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Crowded house
Crowded House Musical group (Musical group or band)
Crowded House (Musical group or band)
began 1985
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Bowen, Jules (hasMember)
Finn, Neil
Finn, Neil (hasMember)
Finn, Tim (hasMember)
Hart, Mark (hasMember)
Hester, Paul (hasMember)
Hooper, Craig (hasMember)
Jones, Peter (hasMember)
Rayner, Eddie (hasMember)
Seymour, Nick (hasMember)
Sherrod, Matt (hasMember)
Split Enz (see also from)
Turner, Tina (1939-)
1992-03-03: Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham, UK
1994-11-06: The Fleadh Festival, Finsbury Park, London, UK
2 for 1: Crowded House + Woodface
2007-12-09: Live on Earth: Wembley Arena, London, UK
90s collection, The
Acoustically Live
Afterglow (disc 2)
All I Ask (home demo)
Alle 40 Goed
Am in Love (1994), I
Am in Love (band demo), I
Am in Love (home demo), I
Anyone Can Tell
Archer’s Arrows (alternative version)
As Sure as I Am (home demo)
Audience Talk / Love You 'til the Day I Die
Be My Guest (home demo)
Beautiful Life (live)
Better Be Home Soon (live)
Better Things (studio demo)
Black and White Boy (early rough mix)
Blue Smoke (home demo)
Born on the Bayou
Born to Be Wild
Bound to Rescue (home demo)
Bound to Rescue (live)
Burglar’s Song (medley) – Around the UK in 7 Minutes (live), The
Burnt Out Tree (home demo)
Burnt Out Tree (live)
Byrdhouse: Mr Tambourine Man (live) / Eight Mile High (live) / So You Want to Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star (live)
Can’t Carry On (5.1 mix)
Can’t Carry On (studio demo)
Catherine Wheel (home demo)
Catherine Wheels (demo)
Chicken Song, The
Chocolate Cake (home demo)
Chocolate cake (live)
Chocolate Cake (original demo)
Christmas Greeting #1
Classic Masters
Convent Girls (studio version)
Creek Song / Left Hand
Crowded House - Live in LA
Crowded House - platinum
Devil You Know, The
Discover the rhythms of folk rock
Distance Across (studio demo)
Distant Sun (live)
Distant Sun (remix)
Distant Sun (Writing demo)
Do Not Dream It’s Over
Does Anyone Here Understand My Girlfriend (studio demo)
Don't Dream It's Over (5.1 mix)
Don't dream it's over (extended version)
Don’t Dream It’s Over (home demo)
Don't Dream It's Over [Live Acoustic Version]
Don't Dream It's Over (live at the Auckland Town Hall)
Don't Dream Its Over
Don't Drean It's Over
Don't Know You (studio demo), I
Don't Stop Now (home demo)
Dont’t Dream It’s Over
Down Under
Dr Livingstone
Dream On (home demo)
Eight Miles High (live)
Either Side of the World (live at the Auckland Town Hall)
English Trees
Essential, The
Even a Child
Even If (take 1)
Everybody’s Talkin’
Everything Is Good for You (home demo)
Eyes Grow Heavy
Fall at Your Feet (acoustic)
Fall at Your Feet (early version Rehearsal)
Fall at Your Feet (live)
Falling Dove
Fame Is
Farewell to the World
Feel Possessed (live), I
Fields Are Full of Your Kind
Final Sessions, The
Fingers of Love (alternative studio take)
Fingers of Love (band demo)
Fingers of Love (live)
Fingers of Love, The
Fingers of Love (writing demo)
Fire Will Keep Me Warm (In the Lowlands home demo)
Formel 1 [Eins] - Hot hits
Four Seasons in One Day (disc 1)
Four Seasons in One Day (disc 2)
Four Seasons in One Day (home demo)
Four Seasons in One Day / I'm Only Sleeping
Four Seasons in One Day (live)
Four Seasons in One Day (original demo)
Frank's Dark Past
Ghost Cars ...
