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John Powell
John Powell (britischer Filmmusikkomponist)
John Powell (britisk komponist)
John Powell (Brits componist)
John Powell (brittisk kompositör)
John Powell (compositeur de musique de film et de spots publicitaires)
John Powell (compositore britannico)
John Powell (English composer of film scores)
Powell, John
Powell, John (componist)
Powell, John James
Powell, John Wesley
Джон Павелл
Джон Пауэлл
Ջոն Փաուել
اليسوعي، جان باول، (الأب،)
باول، جان، (الأب،)
جان باول، الأب،
جان پاول (آهنگساز بریتانیایی)
جون باول
존 파월
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Agora (Warszawa)
Damon, Matt (1970-)
Gilroy, Tony (1956-)
Greenaway, Gavin
Gregson-Williams, Harry (1961-)
Hollywood Studio Symphony
Ice Age OST
Liman, Doug (1965-)
Lowe Alice Firme
Ludlum, Robert (1927-2001))
Naxos Digital Services
Paramount Pictures
Saldanha, Carlos (1968-...)
Santoro, Rodrigo
Universal pictures vidéo France SA
Wood, Oliver
Zimmer, Hans (1957-)
صياح، بولس، المطران، (1939-)
10 Years Ago
1000 Volts
12 Ton Mammoth and a 10 Ton Possum
1st WMD Raid
20 Items
20 Years Ago
20th Century Fox Fanfare (Rio 2 Samba version)
2nd Plane Crash
7 Years Later / Bruno
80 Proof Rock
Abduction / Trashworld
About Girls
Absolutely Beautiful
Accu Flashback
Actor and his time
Adventures of Pluto Nash, The
affrontement final édition collector, L'
âge de glace 3 le temps des dinosaures
Agent Cody Banks
Agent Development Program
Air pur
Air Raid / Office Raid
Airport Chase (Alternate)
Airport Departure
Airport First Version
Airport Ride
Airport Second Version
Alexander Platz / Abbotts Confesses
Alien Ships, The
All Alone in the World
All the Little Children
Alpha Comes to Berk
Am Sam, I
am Sean Archer, I
Amoeba Emerges, The
amour sans préavis
Ancient China / Story of Shen
Andre Asks to Stay
Andre Can’t Ask
Angel's Cure
Angry Mob
Animal Attack
Annie's Father
Announcing the Cure
Another Visitor
Antz Hormigaz
Antz: The Colony
Anything Else Go Wrong
Apartment, The
Armada Battle
Army Arrives, The
Arrival at Silver City
As a Team
As Long as He's Safe
Assassin’s Tango
Assets and Targets
Astrid Finds Toothless
Astrid Goes for a Spin
At Home With the Scrats
At the Airport
At the Bank
At the Farmhouse
At the Hairdressers
At the Park
Attack and Chase
Attack From Below the Ice
Attack of the Sweepers
Attack on Alcatraz
Attack On The Loft (Part 1)
Attack On The Loft (Part 2)
Awakening / Madness
Backdoor Breach
Bagged and Missing
Balcony, The
Ball Escapes
Banana Wars
Bank Robbery (Alt. 2)
Bank Robbery (Alt. 3)
Bank Robbery (Alt. 4)
Bank Robbery (Alt. 5)
Bank Robbery (Alt. 6)
Bank Walk In
Banks‚ Cody Banks
Base, The
Bathroom Titles
Battle Cry
Battle for the Cure
Battle of Legends, The
Battle of the Bewilderbeast
Battle of the Cure, The
Battling the Green Death
Be a Kid
Be Watching
Beach Party
Beat battle
Bed Kiss
Bedroom, The
Bedtime Flyers
Bees and Bulls
Before We Were Russian
Ben Falls for Sarah
Ben's Been Peaking
Ben's Happy
Bench Chase Boy
Berk Intro (Film Version)
Berlin Foot Chase
Bette Davis Montage
Big Chase, The
Big Ending, A
Big Smelly Crack
Bigweld TV / Creating Wonderbot
Bigweld Workshop
Bike Dyke Attack
Bim Bam Smash
Bird Fight
Birds Moved
Birth of Mumble
Birthday Party, The
Bitter Suite
Black Bag Operation, The
Blow You Away
Blue Fly
Boat and the Geysers, The
Boat Chase
Bob's Led
Bobcat Pretzel
Bolt Transforms
Bomb / Chase
Both Kinds of Danger
Bourne Gets Well
Bourne Identity: Drum and Bass Remix, The
Bourne Identity (KMN score remix), The
Bourne Identity (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), The
Bourne on Land
Bourne Supremacy: Bim Bam Smash, The
Bourne Supremacy (KMN score remix), The
Bourne Supremacy: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, The
Bourne Ultimatum: Expanded Motion Picture Score, The
Bourne Ultimatum: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, The
Boy Who Could Fly, A
Brandon Meets Josh
Break In, Part 1
Break In, Part 2
Break Out
Breakfast in Rio
Breaking Point
Bridge Work, The
Bridges, Rules, Banking
Bringing Jean Back
Brotherly Love
Brothers / Ambush
Buck Returns
Buck's Theme
Building Bridges
Bull Olympics
Bull Run
Bummed Out
Bus to Addis, The
Butt Whoopin'
Buying Shoes
Bye, Bye Pollux
Cabbie Dumps Owen, The
Cable Chick
Cahill Chaos (remix)
Cake, The
Call Carlson
Call Natalie Pt.1
Call Natalie Pt.2
Call of Duty
Call of the Mammoth
Call of the Siren Acorn, The
Call to Duty
Campfire Stories
Can I Go?
