House (2nd)
Gorgeous and Guilty
Gotta Save Nancy / 50 Miles Further
Grambrelli Theme, The
Grandson of Web: Film Version with Choir
Grandson of Web: LIFEFORCE End Credits
Gratitude of a King / The Distraction
Great Academy Award Songs, The
Great Imposter: Great Imposter (Theme), The
Great Quasimodo Disguise, The
Great Race March (A Patriotic Medley), The
Great Race: Pie in the Face, The
Great Race: The Sweetheart Tree, The
Great Swordsman, The
Great Waldo Pepper. Great Waldo Pepper march
Great Waldo Pepper March (whistling version reprise), The
Greatest Christmas Songs
Greatest Gift (instrumental) (4.0 mix), The
Greatest Gift (vocal) (4.0 mix), The
Greatest Gift (Vocal Version)
Greatest Hits
Greek Tragedy, The
Green Dolphin Street
Green Onions
Green Tree Brass
Groovy Mood, A
Guarare (Cumbieras)
Guard and the Alien Girl, The
Guitar Strums / The Sweetheart Tree (alternate vocal)
Gunn ...Number One!
Gypsy, The
Gypsy Violin
H.E.L.P. / Flamenco
Half 5 Pounds / Shadow of Death
Hall of Mirrors
Ham In Holmes, The
Hand to Hand
Hang 'em High
Hang On
Hangin' Out With Henry Mancini
Hank’s Square Dance
Happy Barefoot Boy
Happy Birthday, Daddy
Happy Carousel, The
Happy Pipers, The
Happy Time
Hard Day’s Work, A
Hard Way, The
Harmonica Man, The
Harry’s Death
Harry’s Theme (Radio Promo Version)
Harry & Son
Harv’s Blues
Hatari (1962): Baby Elephant Walk
Hatari! / High Time
Have an Ear for Love, I
Have No Fear / Tell Tale Bank Note
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Hawaii Five-O (From the CBS TV Series)
Hawaiians, The
He Knows
He Pleases Me
He's Got Time (alternate)
He's Risen
He Shouldn't-A, Hadn't-A, Oughtn't-A Swang On Me (band)
Heard, I
Heaven Can't Wait
Heir to the Throne
Help Me Make It Through the Night
Henry Mancini & Doc Severinsen: Can't Get Started
Henry Mancini Greatest Hits
Henry Mancini - L'Arte Dell' Orchestra
Henry Mancini Plays Great Favorites of the ’60s & ’70s
Henry Mancini Pure Gold
Henry Mancini Songbook
Henry Mancini y su orquesta
Her Greatest Fear
Herald the King
Here Comes Mrs. Dorsey
Here's Looking at You, Kid (4.0 mix)
Here's Toby!
Hi-Fi I
Hi-Fi II
High Hopes (from "A Hole In The Head")
High Noon - Do Not Forsake Me (from "High Noon")
High on the Pegs
High Time
Hills of Yesterday, The
Hilly's Theme / Bye Bye Professor / Lie Down George
Him Very Sick / Pay the Ten Lots / Short Arm for All
His First Call
His Majesty King Raam
Hobbs’ Bigtime Swing
Hobbs' Bigtime Swingtime
Holmes Gets The Sack
Holmes Hangs
Home Again / Entering Paradise
Honest Joe/The Quiet Side
Honest Man / Sneaky Reilly / Lock Up, An
Hong Kong Fireworks (album version)
Hook Fight
Horny Alien / London Burns
Hot Canary, The
Hot Sand Mexican Band, The
House in the Beach
House of Blue Lights
House of the Rising Sun, The
Houston by Night
How About You
How Could You Do a Thing Like That to Me
How Soon (vocal)
How Was Church? / We Will We Will
Howie & Kate
Hub Caps and Tail Lights
Hurdles and Girdles
Hustle, The
Hyde Park Victim
I'll Bring the Dip (Natalia's Rescue)
I'll Give You Three Guesses (2)
I'll Give You Three Guesses (with chorus)
I'll Try
I’m Always Chasing Rainbows
I'm Horny
I've Done It All
I've Missed You
Ice Bucket Blues
Ice Cream Truck
Idea / Buzz Saw, An
If I Were a Man
In a Mellow Tone
In a Mist
In and Out of Love Montage
In mir klingt ein Lied
In the Air Tonight
In the Arms of Love
In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening
In the Pink: The Ultimate Collection
In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning
In Your Hill (“Oklahoma Crude”)
Indian Comes Home
Indian Giver
Inspector Clouseau Theme (reprise), The
Instrumental Favorites
Insurance Policy - (alternate version), The
Interrogation of Armstrong
Into the Alien Craft
Into the Xxth Century
Invincible Eagle, The
Invitation*, The
Ironside Theme (From "Ironside"), The
It Came From Outer Space: End Title
It Had Better Be Tonight (instrumental)
It Had Better Be Tonight (Meglio Shamora)
It Had Better Be Tonight (vocal)
It Looks Like a Big Night Tonight (full lyrics)
It Looks Like a Big Night Tonight (piano)
It Looks Like a Big Night Tonight (reprise)
It Might As Well Be Spring (from "State Fair")
It's a Secret
It's a Sin
It's All There (Song From Switch)
It's Christmas Again (Christmas Bells)
It's Christmas Again (instrumental version)
It's Done
It's Easy to Say (duet)
It's Easy to Say (instrumental)
It's Immense
It's in the Car
It's Martial Law
It’s Shearing You're Hearing
It's Shearing Your Hearing
It Was Nothing
Italian Soup
Jack’s Tune (Wild)
Jackie's Theme
Jacqueline Susann's Once Is Not Enough
Jamie and Mary (The Hills of Yesterday)
January’s Theme
Jaws Theme
Jazz Hot, Le
Jazz Sound From Peter Gunn, The
Jingle Bells / Sleigh Ride
John and Leo
John Michael Visits
Johnny's Theme (From the "Tonight Show")
Joy Ride
Just a Chill
Just for Tonight (Chorus)
Just for Tonight (Instrumental)
Just for Tonight (Solo Piano)
Just for Tonight (vocal)
Just Like Holly
Just Talk
Justine Visits Drogheda
Karla (Once Is Not Enough)
Kehoe Lights Up / The Last Strike
Kelly's Tune
Key Change Ad Music / Drummonburg, Here I Come
Keyboard Harmony
Kid and the Pro, The
Kidnapping Amy
Killa Rhyme Klik
Killing Britt
King Cotton
King Is Saved, The
King's Can Can (reprise)
King's Dilemma
King's Place, The
King´s Dilemma
Kissed in the Greenhouse
Kit Kat Caper, The
Klingt fast wie Liebe
Ku Ku
Last Date
Last Memories
Last Time I Saw Paris, The
Late Night Call / The Gathering (Theme from Who Is Killing The Great Chefs Of Europe?)
Latin Golightly
Latin Snowfall
Latin Sound of Henry Mancini, The
Laughing and Scratching
Laura's Private World
Leap You Lepers
Lease Breaker
Legendary Henry Mancini
Lena’s Tune
Leopard and Buffallo
Leslie Leaps In
Lesson and Little Indian Boy, The
Let It Be Me
Let Me Be Good to You
Let Me Go!
