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Machine Head
Machine Head Musical group (Musical group or band)
Machine Head (Musical group or band)
began 1991-10-12
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Busta Rhymes (1972-)
Costanza, Tony (hasMember)
Demmel, Phil (hasMember)
Duce, Adam (hasMember)
Flynn, Robert
Flynn, Robert (hasMember)
Kontos, Chris (hasMember)
Luster, Ahrue (hasMember)
MacEachern, Jared (hasMember)
Mader, Logan (hasMember)
McClain, Dave (hasMember)
Puya (Musical group)
Twiztid (Musical group)
Type 0 Negative
Zilch (Musical group)
10 Ton Hammer
2006 Tour Documentary
2008-07-01: Live at Wâldrock 2000: Wâldrock, Bergum, The Netherlands
Aesthetics of Hate (Thrash-Terpiece) (demo 2005)
Aethetics of Hates
Alan’s on Fire
All Fall Down
All Falls Down (demo)
All in Your Head
Am Hell (Sonata in C#) (alt vocals) (demo 2011), I
Am Hell (Sonata in C#): I. Sangre Sani / II. I Am Hell / III. Ashes to the Sky, I
American High
B-Sides & Rarities
[band introduction]
Bay of Pigs (radio edit)
Be Still and Know (Can We Be Reborn) (demo 2011)
Beautiful Mourning (clean edit)
Behind a Mask
Beneath the Silt
Beyond the Pale
Bite the Bullet (demo)
Black Procession, The
blackening, The
Blank Generation
Blistering (radio edit)
Blood for Blood (live)
Blood of the Zodiac
Blood, the Sweat, the Tears (live), The
Bloodstone & diamonds
Brown Acid
Burn my eyes
burning red, The
California Bleeding
Call Out Hook #1
Call Out Hook #2
Clenching the Fists of Dissent
Covers Jam
Crashing Around You/Bulldozer
Damage Inside
Darkness Within (acoustic)
Darkness Within [Album Version]
Darkness Within [Edit]
Davidian (Recorded live at the Limelight in New York City)
Days Turn Blue to Gray (edit)
Days Turn Blue to Grey
Days Turn Presence Blue to Gray
Deafening Silence
Death Church (Convent mix)
Death Church (demo)
Defy, I
Demon knight music from and inspired by the motion picture ; Tales from the crypt presents
Descend the Shade of Night
Descend the Shades of Night (demo)
Descend the Shadows of Night
Desire to Fire (live)
Devil With the King's Card
Down to None
edison film
Elegy (demo)
Enter the Phoenix
Exhale the Vile
Eyes of the Dead
Fade From Blue Gray
Farewell to Arms, A
From This Day (edit)
From This Day (live)
From This Day (LP version)
From This Day (World Exclusive)
Frontlines, The
Fuking Hostile
Game Over
Ghosts Will Haunt My Bones
Grind You Down
Hallowed Be Thy Name
Halo (explicit)
Halo / Hallowed Be Thy Name
Halo (I Want Your Soul) (demo 2005)
Halo (live)
Halo (radio edit)
Hard Times (live in New York)
Heavy Lies the Crown
Heavy metal 2000
Hell alive
Hole in the Sky (Black Sabbath)
Hope Begets Hope
House of Suffering
I’m Your God Now
Imaginal Cells
Imperium (rough mix)
Imperium (unmastered)
In Comes the Flood
In the Presence of My Enemies
In the Presence of My Enemy
In the Presense of My Enemies
Iron Man / Roots Bloody Roots / The Trooper
Is There Anybody Out There?
