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Cū dā s̄ Phrīs̄t̒
Dzhudas Priĭst
Džudas Prist
G'uds Frist
Iudas Sacerdos
Iudas Sacerdos (latin)
Judaas Preest
Judas Barisat
Judas Frist
Judas priest
Judas Priest Musical group (Musical group or band)
Judas Priest (Musical group or band)
Juḍās Prīs
Judās Prīsṭ‌
Juḍāsa Prisṭa
Judaseu Peuliseuteu
Jūdasu Purīsuto
Yóutài Jìsī
Джудас Прийст
Џудас прист
جوداس بريست
जुडास प्रीस्ट
জুডাস প্রিস্ট
જુડાસ પ્રિસ્ટ
జుడాస్ ప్రీస్
ಜುದಾಸ್ ಪ್ರೀಸ್ಟ್‌
주다스 프리스트
began 1969
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Atkins, Al (hasMember)
Binks, Les (hasMember)
Black Sabbath
Campbell, Chris (hasMember)
Chataway, Ernie (hasMember)
Cheap Trick
Deep Purple
Downing, K. K.
Downing, Kenneth (hasMember)
Ellis, John (hasMember)
Faulkner, Richie (hasMember)
Halford (Rob; 1951-....; see also from)
Halford, Rob
Halford, Rob (hasMember)
Hill, Ian (hasMember)
Hinch, John (hasMember)
Holland, Dave (hasMember)
Moore, Alan (hasMember)
Owens, Tim “Ripper” (hasMember)
Partridge, John (hasMember)
Phillips (Simon; 1957-....; see also from)
Phillips, Simon (hasMember)
Stapenhill, Bruno (hasMember)
Status Quo
Terry and the Pirates
Tipton (Glenn; 1948-....; see also from)
Tipton, Glenn
Tipton, Glenn (hasMember)
Travis, Scott (hasMember)
Uriah Heep
W.A.S.P. (Musical group)
1982-12-12 (disc 2)
2 originals of Judas Priest
2004-06-02: Reunited: Hannover, Germany
2004-06-10: P3 Radio Live: Sweden Rock Festival, Sölvesborg, Sweden
2008-06-03: Old Ice Hall, Helsinki, Finland
2008-06-22: IJsselhallen, Zwolle, The Netherlands
241 Double Header
5 Souls
'98 Live Meltdown
All Fired Up
All Guns Blazing
All the Way
Angel of retribution
Battle cry
Battle Hymn
Beast Of, The
Before the Dawn
Beginning of the End
best of Judas Priest living after midnight, The
Beton 25 fantastische hardrock groepen
Better by You, Better Than Me (live)
Between the Hammer and the Anvil
Between the Hammer & The Anvil (no drums)
Beyond the Realms of Death (Live '78)
Beyond the Realms of Death (Live from Battle Cry)
Blood Red Skies
Blood Stained
Bloodstone (live)
Brain Dead
Breakin' the Law
Breaking the Law (live, 1986: Dallas, TX)
Breaking the Law (Live '83)
Breaking the Law (Live from Battle Cry)
Breaking The Law (Live US Festival Show)
Bring It On
British steel & [and] Killing machine
British steel special edition
British Steeler
Bullet Train
Burn in Hell
Burnin' Up
Burninʼ Up
Call for the Priest / Raw Deal
Calm Before the Storm
Cathedral Spires
Caviar and Meths
Children of the Sun
Chosen Few, The
Close to You
Cold Blooded
Collection, The
Come and Get It
Complete Albums Collection, The
Complete Painkiller Tour, The
Concert Classics
Dawn of Creation
Dead Meat
Deal With the Devil
Death Row
Deceiver = Impostor
Deep Freeze
Defenders of Long Beach
Defenders of the faith : Special 30th anniversary deluxe edition
Deliverin' the Goods
Delivering the Goods (live)
Desert Plains (live, 1986: Dallas, TX)
Devil Digger
Devil's Child (Live from Battle Cry)
Diamonds and Rust (acoustic version)
Diamonds And Rust (Live US Festival Show)
Dissident Aggressor
Don’t Go
Down in Flames
Dragonaut (Live from Battle Cry)
Dreamer Deceiver / Deceiver (live, 1975-04-25: Old Grey Whistle Test, London, England)
