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Art of Noise
Art of Noise (hudební skupina)
Art of Noise Musical group (Musical group or band)
Art of Noise (Musical group or band)
The Art Of Noise
began 1983 until 2000
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Cooke, Sam (22.01.1931-11.12.1964)
Creme, Lol (hasMember)
Dudley, Anne (hasMember)
Eddy, Duane
Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Horn, Trevor (hasMember)
Jeczalik, J.J. (hasMember)
Langan, Gary (hasMember)
Mahlathini and Mahotella Queens
Modern Talking
Morley, Paul (hasMember)
Norman, Chris
Tyler, Bonnie
2 Many Thankyous
Acton Art
Ambassador's Reel: Beat Box, The
Ambassador's Reel: Medley, The
Ambassador's Reel: Oobly, The
Ambience of Love, The
ambient collection, The
And I Placed My Fingers on Her Eyes as Though I Were Touching the Silent Controls of a TV Set
And What Have You Done With My Body, God?
Angel Reel: Fairground, The
Angel Reel: Hymn 1 (Take 2), The
Angel Reel: Hymn 3, The
Approximate Mood Swing No: 2
Army Now (5.1 mix), The
Arranged in a Circle (BBC live session)
Art of Debussy (short Film), The
Art of Love (7" edition)
Art Of Love (Remix Version)
Art of Love (remixed by ILS)
art of love the best of the Art of Noise, The
Art of Love (Youth + Orb mix)
Art of Noise Compilation (Eddepeds mix)
Art of Noise Live at the Value of Entertainment, June 1985, An
Art of Noise - The fon mixes
Art of Slow Love (Youth / Slow Concept by Phil Barber), The
At the end of a century
Autumn Leaves, The
Back to Back
Back to Backbeat (The Robert Gordon mix)
Backbeat (Reprise) / [untitled]
Balance - Music for the Eye, Extract From Part Three: (I) Blue Murder (II) The Interrupted Serenade (III) Ce n’est pas fini!
Battle Outtakes
Beat Box and Close (to the Edit) Live at Coexistence, June 2000
Beat Box (BBC live session)
Beat Box (Diversion 3.4, Extracted)
Beat Box (Diversion Five)
Beat Box (Diversion Four)
Beat Box (Diversion One) (5.1 mix)
Beat Box (Diversion Six)
Beat Box (Diversion Three)
Beat Box (Diversion Two)
Beat Box (Diverted via Video Killed the radio Star)
Beat box (for life)
Beat Box (Incorporating Close to the Edit)
Beat box Moment in love
Beat Box (one made earlier)
Beat Box Pop Promo
Beat Box (Special radio Re-edit)
Beatbox Diversion 10
Beau Soir
Beauty of the Incidental
Beddoo Bedoo
Beep Beep
Belief System
Below the Waste
Best of the Art of Noise: Art Works 12”, The
Best of the Art of Noise: Art Works 7", The
Best of the Art of Noise: The Art of Love, The
Blue Murder (Out-take from The Art Of Debussy)
Born Again
Born on a Sunday
Bright Noise (5.1 mix)
Bright Noise / Flesh in Armour / Comes and Goes
Camilla The Old Old Story (remixed by J. Majik)
Catwalk (The Ground mix)
Chain Gang
Chain of Chance, The
Chameleon 1
Chameleon 4
Chameleon's Dish # Beatback, The
chill out album, The
chillout album, The
Close (To Being Compiled)
Close to the Edge (Ruff Mix)
Close (to the Edit) (5.1 mix)
Close (to the Edit) (BBC live session)
Close to the Edit (extended remix)
Close (To the Edit) (original ruff mix)
Close To The Edit (Version 2)
Close (to the Edit) Version One
Close (to the Edit) Version Three
Close (to the Edit) Version Two
Close Up (hop)
Closely, Closely (Enough's Enough)
Closer (to the Edit) Cinema Version
Comes and Goes (5.1 mix)
Continued in Colour
Crusoe (remixed by Aquasky)
Crusoe (The LFO mix)
Daft As A Brush!
Damn It All!