Can We Start Over?
Car Ferry
Carousel / On, The
Case Closed
caso Bourne, El
Casto Awakens
Castor Alives
Castor And Eve
Castor At The Hospital
Castor Disarms The Bomb
Castor In The Suburbs
Castor's Son
Castor Shoot Dietrich
Castor Wakes
Cat and Mouse
Cave of Destiny
Cave Waltz, The
Cavern, The
Cells Divide
Center Bomb
Chained Chase
Challenging the Alpha
Champers (Unused)
Change the Story
Chaos / Email
Charming the Zippleback
Chase Begins, The
Chase / Off
Chase to the Balloons
Chasing Cody / The C.I.A.
Chasing the Bull
Chasm of Death
Chicken in the Pot
Chicken run Oilasko ihesa
Chief Has Come Home, The
Chill factor
Chop Shop
Chopper Chase / Face-Off
Chosen to Run for Ethiopia
Church of Magneto and Truck
Church of Magneto, Raven Is My Slave Name, The
CIA Cleans House
Cif spray
Cliff, The
Clock's Ticking, The
Clover Field Search
Club Nool
Code Blue
Cody Can’t Help
Cody the Spy / Girl School
Cody To Duty
Coliseum Fight
Coliseum Tour
Coming Back Around
Coming Home
Converging in Athens
Cool Chili
Corellia Chase
Corners of My Mind
Counter Attack
Courting Song (instrumental)
Cove, The
Crocodiles and Mermaids
Crosstown Express
Crystal Balls
Cure Wars
Cut It Off
Cutie Pie
Dad's Dream
Daddy Issues
Dam Breaks, The
Danger Room Session
Daniels Clears Out
Daring Feats
Dark Phoenix Awakes
Dark Phoenix's Tragedy
David Comes Clean
Death and Transfiguration
Death of X, The
Death & Transfiguration (Alt. 2)
Death & Transfiguration (Alt. 3)
Deciding to Fight Back
Desert Foxes
Destiny's Door (30 second version)
Detox: Discovering Red
Detox: Malloy Backs Down
Detox: Opening
Devil Inside, The
Dice & Roll
Did Anybody See That?
Dinner a la Sven
Dinner Talk / Grimmel's Introduction
Dino Valley
Dinosaur Vista
Do or Die (30 second version)
Dodging Bullets
Dog Walk
Don’t Back Up…, I
Don't Remember, I
Doomberg Lands, The
Double Whammy (30 second version)
Downed Dragon, The
Dr. Larue
Dr. Lee
Dr Pepper: Demo
Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who!: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax: Original Motion Picture Score
Drago Battle
Drago's Coming!
