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Sisters of Mercy
Sisters of Mercy (hudební skupina)
Sisters of Mercy (Musical group or band)
The Sisters of Mercy (Musical group or band)
began 1980
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Adams, Craig (hasMember)
Bricheno, Tim (hasMember)
Bruhn, Andreas (hasMember)
Catalyst, Chris (hasMember)
Christo, Ben (hasMember)
Donovan, Dan (hasMember)
Eldritch, Andrew (hasMember)
Gunn, Ben (hasMember)
Hussey, Wayne (hasMember)
James, Tony (hasMember)
Marx, Gary (hasMember)
Morrison, Patricia (hasMember)
Pearson, Adam (hasMember)
Sheehan, Chris (hasMember)
Varjak, Mike (hasMember)
13th Street - the sound of mystery
1982-08-25: Peel Session
1984-06-02: The Unmarked Door: The Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1984-06-19: Peel Session: Maida Vale 5, London, UK
1985-05-17: Sweden: Opus Dei
1985-05-30: Floorshow: Fenders Ballroom, Long Beach, CA, USA
1990-11-22: The Ohm: Rhein-Neckar-Halle, Heidelberg, Germany
1993-07-31: Welcome to the Temple of Love: Crystal Palace Sports Centre, London, UK
1999-09-28: The Docks, Toronto, ON, Canada
2005-08-06: Tilburg, Netherlands
7" & 12" Collection
Acoustics From the Beehive: Portastudio Demos / Floodland Demos
Adrenchrome (early demo)
After Hours
Afterhours (long version)
Afterhours (short version)
Alice (1993)
Alice (Dirty Funker mix)
Alice (Dirty Funker mixes)
Alice (Doktor Dirty Funker's Avalanche dub)
Alice (N3XU5 remix)
All Along the Watch Tower
Amphetamine Logic
Anaconda (early demo)
Anaconda (early studio version)
Anaconda / Phantom
Andrew Eldritch Talks With Danny Fields
Be Careful What You Wish For
Before Darkness
Before the Flood
Bei mir bist Du schön
Black October
Black Planet (instrumental)
Black Planet (Karaoke version)
Black Visions
Blood Money
Body and Soul (special 12″ EP version)
Body Electric
Body Politic
Burn (early studio version)
Burn it Down
Bury Me Deep
Capricorn / I Didn't Know I Loved You 'til I Saw You Rock 'n' Roll
Colours (edit)
Come To Gether
Come Together
Comfortably Numb / Some Kind of Stranger
Confide in Me (Kylie Minogue cover)
Crash and Burn
Cryptic Flowers
Damage Done / Watch, The
Dance on Glass (Black Planet)
Dance on Glass (demo)
Dark Christmas in London
Darkness best of wave & independent
Darks Were in Milan, The
Detonation Boulevard (remix)
Didn't Know I Loved You (Gary Glitter cover), I
Disguised in Black
Doctor Jeep / Detonation Boulevard
Doctor Jeep (extended mix 12")
Doctor Jeep (extended version)
Doctor Jeep (radio edit)
Domination / Mother Russia (early demo)
Dominion (early studio recording)
Dominion / Mother Russia
Dominion / Ozymandias (promo version)
Dominion (short version)
Don't Turn on the Lights: Live at Bochum 30.05.1984
Dr. Jeep
Driven Like the Snow
Echoes, Volume I
Echoes, Volume II
Echoes, Volume III
Echoes, Volume IV
Electric Live
Emma (Hot Chocolate)
Emma (Unfinished)
Empire Down
Enter the Sisters: Black October
Entertainment or Death
Europe 1993
Event Horizon
Exile on Euphoria
First and Last and Always Collection
First & Last & Always (alternative studio version)
Fist and Last and Always
Fix (Demo Version-Graig Adams Vocals)
Fix (early demo)
Flood (I)
Flood (II)
Flood III
Floodland Collection
Floor Show
Floorshow / Alice
Floorshow (demo 1981)
Floorshow (early demo)
Floorshow EP
Garden of Delight (Andrew Eldritch vocals)
Garden of Delight (demo 1985)
Garden of Delight (Wayne Hussey vocals)
Germany 1990 (Live in Heidelberg Nov. 22)
Ghost-Rider / Louie-Louie
Ghost Rider / Sister Ray
Ghostrider (A & M Suicide)
Ghostrider/Sister Ray (live Amsterdam '84)
Ghostriders (live 1985)
Gift That Shines (Red Lorry Yellow Lorry cover)
Gimme Gimme (early live)
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
Gimme Shelter
Giving Ground
Good Things (demo)
Greatest Hits Volume One: A Slight Case of Overbombing
Gregorian chant - Genesis & Phil Collins performed by the Brotherhood of St. Gregory and the Sisters of Mercy
Have Slept With All the Girls in Berlin, I
Hey Joe
Home of the Hit-Men
In the Shadow of Angels
Interview CD: Thoughts and Prayers
Intro: Fly and Collision of Comas Sola / Afterhours
Intro: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?
