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At the gates
At the Gates Musical group (Musical group or band)
At the Gates (Musical group or band)
began 1990
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Björler, Anders (hasMember)
Björler, Jonas (hasMember)
Erlandsson, Adrian (hasMember)
Larsson, Martin (hasMember)
Lindberg, Tomas (hasMember)
Svensson, Alf (hasMember)
1991-04-26: Estalstuna, Sweden
1994: Rock City Club, Nottingham, UK
1996-06-21: Slaughter Tour
All Life Ends
altar del Dios desconocido, El
And the World Returned
Architects (demo), The
At the Gates
At war with reality
Beautiful Wound, The
Beyond Good and Evil
Bister verklighet
Blinded by Fear
Blood of the Sunsets
Book of Sand (The Abomination), The
Break of Autumn, The
Burning Darkness, The
Captor of Sin
Chasm (demo version), The
Circular Ruins, The
City of Mirrors
City of Screaming Statues
Claws of Laughter Dead
Colours of the Beast, The
Conspiracy of the Blind, The
Daggers of Black Haze
Death and the Labyrinth
Deleted Scenes
Demo 1992
Demo 1995
Dying, The
Eater of Gods (demo version)
Ever-Opening Flower (demo)
Fear of Napalm
Fevered Circle, The
flames of the end, The
Forever Blind
Gardens of Grief
Head of the Hydra, The
Heroes and Tombs
In Death They Shall Burn
In Nameless Sleep
Into the Dead Sky
Kingdom Gone
Labyrinth of Tombs, A
Language of the Dead
Making of Slaughter of the Soul
Mirror Black, The
Night Comes, Blood Black
Night Eternal, The
Nightmare Continues, The
Order from Chaos
Palace of Lepers
Primal Breath
Purgatory unleashed : Live at Wacken 2008
Raped by the Light of Christ (2018)
red in the sky is ours sr p, the
Red in the Sky Is Ours / The Season to Come, The
Red in the Sky Is Ours / With Fear I Kiss the Burning Darkness, The
Scar, The
Seas of Starvation
Skin of a Fire, The
Slaughter of the soul
Souls of the Evil Departed
Stare Bound in Stone, A
Suicidal Final Art
Suicide Nation ('95 demo)
Swarm, The
Terminal Spirit Disease
Through Gardens of Grief
Through the Red / The Nightmare Continues
To drink from the night itself
Under a Serpent Sun
Unto Others ('95 demo)
Upon Pillars of Dust
Widerstand, Der
With Fear I Kiss the Burning Darkness
With the Pantheons Blind
World of Lies
Contributed to or performed: 
21 Years of Doom, Death & Darkness
30 Years of Earache Records
All Hail The New Kings! Earache Summer 2002 Sampler
Captor of Sin / Mandatory Suicide
Celebrating 21 Years of Peaceville Records
Chasm, The
Choosing Death: The Original Soundtrack
Cursed to Tour
Daggers of Black Haze
Deaf Metal Sampler
Earache Sampler CD, The
Earache: Metal Masters
Earplugged 2
Gardens of Grief / In the Embrace of Evil
Grand Theft Auto IV Radio
Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned: Liberty City Hardcore
Hellfest 2013
Here's the Metal: December 2014
Katatonia Presents: Peaceville Dark Classics
Labyrinth of Tombs, A
Metal Hammer: Earache Extremity Experiment 2003
Metal Masters
Metal Survival Kit
Metal: A Headbanger's Companion
Metal: A Headbangers Companion II
Mirror Black, The
No Peace at All
Noize Pollution 3: 18 Mind Moshing Tracks!
Peaceville Classic Cuts
Peaceville Records: Celebrating 25 Years
Peaceville, Volume 4
Peaceville, Volume 5
Peaceville: Under the Sign of the Sacred Star
Redefining Extremes
Rock Hard Lauschangriff Volume 033
Rock Hard Lauschangriff, Volume 064
Rock Hard: Death Metal Special
Slatanic Slaughter: A Tribute to Slayer
Swedish Death Metal
Terrorizer: Fear Candy 35
Terrorizer: Festival Frenzy
VISIONS: All Areas, Volume 167
We Are Connected / Language Of The Dead
Worldwide Metal
Zero Tolerance: Peaceville