Dragon Battle
Dragon Book, The
Dragon Races
Dragon Racing
Dragon's Den
Dragon Scroll
Dragon Training
Dragon Warrior Is Among Us
Dragon Warrior Rises
Dream #2
Dressing Room, The
Drive to Baywatch
Drive to Paris, The
Drop, The
Drugs A
Drugs B
Drum and Bass Remix
Drummer on the Sidelines
Dumpling Warrior (remix)
Echo of Mom
Egg Roll
Eggs Hatch, The
Eighty proof rock
Ellie Gets Trapped
Ellie Remembers
End Credits
End Suite Pt. 1
End Suite Pt. 2
End Suite Pt. 3
End, The
Enjoy the Ride
Enter the Kangaroo
Entering the House
Entry to Lost World
Eret Educates Hiccup
Eret Has Visitors
Erewhon Prison
Escape Fails
Escape From Captivity
Escape From Embassy
Escape from "The Spa"
Eternal Bliss (30 second version)
Evac Preps, Part 1
Evac Preps, Part 2
Eve Learns The Truth
Evolution: Our Heroes
Examining Jean
Extra Sensory
Extreme Possum
Eyes to See You (Detox): Theme 1
Eyes to See You (Detox): Theme 2
Eyes to See You (Detox): Theme 3
Eyes to See You (Detox): Theme 4
Face Lift - Madness
Face/Off (Complete Score)
Face Off: Opening
Face Off: Theme 1
Face Off: Theme 2
Face On
Face To Face A
Faces Without Names
Fair game
Fait Accompli
Fall From Tree
Family on Drugs!, A
Family Reunion
Fantasy Flight, Part 1
Fantasy Flight, Part 2
Farewell to X
Fast Train, A
Father and Son
Fear Factor, Part 1
Fear Factor, Part 2
Fear Factor, Part 3
Fear Factor, Part 4
Fear Factor, Part 5
Feel Like a Lady
Ferdinand and Nina
Ferdinand (Original Motion Picture Score)
Fetching the Boys
Field Agent
Fight as a Team
Fight in the Woods
Final Race, The
Finale and End Credits
Finale / End Titles
Finale / Return to Home
Finding Aliens
Finding Home
Finding Lovelace
Finding Phoenix
Finger, The
Fire Kiss
Fire Truck, The
Fireworks Factory
Firing Squad
First Contact
First Jumps
Five Star
Flat Assault
Flights Cancelled
Floating / Neverland Ahoy!
Flower Festival
Flower of Death
Flying Ship Fight
Flying With Chewie
Flying With Mother
Focus, Hiccup!
Foggy Balance
Following the Target
Food Glorious Food
For the Children!!!
For the Dancing and the Dreaming
Forbidden Friendship
Force of Nature: Perky String
Force of Nature: Slushy
Force of Nature: The Balcony
Force of Nature: The Road Ahead 1
Force of Nature: The Road Ahead 2
Force of Nature: Weather Montage
Forces of nature
Forest, The
Formiga Z
French Asshole
Freshman's Skills, The
Friend in Need, A
Friend of Yours?
From a Rocket Car to a Nut Bus
From Train Station to Arena
Fruit Basket for Russell Woodman
Full Force (30 second version)
Fun Food Storm
Funeral for a Tree
Funeral Pyre
Funeral, The
Furies in Love
Future Tense
Galley Fight
Garden Fight B
Garden, The
Gathering Data
Gathering Forces
Gathering Intel
George's Speech
Gerry's Fort
Get Em', You Son of Eret!
Get the Truth
Getting the Axe
Getting Therapy (Unused)
Gigi's Lament
Girl School
Gloria Joins
Go Ahead
Go to Jail (Alt.)
God Bless You / You With Me?
Going AWOL
Going to Cape Horn? Take a Jacket
Golden Guns, The
Golden Section Derma Lift, The
Gongmen Jail
Good Guy, The
Good Thing You Were Listening
Goodnight Sweet Possums
Got Him, Eve, I
Granny to the Edge
Great Big Momma Bird
Great Rex Carter, The
Great Tree, The
Greatest Tragedy, The
Green Zone: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Green Zone, The
Grew Facial Hair for You, I
Gribble's Loss
Gribble's Plan
Gridiron, The
Grisham Runs Off With the Hooker
Gun Case
Habañera Loca, La
Hag’s Hut, The
Halie Runs to School
Hall of Heroes, The
Hall of Mayors
Halucination and Execution
Han's Loft A
Han's Loft B
Han's Loft C
Han's Loft D
Han's Loft E
Han's Loft F
Hancock (Expanded Motion Picture Score)
Hancock original motion picture soundtrack
Handle With Care
Hangar First Version
Hangar Second Version
Hangar Shootout (Alternate)
Hans' Loft
Happy Feet: Original Score
Happy Feet Two Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
He's a Spy
He’s in Tangiers
Head Start, A
Heli Off B
Helicopter Dance
Helicopter / Freddy Runs
Helicopter Ride
Helicopter, The
Herd Crossing
Herd Reunion
Hero / Nano
Hero’s Homecoming / End Credits
Hiccup and Toothless Attacked
Hiccup and Valka Bond
Hiccup Comes Home
Hiccup Confronts Drago
Hiccup's Gonna Be Chief
Hiccup the Chief – Drago’s Coming
Hidden World Suite (Bonus Track), The
High Incident: Into Tunel
High Incident: Militia
High Incident: New Theme
High Incident: Old Theme
High Incident: War
High Incident: Warehouse AM
Highway Chase
Hill, The
His and Her Hits
Hoe tem je een draak
Hog Chase Part 1
Hog Chase Part 2
Holly Gets Fired
Hollywood Blvd.
