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Barnāmj al-a ghdhiyah al-ʻalmi
Chương trình lương thực thế giới
Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations World Food Programme
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations World Food Programme
Food and Agriculture Organization Welternährungsprogramm
Food and Agriculture Organization World Food Program
Food and Agriculture Organization World Food Programme
Organisation des Nations Unies pour l'alimentation et l'agriculture, Programme alimentaire mondial
Organisation des Nations Unies pour l'alimentation et l'agriculture (Rome) Programme alimentaire mondial
Organizace spojených národů World Food Programme
Plan Mundial de Alimentos
Programa Mundial de Alimentos
Programme Alimentaire Mondial
Prūgrām-i Ghiz̲āʼī-i Jahān
UN/FAO World Food Programme
UN World Food Programme
United Nations Welternährungsprogramm
United Nations World Food Program
United Nations World Food Programme
W. F. P. (World Food Programme)
WFP (World Food Programme)
World Food Program
World Food Programme
پروگرام غذائى جهان
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Food and Agriculture Organization (see also from)
United Nations (see also from)
aide alimentaire pour l'éducation, L' : coopération de l'UNESCO avec le Programme Alimentaire Mondial
Annu. rep. - World Food Programme (1994)
annual needs assessment report, 2001-02, The : a summary of the projected food security situation in southern Sudan
Atlas of the sustainability of food security in India
ayuda alimentaria, La
Crisis and recovery 1997
development of programme strategies for integration of HIV, food and nutrition activities in refugee settings, The
Enabling development food assistance in South Asia
Food aid, policies and programmes.
Food for all, the spiritual dimension : the pursuit of a hunger free world
Food insecurity atlas of rural India[electronic resourece].
Food insecurity atlas of urban India.
Food security atlas of rural Orissa.
Food security, food aid, and HIV-AIDS in Zambia : a study commissioned by the World Food Programme
größte humanitäre Organisation der Welt und immer noch viel zu klein, Die
Hunger and health
Hunger and markets
In review
International Food Aid Information System code tables
J. - World Food Programme
Kishoriutthan-adolescent needs assessment, a community based approach : a concise report on the C.N.A. which was implemented in three districts of Uttaranchal towards development of a program on human adolescents.
Kiśorī utthāna
Local estimation of poverty and malnutrition in Bangladesh
Niger mise à jour de la sécurité alimentaire
Occasional papers (World Food Programme)
Perfil participativo de la vulnerabilidad a la inseguridad alimentaria.
Plan de mejoramiento de barrios, Cartagena; informe sobre el Plan Mundial de Alimentos, Naciones Unidas--FAO.
power of food; a progress report on the World Food Programme, The
Progress in statistics
quarterly review., The
Quarterly review (United Nations Development Programme)
Quest for causality : vulnerability assessment & mapping (VAM), Malawi baseline 1996
Reaching the hungry 1996
Réfugiés togolais et rapatriés béninois : situation des ménages et promotion de l'autosuffisance : étude
Report of the ... session of the United Nations/FAO Committee on Food Aid Policies and Programmes.
Report of the World Food Programme Government of the Netherlands Seminar on Food Aid, The Hague, 3-5 October 1983.
Report on a study of constraints on agricultural development in the Republic of Botswana : including an assessment of the role of food aid
Report on the state of food insecurity in rural India
Report on the World Food Program by the executive director.
repub du tchad
Review of food aid policy changes since 1978
Rural Jharkhand
Samangoky settlement scheme on the Lower Mangoky River in South-West Madagascar; an appraisal for the World Food Programme, Rome, The
Schriftenreihe des WFP
Socio-economic profiles of WFP operational areas & beneficiaries
Special report : FAO/WFP crop and food supply assessment mission to Zimbabwe.
Study of constraints on agricultural development in the Republic of Botswana : including an assessment of the role of food aid
Sustainable development with food aid : asset creation, human and physical.
Towards hunger free India : agenda and imperatives : proceedings of National Consultation on 'Towards Hunger Free India', New Delhi, 24 April 2001
Towards hunger free India, from vision to action : proceedings of Consultation on Towards Hunger-Free India, Count Down from 2007, New Delhi, 4-5 April, 2003
Trends and statistics
UN/FAO World Food Programme in Arab Republic of Egypt : summary of activities.
Urban food-for-work
Vulnerability assessment & mapping (VAM) baseline 1996
WFP annual report
WFP in statistics
WFP journal
WFP--thirty years in Bangladesh
Working together to fight hunger and poverty.
World food program studies.
World Food Programme annual report
World Food Programme ... in review
World Food Programme in statistics
World Food Programme journal.
World Food Programme news.
World Food Programme Operation Lieline, Sudan.
World hunger series
world's women ..., The : trends and statistics.
yeraswork admassie food for work in ethiopia
Zambia country programme, 1998-2002 : basic activity one, urban food-for-work.