Jolene (demo 1982)
Jolene (early live)
Kama Sutra
Kill the Lights
Kiss Me Carpet (demo 1983)
Kiss the Blade
Kiss the Carpet (reprise)
Knockin' on Heaven's Door / Hey Joe / Purple Haze / Stairway to Heaven / Ghost Rider / Louie Louie
Knockin' on Heavens Door
Knocking on Heaven's Door (live) (Bootleg Recording: Bremen 1985)
Knocking on Heaven's Door (Part 1 / Part 2)
Knocking on Heaven's Door (studio demo)
Knocking on Heavens Door / Hey Joe / Purple Haze
Last Magician of Rational Thought, The
Lights (early demo)
Live in Amsterdam 1984
Live in Newcastle
Live in the Temple of Love
Live in the Trojan Horse
Long Train
Louie Louie
Lucretia My Reflection (12" version)
Lucretia My Reflection (edit)
Lucretia My Reflection (extended remix)
Lucretia My Reflection (extended single version)
Marian (3rd mix)
Marian (demo 1985)
Marian (First and Last and Always)
Marian (instrumental)
Marian (Karaoke version)
Medley: Ghostrider / Sister Ray
Merciful Release
More (Edited version)
More (extended version 12")
More (Groove mix)
More (Power mix)
More (radio edit)
Mother Russia
Neon Dream, The
Never Land (A Fragment)
Never Land (full length)
Neverland (demo mix 12")
Nine While Nine / Ghostrider
No Time to Cry (alternative studio version)
No Time to Cry (demo version)
On the Wire / Teachers / On the Wire
Original Album Series
Out in the Dark
oxford dict of the christian church
Ozymandias (7'' version)
Peel Sessions, The
Phantom (long version)
Phantom (short version)
Picture Disc Interview
Poison Door (Different Vocals)
Police Car (Larry Wallis cover)
Possession: Live in Amsterdam
Promotion CD for MRBox
Psychedelic Sessions
Purple Haze
Rain From Heaven
Rare Obscurities
Rebel rock
Red Skies Disappear
Reptile House E.P., The
Return to Arkham
Ribbons (live in Hamburg 17.11.90)
Ripsters of Mercy
Rock and a Hard Place (alternate version), A
Rock and a Hard Place (alternative studio version), A
Rock and a Hard Place (disco mix)
Rock and a Hard Place (instrumental), A
Rock and a Hard Place (Karaoke version), A
Rock in a Hard Place, A
Romeo Down
Sandstorm, The
Serpent's Kiss (instrumental)
Sister Ray / Ghostrider / Louie Louie
Sister Ray Medley
Sisters of Mercy live in Amsterdam 1984, The
Sisters of Mercy - Live in the Trojan Horse, The
Sisters on Cake
Slept (premiere)
Slight Case of Overbombing: Greatest Hits, Volume One, A
Smoke and Mirrors
Snowdriver (demo mix 7")
Snub Nose
Some Boys Wander by Mistake
Some girls wander by mistake ; Vision thing
Some Kind of Stranger (early version)
Some Kind of Stranger (remastered)
Something Fast (live in Hamburg 17.11.90)
Spirits (soundcheck 84)
Stairway to Heaven / Ghostrider / Louie Louie
Stop Dragging My Heart Around
Sugar Baby Love (The Rubettes cover)
Teachers / Adrenochrome
Temple of Love (1992): Touched by the Hand of Ofra Haza
Temple of Love (7″ version)
Temple of Love (demo version)
Temple of Love (extended version)
Temple of Love (Short version)
Temple of Love (single version)
Temple of Love (Touched by the Hands of Ofra Haza)
Temple of Rarities, Volume 2
Thank you! a tribute to The Sisters of Mercy
That's When I Reach for My Revolver (Mission of Burma cover)
Then and Forever: Greatest Hits Volume Two
This corrosion
Top Nite Out
Tour Thing '91
Train (demo 1984)
Train / Detonation Boulevard
Train (short version)
Triple Album Collection, The
Tune In… Turn Off… Burn Out…
Ultra Rare Trax
Under the Gun (DJ edit)
Under the Gun (Jutland mix)
Under the Gun (Metropolis mix)
Valentine # 1
Valentine # 2
Valentine (early demo)
Victims of Circumstance
Vision Songs: 90–93
Vision Thing (Canadian club remix)
Vision Thing (Canadian club version)
Vision Thing (radio edit 7")
Visions at the Forum
Wake: Choruses From Under the Rock
Walk Away (alternative studio version)
Walk Away (demo version)
Wanna Be Sedated (The Ramones cover), I
War on Drugs
Was Wrong (acoustic version), I
Was Wrong (American Fade version 7"), I
Was Wrong / Interview, I
Was Wrong (short version), I
We Are the Same, Susanne (live concert video soundtrack)
(We Are the Same) Suzanne
We Forgive As We Forget
When You Don’t See Me (German release)
When You Don't See Me (remix 7")
Where Spirits Fly
Wide Receiver (demo)
Will I Dream?
