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Fun Lovin Criminals
Fun Lovin' Criminals (hudební skupina)
Fun Lovin' Criminals Musical group (Musical group or band)
Fun Lovin’ Criminals (Musical group or band)
Fun Loving Criminals
Fun Loving Criminals Musical group
Fun Luvin' Criminals
The Fun Lovin' Criminals
began 1993
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Benbini, Frank (hasMember)
Borgovini, Stephen (hasMember)
Crystal Method (Musical group)
Felix da Housecat, 1972-
Jayson, Mackie (hasMember)
Leiser, Brian (hasMember)
Maas, Timo
Massive Attack (Musical group)
Morgan, Huey (hasMember)
Sanchez, Roger
Terry, Todd
UNKLE (Musical group)
Wailing Souls
White Town
Winans, BeBe
100 % Colombian
10th Street (Lamacq live on radio 1 in ’98)
2004-03-05: Saint Petersburg, Russia
A's, B's and rarities
Absolute Garbage
All for Self (radio 1 Sessions in ’98)
All My Time Is Gone
Another Mimosa
Back on the Block (radio 1 Sessions in ’98)
Bag of Hits
Ballad of Larry Davis, The
Ballad of NYC, The
Battle on the Golf Course
Beach, The
Bear Hug (Album Instrumental)
Beautiful (live for Jonathan Ross on radio 2)
big hit original motion picture soundtrack, The
Big Night Out (live on TFI Friday)
Big Night Out (video version)
Biz, The
Blues for Suckers (clean)
Bombin’ The L (Album Instrumental)
Bombin’ the L (Circa 1956 version)
Bombin’ The L (live for radio 1 Soho in ’96)
Bombin’ The L (Recorded at The Astoria for Radio 1’s Evening Session on 12th November 1996)
Bump (live in Dubai)
Bump (Mark Berkley’s Bump remix)
Bump (Mark Berkleys Instrumental remix)
Bump (radio mix)
Bump / Run Daddy Run
Can’t Get With That (Album Instrumental), I
Can’t Get With That (live at Reading Festival), I
Can’t Get With That (live at the Forum), I
Can’t Get With That (Recorded at The Astoria for Radio 1’s Evening Session on 12th November 1996), I
Can’t Get With That (Recorded for Radio 1 session on 22nd May 1996), I
Can’t Get With That (Schmoove version) (clean), I
Christmas Live
City Boy
Classic Fantastic (radio edit)
Come again 22 great covers by 22 great artists to celebrate 100 years of EMI records
Come find yourself : 20th anniversary
Come Find Yourself (Album Instrumental)
Come Find Yourself (BBC live session)
Come Find Yourself (live at Reading Festival)
Come Find Yourself (live BBC One Evening Session)
Come Find Yourself / Loco
Come Find Yourself (Recorded for Radio 1 session on 22nd May 1996)
Come Find Yourself (Recorded in Phoenix Festival, Stratford for Radio 1 on 19th July 1996)
Coney Island Girl (clean)
Coney Island Girl (Schmoove version)
Corean bodega
Couldn’t Get It Right (live at Ian Wright Show)
Crazy Train
Crime And Punishment (Album Instrumental)
essential, The
Everything Under the Stars
Fisty Nuts
FLC B-Sides & Remixes
FLC Live
Friday Night
Fun Live and Criminal
Fun Lovin’ Criminal (Album Instrumental), The
Fun Lovin’ Criminal (DJ Bombjack remix), The
Fun Lovin’ Criminal (Hee Haw version), The
Fun Lovin’ Criminal (Hot 1997 Rockumental mix), The
Fun Lovin’ Criminal (live on TFI Friday), The
Fun Lovin’ Criminal (Recorded at The Astoria for Radio 1’s Evening Session on 12th November 1996), The
Fun Lovin' Criminals - Bag of hits 15 interglobal chart stoppers
Fun Lovin´ Criminal (DJ Bombjack Remix), The
Gave Up on God
Get Your Coat
Girl With the Scar, The
Going Down
Got Our Love (live version)
Grave And The Constant (Album Instrumental), The
Grave And The Constant (Recorded at The Astoria for Radio 1’s Evening Session on 12th November 1996), The
Grave And The Constant (Stephen Lironi 12″ Instrumental), The
Grave and the Constant (Stephen Lironi 12″ mix), The
Half a Block
Hello Again
High Road
How It Be
How Low?
