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Bad religion
Bad Religion Musical group (Musical group or band)
Bad Religion (Musical group or band)
began 1980
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Albert, John (hasMember)
Baker, Brian (hasMember)
Bentley, Jay (hasMember)
Campino (1962-)
Dedona, Paul (hasMember)
Finestone, Peter (hasMember)
Gallegos, Tim (hasMember)
Goldman, Davy (hasMember)
Graffin, Greg
Graffin, Greg (hasMember)
Gurewitz, Brett (hasMember)
Hetson, Greg (hasMember)
Lehrer, Lucky (hasMember)
Millencolin (Musical group)
NOFX (Musical group)
Osker (Musical group)
Pennywise (Musical group)
Pulley (Musical group)
Rancid (Musical group)
Schayer, Bobby (hasMember)
Union (13 (Musical group))
Voodoo Glow Skulls (Musical group)
Wackerman, Brooks (hasMember)
Ziskrout, Jay (hasMember)
1,000 More Fools
10 In 2010 (Live)
1000 Memories
1000 More Fools
1989-03-24: Suffer Tour, Frankfurt, Germany
1992-04-18: Never Mind the Cat: Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands
1993 Peel Session
1996-06-02: Suffer & Die: Loreley Festival, St. Goarshausen, Germany
1996-06-27: Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, Denmark
21 Century Digital Boy
21st Century Digital Boy (MTV's Most Wanted)
21st Century Digital Man
30 Years Live
52 Seconds
Ad Hominem
Adam’s Atoms (acoustic)
Against the grain
Age of Unreason
Air & style
All ages
All Fantastic Images
All Good Soldiers
All Our Yesterdays
All There Is
Along The Way (Live)
American Dream
American Jesus (Andy Wallace mix)
American Jesus (feat. Feed the World)
American Jesus (live)
American Jesus (radio remix version)
American youth report
Anasthesia / Get Off
Anesthesia / Get Off
Angeles Is Burning, Los
Angels We Have Heard on High
Answer (live), The
Approach, The
At the Mercy of the Imbeciles
Atheist Peace
Atomic Garden
Automatic Man
Babies in the Dark
Back to the Known E.P.
Bad B-Sides
Bad Religion (First Version)
Bad Religion Live
Bad Religion (Third Version)
Before You Die
Believe It
Best for You (live)
Better Off Dead
Between Heaven and Hell
Beyond Electric Dreams
Big Bang
Big Black Dog
Biggest Killer in American History, The
Billy Gnosis
Boot Stamping on a Human Face Forever
Bored and Extremely Dangerous
Bravo screenfun hits
Can’t Stop It
Cease (live)
Change of Ideas (live)
Changing Tide
Chaos From Within
Chasing the Wild Goose
Christmas Show
Christmas songs
Chronophobia (acoustic)
Classic Traxx
Come Join Us
Conquer The World (Live)
Continuous Tuning
Covering the Hits 1983-1984
Covering the Songs 83-84
Crisis Time
Crossing all over
Damned to Be Free
Day That the Earth Stalled, The
Dearly Beloved (acoustic)
Defense, The
Delerium of Disorder
Delirium of Disorder
Dept. of False Hope
Destined for Nothing
Devil in Stitches, The
Dharma and the Bomb
Dichotomy, The
dissent of man, The
Do the Paranoid Style
Do What You Want / Change of Ideas
Do What You Want (Live)
Dodo (Ithaca session), The
Doing Time
Don’t Pray on Me
Don’t Sell Me Short
Drastic Actions (First Version)
Drastic Actions (Second Version)
Dream Of Unity (Live)
Dream of Unity (re-recording)
Drunk Sincerity (Live)
Eat Your Dog
Empire Strikes First, The
Empty Causes
End Of History
Every Day
F**k You
Faces of Grief
Faith Alone
Faith in God
Fast Life, The
Father Christmas
Fertile Crescent
Fertile Cresent
Fields of Mars
Fields on Fire
First Noel, The
Flat Earth Society
Follow the Leader
Forbidden Beat
Fuck Armageddon (Live)
Fuck Armageddon... This is Hell
Fuck Armaggedon... This Is Hell
Fuck Christmas
Fuck the Government
Fuck You
Generator Demos
Generator (live)
Germs of Perfection
Get Off
Give You Nothing, I
God Rest Ye Gerry Mentlemen
God Rest Ye Jerry Mentlemen
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
God Rest You Jerry Mentleman
God’s Love
God Song (acoustic)
God Song (Live)
Going underground
Grains of Wrath
Grand Delusion, The
gray race, The
Greg Graffin Speaks, Part III
Grey Race, The
Handshake (KROQ radio), The
Hard beats
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Hate Yourself
Hear It
Heaven Is Falling
Hell on Earth
Hello Cruel World
Henchman ’98 (live), The
Heroes and Martyrs
Hippy Killers, The
Holiday Sampler
Holy Smoke - Boston
Honest Goodbye (album version)
Hooray for Me…
Hopeless Housewife, The
How could Hell be any worse?
