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A Man called Adam
A Man Called Adam (Musical group or band)
Man Called Adam (hudební skupina)
Man Called Adam Musical group (Musical group or band)
began 1987
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Daley, Paul (hasMember)
Jones, Steve (hasMember)
Rodgers, Sally (hasMember)
Woolcott, Peter (hasMember)
All My Favourite People (Stay With Me) (T. Middleton mix)
All My Favourite People (Stay With Me) (The Real Ibiza mix)
Apple, The
Automatic / Sexomatic
Barefoot in the Head 04
Barefoot in the Head (12" version)
Barefoot in the Head (acoustic edit)
Barefoot in the Head (acoustic mix)
Barefoot in the Head (Fug remix acoustic version)
Barefoot in the Head (Justin Robertson and Cagedbaby remix)
Barefoot in the head [original 12" mix]
Barefoot in the Head (The Cornizenco mix - A Man Called Adam)
Bite the Pillow
Bread, Love and Dreams - 7
Bread, Love and Dreams (Born Again instrumental mix)
Bread, Love and Dreams (Born Again vocal mix)
Bread, Love and Dreams (Komix club mix)
Bread, Love and Dreams (Parkside dub mix)
Bread, Love and Dreams (PO Box 89 mix)
Bread, Love and Dreams (Revox edit)
Bread, Love and Dreams (Slam mix)
Bread, Love and Dreams (Soma dub)
Bread, Love and Dreams (The Re Vox mix)
Chrono Psionic Interface (12" mix), The
Chrono Psionic Interface EP, The
Chrono Psionic Interface (Spaced Out mix), The
copa mundial muzique sr p
Do You Know the Apple
Earth sings [South Rakkas crew genesis remix]
Earthly Powers (original 7” mix)
Earthsings (South Rakkas Crew Genesis riddim)
Easter Song (Bless This House)
Get Wise
Heaven Now (Kenidjax mix)
It's a Party
It’s Ovah
Jihad (Sensory mix)
Longest Day, The
Lost in the Green Light
Love Forgotten (Ray Roc Latino Soul mix)
Love Me to Death
Luv Forgotten
Moon Over the Castle Ruin
My Favorite People
No Distance
One of the Two
People Rule (Chris Coco mix)
¿que Tal America (Barrio Blues mix)
Que Tal America (Horn a Pella)
Qué tal America (The Mericana mix)
Righteous Life
Six More Days
So Good, So Right (remix)
So Say You
So You Say (live)
Steady (Earth Magic mix)
Steady (Jose Ignacio mix)
Steady (Punta del Este mix)
Steady (The Solina mix)
Sun and the Sky
Techno Powers
Want to Know, I
When You Think About Me
Wouldn’t She
Contributed to or performed: 
@Home @Sunset
10 años de historia de la música chillout
Acid House Anthems
Acid Jazz Classics
Acid Jazz Generation: Thelonious Monk and Melodious Funk, The
Acid Jazz: Collection One
Acid Jazz: The 25th Anniversary Box Set
Acid Jazz: The Essential Album
Acoustic Chill 2
All My Favourite People (Stay With Me) / Aural Sedative
Bar Culture Essentials: Pre-Club Lounge & Beats
Barclay Chill Out
Beach Angel Compilation
Beach Bar Culture
Best of Acid Jazz, The
Best of the Chillout Sessions, The
Big Chill, The
Big Chill: Enchanted 01, The
Buddha Beats
Café del Mar
Café del Mar ~ Ibiza, volumen uno
Café del Mar Ultimate Collection
Café del Mar XXV (Vol. 25)
Café del Mar XXV: Volumen Veinticinco
Café del Mar, volumen dos
Café del Mar, Volumen Uno y Dos
Café del Mar: 25th Anniversary 1980-2005