Hundred % Colombian
I’ll Be Seeing You
I’m Not in Love / Scooby Snacks
Is Ya Alright
Jimi Choo
Keep on Yellin’ (Boy Kid Cloud Bashment remix)
Kill the Bad Guy (From Maui Homicide 2000)
King Of New York (#1 Of The Secret Service Mix) Remix – Jack Dangers
King Of New York (Album Instrumental)
King of New York (Cooley High remix)
King of New York (Jack Dangers mix Complex #1)
King of New York (Jack Dangers mix Complex # 2)
King of New York (live on TFI Friday)
King Of New York (Recorded at The Astoria for Radio 1’s Evening Session on 12th November 1996)
King Of New York (Recorded in Phoenix Festival, Stratford for Radio 1 on 19th July 1996)
Korean Bodega (Aero Mexicana mix)
Korean Bodega (live on TFI Friday)
Little Song
Live at the Paradiso
Live, Have, Love
Live in Köln
Live Radio One Evening Session
Livin' in the city
Living on the Streets
Loco (album instrumental)
Loco (clean)
Loco (disc 1)
Loco (disc 2)
Loco (Latin Quarter instrumental)
Loco (Latin Quarter version)
Loco (live radio 1 session)
Lost It All
Love Livin’ in the City, I
Love Unlimited (instrumental)
Love Unlimited (remix)
Lullaby of Barland
Malo, El
Mars (Boy Kid Cloud remix)
Mary Jane’s Last Dance
Maui Homicide 2000 (Medley)
Me and You
Methadonia (Album Instrumental)
Mi Corazón (radio edit)
Microphone Fiend
Mini Bar Blues
Mister Sun (instrumental)
Mister Sun (radio edit)
music from the motion picture titan a e p
My D (Slight Return)
My Sin
original 90s album 20 massive pop hits from across the decade, The
Original Soundtrack for Hi-Fi Living
Originals, The
Passive/Aggressive (Album Instrumental)
Passive/Aggressive (clean)
Preacher, The
Run Daddy Run / Bump
Run Daddy Run (MC Large mix)
Running for Cover
Save the Babies
Scooby Snacks (20 Mg Dub)
Scooby Snacks (20 MG Version)
Scooby Snacks (20mg Dub)
Scooby Snacks (20mg version)
Scooby Snacks (album clean version)
Scooby Snacks (Album Instrumental)
Scooby Snacks (clean album mix)
Scooby Snacks (edit)
Scooby Snacks for Chelsea (Samples from Scooby-Doo)
Scooby Snacks (live at the Forum)
Scooby Snacks (Recorded for Radio 1 session on 22nd May 1996)
Scooby Snacks (Recorded in Phoenix Festival, Stratford for Radio 1 on 19th July 1996)
Scooby Snacks (Rockamental version)
Scooby Snacks (Schmoove version) (radio 1 Sessions in ’98)
Scooby Snacks (Steve Leroni Instrumental With Movie Samples)
Scooby Snacks (Steve Lironi instrumental)
Scooby Snacks (Steve Lironi Master mix)
Scooby Snacks: The Collection
Searching for Clues
She’s My Friend
She Sings at the Sun
Shining Star
Smoke ‘Em (Album Instrumental)
Smoke ‘Em (Recorded at The Astoria for Radio 1’s Evening Session on 12th November 1996)
Smoke ‘Em (Recorded for Radio 1 session on 22nd May 1996)
Smoke ‘Em (Recorded in Phoenix Festival, Stratford for Radio 1 on 19th July 1996)
Soul of a Man
Special Dedication (From Maui Homicide 2000)
Steak Knife
Stray Bullet
Streets Are Watching (instrumental), The
Swashbucklin’ in Brooklyn
Take Me Back
That Ain’t Right
There Was a Time
This Sick World
Titan A.E. music from the motion picture
Too Hot (alternative version)
Too Hot (Drum n’ Bass mix)
Too Hot (dub mix)
Too Hot (Straight Up)
Truth, The
U No I Bin Livin’
UltraSelection, The
Up on the Hill (Cobble Hill remix)
Up on the Hill (live on Jools Holland)
Up on the Hill (Tar Beach remix)
View Belongs to Everyone, The
We Are All Very Worried About You
We Did It
We Have All The Time In The World (Album Instrumental)
We Have All the Time in the World (Copa Cabana version)
We Have All the Time in the World (Schmoove version)
We, the Three (radio Riddler version)
Welcome to Poppy’s
What Had Happened (DJ Bombjack remix)
Where the Bums Go
Whiter Shade of Pale, A
Will I Be Ready
You Got a Problem
You Just Can’t Have It All
You Know How We Do It
Contributed to or performed: 
100 Essential Tracks: Millennium Hits
100 Hits: 90s Anthems
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15 Jaar Studio Brussel
2 Meter Sessies, Volume 7
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20 Years of Rage
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25 ans de Radio Nova
25 Records Presents 25 Songs Vol. 2
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40 jaar pinkpop
90’s Maximum
Absolute Dance 19
Air & Style: The Ultimate Snowboard Compilation
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Album Rock, Volume 2, L'
Album, Volume 2, The
All the Chime in the World
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Alternative Moments
Alternative: 118 Original Hits
Alternative: 120 Original Hits
American Highway
Another Magic Summer
Anthems: Indie
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beste van 2 meter sessies 1987 - 2009, Het
Big Hit, The
Big Hits 99
Big Shiny Tunes
Bite Back & Boogie
Bluesfest: The Album
BMG Music Publishing
Born to Be Wild
Box Amaury Jr. - As Musicas Do Programa
Boyz of Swing II
Brit Awards 97
Brit Awards 99
Channel 13: Single Sampler
Chilled: Acoustic
Chillout Album 2: The Essential Late Night Mix, The
Choose Sampler
Class of ’96
Classic 90s
Classic Cuts Presents: Anthems
Classic Rock: Les classiques de Marc Ysaye
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 38: October 1996
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 67: March 1999
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Crossing All Over! The Classix
Dance Train 1998, Volume 4: Club Edition
Definitivt BEAT, Nummer 4•96
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FCD (FreeCompactDisc)
Feel So Good
Festival Anthems
FHM Selections, Volume 1
Fnac & Les Inrockuptibles présentent : Une rentrée 98, La
Get Into a Summer of Festivals 1997
Glastonbury Anthems: The Best of Glastonbury 1994-2004
Glastonbury: The Mud. The Music. The Mayhem.
