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Karolinska Institute (Švédsko)
Karolinska Institute (Sweden)
Karolinska Institutet
Karolinska medico-kirurgiska institutet
Kongl. Carolinska medico-chirurgiska institutet
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Karolinska mediko-kirurgiska institutet (see also from)
biology of normal human growth, The : transactions of the first Karolinska Institute Nobel conference [Stockholm, August 28-30, 1980]
Clinical and pathological observations in different types of acute myocardial infarction : a study of 84 patients deceased after treatment in a coronary care unit
contribution of epidermal apoptosis to the clinical outcome of Leishmania aethiopica induced cutaneous leishmaniasis and its laboratory diagnosis using low cost culture media, The
Diagnosis and therapy of systemic fungal infections
effect of somatic disorders on brain aging and dementia, The : findings from population-based studies
Fördjupningsstudier vid läkarlinjen
Forskarutbildning, medicinska och odontologiska fakulteterna, Karolinska institutet, KI.
Forskarutbildning vid Karolinska institutet.
Growth factors : from genes to clinical application
Immunoassay of gonadotrophins. Karolinska Symposia on Research Methods in Reproductive Endocrinology. Transactions of the first Symposium held in Stockholm on September 23-25, 1969.
Improvement of electron beam dosimetry using accurate energy-range and photon background models
In vitro methods in reproductive cell biology : transactions of the third symposium held in Geneva on January 25-27, 1971
Indoor air : proceedings of the 3rd international conference on indoor air quality and climate held in Stockholm August 20-24, 1984.
int m huss symp 1st stockholm sweden 1976 recent advances 1976 subdiv
Karolinska Symposia on Research Methods in Reproductive Endocrinology.
Katalog över Karolinska institutet och Medicinska föreningen.
KI avhandlingar 1810-1874 : inträdesdokument i ett beständigt akademiskt karriärsystem
KI journalen : Karolinska institutets tidskrift.
KI meddelanden.
Kunskapsprov för utländska sjukgymnaster
Lilla röntgenkompendiet : våra vanligaste rötngenundersökningar.
Limitations of maximal oxygen uptake during whole-body exercise
Mechanisms on HIV-1 core assembly
Meddelanden från administrationen vid Karolinska institutet.
Medicinsk vetenskap vid Karolinska institutet.
Methods in pharmacoepidemiology : four studies, four settings
Molecules nucleation, aggregation and crystallization : beyond medical and other implications
Natural antibodies against phosphorylcholine as potential protective factors in atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease and systemic lupus erythematosus
nobel conference karolinska institutet 7th 1983 saltsjobaden sweden the metabolism of the human brain
Nobel Forum at the Karolinska Institute., The
Noise '88.
Noise as a public health problem : proceedings of the 5th International Congress on Noise as a Public Health Problem held in Stockholm August 21-25, 1988.
Noise as a public health problem : proceedings of the 5th International Congress on Noise as a Public Health Problem, held in Stockholm, August 21-28, 1988
Perfusion techniques. Transactions of the fourth symposium held in New York on October 11-13, 1971.
Prevention and health
Prioritering av patienter för psykoterapi : en statistisk analys
Protein synthesis in reproductive tissue. Karolinska Symposia on Research Methods in Reproductive Endocrinology. [...] Transactions of the sixth symposium held in Geneva on May 21-23, 1973.
Publications by members of the staff of the Department of Medicine, Karolinska institutet at Serafimerlasarettet, Stockholm.
Publications issued from the Department of Medical Biophysics, Karolinska institutet.
Research 2004-2005 : reproductive and perinatal health care.
Research at the Karolinska institutet.
Role of latent EBV genes in the induction of genomic instability in Burkitt's lymphoma
role of residents' perception and personality in the assessment of the sick building syndrome, The
role of the microenvironment on the regulation of Epstein-Barr virus latent gene expression, The
Ronnie Gardiners rytm therapy som behandlingsform vid slaganfall
Salmonella enterica virulence plasmid, The : its role in bacterial adaptation to mammalian and protozoan cells
Samverkan Karolinska institutet-Vårdhögskolan i Stockholm : forskningsanknytning, forskarutbildning, forskning : rapport.
Sexuell barnmisshandel : översikt av aktuell forskning samt analys av psykodynamiken vid sexuell traumatisering
Sinnenas värld : fakta och forskning : en utställning i samarbete med Karolinska institutet.
Skador till följd av yttre våld mot huvudet : en sammanställning av fall i Sverige åren 1992-1996
Societies in socioeconomic transition : issues and recommendations for planners of "investment for health" in countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CCEE)
Statin-induced cellular effects mediated by the P2X7 receptor
Steroid assay by protein binding. Transactions of the second Symposium held in Geneva on March 23-25, 1970.
Stockholm R & D support : clinical trials : pharmacogenetics, biochemistry, animal models.
Storage and transfusion of platelets : in vitro and in vivo studies in healthy volunteers and in allogeneic hematopoetic progenitor cell transplant recipients
Studiemiljö och kön : en enkätundersökning om sexuella trakasserier bland grundutbildningsstudenter vid Karolinska institutet.
Studieplan för medicine kandidatexamen vid Karolinska mediko-kirurgiska institutet.
Studies on experimental neonatal CNS infection : implications for neuropsychiatric disorders
SWEOLD : codebook 2002 & 2004.
theory of general, and job-related EPOS, The : Emdad's pyramid of stress (demand, effort, satisfaction) : suggested models, mathematical formulae and critical reviews ... : state of the art critical reviews
Thymidylate synthase expression and mismatch repair protein expression in colorectal cancer : prognostic and predictive markers?
Towards elimination of anal-sphincter and rectal dysfunction after radiation therapy for prostate cancer
Transportation, traffic safety, and health.
Ultrasound in the management of peripheral vascular disease : abstracts : October 3-4, 1991, at the Wenner-Gren Center, Stockholm, Sweden.
Ultrastructural studies of the blood-urine barrier in proteinuric states
Useful facts for visiting scientists at Karolinska institutet
Utvärdering av Forskningsprogrammet Kultur i vården och vården som kultur 2001-2005
Vård vetensk.
Vård & vetenskap.
Vårfest med promotion
Variations in the regulation of pain genes after nerve injury : with focus on sodium channels
Vascular repair mechanisms : experimental, physiological and clinical studies
Women in the life sciences : tools for successful research careers, Stockholm, Sweden December 3-4, 2001 : proceedings.
Work for health? : briefing book [to the Sundsvall Conference on Supportive Environments 1991]