God Lives Over the Road (studio demo)
Grabbing by the Handful (live)
Green Rose for George
Happy Birthday / Fingers of Love
Heaven That I’m Making
Help Is Coming
Here's a Note (studio demo)
History Never Repeats
Hits from Down Under the best of Australian music
Hole in the River (5.1 mix)
Hole in the River (home demo)
Hole in the River (live)
Hope Is Coming
How Will You Go (home demo)
How Will You Go / I’m Still Here
How Will You Go (original demo)
I'm So Scared of Losing I Can't Compete (home demo)
I’m Still Here (full version)
In Love With It All (demo)
In My Command (1994-04-11: Boathouse, Norfolk, VA, USA)
In My Command (live)
In the Lowlands (live)
Inside Out
Instinct (alternative mix)
Instinct (home demo)
Instinct (live)
Into Temptation (home demo)
Into Temptation (live)
Intriguer Live: Start to Finish
Intriguer (studio), The
Irish Heartbeat
Isolation (live at the Auckland Town Hall)
Isolation (studio demo)
It's Only Natural (acoustic)
It’s Only Natural (home demo)
It's Only Natural (live)
It's Only Natural (original demo)
Italian Plastic (home demo)
Italian Plastic (live)
iTunes Festival: London 2007
Kare Kare
Kill Eye
Left Hand (live)
Lester Lives
Letter, The
like to watch, I
Live & Alive, Vol. 1
Live at the Town and Country Club, London, November 9 1991
Live USA, Vol. 2
Locked Out (bonus disc: Anthology)
Locked Out [From Reality Bites]
Locked Out (reprise)
Locked Out / World Where You Live / Silent House / Fall at Your Feet / Four Seasons in One Day / Don't Stop Now / Distant Sun / Don't Dream It's Over / Something So Strong / Weather With You / Better Be Home Soon
Locked Out (Zen mix)
Loose Tongue (rough mix)
Lost Island
Love Me Two Times
Love This Life (home demo)
Love This Life (live)
Love U Till the Day I Die
Love You Dawn, I
Love You ’Til the Day I Die (5.1 mix)
Love You ’til the Day I Die (Home demo)
Love you Till the Day I Die
Mansion in the Slums (live)
Maori Chant
Marcia Marcia Marcia
May Be Late (home demo), I
Mean to Me (5.1 mix)
Mean to Me (live From Real World Studio)
Message to My Girl (live, 1992)
Mighty Quinn (Quinn the Eskimo)/Money's No Object, The
Mr Tambourine Man (As Byrdhouse 1989)
Mr. Tambourine Man (live)
My Friend Nick
My Legs Are Gone (studio demo)
My Telly's Gone Bung
Nails in My Feet (1994-04-11: Boathouse, Norfolk, VA, USA)
Neil Finn Interview
Never Be the Same (home demo)
Never Been Born (rehearsal excerpt)
Newcastle Jam (studio version)
Nick the Stripper
Nobody Wants To
Nonsense of Course
Not Even Close
Not the Girl You Think You Are (disc 2)
Not the Girl You Think You Are (home demo)
Now We're Getting Somewhere (5.1 mix)
Now We're Getting Somewhere (live)
Now We’re Getting Somewhere (studio demo)
Oblivion (studio demo)
One Night Stand
One Step Ahead (live)
Only Way to Go Is Forwards (live)
[opening titles]
originals - Crowded House, The
Pale Blue Eyes
Parting Glass, The
Paul's Brady Bunch Theme
People Are Like Suns (piano version)
Peters Pop-Show die Superhits aus der grossen Show im ZDF
Pieces of Change
Pineapple Head (live)
Play This Game
Pour le Monde (Full Length radio mix)
Pour le Monde (live at the Itunes Festival)
Pour Le Monde (radio edit)
Private Universe (home demo)
Private Universe (live)
Private Universe (radio edit)
Private Universe (single mix)
Prodigal Son (demo)
Purple Light (studio demo)
Quality rocks!
Radio hits of the nineties
Radio RPR Eins präsentiert: Radio hits of the 90's
Rarity Tapes, Volume 2: At Your B-Hest (disc 1)
Reality bites original motion picture soundtrack
Recurring Dream (1989 version)
Recurring Dream (1996)
Recurring dream & [and] Crowded House live
Recurring Dream (original mix)
Recurring Dream (original version)
Recurring dream the very best of Crowded House
Rocky Racoon
Sacred Cow
Same Language as Me (live), The
Saturday Sun (alternative version)
Saturday Sun (music video)
Say That Again
Sedated in the 80s.