Golden Covers
Grandmaster Anthems
Greatest 90s Album, The
Greatest Hits of the 90’s
Greatest Hits of the 90’s (disc 4)
Greatest Hits of the 90’s (disc 5)
Greatest Hits of the 90’s (disc 7)
Greatest Hits of the 90s
Hed Kandi: Nu Cool 2
Hempilation 2
Hit Explosion 1996, Volume 10
Hit Explosion 7
Hitbreaker ’99: Die Zweite
HITS Post Modern Syndrome: Snow Job
Hot Valentine
Humo: Alle 2001 Goed
Humo: Alle 98 Goed
Humo's Alle 97 Goed
Humo’s Top 2003
Ice TV Good!
In the Mix 97 ③
INCredible Sound of Jo Whiley, The
Indie Anthems
Inrockuptibles : Sex Tape : 50 chansons pour le sexe, Les
Inrockuptibles présentent : Objectif 2001, Tome 1 : Les Évènements, Les
Inrockuptibles: 10 ans/100 chansons, Les
Intelligent Music Favorites, Volume 1
It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll
It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll (Arthur Baker and Rennie Pilgrem’s Rawkin’ Roll mix)
It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll (Mickey Finn & L’Double · The Innovative Flex remix)
It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll (Shaft’s radio mix)
It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll (single version)
It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll (video)
It’s Only Rock ’n’ Roll
It’s Only Rock ’n’ Roll (Deadly Avengers take the Mick remix)
It’s Only Rock ’n’ Roll (Full Length version)
It’s Only Rock ’n’ Roll (Phats & Small Mutant disco mix)
It’s Only Rock ’n’ Roll (Ruff Driverz Innercity Sumo mix)
Keep on Yellin’
Komen Eten 2
KROQ: New Music 1999
Late Lounge, The
Launch No. 8
Life is Music: 100 onsterfelijke Studio Brussel songs
Lock, Stock: The TV Series
Love Rock ’n’ Fun, I
Mad for It
Massive Hits! 90s Remix
Massive Hits! Alternative
Massive Hits! Driving Rock
Massive Hits! Rock
Minibar Blues
Modern Rock: January 1999
More 90’s
Mosquito Bar 3
Mr Nice: A Musical Trip With... Howard Marks
MTV Fresh 2
MTV Fresh, Volume 2
Musique de Paris Dernière 1, La
Nineties Legends
NME Annual Probe, Volume 1
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Now That’s What I Call Music! 37
Now That’s What I Call Music! 48
One Shot '90, Volume 4
Original 90’s Album, The
Original Hits - Rap & Soul
Original Hits: Top of the Pops
Original Rappers
Paris by Night: L'Intégrale de Paris Dernière en sept volumes
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Plastiks Sampler 8
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Pop Classics Top 100
Primal Screen
Pure Lounge 2
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Q: All the Best Music From the Best Bands of… Summer Festivals ’98
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Rock Da Place
Rock Werchter 40
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Slow Criminals
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Steve Lamacq's Bootleg Session
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Süddeutsche Zeitung | Diskothek: 1996: Ein Jahr und seine 20 Songs
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Top 100 90s
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Ultimate Nineties Hits, The
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Volo nuovo, Il
Volo, Il
Vox: Class of ’97
Waar is da feestje? Hier is da feestje!
Was het nu 70, 80 of 90? File 5
We Love Mambo
Wild CD 07: Live at Roskilde ’96
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World's Absolute Best Ever Beer Songs, The
Zoo Magazine CD Sampler 16