Home Again
Hood Jump
Horton Dance!
Horton Hears a Who! Horton Suite
Horton Takes a Luxurious Bath
Hospital Stroll
Hotel Regina
House on Wheels
How to Be a Panda
How to Train Your Dragon 2: Music From the Motion Picture
How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
How to Train Your Dragon: This Is Berk
Hubris: Choral Works by John Powell
Huddle, The
Human Bomb: Opening Titles
Hungry for Lunch
Hungry For You B
Hunter Gets It / Julia Sees the Castle
Hydraxes / Prison Talk
I'll Be Back
I'll Take the Stairs
I'm Getting More From This
I'm Sean Archer
Ice Age 2: The meltdown
Ice Age: Continental Drift Original Motion Picture Score
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Idiot Glider
If I Could Sing
Impersonating Shifu
In Austria
In Hospital
In My Room
In the Hall by the Pool
In the Hole
In the Icehall
In the Limo
In the Zoo
Indestructible Mary
Inner Peace
Interesting Proposal, An
Into the Maw
Into the Sunset
Into Whoville / Breakfast With the Mayor
Invasion Begins
Inverted Galleon
Investigation, The
Ira Kane?, The
Is this seat taken ?
It Is You (I Have Loved)
It's OK Daddy
It's Sayonara
It Was Me
Italian Job (KMN score remix), The
Jail Altercation
Jason Is Reborn
Jason Phones It In
Jason's Theme
Jean and Logan
Joe's Report
John and Jane's Identity
John Drops In
John, Meet Ray
JoJo Saves the Day
Jr. Jr. Secret Agent
Juicy Little Mango
Jump Off, A
Jumper vs. Jumper
June Spies
Jungle of Nool
Junior Agent
Just Visiting: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
K-Mart Stroll
Kennedy's, The
Key to the Past, A
Kid in Peril / Skateboard
Kidnapped / Galleon Dog Fight
Kill Ring / Stop Fight
Kill Ring, The
Kill the Car
Killer Dragons
Killer Whales
Kiss and Make Up
Kiss, The
Kisses and Cake
Kissing Cousins
Kitchen Fight
Kitchen Waltz
Kite Flying Day
Knife Second Part, The
Knight and Day: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Kramer v. Kramer
Krill Joy
Kuala Lumpur
Kung Fu Panda
L3 & Millennium Falcon
Lab Break-In Pt.1
Lab Break-In Pt.2
Land Bridge Trap
Lando’s Closet
Last Seed, The
Last Stand, The
Last Tune
Lazaro's Funeral
Lazarro Dies
Lazarro's Funeral
Leader of the Pack, The
Leaving the Herd
Leaving Town
Legend Has It / Cliffside Playtime
Legend of Kai, The
Leopard Seal
Let Me Think About It
Let's Find Dad
Let's Meet Our Contestants
Let the Tournament Begin
Like a Real Agent
Lipizzaners and Ferraris
Locked Up
Log Moving
Logan and Storm
Losing Mom – Meet the Good Alpha
Losing Steve
Lost My Heart to a Dog, I
lost my Son / No more Drugs, I
Love Scene
Love Theme
Lovelace Preshow
Lovelace's Pile
Lucy, Calm Down
Lucy Paints, Sam Makes Origami
Lucy Runs and Sam Loses
Lucys Chase Owen and Third Reich in the Parking Lot, The
Lupe and Ferdinand
Madam Gasket
Madrid Finale
Magic Eggs
Magneto Plots
Magneto's Camp
Main Title
Main Titles
Make Up Kisses
Making Coffee
Making the Bomb
Mall Chase, The
Man Versus Man
Manny and Ellie Meet
Manny to the Rescue
Marauders Arrive
Mars Needs Moms Credits Suite
Mars Observers
Martian Mambo
Mary Brings Meatballs
Mary Explains
Mary Visits Jail (Alt.)
Me Likey
Meatballs? (Alt.)