You Could Be the One (single edit 7")
Contributed to or performed: 
100 Hits: 80s Pop
100 Hits: 80s Rewind
100 Hits: Electric Eighties
100% Rock, Volume 3
100x New Wave
101 mejores canciones del Rock, Las
12″/80s Alternative
13th Street: The Sound of Mystery
20 Jahre Intro: Die Hits der Leser und die Lieblingslieder der Redaktion
3/60: The Eighties
80 Hits of the 80s
80 Smash Hits of the 80s
80's Tapes: Pop & Wave, The
80s Classics: The Collection
80s: The Collection
90s Collection: 90s Hot Hits, The
Addicted to Rock
After Dark: The Alternative and Gothic Rock Collection
All Lined Up: The Kult of the Eighties
All New Wave
All That Alternative
All That Punk
Alle hits voor een onvergetelijk Trouwfeest!
Alternative Classics
Années 80 : La Discothèque Idéale
Art of Darkness, The
BackPack 80's: Wave Back
Bairro Alto: 80-86 Memórias
Bairro Alto: Noites loucas anos 80
Barney Simon Mix: 1980-2000 - Volume 1
Best Alternative Album ...Ever!, The
Best of New Wave Club Class-X, Volume 1, The
Best of Rock
Blank & Jones Present So80s (SoEighties) 10
Body Beats
Bravo Hits 2
Bravo Hits 5
Bravo Hits: Best of 92
Crash! Indie Anthems 1982-2004
Crossing All Over! The Classix
Dark Side
Dark Side of the 80s
Dark Side, The
Darkness: Best of Wave & Independent
DarkWave 80
Devolution: Alternative Rock Classics 1975-1985
Doors Nightclub, Volume 2, The
Dressed in Black, Volume 1
Dressed in Black, Volume 2
Dressed in Black, Volume 3
Essential 80's: New Wave
Essential New & Electro Wave
Essential New Wave, Volume 4
Fetenhits: Rock Classics
Fetenhits: The Best of Real Classics
Fetenhits: The Real Classics
Fetenkult: Wave to the 80's
Formel Eins: Die 90er! 80s goes 90s!
Gegen die Wand
Generation Underground
Goth: Music of the Shadows, Volume 1
Gothic Love Ballads
Gothic Sanctuary
Grand Theft Auto IV Radio
Grand Theft Auto IV: Liberty Rock Radio 97.8
Greatest Eighties Album, The
Greatest Ever! Alternative 80s
größten Popsongs des Nordens, Die
Guest, The
Halloween Songs
Hang All DJ’s, Volume 3
Hit Parade International 6/92
Hitarchief Top 2000, Volume 7
Hits Album 7, The
Hits Album 8, The
Joe Top 2000, Volume 9
Kultur Spiegel: My Generation (disc 14: Styling & Wave 1981: Die Ära der Synthiepopper 1980 - 1992)
Left of the Dial: Dispatches From the 80s Underground
Life Less Lived: The Gothic Box, A
Lost Property
Media Markt Collection: Rockin’ the Hard Way
Media Markt Collection: The 80s, Volume 2
Mini Max 2
Munich City Nights, Volume 17
New Wave Club Class•X - Sinner's Day 2018: 40 Years Of New Wave
New Wave Club Class•X: Sinner’s Day 09
New Wave Club Class•X: Sinner’s Day 10
New Wave Club Class•X: Sinner’s Day 11
Nineties: The Hits 1990–2000, Vol. 2
Oh Yes We Can Love: A History of Glam Rock
On Iron Horse He Flies
Once in a Lifetime, Volume 2
Optimism/Reject: Punk and Post Punk Meets D-I-Y Aesthetic
Ostatnia Rodzina
Other Side of the 80s Edition, The
Other Side of the 80s, The
Post Punk Trilogy
Post-Punk Legacy, The
Princess Gothica
Q Music Rock 100
Radio 1 Classics, Volume 1
Ragazzi Bizarre
Ramasser les morceaux : Le punk pour les nul-le-s
Rock & Pop Diamonds 1987
Rock & Pop Diamonds 1990
Rock & Wave, Volume 1
Rock Times, Volume 17: 1987-1988
Sanctuary: 28 Gothic Anthems
Satori's Greatest Hits... So far
Seriously 80s
Silhouettes & Statues - A Gothic Revolution 1978 - 1986
Singing in Tongues, Volume 1
Smash Hits Strange 80s
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Tijdloze honderd
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Tijdloze, De
Tomasz Beksiński - In Memoriam
Top 100 80s
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Under the Influence of Alice: Music Inspired by the Classic Tale
Virgin Mega Music: Goth
Was het nu 70 of 80? Volume 2
You Are Dead