Dan Dare (edited)
Day at the Races, A
Day Dream (Way Out West's Very Own radio edit)
Debut (7'' Edit)
Diversion Eight, Diversion Two, Closest, Close-Up, Close (To the edit), Closed
Diversions 1
Diversions 3
Diversions 5
(Do) Donna (Do)
Domestic Disco
Donna (5.1 mix)
Dr. Gradus (reprise)
Dragnet '88 (7'' Mix)
Dragnet '89
Dragnet and Peter Gunn Have a Day at the Races (Interlude 3) (A Mark Gamble mix)
Dragnet (Art of Noise 12" mix)
Dragnet (Art of Noise '88 mix)
Dragnet (Arthur Baker 12" mix)
Dragnet (Arthur Baker 7" mix)
Dragnet (Arthur Baker House Mix)
Dragnet (Danger Ahead / Dragnet March)
Dragnet (The '88 Mix)
Dream code
Dream On
Dream world
Dreaming (Colour Black)
Dreaming (Colour Green)
Dreaming : Colour Red / Dreaming : Colour Silver
Dreaming (Colour Yellow)
Dreaming in Colour (via Way Out West)
Dreaming: Maroon
drum and bass collection, The
Edit Beats
Electronic Collection
Essential millennium
Exercise and Pool Montage
Exploring the Jungle (BBC live session)
Extended Remixes
Eye of a Needle (Lemon D remix)
Eye of a Needle (remixed by Lemon D)
Faberge 12 (Opus for Four)
Fabergé Brut 1987 Commercial #1 (I Was Just Thinking About You)
Fabergé Brut 1987 Commercial #2 (For Him and Her)
Fin du Temps (Air)
First Leg, The
Flash Forward, The
Flashback (Below The Waste)
Flesh in Armour (5.1 mix)
flûte de Pan (Coexistence, Rehearsals), La
Focus of Satisfaction, The
FON Mixes, The
For Life... To The Death
From Science to Silence (BBC live session)
Galleons of Crusoe
Galleons of Stone
Goodbye Art of Noise
Hammersmith to Tokyo and Back (live)
Hands Off Love
Happy Harry’s High Club
Heart of Love
High Energy Turbo Megamix '88, The
Hits forever young d. topaktuellen Super-Oldies
Holy Egoism of a Genius, The
Hoops and Mallets
How Rapid?
How to Kill (5.1 mix)
I'm a Stranger Here Myself
Identity Crisis
In Case We Sneezed
in no sense nonsense sr p
In to the mix
In visible silence
Influence: Hits, Singles, Moments, Treasures...
Instruments of Darkness (All of Us Are One People) (The Prodigy mix)
Instruments of Lightness (S1000 Life Beyond Transformation mix)
Instruments of Lightness (The Sequel) (The S1000 "Power-Qquatsi Dub" mix)
Interlude One
Into battle with the Art of Noise
Invention of Love, The
Is for Beginning, A
Island (remixed by Seiji)
It's Not Fair
It Stopped
James Bond Theme
Judo 3 (Ode to Don Jose)
Kiss (7" version)
Kiss (Cha Cha, 30mpm)
Kiss (feat. Tom Jones)
Kiss (Haitian Vampire Mix by Digital Pariah)
Kiss (The Battery mix)
Krypton Factor, The
L.E.F. (The Mark Brydon mix)
Last Chance to Dance (Edit)
Legacy (12" version)
Legacy (7" DJ Edit)
Legs (7" version)
Legs (inside leg mix)
Legs (Last Leg Mix)
Legs (live)
Legs (The Graham Massey mix)
Life’s a Barrel of Laughs (Out of This World mix)
Listen In
Listen Out
Locua Classicus I
Long Hello, The
Love (5.1 mix)
Love Beat
Man and Boy
Memento (5.1 mix)
Memento (Hymnal, Part One)
Memento (Hymnal, Part Two)
Memory Loss
Metaforce (A Metaphor for a Single)
Metaforce (May the Metaforce Be With You)
Metaforce (The Beat of a Metaphor)
Metaforce (The Seduction of a Metaphor: Intromix)
Metaforce: The Sighs of a Metaphor (Roni Size remix)
Metaforce (The Size of a Metaphor)
Metaforce (The X-Ray of a Metaphor: mix by the Shark Tank)
