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Bowen, E.
Bowen, Eman
Bowen, Emanl
Bowen (Emanuel)
Bowen, Emanuel (Mr)
Bowen, Emmanuel
Emanuel Bowen
Emanuel Bowen (British engraver)
Emanuel Bowen (Brits cartograaf (1694-1767))
Emanuel Bowen (cartografo, editore e incisore inglese)
Emanuel Bowen (Kupferstecher und Kartograf)
ca 1720-1767
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Cartographic material
Computer file
Language material
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Bachiene, Willem Albert (1712-1783)
Bowles, Carington (1724-1793)
Bowles, John (1701-1779)
Gibson, J.
Gibson, J. (époque 1750-1792)
Gibson, John (époque 1750-1792)
Jagen, J. van (c.1710-1800.)
Jagen, Jan (c.1710-1800.)
Kitchen, Thomas (1718-1784))
Kitchin, Thomas (1718-1784)
Meijer, Pieter (Amsterdam)
Newbery, 1713-1767
Newbery, John
Ogilby, John (1600-1676))
Owen, John (of the Middle Temple.)
Sayer, Robert (1724?-1794)
Schalekamp, Matthijs (1714-1806))
Schalekamp, Matthys (Amsterdam)
Schenk, Leonardus Jz., 1732-1800
Ware, Richard (17- -)
Account of the European settlements in America.
accurate chart of the English Channel, wherein all the sea port cities, and towns, bays & harbours are carefully laid down from London to the Lands End &c. on the British shore; and from Ostend to Bayonne in ye Bay of Biscay &c. on the French & Spanish shore, An
accurate map of Devon Shire divided into its hundreds...with a plan of Plymouth, An
accurate map of North America describing. .. the British, Spanish and French dominions..., exhibiting the present seat of Wav... also all the West India islands..., An
Accurate Map of the County of Worcester Divided into its Hundreds and drawn from the best Authorities Illustrated with Historical Extracts relative to Natural History, produce, Trade & Manufactures ; Shewing also amongst various Improvements, the Rectories, Vicarages, Charity Schools, Religious Houses, &c.
accurate map of the Holy Land Divided into the XII Tribes of Israel. Accomodated to Sacred History, & describing the Travels of Jesus Christ., An
accurate map of the island of Barbadoes. Drawn from an actual survey containing all the towns, churches, fortifications, roads, paths, plantations, &c., An
accurate map of the West Indies containing the Bahama & Caribbe Islands, the Great & Little Antilles with the Leward and Windward Islands & part of the American continent, An
accurate map of the West Indies. Drawn from the best authorities, assisted by the most approved modern maps and charts, and regulated by astronomical observations., An
Atlas minimus,or A new set of pocket maps of the several empires, kingdoms and states of the known world, with historical extracts relative to each : Drawn and engrav'd by J. Gibson from the best authorities revis'd, corrected and improv'd, by Eman: Bowen geographer to His Majesty.
Britannia depicta, or, Ogilby improv'd : being a correct coppy [sic] of Mr. Ogilby's actual survey of all ye direct & principal cross roads in England and Wales : wherein are exactly delineated & engraven, all ye cities, towns, villages, churches, seats &c. scituate on or near the roads ... with suitable remarks on all places of note drawn from the best historians and antiquaries by Ino. Owen ... : lastly particular & collect maps of all ye counties of South Britain, with a summary description of each county ... by Eman. Bowen engraver.
Canada, or, New France
Cartes, plans et vues sur les Pays-Bas]
complete atlas; or, Distinct view of the known world;, A
complete system of geography Being a description of all the countries, islands, cities, chief towns, harbours, lakes, and rivers, mountains, mines, & c. of the known world, A
Correct Draught of the North Pole and of all the Countries hitherto Discovered, intercepted between the Pole and the Parallel of 50 Degree. Exhibiting the most remarkable tracts of our English Navigators in their several attempts to find out the North East and North West Passages. Drawn..., A
draught of Port Royal Harbour in South Carolina, with the marks for going in...
Histoire des colonies européennes dans l'Amerique : en six parties ... chaque partie contient une description de la colonie, de son étendue, de son climat, de ses productions, de son commerce, du génie & des moeurs de ses habitans : on y traite des intérêts des différentes puissances de l'Europe par rapport à ces colonies, & de leurs vues par rapport au commerce
ichnography of Lewes
improved map of the county of Somerset..., An
large English atlas;, The
map of the British and French settlements in North America [part the first] containing Canada, Nova Scotia..., A
Mapa da Península Ibérica
Mapa de África
Mapa de Portugal
Maps and charts to the modern part of the universal history, The
New and accurate map of China
new dictionary of trade and commerce, 1761:, A
new map of Georgia, with part of Carolina, Florida, and Louisiana., A
Nieuwe en naauwkerige kaart van 't Koninngryk Polen, en 't Groot Hertogdom Lithauwen in derzelver palatinaatschappen verdeeld : naar de nieuwste kaarten en sterrekundige waarneemingen ontworpen, door Eman. Bowen : waar by komt, de laatsche verdeeling van een groot gedeelte dezer beiden Landschappen, onder de Oostenrykers, Russen en Pruissen in 1771
Nieuwe en naauwkeurige kaart van de noordlyke deelen van Italie, bevattende Savoje, Piemont, Milaan, Parma, Mantua, Modena en Toskane; benevens de Gemeenebesten Venetie, Genua en Lucca
Nieuwe en naukeurige kaart van Europa opgemaakt uit de beste schryveren en nieuwste landkaarten en in orde gebragt volgens de voornaamste sterrekundige waarnemingen
Nieuwe kaart van de Nederlanden, verdeeld in Zeventien Provintiën volgens de klootachtige gedaante der aarde
Nieuwe kaart van Moscovie of Rusland in Europa
Nieuwe kaart van Spanje en Portugal
Nieuwe kaart van Zweden, Denemarken, en Noorwegen
Nuova ed esatta carte della Polonia, Lituania, &c. divisa in palatinati : giusto le migliori autorita, e carte moderne, e regolata con osservazioni astronomiche
Ogilby improv'd
richtige Charte von Sud America, Eine
Royal English atlas: eighteenth century county maps of England and Wales;, The
Sequel of the Seat of War in the West Indies containing (1) a Map of the Isthmus of Panama exhibiting the Roads with the Course of the River Châgre thro the same (2) Curious Perspective Views of the Harbour, Town and Castles of Puerto Bello, as sent over by Commodore Brown (3) the Appearance at Sea of San Juan de Puerto Rico with it's Castles, A
Tafreel van de Staatsche, Pruissische, Fransche en Oostenryksche bezittingen in de tien catholique Nederlandsche provincien en Opper-Gelderland,van het nieuw Belgisch gemenebest, van de Belgische omwenteling, van het land van Luik en de Luiksche onlusten