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Atlas comics
Cadence Industries Corporation Marvel Comics Group
Marvel Characters INC.
Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics (Firm)
Marvel Comics Group
Marvel Comics Group New York, NY
Marvel Entertainment Group Marvel Comics Group
Marvel-Verlag New York, NY
Timely comics
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Lee, Stan
Ruiz, Aristides
Simonson, Louise
Timely Comics (see also from)
Yu, Leinil
all-new, all-different X-Men pop-up, The
Awesome powers
best of Spidey super stories, The
brood, The
Captain America and the Falcon
Chillers : blood storm.
Cloak and Dagger (Marvel Comics Group : 1985)
Cloak and Dagger (Marvel Comics Group : 1990)
Clone in the dark!
Crossover classics : the Marvel/DC collection.
Days of future past
DC versus Marvel Comics
DC versus Marvel/Marvel versus DC.
Doctor Strange annual
Doctor Strange (New York, N.Y. : 1974)
Dr. Strange annual
Draw the Marvel Comics super heroes.
Eternals., The
Extinction agenda
Fantastic four : Franklin's adventures
Franklin's adventures
H.I.D.E. and seek
Heroes : commemorative auction for 9-11-01, January 17th, 2002
Incredible Hulk, project H.I.D.E.
Iron Man : teen novelization
Life on mars?!
Marvel chillers : blood storm
Marvel Comics encyclopedia, The : a complete guide to the characters of the Marvel Universe
Marvel Comics versus DC
Marvel encyclopedia : the definitive guide to the characters of the Marvel Universe
Marvel's greatest superhero battles
[Marvel super heroes adventure game publications].
Marvel versus DC/DC versus Marvel
Marvel Wolverine : inside the world of the living weapon
Meteor man.
official handbook of the Marvel universe, The
Original crosswords.
Power of--Warlock, The
Power Pack : origin album
Secret identity crisis : comic books and the unmasking of Cold War America
Seeds of trouble
Spectacular Spider-Man.
Spider man 2 das offizielle Souvenir-Magazin zum Film
Spider-Man 2 : the joke book
Spider-man mysteries
Spiderman : the amazing story
Stan Lee presents Spider-Man : fearful symmetry--Kraven's last hunt
Stan Lee presents the Incredible Hulk pop-up book, "Ringmaster and his circus of crime"
Stan Lee presents the Incredible Hulk pop-up-book, "Trapped"
Stan Lee presents the Squadron Supreme : death of a universe
Strange tales and Warlock
Strange tales featuring Warlock
ultimative Wolverine vs. Hulk vom Schöpfer der TV-Serie "Lost", Der
Uncanny X-men, The
wedding of Jean and Cyclops, The
Wolverine : awesome powers
Wolverine : duty and honor
Wolverine : inside the world of the living weapon
Wolverine : top secret
X-Men legends
X-Men mutant search, R.U.1?
X-Men pop-up
X-tinction agenda
Xavier files, The
Young avengers.