Meet Beast
Meet Bolt
Meet Buck
Meet Drago
Meet Han
Meet Leech and Lake
Meet Leech, the Off to the Lake
Meet Leech, Then Off to the Lake
Meet Mittens
Meet the Rusties
Meet Tulio
Meeting Raid
Meeting, The
Meltdown, The
mémoire dans la peau
Memories / The Mission was...
Memory Game
Merry-Go-Round, The
Meteor, The
Michelle's House
Mikey's Grave
Miller Googles
Milo Escapes
Mine Escape
Mine Mission
Mini-Sloths Sing-A-Long
Minivan Chase
Mirror Message
Mission, The
Mobilize / Find Al Rawi
Mom / Escape
Monitors Out
Mood Build
Moon and the Superhero, The
Moon Travel
More Cannons!
Morgue, The
Morning Peaches
Morning Routine
Mortal Unused)
Morton Tells of the Kangaroo's Duplicity
Moscow Wind Up
Mother Falls
Mother Is Sent Away
Motorcycle Chase
Mountain Chase
Mourning John
Mr. and Mrs. Smith (KMN score remix)
Mr. & Mrs. Smith: Original Motion Picture Score
Mr. Yip
Mum's Arse
Mumble Returns
Murmurs of Love and Death
Musicians Village
Mutual Thoughts
My Cousin, My Descendant
My Day So Far
My Fist Hungers for Justice
My Son
Mystic Prelude
Nach Deutschland
Natalie Rescued
Natalie Slides
Naughty Bits (30 second version)
Need A Light, I
New Day, A
New Father, A
New Loves
New Memories
New 'New Tail'
New Plan, The
New Tail, The
New York
Next Adventure, The
Next Move
Nice Weather
Night Fury Killer
Night Op
Nighttime Visits
Nite Nite
No Exit Gutt
No Fly Zone
No More Drugs for That Man
No Trespassing
Nose Job
Not a Bunny
Not So Fireproof
Not Telling Us
Nuts 'n' Bolts (30 second version)
NY Car Chase
O’Hare Warns Ted
O´Hare Warns Ted
Ode de Toilet
Office Work
Ojo asesino
On Bridge Number 9
On the Bridge
On the Lake
On the Stairs
Once There Were Dragons
Onceler and Lorax Meet
One Last Assignment
One Last Thing
One More Tragedy (remix)
Oogway Ascends
Opening Book
Opening Overture
Opening Titles
Ops and Lupus
Organic Planet
Origin Story
Our First Date
Our Heroes
Out of This World
Over / Less Okay
Over the Falls
P.S. I love you
Paddington Plaza
Panda Po
Paradise Concern
Parallel Realm, Part 1 (30 second version)
Parallel Realm, Part 2 (30 second version)
Parrallel Realm, Part 1
Passing the Torch
Pawning the Gold
Peach Tree of Wisdom
Pearly Gates, The
Pentagon, The
Perky String
Phoenix Arises, The
Phoenix Rises
Phone Booth
Phone Calls
Pilots, The
Pirates Vs Natives Vs Heroes Vs Chickens
Pirating The Pirates
Pitch Goes Bad
Plan, The
Planning the Heist
Plates of Woe
Playing House
Po and Shen / Face to Face
Po Finds the Truth
Po vs Tai Lung
Pollini Wakes and Owen Gets Some Clothes
Pollux Gets Released
Pool Fight Pt.1
Pool Fight Pt.2
Pool Trip
Post Attack
Power Grab
Power of Chi, The
Power Talk
Preachers End
Pressure Point, Part 1
Pressure Point, Part 2
Pressure Point, Part 3
Pretty Bird
Prison Convoy
Prison Escape
Prison Fight
Prize Is Still Mine, The
Pro Perogative
Prussian Requiem: Beware the Bear, A
Prussian Requiem: Introduction to Moltke / The March, A
Prussian Requiem: My Reasoning, A
Prussian Requiem: The Gift, A
Prussian Requiem: The Papers of Peace / Let the Rails Roll / Victory Is Ours, A
Prussian Requiem: We, The Glorious Dead / Easy, A
Psionic Powers
Puke / 1st Letter
Pull the Tapes
Quest for Glory (30 second version)
Quest, The
Question, The
Race to Millie
Rachel's Party
Raiders Return to Busy, Busy Berk
Ramon and the Krill
Rape Car Source
Rape Car Sourse (Unused)
Rat Race Score Suite
Raven Is My Slave Name
Ray's Pitch (Alt.)