Let’s Eat
Let's Walk
Let Them Eat Cake
Let Yourself Go / I'm Putting All My Eggs in One Basket / Let's Face the Music and Dance / We Saw the Sea
Letter From Cornelia
Letter, The
Life Force Theme, The
Life in a Looking Glass
Life Is What You Make It (From "Kotch")
Lifeforce (End Title)
Lifeforce (Expanded Bootleg)
Lifeforce Fuerza vital
Lifeforce (Henry Mancini) [1985]
Lifeforce: Lifeforce Theme
Light Relief
Lightly Latin
Like the Look, I
Like Young
Liner Cross, The
"Listen to the Mockingbird" (Carousel Source)
Little Birds, The
Little Boys (End Title)
Little Doggie Waltz, The
Little Drummer Boy, The
Little House, The
Little Man Theme, The
Little Star / Bye Bye Greg, The
Live Killing
Livin'End, The
Living in the Shadows (reprise)
Locked Legs
Lollipop Flight
London in Chaos
Lonely Figure (1
Lonely Figure 2
Lonely Lucy
Lonely Man’s Song, A
Lonely Princess, The
Long Ago (And Far Away)
Look Ma, No Claw
Look, Ma, No Wheels
Looking for a New Clouseau
Looking for a New Job
Loose Caboose – Part 1 (À La Cha Cha)
Loose Caboose – Part 2
Lord Smythic
Loss of a Son
Loss of Love (Vocal)
Louis Says
Love in the Sand**
Love Is a Many Splendored Thing
Love Is a Many-Splendoured Thing
Love Music
Love's Theme / TSOP
Love Song From “Mutiny on the Bounty”
Love stories 5
Love Story (Where Do I Begin)
Love Theme for Laura (3rd Time)
Love Theme for Laura (demo)
Love Theme for Laura (reprise)
Love Theme From “Phaedra”
Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet (A Time for Us)
Love Theme From Romeo & Juliet / The Windmills of Your Mind
Love Theme From Sun Flower
Love Theme From "Sunflower" – demo
(Love Theme From) The Adventurers
Love Theme From The Adventures
Love Theme (Morricone)
love you and don't you forget it, I
Lovely Day, A
Lovely Life
Lovely Place, A
Lovely Sound, A
Lover’s Concerto, A
Low Life
Lucy's Limo
Ludmilla's Theme (reprise)
Lujon (instrumental)
Luke and Meggie
Lullaby of Birdland
Lullaby of Broadway
Lumber-Jack Blues
Lunch Money
Mad Mike
Mafia Lunch
Mafia Meeting, The
Magic Scarf, The
Magic Workshop, The
Magnificent Seven, The
Main Title (Alternate)
Main Title ("Charade")
Main Title: Crazy World
Main Title: Every Christmas Eve / Santa's Theme
Main Title (film version)
Main Title From the Great Mouse Detective
Main Title From the Pink Panther Strikes Again
Main Title (Harry’s Theme)
Main Title (Moon River)
Main Title (The Circle Game)
Main Title: The Great Waldo Pepper March
Main Title: The LIFEFORCE Theme
Main Title - The Pink Panther Theme (album version)
Main Title (The Sweetheart Tree)
Main Title (Theme From Switch)
Main Title ("Two for the Road")
Main Title/Your Father’s Ice Floe
Main Titles
Make a Wish
Make the World Go Away
Making Toys (Carousel version)
Making Toys (Children's Choir)
Making Toys (Film version)
Making Toys (instrumental alternate)
Making Toys (Men's Choir)
Making Toys (TV Spot)
Mama and Dreyfus
Mamade Jacque
Mambo Parisiene
Mambo Parisienne
Man Meets Girl
"Man on the Flying Trampeze" (Carousel Source)
Man's Favorite Sport
Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo, The
Man Who Loved Women, The
Man With a Harmonica (Morricone)
Mancini '67: The Big Band Sound of Henry Mancini
Mancini Chases Mancini Medley: Charade: Punch and Judy / The Pink Panther: Shades of Sennett / The Great Race: They're Off
Mancini Country
Mancini Goes to the Movies
Mancini in Hollywood: Mr. Lucky and Other Film & TV Greats
Mancini magic ; easy piano ; easy all organs
Mancini Plays Mancini and Other Composers
Mancini Plays the Theme From Love Story
Mancini Rocks The Pops
Mancini's Angels
Mancini Salutes Sousa
Mancini Touch, The
Manon Lescaut
March from The Great Waldo Pepper
March of the Elves
March of the Moneychangers
March With Mancini: Timothy / March of the Cue Balls / The Swing March
Market Music
Married to It
Marry Me Again
Marry Me, Meggin
Martinis With Mancini: The Henry Mancini Songbook
Masha and Antonio
Masha Finds Antonio
Masha's Theme
Masterpiece, The
Matelot Club, Le
Material Girl
Matlock Island
Me, Natalie
Mean Cat
Mechanic Dog, The
Medicine for Pake
Medley: Crazy World / Sad Victoria
Medley - Days of Wine and Roses
Medley From Jesus Christ Superstar: Superstar / Everything's Alright
Medley: Frosty the Snow-Man / Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Medley: Frosty the Snowman / Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
Medley: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen / Deck the Halls / Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Medley: It Came Upon a Midnight Clear / Away in a Manger / The First Noel
Medley: Jingle Bells / Sleigh Ride
Medley (Kojak (from the Universal TV Series) / S.W.A.T. (from the ABC TV Series))
Medley: Le Jazz Hot / The Unveiling
Medley: Silent Night / O Holy Night / O Little Town of Bethlehem
Medley: Victor/Victoria, Finale: The Shady Dame from Seville, Crazy World, You and Me, Le Jazz Hot
Medley: We Three Kings of Orient Are / O Come All Ye Faithful / Joy to the World
Medley: What Are You Doing New Years Eve / Auld Lang Syne
Medley: Winter Wonderland / Silver Bells
Meet Dr. Applecheek
Meet Laser Lady
Meet the Doc (with organ grinder)
Meet the Doc (without organ grinder)
Meet the Wizard
Meeting Agnes (alternate)
Meeting / Over the Fence, The
Meggie Goes Home
Meggie Grows Up
Meggie Leaves Drogheda
Meggie Leaves the Himmelhocks
Meggie Reveals the Truth
Meggie's Heartbreak
Meggie's Theme
Meglio stasera: dal film "The Pink Panther"
Men's Rock Room
Men's Room Rock
Merry Christmas With Henry Mancini
Message, The
Metro Chase
Mexican Fox-Trot
Mexican Waltz-Time
mia canzone al vento (3 min)
Michael's Theme (from 'The Godfather')
Michael's Theme (Rota)
Michigan Victors (Alternate), The
Midnight Construction
Midnight Cowboy
Midnight, Moonlight & Magic: The Very Best of Henry Mancini
Mild Blast, A
Miles Behind
Miles Return
Miss You (Robyn's Song), I
Missing Money
Mission; Gabriel's Oboe (Morricone), The
Mission Impossible Theme
Mixenearp March (reprise), The
Molly Maguires: Molly Maguires, The
Molly Maguires: Pennywhistle Jig, The
Mollys Strike Again, The
Molokai Express, The
Moment to Moment
Mommie dearest
Mona Lisa
(Money Is Such) A Beautiful Word
Moneychangers, The
Monkey Farm, The
Monkey Suits
Month Off, A
Mood Indigo
Moon of Manakoora
Moon River (#2)
Moon River (#3)
Moon River (#4)
Moon River (#5)
Moon River (#6)
Moon River (Audrey Hepburn & guitar)
Moon River (Cha Cha)
Moon river 'Diamants sur canapé'
Moon River (from "Breakfast at Tiffany's")
Moon River (harmonica and guitar)
Moon River (New York version)
Moon River (piano and guitar)
Moon River: The Best of Henry Mancini
Moon River, the Pink Panther & Other Hits
Moon River (vocal by Audrey Hepburn)
Moon River (whistling)
Moon Talk
Moonlight Serenade
Moonlight sonata
More Music From Peter Gunn
More Rhino
More Speed Boat Chase
Moriarty Without Doubt
Morocco Rocker, El
Morovich Again
Morovich Presses
Mostly for Lovers
Movable Feast, The
Move 'Em Out!
Mr. Fear Goes Down
Mr. Fear Strikes Again
Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation
Mr. Hobbs’ Theme (combo demo)
Mr. Lucky (Goes Latin)
Mr. Lucky: Mr. Lucky
Mr. Yunioshi
Mrs. Giles' Abduction / The End of Moriarty
Mrs. Giles in Danger
Mummy Tummy (alt.)
Mun Ki Breakdown / Pineapple Pirates
Mun Ki Is a Grabber
Museum Clouseau
Music for a Japanese Bath
Music from Hollywood
Music From Mr. Lucky
Music from Nina Rota
Music From Peter Gunn: Complete Edition, The
Music from Peter Gunn & More Music from Peter Gunn, The
Music From Roots
Music from the Films of Blake Edwards - The Film Composers Series, Volume IV
Music of David Rose, The
music of Henry Mancini plus one, The : 20 great songs to play with orchestral accompaniment CD
Music on the Way
Music to Become King By
My Cousin From Naples
My Darling Daughter
My Friend Andamo
My Friend Watson
My Manne Shelly
My One and Only Love
My Sister Laura
Mystery Movie Theme (From the Universal TV Series)
Nachts in Paris
Nadia's Theme
Naked Sea, The
Natalia's Theme
Natasha's Theme (End Title)
National Fencibles
Naughty or Nice (Does Not Appear in the Film)
Navel Engagement (Turkish Combo)
Navel Maneuver (4.0 mix)
Navel Sisters / Rosemary's Hula / Why Red, The
NBC Mystery Movie, The
NBC Nightly News Theme
Near You
Nervous Time / No Longer Dangerous
Never On Sunday (from "Never On Sunday")
New Bedford Igloo
New Blood
New Doll, A
New 'Frankie and Johnnie' Song, The
New Home in Moscow
New Kid in Town
New Scene
New Shoes
New Sleigh Ride / Santa Meets Joe, A
New York to Paris (The Great Race March)
Night and Day / The Continental
Night Flower
Night, Night Sweet Prince
Night Owl
Night Side (Record Player)
Night Train
No-Cal Sugar Loaf
No Choice
No Clue
No Coming Back
No Feel Sick / Better We Go
No Free Toys
No Guts
No More Pain
No More Sweet Music
No Other Love (Chopin)
No Way, Baby
No Wire Hangers
Norma De La Guadalajara
North Star / Arrival of the Elves
Not From Dixie
Not Much Like Denver
Not Tonight Cato
Nothing to Loose
Nothing to Lose (instrumental)
Nothing to Lose (vocal)
Notre Dame and Drip-Dry Waltz
Novel Named "Harry", A
Nowhere to Go
Nurse, The
Nutty Professor, The
Nuty Professor, The
Odd Ball
Ode to Clouseau
Of Shoes and Socks
Off-Ramp to Nowhere
Off Scene Hi-Fi
Off Shore
Off To Houston
Oh Jacques
Ohio Riverboat
oiseaux se cachent pour mourir
Oklahoma Crude
Old College Try Cha Cha, The
Old Woman’s Song
Olympic Village
On A Terrace with a Doll I
On A Terrace with a Doll II
On The Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe (from "The Harvey Girls")
On the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe
On the Trail of the Pink Panther
On the Turning Away
On To Kansas City (Hilly's Theme)
On Your Hill (“Oklahoma Crude”)
On Your Knees
On Your Mark
Once Around the Floor
Once Is Not Enough
Once Upon a Time in America
Once Upon a Time in the West (Morricone)
One Eyed Cat
One for My Baby
One More Jolt
One More Time
One on One
Only Have Eyes for You (Harry Warren / Al Dubin), I
Only in Movies
Opening Scene – Alternate 1) (Orchestra / Chorus)
Opening Scene – Alternate 2) (Lyrics: Tony Asher)
Operation Paragon (Alternate)
Orange Float (4.0 mix), The
Orange Tamouré
Orchids in the Moonlight / Music Makes Me / Flying Down to Rio / The Carioca
Organ Interlude by the Ex-Chief Inspector Dreyfuss
Orson Around
Our Man in Hollywood
Over The Rainbow (from "The Wizard of Oz")
Over the Top (“Oklahoma Crude”)
"Over the Waves" (Carousel Source)
Overture From "Tommy"
Overture to a 'Pop' Concert
Paddy and Fiona
Paid For
Pájaro espino, El
Panic Run
pantera rosa, La
Pantère Rose, La
panthère rose (Pink Panther), La
Paradise Dance Hall Blues
Paradise Lost
Paraphrase I
Paraphrase Ii
Paris by Night
Paris to New York - End Title
Parting in Milan, The
Party (instrumental), The
Party Music II
Party Poop
Party Source (Mozart)
Party / The Great Race, The
Party (vocal), The
Passion Play
Passionate Count, The
Patch, Natch! (instrumental version)
Patch Toys (Percussion Insert)
Patch Versus Santa (alternate)
Patchmobile / Patch Versus Santa
Patter, The
Paul Meets Cat
Payoff, The
Pennywhistle Jig (album version)
Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps (Quizas, Quizas, Quizas)
Peter Gunn Meets Mr. Lucky
Peter Gunn (new version) (4.0 mix)
Peter Gunn: Peter Gunn
Peter Gunn. Selections
Peter Gunn. Theme
Phone Call to the Past
Phono Source I
Phono Source II
Photo of Antonio, The
Physical evidence.