How Much Is Enough? (live)
In So Many Ways
In the City They Follow (Frogger)
In the Night
In Their Hearts Is Right
Incomplete (BBC radio One Session)
Infected 1
infected 2
Infected (BBC Radio One session)
Infected (LP version)
Inner Logic
Into the Night
Into the Unknown
Intro of the Band
Island, The
It Must Look Pretty Appealing
It’s a Long Way to the Promise Land
It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
It’s Only Over When…
It's Reciprocal (Live)
Johnny B. Good
Johnny B. Goode
Johnny Be Good
Johnny Be Goode
Joy to the World
Kids Are Alt-Right, The
Kyoto Now!
Land of Competition
Land of Endless Greed
Last Exit for the Lost
Latch Key Kids
Leaders and Followers
Leave Mine to Me (live)
Let It Burn
Let It Slide
Let's Do It
Let Them Eat War
Lie, The
Little Drummer Boy
Live '93 Radio Broadcast U.S.A.
Live 94 Radio
Live Again (The Fall of Man)
Live & Alive
Live at the HOB Orlando
Live at the Palladium
Live Hate
Live in Italy
Live in Toronto
Look Behind (Yesterday)
Lookin' in
Looking In
Lose As Directed
Lose Your Head
Losing Generation
Lost Pilgrim
Louie, Louie
love my computer, I
Man With a Mission
Markovian Process (Non-LP Bonus Track)
Mediocre Minds
Medley: Bad Religion / Numbers Game / Part II / World War III
Meeting of the Minds
Men With a Mission
Million Days
Misery and Famine
Modern Day Catastrophists (live)
Modern Day Catastrophits
Modern Man / No Control
My Head Is Full of Ghosts
My Poor Friend Me
My Sanity
new America, The
New Dark Ages
New Leaf
New maps of hell
News From The Front (Non-LP Bonus Track)
No Control (live)
No Direction (Live)
No Substance Radio Concert
No Substance Roughmixes
no substance sr p
Nobody Listens
Noel / Joy to the World
Nothing to Dismay
Numbers Game, The
O Come All Ye Faithful
O Come, O Come Emmanuel
Old Regime
Onboard, offboard
One Thousand More Fools (Live)
Only Entertainment!!
Only Gonna Die
Only Rain
Operation Holland
Operation Rescue (Live)
Operation Resuce
Out of Hand
Part II (The Numbers Game)
Part III (Live)
Part IV (The Index Fossil)
Past Is Dead
Pessimistic Lines (live)
Pity The Dead (Live)
Planned Society, The
Popular Consensus
Portrait Of Authority (Live)
Positive Aspect of Negative Thinking, The
Power Pop
Pride and the Pallor
process of belief, The
Prodigal Son
Profane Rights of Man, The
Promise of Prosperity
Prove It
Public Service Comp Tracks 1981
Punk-o-rama 2001.
Punk-o-rama. straight outta the pit.
Punk Rock Am Ring 2002
Punk Rock Song (German Language version)
Punk Rock Song (live)
Punk rock songs (the Epic years)
Quality or Quantity
Queen of the 21st Century
Quickening, The
Radiation Hazard
Raise your voice
Receipe For Hate
Recipe for Hate (KROQ radio)
Recipe For Hate (Live)
Requiem for Dissent
Resist Stance, The
Riding the Storm Out
riot, The
Robin Hood in Reverse
Rock against Bush
Rock and Roll
Rock n Roll
Same Person, The
Sanity (Live)
Saw the Light, I
Selections From The Album Stranger Than Fiction
Sensory Overload
Shades of Truth
Shattered Faith
Silent Night (feat. My Sharona)
Since Now
Sinister Rouge
Skyscraper (acoustic)
Slaves (First Version)
Slaves (Second Version)
Slumber (live)
Social Suicide
Someone to Believe
Sometimes I Feel Like
Sometimes It Feels Like
Sorrow (acoustic)
Sowing the Seeds of Utopia
Spirit Shine
State Of The End Of The Millenium Address, The
State of the End of the Millennium Address, The
Steanger Than Fiction
Straight outta the pit
Strange Denial
Stranger Than Fiction (KROQ radio)
Stranger Than Ficton
Stranger than Pulp Fiction...