Kick You When You're Down
Killers and Kings
Killers & Kings (demo)
Last Unfinished
Left Unfinished (demo)
Left Unfinished (edit)
Live in Stockholm 1999
Locust (live)
Locust (My Name Is Purity) (demo 2011)
Machine f**king head live
Making Of "The Blackening"
Making of Through the Ashes of Empires, The
Making of Unto the Locust, The
Message in a Bottle
More Things Change… Metal Radio Sampler (clean versions), The
My Misery (Demon Knight)
Nation on Fire (demo), A
Nativity in black
Negative Creep
New Resistance (demo)
New Restistance (demo)
New shit
Night of Long Knives
None but My Own
Nothing Left
Now I Lay Thee Down (edit)
Now We Die
Old (demo)
Old (Eve of Apocalypse mix)
Old (Front Line Assembly mix)
Old (live)
Only the Names
Our Darkest Days/Bleeding
Pearls Before the Swine
Phil's Solo
Possibility of Life’s Destruction, The
Rage to Overcome (demo), The
Rage to Overcome (live), The
Rage to Play... Live, The
Razorblade Smile
Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies
Real Lies / Fuck It All (demo)
Sail Into the Black
Screaming at the Sun
Season's Wither (edit)
Seasons Wither
Sentinel, The
Silver (Take My Hand)
Slanderous (clean)
South of Heaven
Spine (demo)
Struck a Nerve (demo)
Struck a Nerve (live)
Struck a Nerve (radio edit)
Struck a Never
Supercharger (Let Freedom Ring mix)
Take Me Through the Fire
Take My Scars (live)
Take My Scars (radio edit)
Ten Fold
Ten to Hammer
Ten Ton Hammer (demo)
Ten Ton Hammer (extended original mix)
Ten Ton Hammer (live)
This Is the End
Thousand Lies (live), A
Through the Ashes of Empires (3 Track radio Sampler)
Triple Beam
Unto the locust
Violate (demo)
Violate (live)
White-Knuckle Blackout!
Who We Are
Wipe the Tears
Witch Hunt
Year of the Dragon Tour Diary: Japan
Contributed to or performed: 
30 Years of Nuclear Blast
Afrekening, Volume 26, De
Alone in the Dark
Annual Assault 2008
Annual Assault 2009
Badder Than the Original
Best of 2011
Beste aus 2014, Das
Big Noize
Black Procession Tour 2010, The
Blast! Compilation 02/14
Boarders' Trax
Compilation Rock Hard 64
Cover It Up, Vol. 1
Covered: 15 Classic Tracks Re-Invented
Crossing All Over! Volume 10
Crossing All Over! Volume 17
Crossing All Over! Volume 3
Crusty Demons: Beyond the Apocalypse
Decibel and RED Presents: The Best of 2007 - The Year in Not Sucking
Destination Goa 11: The Eleventh Chapter
Doors Nightclub, The
Download 2
Download 2000
Download 2001
Download 2002
Download 2004
Dynamo Open Air 10th Anniversary
EMP Music Mag Sampler, Volume III
Explosive Metal Cover Collection
Fields of Rock Summer 2007
Forged in Steel
Frontline, Volume 1: The Singles Club
Full Metal Racket
Full Metal Racket 2
Getcha Pull: A Tribute to Dimebag Darrell
Ginger Snaps
Graspop Metal Meeting 1996-2015
Great Metal Covers, Volume 4
Hard + The Heavy, Volume 1, The
Hard N' Heavy, Volume 18
Hard Rock 77
Hard Rock N°4
Hard Rock Sampler .04
Hard Union: Festivals von Fans für Fans
Headbangers Ball Christmas Rumble 94
Heart Metal, I
Heart of Roadrunner Records
Heavy Metal 2000
Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2
Here's the Metal: December 2014
Here's the Metal: February 2015
Hörsturz, Volume 2
Hörsturz, Volume 3
Hörsturz, Volume 5
Hottest Rock Tracks of 2011, The
House of Pain, Volume 1
Kerrang! Awards 2007: The Nominees
Kerrang! Forever
Kerrang! Headliners
Kerrang! Presents: 'Remastered'
Kerrang! Reload
Kerrang! The Album
Kerrang! The Album '08
Kerrang! The Album, Volume 2: The Kutting Edge
Kerrang! The Album, Volume 3
Kerrang! The Best of 2001
Kerrang! The Best of 2007
Kerrang! The Devil's Music, Volume 1
Kerrang! Welcome to Planet Rock
Knuckletracks XIV
Lars Ricken's Hot Shots
Legends of Metal
Like a Taste of Sin!