Dreamer Deceiver (video)
Driftin Away
Dual Guitars (interview)
Dying to Meet You/Hero, Hero
Eat Me Alive
Electric Eye (Live from Battle Cry)
Electric Eye (live From the San Antonio Civic Center)
Electric Eye (Live US Festival Show)
essential Judas Priest, The
Evening Star (live, 1979-05-17: Old Grey Whistle Test, London, England)
Evening Star (single version)
Evil Fantasies (live in Tokyo)
Evil Never Dies
Exciter (Live Version)
Fast & [and] furious
Father Mother Son (Live '75 Unreleased Song)
Feed on Me
Fight for Your Life
Fire Burns Below
Firepower (Tour Edition)
Flame Thrower
Four Horsemen, The
Free Wheel Burning (Live)
Freewheel Burnin’
Freewheel Burning (live)
Freewhieel Burning (live, 1986: Dallas, TX)
Future of Mankind
Golden Ballads
Grand theft auto - Vice City official soundtrack box set
Greatest Hits (Halford Aera)
Greatest Hits (Steel Box Collection)
Green Manalish (With the Two-Pronged Crown) (live), The
Green Manalishi (With the Two-Pronged Crown) ('98 version), The
Green Manalishi (With the Two-Pronged Crown) (live, 1986: Dallas, TX), The
Green Manalishi (With the Two-Pronged Crown) (Live '82), The
Green Manalishi (With the Two-Pronged Crown) (Live '83), The
Green Manalishi (with the Two Pronged Crown) [live Recording]
Green Manalishi (With The Two Pronged Crown) (Live US Festival Show), The
Green Manalishi (With the Two-Pronged Grown), The
Green Manlishi (with the Two-Pronged Crown)
Grinder (live)
Gull Records (interview)
Halford Finds Priest (interview)
Halls of Valhalla (Live from Battle Cry)
Hard & [and] heavy
Hard as Iron
Hard breakers the ballads ; featurin Alice Cooper, Judas Priest, Motörhead, Warrant, Pink Cream 69 and many more
Hard 'n' heavy
Hard rock
Heading Out to the Highway (live, 1986: Dallas, TX)
Heading Out To The Highway (Live US Festival Show)
Heart of a Lion (demo)
Heavy Duty / Defenders of the Faith (live)
Heavy Metal
Hell & Back
Hell Bent for Leather (live, 1986: Dallas, TX)
Hell Bent for Leather (Live '86)
Hell Bent for Leather (Live from Battle Cry)
Hell Bent For Leather (Live US Festival Show)
Hell Is Home
Hell Patrol (live)
Hellion / Electric Eye (live, 1986: Dallas, TX)
Hellion / Electric Eye (Live '82), The
Hellion (Live from Battle Cry), The
Here Come the Tears
Hero, hero
Heroes End
Hit Collection
Hot for Love
Hot Rockin' (live)
Hot Rockin' (single version)
Hot Rocking
I’m a Rocker
Ich zahl' nicht mehr! - Metal
In Between
In Concert
(Intro) Battle Cry (Live from Battle Cry)
Intro / The Hellion
Island of Domination / Guitar Solo
Jawbreaker (Live from Battle Cry)
Jekyll and Hyde
Johnny B Good
Johnny B. Goode
Johnny Be Good
Judas Archives, Vol. 1
Judas Priest Audio File
Judas Priest Audiofile, The
judas priest heavy duty
Judas Priest - Live in London
Judas Priest - live vengeance '82
Judas Priest - Metal works [19]73 - [19]93
Judas Rising
KBFH Intro - Love Bites
Killing machine
King Biscuit Flower Hour
L.A. Nights
Last Rose of Summer
Last Temptation
Leather Rebel (live)
Let Us Prey / Call for the Priest
Light Comes Out of Black
Lightning Strike
Live Bites '84
Live Defenders
Live Documentary from 'Reunited' Tour Summer 2004
Live in Concert 25th June 1980
Live in London 1981
Live in London (disc 2)
Live in Offenbach 1990