Read to Me
Reading Letters
Reading Together
Ready / Confront
Ready for the big ride, Bubba
Ready the Ships
Ready to Fight
Real in Rio
Real Life Superbark, A
Really Hate That Word, I
Refuge At Dietrichs
Rejection Is Never Easy
Relax / Stroke Hell
Remember Everything, I
Reminiscence Therapy
Requiem Addendum
Rescues All Around
Rescuing Penny
Rhythm of Drums
Rickshaw Chase
Riding the Hatchlings
Rio 2: Original Motion Picture Score
Rio Airport
River Bed, The
Rivet Town Parade
Road Ahead 1, The
Road Ahead 2, The
Road to El Dorado: Save El Dorado, The
Road to El Dorado: The Ball Game, The
Road to El Dorado: To Shibalda, The
Roadside Briefs
Robots: Original Motion Picture Score
Robots Overture
Rogue's Choice
Roland at the Lair
Roland Snoops
Romantic Flight
Roof Dream Box
Room for One More
Roping and Caging
Rosaline & Thibault
Ross Terminated
Roswell, New Mexico
Rough Landing
Rowland Is Dead
Rudy Fight
Run Up to War
Running From Roy
RV Park, The
Sacked / Natalie Visits
Sacred Pool of Tears
Sacrifice, The
Sad Bowels
Sad Manny and the Possums
Sam's Friends
Sam Visits Lucy
Sarah Reflects
Sarah Revealed
Sarah's Friend
Sarah's Story
Savareen Stand‐Off
Save Kung Fu
Save Natalie / Countdown / Last Battle
Saving Mittens
School Brochure
Scooter Chase
Scott, Logan and Beast
Scott's Torment
Scrat Finds Furry Love
Scrat's Fantasia On A Theme By LVB
Scrat to the Rescue
Sean Attacks Castor
Sean Goes Home
Sean's Breakdown
Sean's Move
Searching for a Wizard
Secrets and Heirs
See You Tomorrow
Selection Process
Setting a Bomb
Shifu Faces Tai Lung
Shock and No Oars
Shoots in the Loft (alt)
Shopping Spree
Should I Know You?
Showdown 1
Showdown 2
Showdown 3 A
Showdown 3 B
Sid's Kids
Sid's Sing-A-Long
Silver Button
Sinclair Revealed
Sing-Along Rhino
Singing Lessons
Sis Kiss
Sittin in K-Mart
Six Weeks Ago
Sixteen Words
Skateboard Chase
Skating and Rogue Leaves
Skating on the Pond
Skua Attack / Adelie Rescue
Skua Birds, The
Slo-Mo Natalie
Snow Chase
Snow Day
Snowboard Chase / Helicopter
Snowboard (intro)
Snowmobile Chase / Helicopter
So Many Descendants
Solo: A Star Wars Story
Some Place Clean
Somebody's Gerry
Son's Cementery First Version
Son's Cementery Second Version
Sonic Psychosis
Sparring Match / CIA Cleans House
Spirit Realm, The
Spy Devices
Squad Book
Squirrel Lady, The
St. Lupus Day
Stalking the Ferry
Standing Ovation (Alt.)
Starbucks & Hospital
Stealing Batteries for the Radio
Stealing Some Gas
Stealth Mode
Step Up
Stoick Finds Beauty
Stoick’s Ship
Stoick Saves Hiccup
Storm Sense
Story of Mumble Happyfeet, The
Strip Chase
Struggle of Life, The
Stutter Boy
Suite on Banks
Sunset in the Training Yard
Superhero Comix
Surf's Up
SUV Chase
Switch Keys and Should Have Bought a Squirrel
Symphony in A major, "Virginia Symphony"
Tai Lung Escapes
Tai Moi Chai
Take Away
Take Off
Takes Over the Field
Tango de Los Asesinos
Tap Versus Chant
Tappin’ to Freedom
Taxi Ride
Ted, Audrey and the Trees
Teen Cave
Test Drive
Testing Allegiance
Thank you (alt. 2)
Thank You (Alt. 3)
Theme for Peace
There's Been a Mistake
Thibault and the Wizard Return Home
Thibault Goes to England
Thibault Sees Julia
Thicking a Bomb
Thinking of Marie
Third Date
This is Berk
This ridiculous chin
This Time for Sure
Thneedville Chase
Thunder Struck
Thunder Struk (30 second version)
To Chicago
To Eire
To Go Where No Man Has Gone Before
To Lair
To the Hotel
To the Island of Love
To the Portal
To the Rescue
To the Roof (The Bourne Supremacy)
To the Surface
To War
Together, We Map the World
Tommy Breaks
Tomorrow's Headlines
Tongue-A-Pult to Blu’s Nightmare!
