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Armed Forces United States
Armia Amerykańska
Army United States
États-Unis Army
Secretary of the Army United States
Spojené státy americké Army
Stany Zjednoczone Army
U.S. Army
United States Armed Forces
United States Armii︠a︡
United States. Army
United States Secretary of the Army
United States Tsava
US Army
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États-Unis Army --Troupes noires américaines (see also from)
Stany Zjednoczone Continental Army (see also from)
United States Continental Army (see also from)
2+2+4 recruiting experiment, The : design and initial results
Army's role in domestic disaster support, The : an assessment of policy choices
Camp Bowie blade., The
city's many faces, The : proceedings of the RAND Arroyo-MCWL-J8 UWG Urban Operations conference, April 13-14, 1999
concept of operations for a U.S. Army combat-oriented logistics execution system with VISION (Visibility of Support Options), The
Crutch., The
ethnic factor in the Soviet armed forces, The : the Muslim dimension
fate of the party apparatus under Gorbachev, The
impact of missile proliferation on U.S. power projection capabilities, The
implications for the U.S. Army of demographic patterns in the less developed world, The : a documented briefing
Independent European force, The : costs of independence
Island of Amami Ōshima in the northern Ryūkyūs, The
Jap way - cold-blooded murder We'll make them pay if you keep up production., The
M-1 does my talking! ... with your cartridges, The
new U.S. strategic debate, The
new world order and Army doctrine, The : the doctrinal renaissance of operations short of war?
Nicaraguan resistance and U.S. policy, The : report on a May 1987 conference
North Korean nuclear program, The : what is to be done?
officers' guide, The : a ready reference on customs and correct procedures which pertain to commissioned officers of the Army of the United States.
Okinawans in Latin America, The : investigations of Okinawan communities in Latin America, with exploration of settlement possibilities
Prayer book for Jewish personnel in the Armed Forces of the United States
Pulaski chanticleer., The
RAND Metadata Management System (RMMS), The : a metadata storage facility to support data interoperability, reuse, and sharing
readiness enhancement model, The : a personnel inventory projection model of the Army's reserve components
Regulations for the order and discipline of the troops of the United States : to which is prefixed the Articles of war, the Militia law of the United States, and the Militia law of South-Carolina : also is added, the Manual exercise, and evolutions of the cavalry, as practised in the late American Army
Report of Lieutenant General U.S. Grant, of the armies of the United States--1864-'65.
rise and fall of national security decisionmaking in the former USSR, The : implications for Russia and the commonwealth
spratannaa vojna
stars and stripes, Mediterranean, The
Stars and stripes, Middle East, The
Stars and stripes, North Africa, The
Stars and stripes, Oran daily, The
Stars and stripes, Tunis, The
Stuttgarter Stimme für die deutsche Zivilbevölkerung
Sugar lump radio
theater-level campaign model, The : a research prototype for a new generation of combat analysis models
Time and resources reguired for postmobilization training of AC/ARNG integrated heavy divisions
Training readiness in the Army Reserve Components
Transistors : theory and use
Transporting the Army for Operation Restore Hope
Turkey faces East : new orientations toward the Middle East and the old Soviet Union
Turkey : toward the twenty-first century
Two shades of green : environmental protection and combat training
U.S. Army area handbook for Cambodia.
U.S. Army counterterrorism manual
U.S. Army pocket recruiting guide.
U.S. conventional arms control for Korea : a proposed approach
u s govt org man 1978 79
U.S. military role in a changing Asia, The : preparing for the 21st century : a documented briefing
U.S. regional deterrence strategies
U.S. space-based remote sensing : challenges and prospects
Understanding and reducing the costs of FORSCOM installations
United States Army counterterrorism manual
United States Army financial records
United States. Army payroll receipts
United States Army Reinvention and Quality initiatives annual report
United States Army, The
United States Army weapon systems
United States regional deterrence strategies
United States special operations command resource management process, The : an application of the strategy-to-tasks framework
Urban battle command in the twenty-first century
urbanization of insurgency, The : the potential challenge to U.S. Army operations
US Army weapon systems
US regional deterrence strategies
use of microworld simulations to train theater-level CSS staffs, The : training development considerations
Use of public-private partnerships to meet future Army needs
value and impacts of alternative fuel distribution concepts, The : assessing the Army's future needs for temporary fuel pipelines
Vancouver National Historic Reserve, Washington : draft cooperative management plan, environmental impact statement
Velocity management : the business paradigm that has transformed U.S. Army logistics
"virtual corporation" and army organization, The
VISION assessment system, The : Class IX sustainment planning
war against Germany, The : Europe and adjacent areas
We band of brothers", "... : the call for joint urban operations doctrine
Weapon systems.
West German military modernization goals, resources, and conventional arms control
Western Europe, 1979-2009 : a view from the United States
What are you going to do about it?--Stay on the job until every murdering Jap is wiped out!
Wiener Kurier für die Wiener Bevölkerung
Yesodot ha-mivneh shel rekhev memunaʻ
You help build the B-29
美国陆军领导力手册 : leadership the Army way