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Athos-Lavra (Monastery : Athos, Greece)
Athos (Monasteries) Laura
Grande Laure (Athos, Grèce)
Grande Lavra (Athos, Grèce)
Great Lavra (Monastery : Athos, Greece)
Große Laura Athos
Große Lawra Athos
Kloster Lawra Athos
Laura megistē ē tou 'Osiou Athanasiou monē (Athos, Grèce)
Laura (Monastery : Athos, Greece)
Laure, Grande (Athos, Grèce)
Lavra megisti i tou Osiou Athanasiou moni (Athos, Grèce)
Lavra, Monastère de (Athos, Grèce)
Lavra monastery (Athos, Grèce)
Lavra (Monastery : Athos, Greece)
Megistē Laura Athos
Megisti Lavra (Athos, Grèce)
Monastère de la Grande Laure (Athos, Grèce)
Monastère de Lavra (Athos, Grèce)
Monastery of the Great Lavra (Athos, Greece)
Monē Megistēs Lauras Athos
Monē Megistēs Lauras (Athos, Greece)
Moni Lawra Athos
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Bogdanović, Dimitrije
Eustratiadēs, Sōphronios
Lemerle, Paul
Matejić, Mateja
Actes de Lavra ...
athos lavra und der trikonchale kuppelnaos in der byzantinischen architektur, die
Catalogue of the Greek manuscripts in the library of the Laura on Mount Athos, with notices from other libraries
hodegos i m m lauras
Slavic codices of the Great Lavra Monastery : a description