Toothless Comes Back
Toothless Found
Toothless Lost
Toothless: Smitten.
Top Banana (30 second version)
Torn Away
Tour Bus Crash
Town Council, The
Traffic Jam
Trailer, The
Train Disaster
Train Heist
Train Save (Alt.)
Train Station
Training / Out There
Training Po
Tramp Stamp
Transition (Alt.)
Trapped in Emperor Land
Travel Agent
Traveling Family
Traveling With Possums
Treadstone Assassins
Trilogie Jason Bourne
Trouble on I‐93
True Love for Our Hero
True Love's First Kiss
Truffula Valley Fantasy
Truly Ben
Truth / Magellan / Attack
Trying to Get Fired
Tub for Two
Tunnel Run
Two New Alphas
Two Phone Calls
Two weeks notice
Uciekające kurczaki
Umbrellas of Rio
Unbelievable TV
Uncomfortable Love
Unexpected Visito
United 93
Unsafe House
Upon Us All
Urban Warfare
Urn, The
Valka’s Dragon Sanctuary
Valka's Flash / Good Alpha
Valley Exodus
Van, The
Vanice Beach, The
Vegas, Las
Venice Gold Heist
vent de folie
Very Special Reception, A
Victory Quest (30 second version)
Vikings Have Their Tea, The
Villa, The
Vlad Attack
Vulture of Doom, The
Wanna See a Heart?
War Is What He Wants
War Room
Warrior's Fate, A
Water Hazard, The
Water Recedes, The
Waterloo, Part 1
Waterloo, Part 2
Waterpark, The
We Are Here
We Are the Champions
We find a Bomb
We Shall Raise Them Vegetarian
Weather Montage (remix)
Welcome to the CIA
Welcome to the Ice Age
What Will I Do Without You
Where No One Goes
Where's Hiccup?
Where Were You on St. Rhino's Day?
Whirlpool of Love
White House, The
White Van Plan
Who Will Join Me on the Dung Heap?
Wild Ride
William on the Lake
With Love Comes a Great Waterfall
With the Herd
Wives Ho!
Wizard Cooks, The
Wizard Pulls Himself Together, The
Wolfe Pack
Wonderbot Wash
Wonders of the New World
Worst Pep Talk Ever
X Funeral
X-men III, la decisión final X-Men : the last stand
X-Men: The Last Stand (complete score)
X-Men: The Last Stand: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Yoga Music
You are Sean Archer
You Fell in Love
You Gotta Be Rich
You Hear Me Laughing?
You'll Never Tango
You're Not A Viking
You’re Shy
You Should Go!
You Time Will Come
Young Jean
Your Party Is Waiting
Your Target
Z la formica
Zen Ball Master
ها أنذا واقف على بابك أقرعه
Contributed to or performed: 
20th Century Fox: 75 Years Of Great Film Music
Action 2
Agent Cody Banks
Ancient China / Story of Shen
Ant Revolution
Antz Go Marching to War, The
Antz Marching Band, The
Apartment, The
At the Bank
At the Farmhouse
At the Hairdressers
Audio Trailer
Babs' Big Break
Back to the Colony
Backdoor Breach
Bar, The
Battle for the Heart of the Forest
Battle of Legends, The
Batucada Pagode
Be Cool
Better Out Than In / Sunflower / I'll Tell Him
Big Shoe, The
Bourne Gets Well
Bourne Identity Main Title, The
Bourne Identity, The
Bourne On Land
Bridge, The
Building the Crate
Can See Clearly Now, I
Chicken Run
Chickens Are Not Organized
Chickens are Revolting, The
Chill Factor (promo)
Chill Factor Demos
Chill Factor End Credits
Chill Factor Suite
Chill Factor: Theme 1
Chill Factor: Theme 2
Chill Factor: Theme 3
Chill Factor: Theme 4
Cocktails & Flighty Thoughts
Colony, The
Concerto for Beam (extended version)
Converging in Athens
Corellia Chase
Daddy Issues
Death of Barbados, The
Delivery Boy Shrek / Making Camp
Donkey Meets Shrek
Dragon Scroll, The
Dragon Warrior Is Among Us
Dragon Warrior Rises
Dragon! / Fiona Awakens
Drive To Paris, The
Drum and Bass Remix
Dumpling Warrior
Dumpling Warrior (remix)
Eating Alone
End Credits
Epic Themes
Escape From Embassy
Escape From the Dragon
Escape to Paradise