Loud, Volume 1
Love Metal, I
Maiden Heaven: A Tribute to Iron Maiden
Masters, The
Matrix 2, The
Maximum Metal, Volume 200
Megadeth Extra Value CD
Metal Addict
Metal Anthology 90
Metal Hammer #164
Metal Hammer #172: The Black Crusade... And Beyond
Metal Hammer #185: Razor
Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2004: The Album, The
Metal Hammer Presents… Golden Gods 2007
Metal Hammer Series: The Hunt for Today’s Metal, Vol. 1
Metal Hammer: 21st Century Noise
Metal Hammer: December 2001
Metal Hammer: Hammered, Volume 6
Metal Hammer: March 2003
Metal Hammer: October 2004 (Razor, Volume 8)
Metal Hammer: Roadworks
Metal Hammer: September 2001
Metal Hammer: Volume Dealer II
Metal Hammer: Xfm 104.9 Rock Show
Metal Masters
Metal Millennium: Countdown to Armageddon
Metal Museum: Covered in Metal 4, The
Metal Top 50
Metalopolis, Volume 1
Metalopolis, Volume 2
Metalopolis, Volume 4
Monitor This
More Fast and Furious: Music From and Inspired by the Motion Picture The Fast and the Furious
MTV2 Headbangers Ball, Volume 2
MTV2 Headbangers Ball, Volume 2 (disc 1)
NASCAR: Crank It Up
Nativity In Black II: A Tribute To Black Sabbath
Never Mind the Originals, Here's the Covers
New Breed
New Kids on the Rock
New Releases 1994
New Shit, Volume 3
New Shit, Volume 6
New Shit, Volume 7
No Bullshit
Nordic Tour Sampler
Onde De Choc 24
Orgazmatracks II: The Second Coming
Ozzfest '97, The
Ozzfest 2007 Summer Sampler
Play It Metal!
Playstation Xtreme Games
Radio Kerrang! Volume 1
Radio Kerrang! Volume 2
Return of the Rock, The
Roadrunner Drill!! The CD '01
Roadrunner Records 1997 CD Sampler
Roadrunner Records Hellbangers 2
Roadrunner Records New Releases 1995
Roadrunner Records Presents the Calling
Roadrunner Records Roadworks
Roadrunner Road Rage
Roadrunner Roots: 30 Years of Roadrunner Records
Roadrunner You Know, The
Rock Explosion
Rock Hard Lauschangriff Volume 033
Rock Hard Lauschangriff, Volume 060
Rock Hard n° 4
Rock Hard Presents: EMP - 20 Years of Rock 'n' Roll - Finest Collection
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 17
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 39
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 6
Rock Sound Volume 57
Rock Sound: 100% Volume, #154
Rock Sound: Music With Attitude, Volume 5
Rock Sound: Music With Attitude, Volume 54
Rock Sound: Sound Check, Volume 102
Rock Tribune CD-Sampler #70
Sampler Rock Sound, Volume 8
Seek + Destroy
Seek and Destroy: 16 Nu-Metal extremes
Sims 2: Teen Style Stuff, The
Singular Attitude, A
Skeletons in the Closet
Summer of Metal
Sweating Bullets
Sweating Bullets 3
Tales From the Crypt Presents: Demon Knight
Terrorizer: Fear Candy 40
Thrashed: 17 Monster Metal Tracks
Tour '95, The
Triple J: Thirteen
Triple J: This Is Twelve
Vaya Con Tioz (disc 3: Support Bands)
VISIONS: All Areas, Volume 81
We Sold Our Souls for Rock 'n' Roll: The Ozzfest '99
Wear Your Music 5
WOA: Full Metal Jukebox, Volume II
Xtreme Rock
ヘヴィ・メタル2 オリジナルサウンドトラック