Metaphor on the Floor (Plan 138: mix by Ollie J)
Moment in Love
Moment, The
Moments in Bed
Moments in Love (12" B Side Idea)
Moments in Love (5.1 mix)
Moments in Love (7" Master Rejected)
Moments in Love (Anne to Tears mix)
Moments in Love (BBC live session)
Moments in Love (Beating Hart's mix)
Moments in Love (Blank & Jones So80S reconstruction)
Moments in Love (Caspa remix)
Moments in Love (From Battle to Beaten)
Moments in Love (Incomplete)
Moments in Love (Liebrand mix)
Moments in Love (live Around the World, Summer 1999)
Moments In Love (Original, Part One)
Moments In Love (Original, Part Two)
Moments In Love (Quiet Storm Version)
Moments in love [sexual mix]
Moments in Love Version Two
Moments in Noise
Monents in love
Moog & Baboon (Ode to Don Jose)
More Moog & Baboon (Ode to Don Jose)
Movement of Desire, The
Nation Regrets, A
Nation Rejects, A
New age music
New Mag's sound of Europe
(New York London Paris) Spleen
No Sun (Interlude 4) (A Mark Gamble mix)
Nobody told me anything
Nothing Was Going to Stop Them Then, Anyway
Ode to a DJ (Interlude 2) (A Mark Gamble mix)
Ode to Don Jose (7" mix)
Ode to Don Jose (remixed by Dom and Roland)
of the Needled (The Sweet Exorcist mix), I
On Being Blue (New Vox)
Once Upon a Lime
One Earth (New Mexico Mix)
One Finger of Love
Opus 4 (remixed by PFM)
Opus for 4
Opus for (Ambient Collection)
Opus for Four
Opus III (live)
Out of This World (version 138)
Overture from the Seduction of Claude Debussy
Paranoimia [19]89 (7" edit)
Paranoimia '89 (dance mix)
Paranoimia '89 (dub)
Paranoimia (live)
Peter Gunn (12″ version)
Peter Gunn (extended version)
Peter Gunn (remixed by Flyright)
pleure (At the Turn of the Century), Il
Pop on top
Private Audience With Art of Noise (live Coexistence, 01 June 2000), A
Promenade 1 & 2
Public Audience With Art of Noise (live at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire, 22nd March 2000), A
Pumping iron II, the women [original soundtrack recording].
Q 6 zang tumb tuum sampled, I
Rain (Out-take from The Art Of Debussy)
Ransom on the Sand (7" edit)
Rapt: In the Evening Air
Re-works of Art of Noise
Realisation (5.1 mix)
Reconstructed (For Your Listening Pleasure)
Reloaded greatest hits
Repertoire 15th anniversary sampler 1988 - 2003
Ringing in the Ears
Robinson Crusoe (The White Noise edit)
Rock pop music hall 28 explosive Orig.-Hits ; Orig.-Aufn. aus d. gleichnamigen ZDF-Show
Roller 1 (Out-take)
Roller 10 (The Rhythmatic mix)
Roller 20 (The Rhythmatic mix)
Roundabout 727 / Ransom in the Sand
Rutti Tutti Tutti
Sales Device, A
Saluting the Point of No Return
Sam (Demo for Duane Eddy)
Samba #2
Second Legs
seduction of Claude Debussy - Reduction, The
Serenade of the Dolls (Out-take From the Art of Debussy)
Shades of Paranoimia (The Carl Cox mix)
Sign of Relief
Single Collection
Slip of the Tongue
Snapshot (5.1 mix)
So What Happened Next?
So What Happens Now? (Take 2)
Something Always Happens (Doc Scott mix) (radio edit)
Something Always Happens (remixed by Doc Scott)
Something Is Missing (reprise, Coexistence, take 4)
Sound of Europe
Spring Flowers, The
(St)art Of Noise
Subject Has Moved Left, The
Super Hit-Sensation
Sweet Reason
Tales of fantasy
Tears Out of a Stone
Techno rave!