Piano and Strings
Piano Practice No. 1
Piano Practice No. 2
Piano Practice No. 3
Piano Source
Piano Tests
Pick Up Sticks
Pick Up the Pieces (4.0 mix)
Pick Yourself Up / A Fine Romance / The Way You Look Tonight / Waltz in Swing Time
Pickles and Peanut Butter
Pie in the Face Polka
Pigeon Caged
Pigeon / Stranded
Pineapple Pirates
Pink Panter, The
Pink Panther "Main Theme" (La Panthère Rose), The
Pink Panther (Meglio stasera), The
Pink Panther (Music from the Film Score), The
Pink Panther Strikes Again, The
Pink Panther / The Return of the Pink Panther, The
Pink Panther Theme (1992 remaster), The
Pink Panther Theme (4.0 mix), The
Pink Panther Theme (extended version), The
Pink Panther Theme (Fischerspooner mix), The
Pink Panther Theme (From the Mirisch G & E Production, UA Rel.), The
Pink Panther Theme (From The Pink Panther Strikes Again)
Pink Panther Theme (Malibu remix), The
Pink Panther Theme (Mondo Grosso remix), The
Pink Panther Theme (orchestral), The
Pink Panther Theme (Tema de la Pantera Rosa), The
Pizza Heaven / Cream Puff
Pizza Heaven & Creampuff (vocal)
Plan / The Snatch, The
Planet Claire
Platinum & Gold Collection
Play Off for Trailer
Playboy’s Theme
Police Arrive, The
Police Woman (From the NBC TV Series)
Poor Dead Herman
Poor Fred
Portrait of Simon & Garfunkel: Scarborough Fair / Canticle / Sound of Silence
Portrait of the Beatles: A Hard Day's Night / And I Love Her / All My Love
Positive Identification
Powdered Wig, A
Powered Wig, A
Prelude to Carlson's Story
Premier Pops
Present for Joe
Pretty Girls
Pretty Soon Water
Pretty Young Thing
Princely Fanfare / His Royal Highness
Princely Organ Music
Prisoner of Zenda - End Title, The
Prisoner of Zenda - Main Title, The
Profound Gass, A
Pub Music
Pull the Drapes
Punch and Judy
Purchase Is Approved
Pure Gold
Pure Pussy
Push the Buttom, Max!
Push the Button, Max!
Que Será, Será
Quiet Gass, A
Quiet Happening, A
Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars (Corcovado)
Quiet Side, The
Quiet Thoughts
Quite Civilized / Nosey
Race, The
Radio Source / He's Got Time
Rain Drops in Rio
Raindrops Keep Fallin' on my Head
Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head
Rainy day
Ralph and Meggie
Ralph Dies
Ralph, Meggie and Mary
Rams and the Ewes, The
Raspa, La
Ratigan's Plan
Rats and Super Rats
Ravel's Bolero
Ready Whip
Real Heel / A Sad Piece, A
Real… Henry Mancini, The
Really Big Heist, The
Reception, The
Red Cap
Red Neck Blues
Red Sonja
Reindeer Stable
Release Me (and Let Me Love Again)
Remington Steel
Remington Steele
Rendez-vous with Cato
Rescue Mission
Rescue, The
Retreat, The
Return of the Pink Panther, Part I: And II) (4.0 mix), The
Return of the Pink Panther, Parts 1 & 2: (Includes: The Pink Panther Theme)
Return of the Pink Panther, Parts I & II, The
Return of the Pink Panther / Symphonic Soul, The
Return on the Pink Panther, The
Return to Paradise, Part I: And II (film version)
Return to Paradise, Pt. I and II
Return To the Root
Revenge of the Pink Panther
Rhapsody in Blue
Right on Time
Riot at Omar's
Rise and Shine
Riviera, The
Robbin's Nest
Rock Me to Sleep
Rockford Files (From the Universal TV Series), The
Roger and Peggy
Rollin’ On
Romantic Interlude (Come To Me)
Romantic Movie Themes
Romantic Piano & Orchestra
Romeo and Juliet (Rota)
Romeo and Juliet Theme
Romeo & Juliet (Love Theme)
Room and Board (Theme From The Molly Maguires)
rosarote Panter: Hauptthema, Der
Rosarote Panther (Pink Panther), Der
Roscoe Takes a Cab
'round Midnight
Royal Blue
Royal Galop
Royal Waltz, The
Różowa Pantera
Rudders and Sails
Ruffian Attack
Rule Britainia
Rumba You Saved for Me, The
Runaway Train
Russian Party Dance
Rusty Trawler
Ryan's Theme (demo)
Sad Patch
Sad Pop, A
Safari Bar Piano Blues
Salem’s Run (Part 1)
Salem’s Run (Part 2)
Salem’s Run (Part 3)
Sally’s Calypso
Sally’s Tomato
Salute to Balls
Salute to Clouseau
Salute To Muncie
Salute to the Olympians (Finale)
Samba de Jacques
Sandwiches and Tea (Theme From The Molly Maguires)
Santa Claus / First Sleigh Ride / Christmas Rhapsody
Santa Claus: The Movie
Santa's New Home
Satin Doll
Satin Soul (4.0 mix)
Saying That We Already Know
Scandinavian Shuffle
Scene: Backstage at Cassell's
Scene: Cassell's Nightclub: La Jazz Hot
Scene: Chez Lui
Scene: Chicago Speakeasy
Scene: Left Bank Cafe
Scene: Paris Hotel Suites: Almost a Love Song
Scene: Paris Hotel Suites: Paris Makes Me Horny
Scene: Small Square: Paris by Night (reprise)
Scene: Toddy's Flat
Scenic Route
Scotland Yard
Seal Scope and Little Indian Boy
Search For Anne
Search for Dallas
Search for Paddy
Search**, The
Season's Greetings
Second Thoughts / The Night Visitor
Second Time Around and Others, The
Secret Code / Humming, The
Secret Love (from "Calamity Jane")
Semper Fidelis
Send a Little Love My Way (choral)
Send a Little Love My Way (instrumental)
Send in the Clowns (From a Little Night Music)
Send the Papers
Señor Peter Gunn
Sentimental Dream (instrumental)
September in the Rain (Harry Warren / Al Dubin)
Sequence for Uncle Harold
Session at Pete’s Pad
Settle Down
Seventy‐Six Trombones
Sex Shop Source, Le
Sex Symbol, The
Sexy Ideas
Shades of Sennett
Shadow of Paris, The
Shadow of Your Mind, The
Shadow of Your Smile, The
Shadows of Paris, The
Shady Dame From Seville (Paso Doble, 61 TM), The
Shady Dame From Seville (rehearsal), The
She Gone / Poor Little Pakes
Ship in the Night / After the Grab / Homecoming
Shoe Shine
Shootout, The
Shot in the Dark, A
Shout (It Out)
Showdown at the Castle
Shower of Paradise
Side Winder
Sidewalks of Cuba
Silent Movie Scene, The
Silver Hornet, The
Silver Streak (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Silver Tears
Simone (piano Lounge)
Simply Meant To Be
Sing, Sing, Sing
Six Bridges to Cross
Skal (Let's Have Another on Me)
Sleeping Vampires
Sleepy Lagoon
Sleigh Ride Over Manhattan
Slow and Easy
Slow and Sassy
Slow Hot Wind (Lujon) (4.0 mix)
Smile Away Each Rainy Day
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (From Roberta)
Smoke Rings
Smoke Screen
Snatch, The
Sneaky George
Śniadanie u Tiffaniego
Śniadanie u Tiffany'ego
Snitch, The
Snow Buns and Native Song and Little Indian Boy
So Neat
So Smooth (4.0 mix)
Soap Trick, The
Soft Flight
Soft Scene
Soft Shade of Red, A
Soft Sounds
Soft Touch (From Hatari!), The
Soldier in the Rain (bonus track)
Some Laughs
Something For Alexis
Something for Amy
Something for Audrey
Something for Brandon
Something for Cat
Something For Clifton
Something for Jenny
Something for Jill
Something for Lauri
Something for Miles
Something For Nash
Something for Pizzi
Something for Sellers
Something for Sophia
Something for Susan
Something Loose
Sometimes a Great Notion
Sometimes, Reprise
Son of Main Title
Son of Metro Chase
Son of One on One
Son of Raunchy
Son of Russian Party Dance
Son of the Pink Panther
Son of the Search
Son Of--This Is Terrific
Son of Web
Song About Love
Song for Anna
Song From "10" (It's Easy to Say)
Song From M.A.S.H.
