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al- Ittiḥād al-Barlamānī ad-Daulī
Bureau interparlementaire pour l'arbitrage international
Conférence interparlementaire pour l'arbitrage international
Inter-Parliamentary Bureau
Inter-Parliamentary Union
Inter-parliamentary union for international arbitration
Interparlamentarische Union
Interparlamentarisches Bureau
Interparlamentary Union
Interparlementaire Unie
Interparlementarische Union
Interparliamentary Union
IPU Headquarters
IPU (Inter-Parliamentary Union)
Ittiḥādīyah-ʼi Bayn al-Pārlimānī
Kukche Ŭihoe Yŏnmaeng
Mezhparlamentskiĭ soi︠u︡z
Meziparlamentní unie
Mezparlamentskij Sojuz
Olon Ulsyn Parlamentyn Kholboo
Parlament Khoorondyn Kholboo
Parlamenttienvälinen liitto
Rekkoku Gikai Dōmei
UIP (Union interparlementaire)
Unia Międzyparlamentarna
Unián interparlamentaria
União Inter-Parlamentar
União Interparlamentar
Unión Inter-parlamentaria
Union Inter-parlementaire
Union Interparlamentaire
Unión Interparlamentaria
Unión Interparlamentaria Mundial
Union Interparlementaire
Union Interparlementaire pour l'Arbitrage International
Union parlementaire
Uniunea Interparlamentară
اتحاديۀ بين الپارلمانى
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Cartographic material
Language material
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Annuaire interparlementaire.
Bedingungen eines dauernden Friedens, Die : Bericht über die Arbeiten der Union
Bulletin de l'Union interparlementaire.
Chronicle of parliamentary elections
Chronique des élections parlementaires
Comptes rendus analytiques des débats
conditions of a lasting peace; a statement of the work of the union, The
convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women and its optional protocol, The
Convention sur l'élimination de toutes les formes de discrimination à l'égard des femmes et son protocole facultatif, La
defense of the human rights of parliamentarians, The
Electoral systems : a world-wide comparative study
Femmes en politique : bibliographie mondiale.
Inter-parliamentary bulletin : official publication of the Bureau of the Inter-parliamentary Union.
inter-parliamentary process of security and co-operation in the Mediterranean, The : IInd CSCM, Valletta, Malta, 1-4 November 1995.
Inter-parliamentary Union from 1889 to 1939., The
Inter-parliamentary union, its work, and its organization., The
IPU in ..., The
Nouveau système de relations économiques internationales, Un : colloque de l'Union interparlementaire, Bucarest, Roumanie, 29 au 31 mai 1975 : débats in extenso et document préparatoire : symposium of the Inter-parliamentary Union, Bucharest, Romania, May 29 to 31, 1975 : verbatim record of debates and preparatory document.
Panorama of parliamentary elections ... : an annual publication of the Inter-parliamentary Union.
Parlement et démocratie au vingt-et-unième siècle : guide des bonnes pratiques
parlement, Le : gardien des droits de l'homme
parlements dans le monde, Les : recueil de données comparatives
Parliament and the budgetary process, including from a gender perspective
Parliament, guardian of human rights : Inter-Parliamentary Symposium, Budapest, 19-22 May 1993.
Parliamentary oversight of the security sector : principles, mechanisms, and practices
Parliaments; a comparative study on the structure and functioning of representative institutions in forty-one countries.
Parliaments across frontiers : a short history of the Inter-parliamentary Union
parliaments english form of name
Parliaments of the world : a reference compendium
Parliaments on-line
Parliaments, peoples and mass media: a report on the Geneva symposium organized by the Inter-Parliamentary Union in December 1968
Parliaments : world directory : répertoire mondial.
PARLINE database on national parliaments
Participation of women in political life : an assessment of developments in national parliaments, political parties, governments and the Inter-Parliamentary Union, five years after the Fourth World Conference on Women
Participation of women in political life and in the decision-making process : a world survey as at 1 April 1988
Plan of action to correct present imbalances in the participation of men and women in political life : adopted by the Inter-parliamentary Council, (Paris, 26 March 1994)
Politics : women's insight : analysis of the IPU survey by Marilyn Waring, Gaye Greenwood, Christine Pintat with the assistance of Denny Meyer, Kareen Jabre, and Oscar Solera.
Positions regarding human rights issues taken by the Inter-Parliamentary Union in recent years.
Preparación de la Conferencia que reunirá en Madrid en Octubre de 1933
Progress in statistics
Protection des réfugiés : guide sur le droit international relatif aux réfugiés
Provisions for the information of members of parliament concerning the activities of the United Nations and specialized agencies : findings of an inquiry.
Qui légifère dans le monde moderne? : Débats in extenso : Verbatim record of the debates : 4e symposium
Rapports et documents
Realizing the rights of persons with disabilities
Refugee protection : a guide to international refugee law.
Répertoire mondial des parlements
Report of IPU Mission to observe voter registration and the election campaign : El Salvador, 1-9 February 1994.
Report : visit to Geneva and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Republic of Sudan, and State of Kuwait, 20th January-7th February, 2002
Reports and conclusions
Reports and documents
Resolutions adopted by Inter-parliamentary conferences and principal decisions of the council, 1911-1936.
Résolutions des conférences et décisions principales du conseil.
Résolutions votées par les huit premières conférences interparlementaires
Respect for international humanitarian law.
Respecter et faire respecter le droit international humanitaire
Résultats des travaux
Results of the proceedings
role of parliamentary committees in mainstreaming gender and promoting the status of women, The : Seminar for Members of Parliamentary Bodies Dealing with Gender Equality, 4-6 December 2006, Geneva.
Sécurité et coopération en Méditerranée
Security and co-operation in the Mediterranean
Seminar for parliamentarians of the southern Africa sub-region : Lusaka, Zambia, 20-23 June 1995 : the functioning of a parliament in a multi-party democratic setting.
Série "Rapports et documents"
Series "Reports and documents"
Sobljudenie meždunarodnogo gumanitarnogo prava
Systèmes électoraux : étude comparative mondiale
Taking action against HIV : a handbook for parliamentarians.
Towards partnership between men and women in politics : New Delhi, 14-18 February 1997.
Trends and statistics
union interparlementaire, L' : Son œuvre et son organisation
Union interparlementaire, L' : son organisation, son oeuvre
What would be the character of a new war? Enquiry organised by the Inter-parliamentary union.
Women and political power : survey carried out among the 150 national parliaments existing as of 31 October 1991.
Women in parliament as at 30 June 1993.
Women in parliament as at 30 June 1995
Women in parliament as of 30 June 1989.
Women in parliaments, 1945-1995 : a world statistical survey.
Women in politics : world bibliography : bibliographie mondiale.
Women : what the IPU is doing.
Workshop on multi-party government, Suva, Fiji, 26-28 May, 1998.
World directory of parliamentary human rights body
World directory of parliaments
world of parliaments, The : quarterly review of the Inter-Parliamentary Union.
world's women ..., The : trends and statistics.