Sedated in the eighties.
She Called Up (home demo)
She Goes On (home demo)
She Goes On / Throw Your Arms Around Me
She's Not There
Show a Little Mercy
Sigh, A
Sign (home demo), A
Silent House
Simply the best
Sister Madley
Sister Madly (album version)
Sister Madly (live)
Sister Madly (studio out-takes)
Six Months in a Leaky Boat (live KCRW-FM 1988-02-29)
Skin Feeling
So Dramatic
So You Want to Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star (As Byrdhouse 1989)
So You Want to Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star (live)
Something So Strong (5.1 mix)
Something So Strong (home demo)
Something So Strong (live at the Trocadero, San Francisco)
Something So Strong (live in North America)
Something So Strong (studio demo)
Spare Room
Spirit of the Stairs (home demo)
Spirit of the Stairs (studio demo)
Spooky Vibrations
Stare Me Out (alternative version)
Strangeness and Charm (demo)
Stranger Underneath Your Skin (home demo)
Sunny Afternoon
Super 30
Tail of a Comet (live)
Tall Trees
Taste of Something Divine (studio demo)
Temple of low men
Tequila sunrise orig. motion picture soundtrack
Tequila sunrise original motion picture soundtrack.
That’s What I Call Love (5.1 mix)
That's What I Call Love (Album Version)
That’s What I Call Love (studio demo)
There Goes God (home demo)
Think I'm Gonna Change (home demo)
This Is Massive (live)
Throw Your Arms Around Me (live)
Time Immemorial
Time on earth
Together Alone (bonus disc)
Together alone - Woodface
Tombstone (5.1 mix)
Transit Lounge
Turn It Around
Twice If You’re Lucky (live)
Two Minutes of Silence
Unplugged - Best of acoustic rock
Very Very Best of Crowded House, The
Walk Away (5.1 mix), I
Walk Tall
Walked Her Way Down
Walking on the River (studio demo)
Walking on the Spot (studio demo)
Weather With You (home demo)
Weather With You (live)
Weather With You (original demo)
Weather With You (radio edit)
Weather With Your (single edit)
When You Come (live)
Whispers and Moans (1994-04-11: Boathouse, Norfolk, VA, USA)
Whispers and Moans (home demo)
Won't Be Silent (home demo)
Woodface (bonus disc)
Woodface Singles Collection
World Where We Live
World Where You Live (5.1 mix)
World where you live (extended version)
World Where You Live (live)
World Where You Live (single version)
World Where You Live (writing demo)
You Are the One to Make Me Cry (live in North America)
You Can Touch
You Got Me Wrong (home demo)
You're Not the Girl You Think You Are
Zen Roxy (instrumental)
Zen Roxy (previously released B-side)
Contributed to or performed: 
'80's Retro
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100 Essential Tracks: Pop
100 Hits: 80s Classics
100 Hits: 90s Anthems
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100 Hits: Love Songs
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100% Hits '92
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Decades: The Story of the 60’s / 70’s / 80’s
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Don’t Stop Now
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Down Under 2 - The Best Of Australian Rock
Down Under: The Best of Australian Rock
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Drive Time 2
Drive Time 3
Drive Time 3 (disc 1)
Driven by the 80s
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Driving Rock Ballads
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Flashback Tracks (Classic Hits to Remember)
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Great New Zealand Song Book - Souvenir Edition, The
Great New Zealand Songbook, The
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Great Original Hits of the 80’s
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nationale muziek kado 1991, Het
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Power of Love: 1986–1987, The
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Power Pop Anthems
Pre Historie 1987, Volume 2, De
Q: Mmmmm…
Q: Sweet Sixteen
RAC 105: Passió per la música Vol. 2
Radio Berlin 70er & 80er Doppelpack, Der
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Triple J: Live at the Wireless 2
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Two Hands: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Ultimate 80’s Ballads, The
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Veronica TOP 1000 Allertijden: Editie 2013
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Very Best of Legends, The
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Viva East Timor
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Voix en or, Volume 4, Les
Voix en or, Volume 6, Les
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Was het nu 70 of 80? Volume 7
WNEW-FM Cutting Edge CD, Winter '88
World of Noise
World Where You Live
Операция Rock n Roll