Live in Tuscon 83
Live USA
Live Vengeance '82
Livin’ After Midnight
Living After Midnight (live, 1980-03-27: Old Grey Whistle Test, London, England)
Living After Midnight (live, 1986: Dallas, TX)
Living after Midnight (Live '82)
Living After Midnight (live in Wacken 2015)
Living After Midnight (Live US Festival Show)
Living after midnight the best of Judas Priest
Living Bad Dreams
Locked in (extended version)
Locked In (live, 1986: Dallas, TX)
Lone Wolf
Lost and Found
Lost Love
Loud 'n' proud
Love Bites (live, 1986: Dallas, TX)
Love You to Death
Love Zone
Machine Man
Making of British Steel, Part 1
Making of British Steel, Part 2
March of the Damned
Maximum heavy metal
Melodic rock hits
Meltdown Judas Priest '98 live
Metal gods Judas Priest best
Metal Gods (Live '82)
Metal Gods (Live from Battle Cry)
Metal Gods (Live US Festival Show)
Metal Gods (over closing credits) (live, 1986: Dallas, TX)
Metal Hammer presents - Metal masters
Metal mania
Metal Meltdown
Metal Messiah
Metal works [19]73 - [19]93
Metal Works '73-'93 (disc 1)
Metalogy: Box Set Sampler
Mind Conception (demo)
Monsters of Rock
Mother, Father, Son
Mother Sun
Motorcycle Intro
Music of Judas Priest, The
Never Forget
Never Satisfied
Never the Heroes
New Beginnings
Night Comes Down (live)
Night Crawler (Single Edit)
No Surrender
Nostradamus (edit)
Nostradamus EP
Oh Yeah!
On the Run
One for the Road
One on One
One Shot at Glory
Original Album Classics
Out in the Cold (live, 1986: Dallas, TX)
[P3 Live intro]
[P3 Live Show End]
[P3 Live talk]
Pain and Pleasure
Painkiller (Live from Battle Cry)
Painkiller special edition
Parental Guidance (live, 1986: Dallas, TX)
Pestilence and Plague
Playlist - the very best of Judas Priest
Point of entry
Priest Finds Audience (interview)
Priest in the East: Live in Japan
Priest, live & rare
Prisoner of Your Eyes
Prisoners of Pain
Private Property (live, 1986: Dallas, TX)
Private Property (Live '86)
Prophecy (live)
Pure Classic Gold
Pure rock
Race with the Devil
Rage (live), The
Ram It Down / British Steel / Screaming for Vengeance
Rapid Fire ('98 version)
Rapid Fire (live)
Raw Deal
Red, White & Blue
Redeemer of Souls (Live from Battle Cry)
Remasters, The
Reunited (documentary)
Revolution (single edit)
Riding on the Wind (live From the San Antonio Civic Center)
Riding On The Wind (Live US Festival Show)
Ripper = El Desgarrador, The
Ripper (live), The
Ripper: Reading Festival 1975, The
Rising From Ruins
Rising in the East
Rob Halford (interview)
Rock explosion - Classic rockers
Rock forever
Rock Hard Ride Free (Live)
Rock inferno
Rock triumphs
Rock You All Around the World (live, 1986: Dallas, TX)
Rocka Rolla (live, 1975-04-25: Old Grey Whistle Test, London, England)
Rocka Rolla / Never Satisfied
Rocka Rolla / Sad Wings of Destiny
Rocka Rolla (video)
Run of the Mill
Running Wild
Sad wings of destiny
Saints in Hell
Sands of Time
Screamin' for Vengeance
Screaming for vengeance & [and] Defenders of the faith
Screaming for Vengeance (live From the San Antonio Civic Center)
Screaming For Vengeance (Live US Festival Show)
Sea of Red
Secrets of the Dead
Sentinel (live, 1986: Dallas, TX), The
Setlist: The Very Best of Judas Priest Live
Shadows in the Flame
Shout - Oh Yeah!