Songs of Summer, The
Songs. Selections
Sons of Italy, The
Sorta Blue
Soul Saga (Song of the Buffalo Soldier) (4.0 mix)
Sound of Silver, The
Sounds of Hatari!, The
Sounds & Voices of Henry Mancini, The
Space Walk
Spaced Out
Speed Boat Chase, The
Speedy Gonzales
Splendid Piece, A
Spoiled Children (alternate)
Springtime for Hitler
Stairway To The Stars
Stalking the Creature From "The Creature Walks Among Us"
Stamper Rag, The
Stand by Your Man
Star Dust
Star Eyes
Star Wars (Krieg Der Sterne)
Stars and Stripes Forever, The
Start Dust
Station, The
Stay Out of It
Stella by Starlight
Stock Parking
Stockholm Sweetnin'
Stolen Sweets
Stone Path, The
Story of the Thorn Birds, The
Street (Bistro #2)
Street Fighters
Street of San Francisco, The
Streets of Chinatown, The
Streets of San Francisco (From the Quinn Martin Production), The
Strict Orders
Strike Two / Strike Three
Strings on Fire
Stripper, The
Strollin' Blues
Stronger Formula
Strum Chord
Stubborn Hakka / Sad Auntie
Stuie Grows Up
Sub for Lover, A
Suit for Grandpa, A
Suite from The Night Visitor
Summer in Gstaad (4.0 mix)
Summer Knows (From "Summer of '42"), The
Sun Goddess (4.0 mix)
Sunflower: Love Theme
Sunny Calypso
Sunset Drive
Super Sleuth / Watson Sees All
Surlock Docks / Dockside Stealth / The Shoot Out
Swan Lake
Sweet Alfie
Sweet Dreams Are Made of This
Sweet Leilani
Sweet Marvin
Sweetheart Tree (choral), The
Sweetheart Tree (vocal), The
Swift Animal Chase
Swine Rabbit
Swing Lightly
Swing March, The
Swingin' On A Star (from "Going My Way")
Swirl Effect, The
Symphonic Soul (4.0 mix)
Table Scraps
Taco & Salsa
Tail Gate
Tailing Ester
Take Me Home Country Road
Take Me to Your World
Tall Building / Basta
Tana's Theme
Tango Americano
Tango I Saved for You (Zeb's the Tango I Stole From You remix), The
Tango Paradiso
Tango / Paris by Night, The
Tarantula: Hot Fight / Metaluna Catastrophe, Part 2
Taxi, Please!
Teen-Age Hostage
Tender Is the Night
Tequila Sunrise
Tequila Sunset
Test of Wills, A
Texas Barbecue
Texas Jack
Thank Heaven for Little Girls (album version)
Thank You, Santa (alternate vocal)
Thank You, Santa (instrumental version)
Thank You Very Much
Thanks for the Memory
Thar She Blows
That Finishes Them! / Off to Grommet
That Old Black Magic
That's It and That's All
Theme for Cheryl - (alternate version)
Theme for Sam
Theme for the Losers
Theme for Three ("Wait Until Dark")
Theme From 'A Fistful of Dollars'
Theme From Battlestar Galactica
Theme From Borsalino
Theme from Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Theme From "Cade's Country"
Theme From "Cade’s County"
Theme from Cades County
Theme From Charlie's Angels
Theme From Condorman
Theme From Fantasy Island
Theme from Hatari!
Theme from Lifeforce
Theme from Love story : piano solo
Theme From Love Story (Where Do I Begin?)
Theme From “Lovestory”
Theme From Mission Impossible
Theme From Molly Maguire
Theme From Mommie Dearest
Theme from Mr. Lucky
Theme from Nicholas and Alexandra
Theme From Once Is Not Enough No. 4
Theme From Once Is Not Enough No. 6 (Piano)
Theme from Peter Gunn
Theme From Pink Panther
Theme from Shaft
Theme From Star Trek
Theme from Star Wars
Theme From "Tarantula"
Theme From the Girl From Petrovka
Theme From the Great Imposter
Theme From "The Great Impostor"
Theme From “the Hawaiians” (Homecoming)
Theme From “the Hawaiians” (Main Title)
Theme From "The Mancini Generation"
Theme from The Molly Maguires (New Day in 1876)
Theme From The Molly Maguires (Pennsylvania, 1876)
Theme From 'The Night Visitor'
Theme from The Thief Who Came to Dinner
Theme from The Thorn Birds
Theme From the White Dawn
Theme From “The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm”, The
Theme From Who Is Killing The Great Chefs Of Europe?
Theme from "Z" (Life Goes on)
Theme Scene, The
There’s Enough to Go Around (instrumental)
There’s Enough to Go Around (orchestra and chorus)
There’s More
They All Laughed / Let's Call the Whole Thing Off / They Can't Take That Away From Me / Shall We Dance / Slap That Brass
They Are Evil II
They Fired Me
They Hang Chefs, Don't They?
They Marry
They're Off!
Thief Who Came to Dinner, The
Thinking Back / Overpeck Pays Off
This Is Terrific
This Island Earth: Amorous Mutant
This Island Earth: Metaluna Catastrophe, Part 2
This One's for You
Thorn Bird Theme, The
Thorn Birds: Meggie's Theme, The
Thorn Birds: The Thorn Birds Theme, The
Thornbird's Theme
Thornbirds, The
Those Were the Days (Opening Theme From "All in the Family")
Three by Mancini: Days of Wine and Roses / Charade / Moon River
Three Coins In The Fountain (from "Three Coins in the Fountain")
Three's Company
Through the Window
Thunderer, The
Tiber Twist, The
Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree
Tijuana Taxi
Till There Was You
Time for Us (Love Theme from ‘Romeo and Juliet’), A
Tiny Tug Toot
Tippin' In
Tippin' Inn
Title & Theme From "Touch of Evil"
To Know You Is to Love You
To the Embassy
To the North Pole (alternate)
To the North Pole / Super Duper Looper / Reunited Again
To the Shipyards
To Windemere
Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (excerpts)
Tom and Jerry, the movie.
Tom and Jerry Theme (Main Title)
Tom and Jerry Theme (Pop Version)
Tom Mix (Theme From Sunset)
Tom's Theme
Tomorrow I Will Love You Still (Album Version)
Tomorrow I Will Love You Still (Film Version)
Tomorrow Is My Friend (instrumental)
Tomorrow Is My Friend (orchestra and chorus)
Too little time
Tooty Twist
Top Hat: Music From the Films of Astaire & Rogers
Top Hat / White Tie and Tails / Isn't This a Lovely Day / Cheek to Cheek / The Piccolino
Top Shelf
Touch of Evil: Main Theme, A
Touch of Evil: Main Title
Touch of evil original motion picture soundtrack
Touch of Red, A
Trail of the Pink Panther, The
Traître sur commande
Trav'Lin' Light
Trav'lin' Music
Tree for Sweethearts
Trek to Warm Buns / A Goose for Daggett
Tribute to Henry Mancini: Moon River, A
Tribute to Victor Young, A
Tribute to Victor Young: Golden Earrings / When I Fall in Love
Trick or Treat
Tricky Shaman — Act II / Shaman Gets His Rocks Off
Tricky Shaman, Pt. I and II
triomphes de Pavarotti
Trip to Masai Wells
Trip to Town
True Identity and Finale
Trust Me
Truth, Military Forces, The
Try Anger
Try It Tonight
Tu me manques beaucoup
Tu sei Italiano?
