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Amerika Gikai Toshokan
Beikoku Gikai Toshokan
Biblioteca del Congreso
Biblioteca del Congreso de Washington
Biblioteca del Congresso
Biblioteca do Congresso dos Estados Unidos
Biblioteka Kongressa
Biblioteka Kongresu
Biblioteka Konhresu SShA
Bibliothèque du Congrès
Bibliothèque du Congrès (Etats-Unis)
Congressional Library
Estados Unidos Library of Congress
Etats-Unis Library of Congress
Kongressiĭn Nomyn San
L. C.
L of C
LC (Library of Congress)
Librarian of Congress Washington, DC
Library of Congress
Library of Congress (Etats-Unis)
Library of Congress (Washington)
Library of Congress Washington, DC
Library of the Congress of the United States of America
Library of the United States
Maktabat al-Kūnġris Washington, DC
Mei-kuo kuo hui tʻu shu kuan
Sifriyat ha-Ḳongres
U.S. Library of Congress
United States Congress Library
United States Congressional Library
United States Librarian of Congress
United States. Library of Congress
Washington (D.C.) Library of Congress
Конгрессийн Номын Сан
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Cartographic material
Computer file
Language material
Manuscript language material
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Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic
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United States Congress (see also from)
ALA-LC romanization tables : transliteration schemes for non-Roman scripts
American cowboy, The
American Revolution in drawings and prints, The : a checklist of 1765-1790 graphics in the Library of Congress
Anglo-American cataloging rules (North American text)
Annual report of the Librarian of Congress for the fiscal year ended ...
Annual report of the Librarian of Congress for the fiscal year ending ...
Antarctic bibliography
Articulate traveler, The : Johann Georg Kohl, chronicler of the American continents
birth of Czechoslovakia, The : October 1918
Calendar of the correspondence of George Washington, commander in chief of the Continental Army
canon law collection of the Library of Congress, The : a general bibliography with selective annotations
Catalogue of the library of Thomas Jefferson
CDMARC bibliographic.
Classification plus
Constitution of the United States, together with an account of its travels since September 17, 1787, The
Critical issues seminar on the environment.
Far Eastern languages catalog
Form division tables for law
Genealogies in the Library of Congress : a bibliography
History, America
impact of the American Revolution abroad, The : papers presented at the fourth symposium, May 8 and 9, 1975
Index to Latin American legislation 1950-1960.
Information resources
K tables
Language and literature tables
Law of Germany
Law of nations
Law of the Americas, Latin America, and the West Indies
Law of the United Kingdom and Ireland
Law of the United States
Library of Congress catalog : a cumulative list of works represented by Library of Congress printed cards
Library of Congress catalogs
Library of Congress classification. H. Social sciences : cumulative schedule and index
Library of Congress classification. J. Political science
Library of Congress classification. K tables. Form division tables for law
Library of Congress classification. KF. Law of the United States
Library of Congress classification. L. Education
Library of Congress classification. P-PZ tables. Language and literature tables
Library of Congress classification. PB-PH. Modern European languages
Library of Congress classification. PL-PM. Languages of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania. Hyperborean, Indian, and artificial languages
Library of Congress classification. PN. Literature (general)
Library of Congress classification. Q. Science
Library of Congress classification. T. Technology
Library of Congress information bulletin
Library of Congress intermission interviews.
Library of Congress main reading room reference collection subject catalog, The
Library of Congress, The : its collections and services.
Literature (general)
[Map of the Library of Congress buildings, Capitol Hill, Washington D.C.].
Music, books on music, and sound recordings.
National Union Catalog, The : pre-1956 imprints : a cumulative author list representing Library of Congress printed cards and titles reported by other American libraries
New serial titles
Newspapers on microfilm.
Newspapers received currently in the Library of Congress
NLC/BNC CONSER/microfiche
Notes for the Louisiana purchase exposition, St. Louis, MO., 1904.
NUC books
Performing arts.
Philology and linguistics (general)
Plan of the city intended for the permanent seat of the government of t[he] United States : projected agreeable to the direction of the President of the United States, in pursuance of an act of Congress, passed on the sixteenth day of July, MDCCXC, "establishing the permanent seat on the bank of the Potowmac"
Political science
Pre-Meiji works in the Library of Congress : Japanese literature, performing arts, and reference books : a bibliography
Quarterly Journal of Current Acquisitions
Quarterly Journal of the Library of Congress, The
Recent American poetry and poetic criticism : a selected list of references
Religious law.
Rep. Libr. Congr. (1897)
Rep. Libr. Congr. (1923)
Rep. Libr. Congr. Rep. Supt. Libr. Build. Grounds
Report of the Librarian of Congress and Report of the Superintendent of the Library Building and Grounds for the fiscal year ending June 30 ...
Slow fires on the preservation of the human record
Staff information bulletin (Library of Congress)
Standard citation forms for published bibliographies and catalogs used in rare book cataloging
Subject catalog
Subject headings : a practical guide
Subject headings used in the dictionary catalogs of the Library of Congress.
Talking books adult
Teacher lesson plan.
Works by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra in the Library of Congress