Theatrical (EFL)
(Three Fingers of) Love (5.1 mix)
Time for Fear (JJ's 12" remix), A
Time for Fear (Who's Afraid) (5.1 mix), A
Time to Clear (up), A
Time To Hear (We're Listening!), A
Time to Hear (who's listening), A
To Add to the Confusion
To The Death... For Life
Too Busy Talking (BBC live session)
Trumpton Boogie
[Twenty-one] Jump Street, 21
Two Fingers of Love
Uncertainty of Syrup, The
Vacuum Divine, The
War (Demo 2)
War (demo 4)
Western (Ode to Don Jose)
Wet Dream (Dream On Promo 12')
Wet Dream (Way Out West's Excellent extended mix)
When Art of Noise Met Kenneth Williams (and Other Commercial Breaks) Parts One to Nine
Who Knew?
Who's Afraid (of Scale)
Who’s Afraid (of the Art of Noise) (5.1 mix)
Who's afraid of ... the art of noise? the Art of Noise present beatbox and moments in love and the art of noise
Why Me
World War II
Wounds of Wonder, The
Yebo! (7" version)
Yebo (club mix)
Yebo (Interlude 1) (A Mark Gamble mix)
Yebo (Lightfoot remix)
Yebo! (Mbaqanga mix)
Yebo (mbaquanga mix)
Yebo (Ollie J and Arkarna Remixes)
Yebo (Seven Inch mix)
Yebo (The Arkarna dub)
Yebo (The Trust mix)
Yebo (underground mix)
Your Dream or Mine (Way Out West's Clubbable club mix)
Zance a decade of dance from ZTT
Contributed to or performed: 
100 Essential Tracks: 80s
100 Hits: 80s Rewind
100 Hits: Electric Eighties
100 Hits: The New Romantics
101 Love Songs
12″/80s Electro:Pop
12″/80s Love
2009-10-24: DJ Spinbad Live in Japan: Club Asia, Tokyo, Japan
21 Jump Street
80's Disco
80's Tapes: Pop & Wave, The
80’s Comeback
80’s Generation
80’s Top 100
80s Chart Hits - Extended Versions, Volume 3
80s Groove: The Ultimate Collection
80s Mixtape: The Ultimate Collection
80s: Part 2, The
Absolute 80's, Volume 5: 88/89
Absolute Emotions
Absolute Relaxed
All-Time Party Favourites
Ambient Moods
Années 80 + Mode D'Emploi Tome 2, Les
Anthems Collection
Anthems: Electronic 80s
Anthems: Electronic 80s 2
Arcade Hot 100
Art of the 12″, Volume Three: A Soundtrack for Living, The
Art of the 12″, Volume Two: A Promotion of a Way of Life, The
Art of the 12″: A Celebration of the Extended Remix, The
As Heard on Radio Soulwax, Part 5
Audiophile Recordings, Vol. 03
Auntie Aubrey's Excursions Beyond the Call of Duty, Part 2
Awards 1989, The
Azuli Presents X-Press 2: Choice: A Collection of Classics
Back to Mine: Röyksopp
Back to the 80’s: De Hits uit de Jaren ’80: The Long Versions
BackPack 80's: Wave Back
Bairro Alto: 80-86 Memórias
Ballade nocturne
Beat of the 80’s
Before Techno
Before, During, After
Best Ever 80s Hits
Best of 1980–1990, Volume 5, The
Best of Disco
Best of Pop & Wave: The 12″ Mixes
Best of Rave, The
Best of the Eighties: Forty Tracks, Original Hits, The
Best of World Music
Big & Dirty Sounds By: DJ Delicious & Till West
Big Brother Brasil
Big Chill Classics, The
Blank & Jones Present So80s (SoEighties) 7: Ibiza
Bleep: A Guide to Electronic Music
Break for Love
Breakin': More Music From the Movie
Bugged Out Mix by Felix da Housecat, A
Café del Mar: 35th Anniversary (1980 - 2015)
Café Mambo Ibiza 2005
Carl Craig: The European Perspective
Chart Show: Dance Masters, The
Chilled 1991–2008
Chilled Electronic 80s
Chilled Ibiza
Chilled Ibiza Gold
Chilled Out Euphoria
Chilled Spirit
Chilled Summer
Chillout Album, Volume 3: Soft Mixed, The
Chillout Excellence Lounge 1