Turan dot
Turkey Eggs
TV News Theme
Two for the Road (choir version)
Two for the Road (instrumental) - (From Stanley Donen's 20th Century-Fox Release, "Two for the Road")
Two for the Road (Main Title)
Two for the Road: Something for Audrey
Two for the Road (vocal)
Two Girls
Two Knight to Pawn
Two On One
U.S. Field Artillery March, The
Ultimate Mancini
Ultimate Pink Panther, The
Ultimate Selection, Volume 1, The
(Un) Sacré bordel
Unchained Melody
Uncle Daddy / She's Drunk / First Kiss
Uniquely Mancini
Until the Dark
Until You Love Me (alternate instrumental version)
Until You Love Me Tango
Untouchables: Main Title, The
Untouchables (Morricone), The
Untouchables (Theme), The
Unusual Foot Prints
Up His Nose
Up In Smoke
Up in the Air
Up Yer Arp
Up Your Exhaust Pipe
Up Yours, Mate
Urge, The
Vacation’s End
Vampire Lives, The
Vanilla, Part 1
Vanilla, Part 2
Vanishing Elf
Vereda Tropical
Victor/Victoria (1982 film cast)
Victor/Victoria (1995 original Broadway cast)
Victor/Victoria (2005 German cast)
Victor/Victoria (Motion picture music)
Victor/Victoria. Selections
Village Inn, The
Visions of Eight: The Losers Theme
Visions of Fear
Visit of the Mama, The
Visit to Kochina Springs
Visit to the Morgue
W.A. Mozart, I Love You
Wainwright Hates Easton
Wait a Minute
Wait Until Dark
Wake Up / Throughout the Day / Wet Thumb
Waldo Pepper March (The Great Waldo Pepper)
Waldo’s Rag
Walk Like an Egyptian
Walk on Ice
Walk on the Wild Side
Walkin’ Bass
Waltz For Scooter
Waltzing in Munich
Want to Come Home, I
Wäre ich ein Mann
Warm Shade of Ivory, A
Warm Up
Washington Post
Watch The Booth / It's For You
Watch What Happens
Watching Dynamite / Webster vs. Zukovsky
Watson Is Alive - Fight
Watson Is Dead / Sorry
Watson Returns
Watson's Death
Watson Sees All (accordion only)
Way We Were, The
Way You Look Tonight (from "Swing Time"), The
We Meet Robyn
We've Loved Before (Yasmin's Theme) (instrumental)
We've Loved Before (Yasmin's Theme) (vocal)
Web of Destiny, Part 1
Web of Destiny, Part 2
Web of Destiny, Part 3
Web of Destiny, The
Wedding / Matinee for Whip, The
Wedding Night*, The
Welcome Home / On the Couch
Welcome to Asia
Welcome to Himmelhock
Welcome to Hong Kong
Welcome To Houston
Welcome to Ruritania
Welcome to the Bahamas No. 1
Welcome to the Bahamas No. 2
Welcome to the Matterhorn
Well Done Louis
Wet Look (4.0 mix), The
What did you do in the war daddy?
What Do We Care (The Alley Cats' Song)
What I Did for Love (From a Chorus Line)
What Is This Thing Called Love (Cole Porter)
What's Happening Theme
What's It Gonna Be? from the Universal-International Picture "Rock, Pretty Baby"
Whatever Will Be, Will Be - Que Sera, Sera (from "The Man Who Knew Too Much")
When I Look in Your Eyes
When You’re Away (reprise)
When You Wish Upon a Star
Where Did You Get That Hat
Where Is Dear Old Dad?
Where’s the Cat? And End Title (Moon River)
Whispering / Good Night, Sweet Prince
Whispering Sea, The
Whistling Away the Dark (vocal)
Whistling Away The Dark (with chorus)
Whistling in the Dark
White Christmas
White Dawn: Arctic Whale Hunt, The
White Dawn - Symphonic Suite, The
White Dawn: The White Dawn (Suite)
White Girl Boogie / Black Girl Boogie
White on White
Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe: Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe
Wie Paris mich geil macht
Wielki mysi detektyw
Wild Woman
Wildebeest Hunt
Windmill Siege, The
Windmills of Your Mind, The
Windmils of Your Mind, The
Winner: Ray Miland / Winner: Joan Crawford / Joan Crawford Playoff
Wishing Star, The
With or Without You
Without A Clue EC
Without a Clue: End Title
Without A Clue MT
Without Hopes*
Wolf in Paradise
Woman I Love, The
(Won’t You Come Home) Bill Bailey
Woo / Come On Interuptis
Wooly Booger Hornpipe, The
Work Montage
Works. Selections;
World Is Different, The
World's Champion Blind Lady
World's Greatest Criminal Mind, The
Wyatt & Tom
Yacht Club Hop
Yesterdays / Smoke Gets in Your Eyes / Lovely to Look At / I Won't Dance
You and Me (original soundtrack version)
You and Me - The Idea
You Don't Know Me
You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine
You'll Never Know
You Make Me Feel Like Dancing
You're Doing Fine
You’re So Skinny
Young Love
Young Meggie
Your All-Time Favorites
Your Father’s Feathers
Your Good-Will Ambassador
Zinger, The
Zip a Dee Doo Dah
Zoo Chase, Part 1: Arabesque Theme /, Part 2: Aquarium Scene /, Part 3: Arabesque Theme (reprise), The
Αν φύγεις (Moon River)
נחל הסהר : מתוך הסרט "סעודה בטיפאני" עם אודרי הפבורן
キャシーのテーマ(フィアー 超能力殺人ゲーム)
ハタリ!のテーマ, c1962
時のたつまま〜アンチェインド・メロディー 映画のなかのラヴ・ソングス
Contributed to or performed: 
'Round Midnight
’round Midnight
(Theme from) Love Story
(Theme From) The Great Impostor
100 Años de cine, Volume 1
100 Años de cine, Volume 2
100 ans de musiques de films
100 Film Classics
100 Greatest TV Themes
100 Greatest TV Themes, Volume 2
100 Hit Legenden
100 Hits: 60s Originals
100 Hits: Cool
100 Hits: The Best Sixties Album
100 Movie Hits
101 Jukebox Hits
14 Classic Movie Songs
20 Classic Hits Playalong for Saxophone Gold Edition
20 Years on MTV: 80s
20th Century in Music, The
20th Century: A Musical Journey: Love is a Many-Splendoured Thing, The
21 Kino Hits: 1895–1995, 100 Jahre Kino
25 ans avant Nova
30 Stars: Movies
4 America
50 Finest Jazz
60 Christmas Classics
60s Summer Album, The
70's - Les meilleurs génériques des séries T.V. américaines (Best of)
Absolute More Relaxed
Absolute Unforgettable
Adventures in Paradise
After the Shower (remix version)
Âge tendre et têtes de bois
Agents Secrets
Akk The Things You Are
All by Myself
All His Children
All in How Much We Give
All Star Festival of Easy Listening Mood Music
All the Best '99
All the Things You Are, From "Very Warm for May"
All the Way
All-Time Great Melodies
All‐Time Top 100 TV Themes
Alle 40 Goed: Easy Listening
Aloha Oe
Ambient Lounge 7
American Television Themes
amore così grande, Un
Ancona Open Ballroom, Volume 3
Années 60
Annie's Song
Annie’s Song
Anniversary Party, The
Arctic Whale Hunt (The White Dawn)
Arctic Whale Hunt [from The White Dawn]
Arrival of the Elves
As Time Goes By
As Time Goes By (Casablanca)
As Time Goes By and Other Classic Movie Love Songs
Audrey Hepburn - A Touch of Music
Ave Maria - Die schönsten Melodien zur Weihnacht
Baby Elephant Walk
Baby Elephant Walk (remix version)
Baby Elephant Walk, From "Hatari"
Baby Face
Baby Love: 100 Classic Love Songs of the 50’s and 60’s
Baia (No Baixa Do Sapateiro)
Bali Hai
Ballroom Mix 5, The
Bambuddha Grove: The Gathering
Banzai Pipeline
Bar Jazz Best
Bar Jazz, Volume 6
Bateau Mouche
BBC Radio 2 Songs of the Century
BCN's Greatest Hits
BD Music Presents Film Noir, Vol. 2
Begin the Beguine
Bella Luna
Best 100 Instrumental Songs
Best Film ...Ever!, The
Best of Christmas, The
Best of Cult Fiction, The
Best of Entertainment, The
Best of Henry Mancini, The
Best of the 70s: Superstars und ihre größten Hits
Best of the Festive Season
Best World Instrumental Hits, Volume 2, The
Best World Instrumental Hits, Volume 3, The
Beste Uit De Instrumentale Top 100, Het
Bestseller auf dem Plattenteller: Balladen
Better Call Saul: Original Television Soundtrack, Season 1
Better Call Saul: Season 1
Beyond the Reef
Beyond the Sea
Big Bad Big Screen
Big Band Memories: 1945–1969
Big Band Renaissance: The Evolution of the Jazz Orchestra
Big Band, Herb Miller Orchestra
Big Blow Out, The
Big Heist, The
Big Lebowski, The
Big Lebowski: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, The
Billboard Top Pop Hits: 1969
Bixio: La Mia Canzone Al Vento
Bixio: Mamma
Bixio: Parlami d'amore, Mariù
Bixio: Vivere
Blind Date
Blue Hawaii
Born on the Fourth of July
Born on the Fourth of July: Motion Picture Soundtrack Album
Bossa Nova Exciting Jazz Samba Rhythms, Volume 6: Film Bossa, The
Brass on Ivory
Brass, Ivory & Strings
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Breeze and I, The
Brian's Song
Brian's Song (From the Film)
Broons Family Album, The
Buon Giorno (Good Morning)
C Jam Blues
Cadillac 1978: The Beautiful Sound of Contemporary Music
Café Mambo Ibiza 2005
Café Mambo: 20 Years of Ibiza Chillout
Call Me Irresponsible / The Second Time Around
Can't Get Started, I
Candlelight on Crystal
Cardigans at Christmas
Carol for Another Christmas
Casey's Theme [from Fear]
Castle Rock
Celebration of Country 'n' Pop Music, A
Ces années là ! 62
Champagne and Quail
Champagne and Quail (remix version)
Charade (Vocal)
Chart Toppers: Romantic Hits of the 60s
Chartbusters USA, Volume 3
Chelsea Bridge
Chitarra Romana
Christmas Album... A Gift of Hope, The
Christmas Eve on Skid Row
Christmas in America
Christmas in Jazz (40 Tracks Remastered)
Christmas Love Songs
Christmas Magic, Volume 1
Christmas Magic: Orchestral Christmas Dreams
Christmas Rhapsody
Christmas Song, The
Christmas Songs That Will Live Forever
Christmas Through the Years
Christmas with Colonel Sanders
Christmastime in Carol and Song
Ciné Jazz
Cinema Century: A Musical Celebration of 100 Years of Cinema
Cinema Classics
Cinema Classics - Große Momente des Kinos
cinema italiano: Happiness & Sadness in Italy (Music from the Films of Marcello Mastroianni, Il
Cinema Paradiso (Theme)
Classic Film Themes, The
Classic Love at the Movies
Classic Themes of the Universal Monsters
Classical Moods: Musik für die Lounge
Club Salsa
Cocktail Mix, Volume 3: Swingin' Singles
Cocktail Mix, Volume 4: Soundtracks With a Twist!
