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The Urban Dance Squad
Urban dance squad
Urban Dance Squad Musical group (Musical group or band)
Urban Dance Squad (Musical group or band)
began 1986-12-20 until 1999
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
DNA, DJ (hasMember)
Manos, Tres (hasMember)
Rudeboy (hasMember)
Sil (hasMember)
Stick, Magic (hasMember)
U-Gene (hasMember)
3 Heights
.45 Caliber
Alienated (instrumental)
Artantica (Paris Live 1999)
Bank Stock 6 Zero's (Live)
Bank Stock 6 Zeros
Beograd Live
Big Apple
Boyz in Bandz
Brainstorm on the U.D.S.
Brainstorm on the UDS
Bureaucrat of Flacco Street
Bureaucrat Of Flaccostreet (Album Version)
Bureaucrat of Flaccostreet (mixed by DNA, Magic Stick and Djoum)
Burnt Up Cigarette
Candy Strip Exp.
Candy Strip Experience
Carbon Copy
Caught (Live)
Chain Locked to Nowhere (Live)
Craftmatic Adjustable Girl (Live)
Crossing all over
Damn the Quota
Deeper Shade of Soul (Dance Mix)
Deeper Shade Of Soul (Freak Mix)
Deeper Shade of Soul (Live Version)
Deeper Shade Of Soul (mixed by Magic Stick and Djoum)
Deeper Shade of Soul (Radio Edit)
Deeper Shade Of Soul (Radio Mix)
Demagogue (Dust Mix Instrumental)
Demagogue (live)
Demagogue (mixed by The Dust Brothers (John King and Michael Simpson))
Demagogue (remix)
Devil, The
Downer (Bordeaux live)
Duck Ska
Everybody Blitzkrieg
Everyday Blitzkrieg
Famous When You’re Dead
Fast Lane (Dancetaria version)
Fast Lane (Danceteria Version)
Fast Lane (mixed by Magic Stick and Djoum)
Fast Lane (Onorthodox Cut)
Fast Lane (Orthodox cut)
Fast Lane (Stripped to tha Bone mix)
Fast Lane (Stripped To The Bone Mix)
Fast Lane (The Loyal to the Underground mix)
Fastlane (dancetaria version)
Fastlane (remix)
Fearless (Live)
Fonky Demagogue, The
For the Plasters
Gaps In The Bureaucrat
Ghost Called Loneliness
God blast the queen
God Blasts the Queen
Good Grief !
Grand Black Citizen
Grifter Swifter
Groove Man (mixed by Peer Rave)
Hang Out
Happy Go Fucked Up (Cyborg Squad With A Vengeance Cut)
Happy Go Fucked Up (Live)
Happy Go Fucked Up (mixed by Erik van den Broek)
Hard Headed Headstrong (Live)
Harvey Quinnt
Helter Skelter
Hemisphere (Live)
Hitch Hike
Hitchhike H.D.
Hitchhike HD
Inside - Outsider
Let Me Guide You
Letter to Da Better
Life ’n Perspectives 5
Life ’n Perspectives I
Life ’n Perspectives II
Life ’n Perspectives III
Life ’n Perspectives IV
Life 'n' perspectives of a genuine crossover
Limousine (Live)
Living in the Fastlane
Man on the Corner
mental floss for the globe p
Mental Relapse
Metaphore Warfare
Modern Woman
Monsters of rap.
Mr. Ezway
Mugshot (Live)
Music Entertainment (Live)
Musik für die Neunziger
Natural Born Communicator
No Honestly (Live)
No Kid (acoustic version)
No Kid (Electric version)
On The Down Low
On the Downlow
Pass the Baton Right
Persona non grata
Piece of Rock
Planet ultra
Prayer for My Demo (live)
Q & A’s on an O.D., Part 1
Q & A’s on an O.D., Part 2
Q and A's on an O.D.
Remix Collection, The
Routine (edit)
Routine (remix)
Selfsufficient Snake
Singles Collection 1, The
So Be It (mixed by Magic Stick and Djoum)
So-called Uplifted
[Some] Chit Chat
[Some] Chitchat
Son of tha Culture Clash
Stark Sharkes & Backlashes
Stark Sharks & Backlashes
Step Off (Live)
Struggle for Jive
Sulfsufficient Snake
Sunshine of Your Love
Tabloid Say
Temporarily Expandable
Temporarily Expendable (Dark Days Mix)
Temporarily Expendable (Hard Hammond Dub)
Temporarily Expendable (mixed by M2M and DJ Chaos)
Temporarily Expendable (Wandering Roots Mix)
Temporarily Expendable (Wondering Chaos Mix)
Thru the Eyes of Jason (instrumental)
Thru the Gates of the Big Fruit
Time Thief (Minute Hand Pendulum Version)
U.D.S. Hollywood Live / Pinkpop Live
Visions präsentiert Musik für die Neunziger
Warzone 109
Wino the Medicineman
Contributed to or performed: 
110 Below, Volume 3: No Sleeve Notes Required
15 Jaar Studio Brussel
2 Meter Sessies: Het beste uit 10 jaar
25 Jaar Pinkpop
40 jaar pinkpop
40 Jaar Pinkpop Live NL
50 jaar nederpop
80's Long Versions
Afrekening, Volume 18, De
Afrekening, Volume 3, De
Air & Style: The Ultimate Snowboard Compilation
Arezzo Wave 1990
Best Alternative, Volume 4
Best of Bizarre Festival 1987-1992, The
Crossing All Over!
Crossing All Over! The Classix
Freestyle Session 3
geschiedenis van de Nederlandse popmuziek 1985 - 1992 deel 5 (disc 2), De
High Fidelity Reference CD No. 6
Humo's Alle 97 Goed
Keinijg 2
Monsters of Rap, Volume 2
Music With Attitude
Musician Magazine's New Music Sampler: A Little on the CD Side, Volume 5
Oor 1981-1990: 10 jaar popmuziek
Plus de bruit
Pop van eigen bodem - Tachtiger jaren
Ride Attack, Volume 1
Rock Garden
Rock Sound: Music With Attitude, Volume 17
Sampler Rock Sound, Volume 1
Sampler Rock Sound, Volume 30
Signed Sealed Delivered, Volume 1
Skaters Paradise
Studio Brussel: 10 jaar parels voor de zwijnen
Studio Brussel: Klas X
VISIONS: Musik für die Neunziger, Volume 1
Was het nu 70, 80 of 90? File 5
What's Up 2
Wild CD 08