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Burghleius, Guilielmus
Burghleius, Gulielmus
Burghley, ..
Burghley, .. (Lord)
Burghley, William Cecil
Burghley, William Cecil (1st baron)
Burghley, William Cecil (Baron)
Burghley, William Cecil (Barón de)
Burghley, William Cecil (barons)
Burghley, William Cecil Burghley (Baron)
Burghley, William Cecil (Lord)
Burglaeus, Guilielmus Cecilius
Burleigh, Cecil William (Baron)
Burleigh, William Cecil (Baron)
Burleigh, William Cecil (barons)
Burleigh, William Cecil Burleigh (Baron)
Caecilius, Guilielmus
Caecilius, Gulielmus
Cecil, .. (Mr. secretary)
Cecil, William
Cecil, William (Baron)
Cecil, William (Baron Burghley)
Cecil, William (English noble and diplomat, 1520-1598)
Cecil, William (Lord Burghley)
Cecilius, Guilelmus
Cecilius, Guilielmus
Cecill, William
Gulielmus Cecil
William Cecil
William Cecil, 1. baron Burghley (britisk politiker)
William Cecil, 1. Baron Burghley (englischer Politiker und Staatsmann)
William Cecil, 1:e baron Burghley (brittisk politiker)
William Cecil (1e baron Burghley)
William Cecil, 1st Baron Burghley
William Cecil, 1st Baron Burghley (ro William Cecil, I Baron Burghley)
William Cecil, 1st Baron Burghley (WILLIAM CECIL ( 1520 - 1598 ), barwn Burghley ( 1571 ), Ysgrifennydd y Wladwriaeth (1550-3 a 1558-1572), ac Arglwydd Drysorydd (1572-98))
William Cecil, Baron Burghley Pertama
William Cecil, I Baron Burghley
William Cecil, I barone Burghley (politico inglese)
William Cecil, Lordo Burghley
William Cecil (politicien britannique)
Уильям Сесил, 1-й барон Бёрли
Уилям Сесил
وليام سيسيل
ویلیام سیسیل
วิลเลียม เซซิล บารอนแห่งเบอร์ลีย์ที่ 1
1st Baron Burghley
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Blair, Hugh (1718-1800)
cecil family
Chesterfield, Philip Dormer Stanhope Earl of, 1694-1773
Claesz, Cornelis (Amsterdam)
England and Wales Lord High Treasurer (1572-1598 : Burghley) (see also from)
Leigh, Richard (1561?-1588)
Limburg, Heinrich von (1573-1637)
Murdin, William
Osborne, Francis (1593-1659))
Raleigh, Walter (1554?-1618))
Schilders, Richard Middelburg, 1575-1617
Schinckel, Bruyn Harmansz (Delft)
Vautrollier, Thomas (fl. 1566-1605)
Wright, Thomas (1810-1877)
Advice to a son : precepts of lord Burghley, Sir Walter Raleigh and Francis Osborne
Bibliotheca illustris. -
Certaine advertisements ovt of Ireland, concerning the losses and distresses happened to the Spanish Nauie, vpon the VVest coastes of Ireland, in their voyage intended from the Northerne Isles beyond Scotland, towards Spaine.
Certaine precepts of directions for the well ordering of a man's life. -
Ch. G. B. Schmiede des politischen Glücks, darinnen viele nützliche Lehren enthalten neben angefügten schönen Tractätlein als Des Wohlgeboren... Herrn zu Limburg Thesaurus paternus und dann William Cecill, heilsame Lehren an seinen Sohn gerichtet.
Collection of state papers ...
Compleat ambassador, 1655:, The
Compleat ambassador, or Two treaties of the intended marriage of qu. Elizabeth... comprised in letters of negotiation of sir Francis Walsingham, her resident in France, together with the answers of the lord Burleigh, the earl of Leicester, sir Tho. Smith and others. Wherein... may be seen the faces of the two courts of England and France, as they then stood... Collected by... sir Dudly Digges,...
copie d'vne lettre envoyee d'Angleterre a dom Bernardin de Mendoze., La
Copie of a letter sent out of england
copie of a letter written by one in London to his frend concernyng the credit of the late published detection of the doynges if trhe Ladie Marie of Scotland.