Café del Mar: 35th Anniversary (1980 - 2015)
Café del Mar: Dreams
Café del Mar: Ibiza
Café del Mar: Ibiza, volumen dos
Café del Mar: The Best Of
Café del Mar: Volumen Uno
Café Ibiza, Volume 3
Café Ibiza, Volume 4
Café Ibiza, Volume 5
Cafe Mambo Ibiza ’99
Café Mambo Ibiza: 10th Anniversary Album
Cafe Mambo: The Real Sound of Ibiza
Cam Del Mar.Ibiza Sunset
Cassagrande Lounge, Volume II
Chill Out Free
Chill Out in Ibiza
Chilled 1991–2008
Chilled Ibiza III
Chilled II 1991-2009
Chilled: The After-Hours Sessions
Chillout 2000, Volume 3: Early Dawn
Chillout Ibiza
Chillout Lounge 2, The
Chillout Sessions, Volume 4
Chillout Summer 2000
Chris Coco DJ Presents: Beach Grooves
Classic Balearic: Definitive Balearic Beats Mastercuts, Volume 1
Clubbed Out
Copa Mundial Muzique
CreamCollect: Balearic
Dance Energy
Dance Wicked - New Jazz in London
Dave Pearce Dance Anthems 2007
Deep Heat 10: The Awakening
Deep Heat 6: The Sixth Sense
Deep House 1: The Sound of the UK Underground
Disco Circus 2
DiY Diversions
DIY: Serve Chilled, Volume 2
Dogs Balearics, The
Earthsings (A Man Called Adam 12" edit)
Earthsings (Cagedbaby Electribal mix)
Earthsings (South Rakkas Crew Genesis remix)
Easter Song
Easter Song (Café Del Mar mix)
Easter Songs (Cafe del Mar mix)
Eat at Joes / Jihad
Es Vive Ibiza 2004
Experience in Kool. -1°
Faithless, The Bedroom Sessions
From the Vaults: The Definitive Sounds of Prescription Records, Volume 1
Funk of Acid Jazz, The
Get Wise!
Happy Chillout Mix 1
Hed Kandi: Beach House 04.03
Hed Kandi: Beach House 04.04
Hed Kandi: Winter Chill
Hed Kandi: Winter Chill 06.03
High in a Basement
Ibiza 1991–2009
Ibiza Afterhours
Ibiza Afterhours 2
Ibiza Chillout Session
Ibiza Del Mar
Ibiza Sunset, The Sunset Series Vol. 2
Ibiza Trilogy
Ibiza: The History of Chillout
Jazz in the House 4
Jedi's Night Out, A
Latin Pulse: Bossa Samba Remix
Ministry of Sound Presents: Chilled Sessions
Ministry of Sound: Chilled 1991–2009
Ministry of Sound: Chillout Sessions 7
Ministry of Sound: The Chillout Session 2002
Ministry of Sound: The Karma Collection 2003
Ministry Presents: Ibiza Chillout
Music in Style, Volume 2
Nature Child
Nova Tunes 01
Nova Tunes 01_10
Other Stuff
Pacha Ibiza Chillout Classics
Paris Union Recording
Pioneer: Summer Lounge
Punta Del Este Sunset
Pure Chill
Pure Chill Out 2
Real Ibiza
Real Ibiza 2
Real Ibiza 3: Chilling You Softly
Roma Alta Moda 2
Samsung Chillout Sessions, Volume 2
Samsung Chillout Sessions, Volume 3
Serve Chilled
Shosholoza: The Soul of Sailing
Soft Tones of Acid Jazz, The
Solar Spectrums
Sound Design, Volume 2
Sounds of Underground London: The Acid Jazz Generation
Southern Fried and Tested 2
Spiritually Ibiza
Summer Sessions 2009
Sunday Best Two
Sunset Ibiza
Taipei Lounge 2
Techno Nights: Ambient Dawn
Thailand Sunsets
This Is Acid Jazz, Volume One
This Is... Chill Out
Tommy Bahama Island Hopping
Total Lounge
Totally Wired, Volume 1
Totally Wired, Volume 2
Ultimate Chilled Album, The
Ultimate Chillout Album, The
Ultimate Chillout Classics Album, The
Ultimate Chillout Ibiza Album, The
Weekend in Ibiza
XX, Volume 2