Chillout Moods
Chillout Room 2, The
Chris Tarrant's Millennium House Party
Classic Alternatives, Volume 4
Classic Chillout Album, The
Classic Chillout Album: A Collection of Classics for a Modern World, The
Club Wave 1
Complete Chillout
Complete Drum & Bass
Complete Tom Jones, The
Cream: Chilled Electronic
CreamCollect: Balearic
Dance the Alternative, Volume 2
Danger Zone, Volume One: Kiss the Razor’s Edge
Dawn of Electronica – Uncut
Definitive: 1964–2002, The
Disconet Program Service, Volume 11: Program 1
Disconet Remix Greatest Hits, Volume 24
Don't Stop the 80's, Volume 3: The Ballads
Doppler F ACT: The Eclectic Mix Session
Dream World, Volume 1: The Land of Inspiration
Dreaming : Colour Red
Earth Ritual: A Journey Into Drum 'n' Bass
Edge of the Eighties, The
Electric 80’s
Electric Dreams
Electric Moods: An Odyssey for the Soul
Electric: The Very Best of Electronic, New Wave & Synth
Electro: The Definitive Electro & Hip Hop Collection
Electronic 80’s
émission mythique de Sidney, L'
Enigmatic Vol.2
Escape: The Classic Chillout Album
Essential Best of World Music
Essential Millennium
Essential Selection, Vol. One
Extend the 80s: Electro
Extended 80s
Feel the Rhythm 1
Flashback Cafe, Volume 1
Formel Eins: The Long Versions
Full 12" Mixes & Re-edits, Volume 3
Galaxy Dance Party präsentiert von Raumschiff Enterprise: 34 Intergalaktische Party‐Hits
Generation 80's Classics From The 80's Alternative Scene
Get on This!!! 2
Global Underground: Nubreed 004
Grand 12-Inches 6: Upgrades and Additions
Grand 12‐Inches
Grand 12‐Inches 6
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories Radio
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories: Emotion 98.3
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories: Fresh 105 FM
Grandmix 88
Greatest Ever! Alternative 80s
Greatest Ever! Chartbusters: The Definitive Collection
Greatest Ever! Electric
Greatest Ever! Love Songs: The Definitive Collection
Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits: The Platinum Edition
Groovy Ghetto 2
Healing II, The
Hit-Giganten: Best of Maxi-Hits, Die
Hit-Giganten: Instrumental Hits, Die
Hits 2: The Album
Hits 2: The Tape
Horizons: 16 Innovative Instrumentals
Hotel Lounge: Music Inspired by the VT4 TV-Series Het Hotel Westende
Ibiza Chillout Session
Ibiza Chillout, Volume 4
Ibiza Classic Sunset
Ibiza: The History of Chillout
In to the Mix
Indochine Club Vol. 1, The
Instant Karma: Invigorate Your Mind, Body & Soul
Interlude Three
Interlude Two
internationalen Top Hits aus den Hitparaden 1989 März - April, Die
Into the Blue
It's Electric
Just Can't Get Enough: New Wave Dance Hits of the '80s
Just Can’t Get Enough: New Wave Hits of the ’80s, Volume 14
Jyrki Cool Dance 97, Volume 3
Kings of Techno, The
Kiss (Disconet remix)
Kiss (The AON mix)
KKSF 103.7 FM Sampler for AIDS Relief, Volume 4
Kult Dance Klassix
Kuschelrock Always & Forever (Kate & William Hochzeitsedition)
KYOT Smooth Jazz Sampler 1996
Late Night Mix, The
Late Night Sessions
Latest & Greatest Indie Love
Latest & Greatest Relaxing Songs
Light Age, Volume 1
Light Age, Volume II
Like the 80’s, I
Love Songs
Love Tecno Pop, I
Lovesongs Top 100
Lumines Electronic Symphony
Luvstep, Volume I
Mantronix: That's My Beat
Many Faces of Prince, The
Mastermix Classic Cuts, Volume 115: Pop 12″