Cocktail Mix: Swingin' Sampler
Come to Me
Complete Christmas Collection: 1958-2010, The
Complete Pop Instrumental Hits of the Sixties, Volume 1:
Complete Pop Instrumental Hits of the Sixties, Volume 3: 1962
Complete Pop Instrumentals of the 60s, Volume 2
Contemporary Creations For Spanish Guitar
Cool Jazz
Cool Sounds for a Warm Night
Copacabana (At The Copa)
Could It Be Magic
Crazy World
Crime Jazz: Music in the Second Degree
Crime-Stoppers TV's Greatest P.I. Themes
Crooners and Christmas
Curtis: Non ti scordar di me
D'Anzi: Voglio Vivere Così
Dalton, Les
Dances For Flute
Darling Lili
Day in the Life of a Fool, A
Days of Wine and Roses
Days of Wine and Roses / Seventy Six Trombones
DeAGOSTINI, Golden POPS: 1963 Part 1
Dear Brigitte / Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation
Didn't We
Dig (Intergalactic Contemporary Ensemble), I
Dirty Harry Heroes and Tough Guys at the Movies
Dream a Little Dream of Me
Dream of You
Driftwood and Dreams
Dueling Banjos
Easy Listening
Easy Listening - Relaxed Exotica And Space-Age-Pop
Easy Listening Gold: 1960-1961
Easy Way: 60 Classic Hits, The
Easy-Listening Hits of the '60s & '70s
Ebb Tide
Echoes of Sicily
Echt kultig: Die TV-Hits
Eden 2
Eisbär, Der
élections de la musique de film, Les
Elokuvien 100 suosituinta
Enchanted Piano Classics
Encore! Great Stars, Great Performances
Ennio Morricone Chronicles, The
Enquêtes de Remington Steele, Les
Entertainer (da “La stangata”), The
Entertainer, The
Entspannt einschlafen… fit aufwachen
Envelope Please...: Academy Award Winning Songs, Volume 3 (1958-1969), The
epitome of Cool
Essential: Summer Breeze
Et valse le cinéma
Evergreen (da “È nata una stella”)
Everlasting Harmony
Everlasting Love (disc 2)
Every Breath You Take/Theme From Peter Gunn (Mr. Ruggerio's remix)
Every Christmas Eve / Giving (Santa's Theme)
Every Christmas Eve/Giving (Santa's Theme)
Everything I Do (I Do It for You)
Expo 58
Fabulous 60s
Festliche Weihnachten: Himmlische Momente
Fever Italia 2008
Fifth Of Beethoven, A
Film 2000 With Jonathan Ross
Film Hits
Film-Musik-Box: Die bekanntesten Film- und TV-Hits aller Zeiten
First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, The
First Time Ever I Was Your Face, The
First Time Ver I Saw Your Face, The
Fluters' Ball
Fly Me to the Moon
FM4 Sunny Side Up 12
For Sentimental Reasons: Great Instrumentals
Fountains of Bellagio, Volume II
Frenzy Rejected [Main Title] Monster Movie Music Suite
Frish Frosh
From the Movies
Frosty the Snow Man / Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Funk on Film: 70's Screen Scene Funk
Gaily, Gaily / The Night They Raided Minsky’s
Gastaldon: Musica proibita
General Motors Parts Division Concert Sound Stereo
Génération cartoon
Generation Fernseh-Kult 2
Generation Fernseh-Kult 3
Gentle Memories of the '60s
Gershwin Years, The
Get Easy! Volume 1: The Classic Collection
Gilles Peterson: Worldwide, Volume 3
Girl From Ipanema, The
Girl Talk
Girls Up-A-Stairs, The
Godfather Waltz, The
Gold Instrumental Collection, Volume 1
Golden Age of Pop
Golden Age of Pop - Love Songs of the 60's
Golden Hours of Children's TV Favourites
Gonna Fly Now
Good Life - The Sound of a Swinging Summer, The
Great Film Themes
Great Film Themes, Volume 1
Great Movie Themes, The
Great Santini, The
Great Stars and Their Greatest Songs
Great T.V. Themes Programme Two
Greatest Movies Collection, The
Greatest Piano Hits
Greatest SCI-FI Film Themes
Grosse Welt der Filmmusik, Die
größten TV Hits aller Zeiten: Die besten Kultserien, Die
Had the Craziest Dream, I
Happy Holidays, Volume 15
Harmony Cinéma : Les Grandes Musiques de films
Harmony Jazz : Le Chant des rêves
Haruki Murakami Soundtracks, Volume II
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Hawaiian War Chant
Hawaiian Wedding Song, The
Heart of Rock ’n’ Roll: 1960-1961, The
Heart of Rock ’n’ Roll: Slow Dancing Classics, The
Hed Kandi: Serve Chilled 2006
Hello Young Lovers
Hello, Young Lovers
Help Me Make It Through The Night
Henry Mancini The Best of Movie Themes
High and the Mighty: A Century of Flight, The
High Noon
High Time
Highlights from Hollywood
History of Space Age Pop, Vol. 1: Melodies and Mischief, The
History of Space Age Pop, Vol. 2: Mallets in Wonderland, The
Hit History, Volume 7: 1961
Hit-Giganten: Best of Klassik, Die
Hit-Giganten: Best of Swing & Jazz, Die
Hit-Giganten: Best of TV-Hits, Die
Hit-Giganten: Film Hits, Die
Holiday Collection, Volume III, The
Hollywood Musicals, The
Hollywood Soundtrack for the Season
Hot Canary, The
Hotel Pelirocco
Hotel Pelirocco: Music From the Legendary Hotel
House of the Rising Sun
How Deep Is Your Love
How Soon
Hub Caps and Tail Lights
Hustle, The
I'm Always Chasing Rainbows
Ibiza Girls (remix version)
Ich mag keinen Jazz, aber das gefällt mir
Ils se marièrent et eurent beaucoup d'enfants
Impossible Dream (The Quest), The
In Session: A Film Music Celebration
In the Air Tonight
In the Arms of Love
In the Arms of Love (instrumental)
In the Arms of Love (vocal)
In the Pink
In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning
In Tune with Nature: Nature's Most Popular Music
Incredible Film Music Box, The
Inspector Clouseau Theme, The
Instrumental Christmas, An
Instrumental Collection 02
Instrumental Favorites
Instrumental Gold
Instrumental Legends
Instrumental Magic
Instrumental Memories ...Are Made of This
Instrumental Moods
Instrumental Music: Best World's Hits.
Intelligent Music Favorites, Volume 4
Intimate Piano Body & Soul
It Came From Outer Space
It Came From Outer Space: Globs Give Instructions
It Came From Outer Space: Prospector Globbed
It Came From Outer Space: Prospector Globbed (without theremin overdubs)
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear / Away in a Manger / The First Noel
It Had Better Be Tonight
It Had Better Be Tonight (Vocal)
It Might as Well Be Spring
It's a Miracle
It's Christmas Again
It's Easy To Say
It’s All There
James Galway: The Man With the Golden Flute: The Complete RCA Album Collection
James Hyman's Summer CD
Jazz Café: At the Movies
Jazz District: Cool Jazz
Jazz Noir
Jazz on Film... Crime Jazz!