Escorted to the Clan
Evil Mrs. Tweedy, The
Facilities (Demo 1)
Facilities (Demo 2)
Fiona Kicks Ass
Fiona's Secret
Fireworks Factory
Fireworks on the Roof
Flat Assault
Flight Training
Flying With Chewie
Following the Target
Friendly Fishing
Friends Journey to Duloc
General Mandible
Gongmen Jail
Good Guy, The
Got Elvis
Guantanamera" / "6:15 Time to Dance
Hall of Heroes, The
Happy Feet Two
Happy Feet: Music From the Motion Picture
Helmet Hair
Hidden World, The
Home at Last / Barking at the Moon (reprise)
Hotel Regina
How to Be a Panda
Humans Are Longer Than They Told Me
Hungry for Lunch
Impersonating Shifu
Inner Peace
Interesting Proposal, An
Into the Maw
Into the Pie Machine
Invasion Begins
Investigation, The
Jason Bourne
Jason Phones It In
Jason's Theme
Key to the Past, A
Klassik Radio präsentiert die besten Soundtracks aller Zeiten - Walt Disney und Zeichentrick (Edition Soundtracks Vol. 7)
Kung Fu Panda
Kung Fu Panda 2
Kung Fu Panda 2: Music From the Motion Picture
Kung Fu Panda: Music From the Motion Picture
Ladder Chase
Legend of Kai, The
Let Me Think About It
Let the Tournament Begin
Lift Off
Lollipops Are Bad for Your Teeth
Madagascar / Robots
Magnifying Glass, The
Main Titles
Mandible and Cutter Plot
Marauders Arrive
March of Farquad
Mason Confrontation
Media Ventures Sampler, Volume 1
Media Ventures Sampler, Volume 2
Media Ventures Sampler, Volume 3
Media Ventures Sampler, Volume 4
Media Ventures Sampler, Volume 6
Media Ventures Sampler, Volume 7
Media Ventures Sampler, Volume 8
Merry Men
Mood Build
More Cannons!
Motorcycle Chase
Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Smith: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Musicians Village
My Fist Hungers for Justice
New Father, A
Object, I
Ogre Hunters / Fairytale Deathcamp
On Bridge Number 9
One of a Kind Knight
Oogway Ascends
Opening Escape
Opening Titles / Z's Theme
Over the Falls
P.S. I Love You
Paddington Plaza
Panda Po
Passing the Torch
Peach Tree of Wisdom
Perfect King, The
Picnic Table, The
Po and Shen / Face to Face
Po Finds the Truth
Po Vs Tai Lung
Power of Chi, The
Princess Bala
Rat Race
Really Big Truck Arrives, A
Red Bullies
Rickshaw Chase
Ride the Dragon
River Boat to the Loggers
Road to El Dorado, The
Robot City
Rocky and the Circus
Rocky, a Fake All Along
Romance in Insectopia
Romeo and Juliet's Unfortunate Demise
Run It
Sacred Pool of Tears
Save Kung Fu
Saving Donkey's Ass
Score It!, Volume 1
Score It!, Volume 14
Score It!, Volume 15
Score It!, Volume 3
Searching for the Kids
Shifu Faces Tai Lung
Shrek: Opening Title
Shrek: Original Motion Picture Score
Shrek: Transformation / The End
Shrek: Transformation and The End
Sideshow Freaks
Singing Princess
Snow Stops Play
Spider Invite
Spirit Realm, The
Starry Night
Stealth Mode
Strip Chase
Tai Lung Escapes
Tantrums Lead to Explosions
Taxi Ride
Testing Allegiance
There Is a Better Place...
Thin Red Line, The
Tournament Speech
Training Po
Treadstone Assassins
True Love's First Kiss
Truffula Valley Fantasy
Ultimate Bond & Spy Themes Collection
Uninvited Guests
Up Carla’s Monkey
Up on the Roof
Varèse Sarabande: 40 Years of Great Film Music 1978-2018
Varèse Sarabande: A 25th Anniversary Celebration
Varèse Sarabande: A 25th Anniversary Celebration, Volume Two
Varèse Sarabande: A 30th Anniversary Celebration
Varèse Sarabande: A 35th Anniversary Celebration
Vegas, Las
We Need a Miracle
Weaver and Azteca Flirt
Welcome to Duloc
What Kind of Quest
White Van Plan
Why Wait to Be Wed / You Thought Wrong
Z to the Rescue
Z's Alive!
Zen Ball Master