Mega 80
Mega 80 (disc 3)
Mega 80, Volume 2
Mega House 100% Club
Metaforce (Rhythm Masters Mix)
Ministry of Sound: Anthems: Electronic 80s
Ministry of Sound: Chilled 1991–2009
Ministry of Sound: Electronic 80's
Ministry of Sound: Electronic 80s: The Collection
Ministry of Sound: Late Night Sessions
Mix Tapes, The
Mixmag Live! Volume 22: Breakbeat Experiments
Mixmag Presents: Lost in Drum n' Bass
Moments in Love (Massey mix One)
Moments in Love (Massey mix Three)
Moments in Love (Massey mix two)
Moments in Love (Monitor mix)
Monitor This! Fall 1999
Moods 2: A Contemporary Soundtrack
Moods: A World of Emotions
Move Closer
Music From the Motion Picture Soundtrack, “Dragnet”
NDR2: XXL Maxi Hits
Noon Disco
Now and Then
Now That’s What I Call Music 13
Now That’s What I Call Music 7
Now That’s What I Call Music XIII
Now That’s What I Call Music! 13
Now That’s What I Call Music! 1988: The Millennium Series
One Billion People Can't Be Wrong
One Shot ’80, Volume 19
Open Space: The Classic Chillout Album
Organisation of Pop, The
Original Sound of Ibiza, The
Pacha Ibiza Chillout Classics
Paranoimia (The Paranoid mix)
Party Time! 50 Classic Party Tracks
Party: The Collection
Peter Gunn
Peter Gunn (The Twang Mix)
Pop & Wave 2: More Hits of the 80's
Pop & Wave, Volume 4: The Ballads of the 80's
Pop & Wave, Volume 8: The Sound of the Fantastic 80s
Pop & Wave: New Romantic
Pop & Wave: The Hits of the 80's
Power of Love: Dreams, The
Produced by Trevor Horn
Psychedelic 1: Music For Cat .Gifs
Pure Chillout
Pure Global Chillout
Q the Music 10
Race Traxx
Radio FFN Nightline 3
Razormaid Class X, Volume 2
Real Eighties: Hits plus Extended Mixes
Relaxing Album, The
Reloaded: Greatest Hits
Repertoire: 15th Anniversary Sampler 1988-2003
RTL2 100 tubes années 80
Rue Oberkampf
SA-FM Party Songs, Volume 1
Secret Thirteen Mix 031
Senses: 20 Contemporary Moods and Themes
Simply the Best Superstars
Singles, The
So80s (SoEighties) Presents ZTT
Soft Pop Collection 2
Solar Spectrums
Solid Steel Presents DJ Food & DK: "Now, Listen!"
Sound Concierge #401: "Do Not Disturb"
Sounds of the 80s: Like a Record Baby (1984-1986)
Sounds of the Eighties: The Rolling Stone Collection 1983–1985
SPa (Chill Out)
Star Cycle (A Soundtrack to the Tube)
Still Alive - Wave to the 80's
Sunset Cafe, Volume 2
Sunset Ibiza
Sweet Harmony Compilation 26
Synth Pop
Synth Pop Party
Synthesizer Hits, The
Tales of Fantasy
Techno Energy
Techno Rave! 2
Tekkno Boy
Tekknophobia - Total Techno Ecstasy
Theme from "Peter Gunn" (12" version)
Themes & Dreams
This is Drum 'n' Bass
This Is the 80s
This Is... Drum & Bass
Time to Relax
Tom Novy: Chillin' At Ocean Drive Ibiza Hotel, Volume 2
Turn Up the Bass Presents: The Ultimate Dream Mix
Ü30 Lovesongs: When a Man Loves a Woman
Ultimate Breakdance
Ultimate Collection: 80s Anthems, The
Ultimate Drum 'n' Bass
Ultimate Eighties, The
Ultimate Latin Album 10: Hip Hip Chin Chin, The
Ultimate Love
Ultimate Rave, The
Unconditionally Guaranteed, July 1999: Volume 6
Unwind: 34 Soothing Laidback Tracks
Urb Sampler 99.03
Very Best of Pure Moods, The
Viva Diablo Blanco: Freestyle Beats Volume One
Warp [Almost Forever] Volume 3
Was het nu 70, 80 of 90? File 2
Zambient One
Zance: A Decade of Dance From ZTT
Zang Tumb Tuum (The ZTT Box Set)
Zang Tumb Tuum Sampled