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I.T.T. (International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation)
International Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation
International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation New York, NY
International Telephone & Telegraph Corporation
ITT (International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation)
Telephone and Telegraph Corporation New York, NY
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Language material
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ITT Corporation (see also from)
ITT Corporation New York, NY (see also from)
Argentina, land of bounty.
Ballet of the 20th Century: American debut.
Betrifft Chile d. ITT-Dokumente ; US-Imperialismus in Lateinamerika ; [Übers. u. faks. Wiedergabe
Big blue marble.
Boca film., The
Chile die ITT-Dokumente; US-Imperialismus in Lateinamerika; [Übers. u. faks. Wiedergabe
CIA contro il Cile, La : documenti segreti della I.T.T.
Documentos secretos de la ITT;
documents d'I.T.T. au Chili, Les
Electr. Commun. (GB)
Electrical communication technical journal
Elektrisches Nachrichtenwesen : technisch-wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift
Fellows., The
Food for thought ... an international cookbook.
Ibero America, booklet dedicated to the Ibero-American Exposition at Sevilla and the International Exposition at Barcelona, 1929-1930 ...
Imperialismo contro il Cile, L' : documenti segreti dell'I.T.T.
Mexico; introduction to Mexico, Mexico in the past, leading cities of Mexico, excursions, everyday life in Mexico, industry in Mexico, the Mexican telephone and telegraph company.
PCM-Pulse Code Modulation : presentation at Montreux, 26. October 1965.
Professional Children's School
Reference data for radio engineers.
Retinitis pigmentosa.
"Socialismen måste krossas!" Dokumenten om hur International telephone & telegraph corp. (ITT) försökte störta Chiles president. [De dokument som återges i denna bok har översatts från Documentos secretos de la ITT. Övers. och inledning av medlemmar i föreningen Utbildning för biståndsverksamhet.]
Spain and the telephone : a brief description of the prospects for industrial, commercial, and agricultural development in Spain with special reference to the program of the Compañía Telefónica Nacional de España.
Subversion in Chile: a case study in U.S. corporate intrigue in the Third World.
Uruguay, the purple land; the purple land, historical notes, Uruguayan industries, rapid communications, Montevideo and other important cities, how to go to Uruguay, hotels in Uruguay.