Simply the Best
Sin after sin
Single Cuts: The Complete Columbia UK A Sides
Sinner, The
Sinners and Saints
Solar Angels
Some Heads Are Gonna Roll (live, 1986: Dallas, TX)
Songwriting (interview)
Stained class
Star Box
Starbreaker (Live '78)
Starbreaker (live Cleveland 1978)
Steeler (live)
Super Best Judas Priest Collection
Sword of Damocles
Take on the World (live, 1979-01-25: Old Grey Whistle Test, London, England)
(Take These) Chains
Tears of Blood
Thunder Road
To Be Wise
Touch Of Evil (Album Version), A
touch of evil live, A
Touch of Evil (Single Edit), A
Touch of Evil (single version), A
Traitors Gate
tribute to Judas Priest legends of metal, A ; two originals
Turbo 30
Turbo lover (extended version)
Turbo Lover (Hi-Octane mix) (long version)
Turbo Lover (Hi-Octane mix) (short version)
Turbo Lover (live, 1986: Dallas, TX)
Turbo Lover (Live '86)
Turbo Lover (single version)
Turn on Your Light
Turning Circles
Two originals of Judas Priest
Tyrant (live)
United (live, 1980-08-28: Old Grey Whistle Test, London, England)
Unleashed in the East live in Japan.
Unleashed in the West
Vice City
Victim of Changes (Live from Battle Cry)
Victim Of Changes (Live US Festival Show)
Visions (radio edit)
Wayne's world hits
What's in a Name (interview)
What’s My Name
Wheels of Fire
Whiskey Woman/Victim of Changes (interview)
White Heat, Red Hot (Live '78)
Wild Nights, Hot & Crazy Days
Winter / Deep Freeze / Winter Retreat / Cheater
Worth Fighting For
You Don't Have to Be Old to Be Wise (live)
You Say Yes
You've Gont Another Thing Comin'
You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’ (live, 1986: Dallas, TX)
You've Got Another Thing Comin' (Live '83)
You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’ (live From the San Antonio Civic Center)
You've Got Another Thing Comin' (Live US Festival Show)
You've Got Another Thing Comin' (single edit)
You've Got Another Thing Coming (Live from Battle Cry)
You've Got Another Thing Coming (single edit)
アナザー・シング = You've Got Another Thing Comin'
ブレイキング・ザ・ロウ(ライブ・バージョン) = Breaking The Law
ホイール・バーニング = Freewheel Burning
運命の鎖 = (Take These) Chains
Contributed to or performed: 
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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Greatest Hits
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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City: Official Soundtrack Box Set
Graspop Metal Meeting 1996-2015
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Greatest Ever! Classic Rock
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Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
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Happy Birthday Harley Davidson: 100 - Tribute to a Legend!
Hard 'n' Heavy
Hard 'n' Heavy: Ballads
Hard ’N Heavy
Hard ’n’ Heavy Hammer
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Hard + Heavy
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Hard N' Heavy, Volume 7
Hard Rock
Hard Rock Café: 80's Heavy Metal
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Harley-Davidson Road Songs, Volume 2
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Haynes DAD: Ultimate Guide to Rock
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Hit-Giganten: Rockparty, Die
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Hot Stuff. The Noise of Summer, The
Hot Wax
Impossible Concert, The
It's Hardrock, Hallelujah!
It’s Hardrock, Hallelujah! Classics #2
Johnny Be Good
Kerrang! Metal Klassix
Kerrang! The Album
Kerrang! Welcome to Planet Rock
Legends: The Myths Behind the Music
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Live Aid (disc 5)
Live Aid: The Day the Music Changed the World: July 13, 1985
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Metal Hammer Presents: Riffs From Outer Space
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