Je n'aime pas le jazz mais ça j'aime bien
Je n'aime toujours pas le jazz, mais ça j'aime bien !
Je n’aime pas le jazz mais ça j’aime bien
Joy (Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring)
Just The Best-Italo Hits
Just the Way You Are
Kabel 1 - Die Originale! Die 50 größten TV-Serien-Hits
Killers, The
Kino De Luxe: Der Soundtrack: FOCUS Edition
Kiss is Still a Kiss - Everlasting Romance, A
Klara presents The Original Soundtrack - The French Edition
Klara Presents: The Original Soundtrack, Part 2
Klassik & Jazz Lounge
Klassik Radio präsentiert die besten Soundtracks aller Zeiten - Klassiker (Edition Soundtracks Vol. 5)
Klassik Radio präsentiert die besten Soundtracks aller Zeiten - Liebe und Romantik (Edition Soundtracks Vol. 1)
Koppertop: Charge
LateNightTales: Agnes Obel
LateNightTales: At the Movies
Latin Golightly
Latin Jazz
Latin Legends
Latin Snowfall
Latin Snowfall (remix version)
Legendary Stars of the 20th Century, The
Lemon Popsicle & Strawberry Milkshakes - Million Sellers
Len Goodman’s Crooners & Swooners
Let's Dance! The Best of Ballroom: Fox Trots and Waltzes
Lifetime of Romance
Lifetime of Romance: Be My Love
Lifetime of Romance: Falling in Love
Lifetime of Romance: Secret Rendezvous
Lifetime of Romance: Some Enchanted Evening
Lindy Essentials, Volume 15
Little Boys [from The Man Who Loved Women]
Little Drummer Boy
Little Drummer Boy, The
Little Drummerboy
Living Stereo: 60 CD Collection
Lo esencial de la música instrumental más hermosa del mundo
Lonely Princess, The
Long Ago and Far Away
Loose Caboose
Lounge Movie (disc 1)
Love Movie Themes
Love Story
Love Story Theme
Love Theme for Laura
Love Theme From "Romeo & Juliet"
Love Theme From Romeo and Juliet
Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet A Time for Us
Love Theme From The Adventures
Lover Man (Oh, Where Can You Be?)
Lover's Concerto, A
Loving You
Ludmilla's Theme (remix version)
Lullaby of Birdland
Mad, Mad World of Soundtracks, The
Magia dos Instrumentos, A
Magic Film Hits
Magic of Melody, The
Magical Holidays: Now & Then
Magical Melodies That Will Live Forever: Heartwarming Favourites
Make It With You
Making Toys
Man and a Woman, A
Mancini In Surround: Mostly Monsters, Murders & Mysteries
Mancini Magic
Mancini Plays Mancini
Mancini’s Classic Movie Scores
Many Faces of Emerson, Lake & Palmer, The
Many Moods of Romance: I Wish You Love, The
Many Moods of Romance: That’s My Desire, The
March of the Elves
Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz
Mascheroni: Fiorin Fiorello
Material Girl
Media Markt Collection: The 60s
Medley: Days of Wine & Roses / Charade / Moon River
Medley: Days of Wine & Roses / Moon River / Charade / Cameo for Flute
Medley: Frosty the Snow Man / Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Medley: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen / Deck the Halls / Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Medley: God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen / Deck the Halls / Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Medley: It Came Upon a Midnight Clear / Away in a Manger / The First Noel
Medley: Jingle Bells / Sleigh Ride
Medley: Silent Night / O Holy Night / O Little Town of Bethlehem
Medley: We Three Kings of Orient Are / O Come All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fideles) / Joy to the World
Medley: We Three Kings; O Come, All Ye Faithful
Medley: What Are You Doing New Year's Eve; Auld Lang Syne
Medley: Winter Wonderland / Silver Bells
Méga Hits TV
Meilleurs Génériques Des Séries T.V Américaines - 60's, Les
Melodie indimenticabili: La magia del cinema
Melodie indimenticabili: Le più belle melodie degli anni '50-'60
Melodie indimenticabili: Successi di oggi, classici di domani
Memorable Scores: Paramount Pictures' 90th Aniversary
Memories Are Made of This
Merry Christmas (disc 2)
Merry Christmas: 40 Pop & Classic Weihnachts-Hits
Merry Mancini Christmas, A
Midnight Cowboy
Mighty Mellow, The
Mission - Gabriel's Oboe, The
Mission Impossible & Cult TV Themes of the Atomic Age and Beyond
Mission: Accomplished
Mob Hits II: More Music from the Great Mob Movies
Modugno: Volare
Molly Maguires
Molly Maguires, The
Moment to Moment
Mona Lisa
Monster Gets Mark [from Creature from the Black Lagoon], The
Monster Hits, Vol. 1
Monstrous Movie Music
Mood Mosaic 2: Barnie's Grooves, The
Mood Mosaic 9: The Sound Bullett, The
Mood Music for Pleasure: Relaxing With the Stars
Moon of Manakoora
Moon of Manakoora, The
Moon River
Moon River (1961 demo)
Moon River / Breakfast at Tiffany's
Moon River Cha Cha
Moon Talk
Moonlight Becomes You / It Could Happen to You / But Beautiful
Moonlight Serenade
Moonlight Sonata
More Monstrous Movie Music
More Music to Spy By
More Symphonic Rock
Most Beautiful Melodies of the Century, The
Most Beautiful Songs of the Century, The
Most Wonderful Time of the Year, The
Motion Picture Classics, Volume Two
Movie Classics zum Entspannen und Geniessen
Movie Gold
Movie Memories: A Golden Age Revisited
Mr. Lucky
Mr. Yunioshi
Music from Sunset - Cheryl's Theme
Music from Sunset - Sunset Theme
Music from Sunset - The Cowboys
Music From the Films of Audrey Hepburn
Music from the Movies
Music from Without a Clue - Super Sleuth
Music from Without a Clue - Without a Clue Theme [End Title]
Music of Hawaii
Music of Henry Mancini, The
Music of Your Life
Music to Watch Girls By, Volume 3
Music to Watch Movies By
Musik macht Schule
Musiques de cinéma pour petites oreilles
My One and Only Love
Mystery Movie Theme
Naked Sea, The
Natasha's Theme
Navel Maneuver (remix version)
Never My Love
New Classic Chillout Album: From Dusk Till Dawn, The
New Morning: A Dream Mix by Yvinek
New York Collection, 1971
Night at the Movies, A
Night Side
Night Train
Nightfly Volume 10 Anniversary Edition - Motion | Emotions | Oceans, The
Nightwing - Main Title
Nipper's Greatest Christmas Hits
Nipper's Greatest Hits: The 60's, Volume 1
No Othe Love (adapted from Chopin's "Etude in E Major")
No. 1 Hits 1969, The
Nothing to Lose
Nova Fait son Cinéma
Now That's What I Call Easy
O Little Town of Bethlehem
Off Shore
On the Turning Away
Once Upon a Time in America
One for My Baby
Original Sound of Ibiza, The
Oxford American: Southern Music Issue No 17 - Georgia
Parla Più Piano (da “Il padrino”)
Party Mix: Swinging 60s, The
Patch Versus Santa
Patch, Natch!