Copije van eenen brief wt Engelandt ghesonden aen Don Bernardin Mendosa, ambassadeur in Vranckrijck van weghen den Coninck van Spaengien, verclarende den staet van Enghelandt ...
D'executie van iustitie, tot onderhoudinge vande publieke en̄ christelicke vrede in Engelandt ghedaen, teghen seker oproermakers.
Déclaration du traitement favorable des commissaires de Sa Majesté ordonnés pour l'examination de certains traîtres et des tortures et questions qu'on a faussement divulgué leur avoir été données pour le fait de la religion
exécution de justice faite en Angleterre pour maintenir la paix publique et chrétienne contre les auteurs de sédition, adhérents aux traîtres et ennemis du royaume sans aucune persécution contre eux émue pour matière de religion, comme il a été faussement avancé et publié par les fauteurs et nourriciers de leurs trahisons
Execution of justice in England
Freyherrn von Burghley Heilsahm Lehren. -
Helsosamma lärdomar som tiena til hela thet menniskliga lefwernetz rättesnören.
Iustitia Britanica. -
Justitia Britannica. Per quam liquet perspicue aliquot in eo regno perditos cives, seditionis & armorum civilium authores, regnique hostium propugnatores acerrimos, ut communi Ecclesiae Reique publicae paci, cautius prospiceretur, morte mulctatos esse : propter Religionem vero, aut caeremonias Romanas, neminem in capitis discrimen vocatum : licet ab adversariis secus multō, & admodum malitiosè publicetur. Perscriptum primo in nostrate lingua, deinde versum in Latinam
Leycesters common-wealth conceived, spoken and published with most earnest protestation of all dutifull good will and affection towards this realme, for whose good onely, it is made common to many
Lord Burghley's map of Lancashire in 1590, with notes on the designated manorial lords, biographical and genealogical, and brief histories of their estates traced down to the present day, by Joseph Gillow,...
Lord Chesterfield's advice to his son on men and manners. A new edition, with supplement
Lord Keeper Williams his letters, &c.
Memoirs of the life and administration of the Right Honourable William Cecil, Lord Burghley, Secretary of State in the reign of King Edward VI and Lord High Treasurer of England in the reign of Queen Elizabeth : ... with extracts from his private and official correspondence, and other papers
New system of education
Ordinances for the order and government of the Hospitall of Stanford Baron. -
pocket monitor, containing the following select and estimable productions: Lord Chesterfield's Advice to his son, the Marchioness de Lambert's Advice of a mother to her son, the Duke de la Rochfocaults Maxims, Lord Burley's Ten precepts to his second son, and Dr. Franklin's Way to wealth.., The
Practical morality
Queen Elizabeth and her times, a series of original letters, selected from the inedited private correspondence of the lord treasurer Burghley, the Earl of Leicester, the secretaries Walsingham and Smith, sir Christopher Hatton and most of the distinguished persons of the period
Recit veritable de maintes conspirations horribles complottées par plusieurs traistres & rebelles anglois avec quelques puissans ennemis estrangers contre la propre personne de... la Royne
Scrinia Ceciliana, mysteries of State and government in letters of the late famous lord Burghley and other grand ministers of State, in the reigns of Queen Elizabeth and King James, being a further additional supplement of the Cabala...
Sir Francis Bacon's letters, &c.
summa eorum clementia, qui habendis quæstionibus præfuerant, contra proditores quosdam, deque, De ; tormentis quæ in eosdem, ob proditionem, non ob religionem, expromta sunt.
svmma eorvm clementia, De
Thesaurus paternus, in usum filii collectus eller then högborne herrens herr Henrich, frij-herre til Limburg, the h: rom: rijketz ärf-schenk. Förmaning, til sin son, för desz härlige nytta skul : på swenska tungomålet öfwersatt och tryckt.
torturis, De
True, sincere and modest defense of English catholics
verclaringhe der oorsaken bewegende de Coninginne van Enghelant hulpe te gheven tot bescherminghe des benauden ende verdruckten volckes der Nederlanden., Een
young gentleman's parental monitor, The : containing ...