Pate: The Godfather Theme, Der
Peace in the Valley
Pearly Shells
Penelope / Bachelor in Paradise
Pennywhistle Jig
Perfect Mix: All-Time Lounge Favorites, The
Peter Gunn
Peter Gunn Theme
Phil Collins Big Band, The
Piano Greats
Piano Passion
Pie-in-the-Face Polka
Pink Panther and Other Hits
Pink Panther and Other Hits, The
Pink Panther Lounge
Pink Panther Theme
Pink Panther Theme (dance remix)
Pink Panther Theme (remix version)
Pink Panther Theme, The
Pink Panther, The
Pink Panther's Penthouse Party
più belle melodie romantiche, Le
Platinum & Gold Collection Limited Edition Sampler
Plus Belles Musiques de films, Les
plus grands thèmes de la Télé, Les
Poor Butterfly
Pop Memories of the '60s: Walk Right In
Pozytywne Wibracje, Volume 3
Pre Historie 1969, Volume 2, De
Promo Only: Platinum Series
Pure... Chillout
Quentin's Theme
Quiet Village
Radio Minerva
Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head
Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head
Rare Mancini: A Tribute to Henry Mancini, The
Reader's Digest Candlelight Magic: 50 Romantic Piano Favorites, Disk 2
Real... Christmas Crooners, The
Real... Classic Film, The
Real... Johnny Mathis, The
Recovered, Volume 1
Reel Love: Great Romantic Movie Themes
Reflections: Great Instrumentals for Today
Relaxing Album, The
Remembering the ’60s
Return to Paradise
Rhapsody in Blue
Ripley's Believe It or Not
Ripping It Up With Hank (remix version)
Rock'n'Roll Racing
Romance Classics
Romancing the 70s, Volume 7: My Angel Baby
Romancing the Screen: Great Love Themes of the Cinema, Volume 2
Romantic Collection Cinema
Romantic Jazz
Romantic Love Songs
Room Service
Rosarote Panther (The Pink Panther Theme), Der
Roseanne: The Sitcom Theme Collection
Royal Blue
RTBF Sixties Collection - 1962
Sad Patch
saga des génériques TV, La
Sally's Tomato
Sally’s Tomato
Santa Claus: The Movie
SATURN Exklusiv Edition: Chill Out Edition
SBS Movie Show presents: You Must Remember This: 101 Movie Themes & Songs, The
schönsten Film-Melodien der Welt, Die
Sci-Fi's Greatest Hits, Volume 3: The Uninvited
Sci-Fi’s Greatest Hits, Volume 2: The Dark Side
Science Fiction Album, The
Score: 20 Ultra-Cool Soundtracks From the Producers at Mojo, The
Secret Love
Selected Stereo Music
Send In The Clowns
Send in the Clowns, From "A Little Night Music"
Senza Parole: The Greatest Orchestra Themes
Séries TV cultes, Volume 2
Seventy Six Trombones
Sexy Beast
SFX Presents: Sound FX: 12 Top Science Fiction Themes
Shadow of Your Smile, The
Shadows of Paris, The
Shaken Not Stirred
Share the Wonder
Sherlock Holmes: Classic Themes From 221b Baker Street
Shot in the Dark (remix version), A
Shot in the Dark, A
Sidewalks of Cuba
Silicy Forever
Simone (remix version)
Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology: Duets Volume 2, The
Six Hours Past Sunset
Sleepy Lagoon
Sleigh Ride Over Manhattan
Slow Motion Special Edition
Slow Motion, Volume 3: Die schönsten Pop-Balladen der Filmgeschichte
Slow Motion: Die schönsten Liebeslieder der Filmgeschichte
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Smoke in Your Eyes
Smooth Summer Soul
So Smooth (remix version)
Softly, as I Leave You
Soldier in the Rain
Som Maior 25 anos
Some Enchanted Evening
Something for Cat
Something for Cat (remix version)
Something for the Cat
Something Swingin’, Volume 2
Song From “10" (It’s Easy to Say)
Songs for a Central Park Picnic
Sopranos: Peppers & Eggs, The
Sorta Blue
Sound of the Movies, The
Sounds of Hatari, The
Sounds of the Big Bands, Volume 1, The
Sounds of the Holidays
Soundtrack Highlights of Better Call Saul Season 1
Space Age Pop Volume 1: Melodies and Mischief
Spy Magazine Presents, Volume 1: Spy Music
Stage + Screen
Stairway to the Stars
Star Dust
Stardust Melodies: The Best of the All-Time Great Piano Stars
Starlight Piano
Stars at Christmas, Volume 2
Stella by Starlight
Stereoplay CD 63 Special: Entertainment, Volume 2: Easy Listening Favourites
Straight From the Heart: Timeless Music From the ’60s & ’70s
Stranger on the Shore: Jukebox Instrumentals Vol 2
Suite from The Prisoner of Zenda - Coronation Waltz
Suite from The Prisoner of Zenda - Croquette
Suite from The Prisoner of Zenda - Main
Summer Classics
Summer Knows, The
Sunset and Sunrise, Volume 9
Superbad Funk & Cinematic Soul
Suprême Lounge 2
Surround Fantastique
Sweet Dreams
Sweet Soul & Funky Music "Blaxploitation Edition"
Sweetheart Tree (Choral), The
Sweetheart Tree, The
Swing Dance Big Band Party, Volume 1
Swing March, The
Take It Off!
Taking a Chance on Love
Tarantella Mozzarella
Tarantula {Agar To The Rescue}
Tarantula {Big Bunnies}
Tarantula {Blasted Arachnid}
Tarantula {Evening Snack}
Tarantula {Spider On The Loose}
Tavern in Valerno, A
Telarc Collection, Volume 3, The
Television’s Greatest Hits, Volume 2: More From the 50’s & 60’s
Television’s Greatest Hits, Volume 4: Black and White Classics
Television’s Greatest Hits, Volume 6: Remote Control
Tema da “Guerre stellari”
Tema da “La pantera rosa”
Tema da “Love Story”
Temas Inesquecíveis
Tender Christmas Jazz - Modern Christmas Classics
Tender Is the Night
Tender Thieves, The
ténor du siècle, Le
Terror Strikes [from Tarantula]
Test - In The Air Tonight, The
Thank You, Santa
That Old Black Magic
Theme For Doc
Theme From 'Love Story'
Theme from "A Touch of Evil"
Theme From "Cade's Country"
Theme from "Hatari!"
Theme From "Love Story"
Theme From "Peter Gunn"
Theme From "Romeo & Juliet"
Theme From "Summer of '42"
Theme From "The Fox"
Theme From "The Godfather"
Theme From "The Great Imposter"
Theme from "Z" (Life Goes on)
Theme From “Hatari!”
Theme From Charlie's Angels
Theme From Hatari
Theme From Hatari!
Theme From Love Story
Theme from Mommie Dearest
Theme From Star Wars
Theme From The Way We Were
Themes & Instrumentals
Themes From Classic Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films
Themes From Horror Movies
Thing Strikes / Desert Rendezvous [from It Came From Outer Space], The
This Is Cult Fiction
This Is Easy
This Island Earth (and Other Alien Invasion Films)
This One's for You
Those Fabulous Hollywood Marches
Those Lazy, Crazy Days
Those Were the Days - Summer Holiday
Till There Was You
Time After Time
Time for Us (Love Theme From Romeo & Juliet), A
Time For Us (Love Theme From Romeo And Juliet), A
Time to Dance Lateinamerikanische Tänze
Timeless Piano Favorites: Moonlight Piano
Tiny Bubbles
Titelmelodie aus “Die Dornenvögel”
To Mom With Love
Today's Favourites, Tomorrow's Evergreens
Toggo 5
Too Little Time
Toon Tunes: 50 Favorite Classic Cartoon Theme Songs
Toon Tunes: Funny Bone Favorites
Top 40 Hitdossier Collectables 60's, Volume 1
Top of the Spot 2010: New Collection, Volume 7
Tormentoni TV
Touch of Evil
Tranquil Moods - Contemporary Moods (The National Trust )
Trésors Jazz
True Grit: Music From the Classic Films of John Wayne
True Love
Tube Tunes, Volume 2: The 70's & 80's
TV America
TV Guide 50 All-Time Favorite TV Themes
TV Land Presents Favorite TV Theme Songs
TV Themes, Volume 3
TV‐Serien Hits
Two for the Road
Two for the Road (vocal)
Ultimate 60s
Ultimate Baby Boomer's Collection, The
Ultimate Ballroom Album 12: Anything Goes, The
Ultimate Ballroom Album 4, The
Ultimate Ballroom Album 9: Scarlet Ribbons, The
Ultimate Easy Album, The
Ultimate Easy Listening Collection, The
Ultimate Grammy Box: From the Recording Academy’s Collection of Award Winning Music, The
Ultimate Mancini
Ultimate Movies
Ultimate: Movies
Ultime Series TV
Unchained Melody
Uniquely Mancini
Uniquely Manicini
Untouchables, The
Varèse Sarabande: A 25th Anniversary Celebration
Varèse Sarabande: A 25th Anniversary Celebration, Volume Two
Versatile Henry Mancini and His Orchestra, The
Very Best Instrumental Hits Part 1, The
Very Best of Jazz Club, The
Very Best of Music to Watch Girls By, The
Very Merry Christmas, Volume 5, A
Very Merry Christmas, Volume VI, A
Vibe! The Ultimate Rare Grooves Series, Volume 9: Soundtracks, Cop Show Themes & Movie Related Music, The
Village Inn (remix version), The
Vintage Collection: Best of the 50s
Voglio vivere così
Voice of Romance: The Columbia Original Album Collection, The
Vragen staat vrij
Vtmkzoom presenteert: De leukste TV-liedjes
Wagner's Rinse Cycle
Wait Until Dark
Walk Like an Egyptian
Warner Bros. 75 Years Entertaining the World: Film Music
Way We Were, The
We Love Mambo
We Wish You a Merry Christmas
We've Only Just Begun
Weekender Classic Collection II, The
Weihnachts Café
Whacked: Original Songs Featured in The Sopranos
What Did You Do in the War, Daddy?
What I Did For Love
What I Did for Love (from “A Chorus Line”)
What I Did for Love, From "A Chorus Line"
When You Wish Upon a Star
Where Do I Begin (Theme From Love Story)
Whispering Sea, The
Whistling Away the Dark
White Christmas
Willow Weep for Me
Windmills of Your Mind
Windmills of Your Mind, The
Wine and Women
Wine, Roses & Music
Wish You Love, I
With or Without You
Without You
Wonderful World of Melody, The
World Tour: Safari Lodges
World’s Most Beautiful Melodies: Moonlight Serenade: Great Orchestral Favorites, The
Write the Songs, I
You Light Up My Life: Gentle Memories of the ’70s
You Make Me Feel Like Dancing
You Stepped Out of a Dream
You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine
You'll Never Know
Your Father's Feathers
Your Father’s Feathers
Your Hit Parade: '60s Instrumentals - Take Two
Your Hit Parade: 1959
Your Hit Parade: The '60s
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