Streetkid Named Desire, A
Streets of America, The
Struck a Nerve (KROQ radio)
Struck A Nerve (Live)
Struck on Nerve
Struct a Nerve (Xmas version)
Submission Complete
Suicide (Drastic Actions)
Surface of Me, The
Talking 1
Talking 2
Talking 3
Ten in 2010 (live)
Tested (Live)
Them and Us
There Will Be a Way
Time and Disregard
Tiny Voices
Tired of the City
To Another Abyss
To Much to Ask
Tomorrow (Live)
Too Much to Ask
True north
Turn on the Light
Turn On the Music (Live USA ’93)
Turn Your Back on Me
Twenty-first century
Two Babies in the Dark / Tomorrow
Universal Cynic (Ithaca session), The
Unknown Infections
Victims of the Revolution
Voice of God Is Government
Voracious March of Godliness, The
Waiting for the Fire
Walk Away
Walk (Live), A
Want Something More, I
Want to Conquer the World, I
Watch It Die
We Are All Gonna Die
We Are Only Gonna Die / Part III
We're a Happy Family
We’re Only Gonna Die (live)
We're Only Gonna Die / Part III
What Can You Do?
What Child Is This?
What It Is (Live)
What Tomorrow Brings / The Kids Are Alt-Right
Where the Fun Is
Whisper in Time
White Christmas
White Trash (2nd Generation)
Who We Are
Won’t Say Anything, I
Won’t Somebody (acoustic)
World War III
World Without Melody, A
World Won’t Stop, The
Wrong Way Kids
You Are the Goverment
You Are the Governement
You Are the Governmant
You Are (the Government)
You Don’t Belong
...You Give Up
You're the Government
You’ve Got a Chance
Contributed to or performed: 
100 Hits: 90s
107.7 The End: End Sessions
45 Revolutions
89FM - A Revista Rock - 12 anos
Afrekening, Volume 27, De
Air & Style, Volume 2
Air & Style: The Ultimate Snowboard Compilation
All Areas: Rare Tracks 18
Alternative Times, Volume 23
Alternative Times, Volume 26
American Punk Invasion
American Youth Report
AMP Sampler, Volume 9
Best Alternative, Volume 4
Best Buy Presents: Guitars, Guitars, Guitars - 1998
Big Buzz, The
Big One: City of L.A. Power, The
Biggest Hits Live USA, Vol. 9
Body of War: Songs That Inspired an Iraq War Veteran
Buried Alive
Buried Alive: The Best From Smoke 7 Records, 1981-1983
Buried Alive: The Best of Smoke 7 Records, Volume 2
Campingflight to Lowlands Paradise 1998, A
Campingflight to Lowlands Paradise 2005, A
Chimes of Freedom: The Songs of Bob Dylan
Cinema Beer Belly
Clerks: Music From the Motion Picture
CMJ 500
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 31: March 1996
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 58: June 1998
CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 82: June 2000
Compilation of Warped Music, A
Crossing All Over!
Crossing All Over! The Classix
Crossing All Over! Volume 15
Crossing All Over! Volume 5
Crossing All Over! Volume 7
Dome, Volume 5, The
Double Shot Punk
Eat or Die!
Epitaph - The Future Freaks Me Out
Exiled in the Land of the Free: A Benefit Album for Leonard Peltier
Extreme Sound Sampler
Fetenhits: Rock Classics
Forza Horizon 3
Forza Horizon 3 radio stations
Freestyle Session 3
Gabba Gabba Hey: A Tribute to the Ramones
Genocide in Sudan
Germs of Perfection: A Tribute to Bad Religion
Halfpipe and Heavy
Hard Beats, Volume 4
Hits Post Modern Syndrome: #22 Dork Side of the Moon
Hörsturz, Vol. 1
Hörsturz, Vol. 3
Hot Hits Pop, Volume 18
Hot Hits Rock, Volume 35
Ice Cream!
Indie 2000, Volume 1
J. Spew
Kerrang! Best of 2004
Kerrang! The Devil's Music, Volume 4
Love Rock!, I
Megahits 2000: Die Zweite
Metal Hammer: July 2004 (Razor, Volume 6)
Metal Hammer: Offroad Tracks, vol. 80
Modern Rock: August 2004
Modern Rock: The Mid '90s
More Songs About Anger, Fear, Sex, & Death
MTV 120 Minutes Live
Music to Kill For
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
New World Order: War #1
Oorgasm 8
Pop Rock
Post Modern Parts
Promo Only: Modern Rock Radio, August 2007
Promo Only: Modern Rock Radio, December 2007
Promo Only: Modern Rock Radio, September 2010
Public Service
Pulse Bonus CD
Punk Rawk Explosion, Volume 16
Punk Rawk Explosion, Volume 5
Punk Story
Punk-O-Rama, Volume 10
Punk-O-Rama, Volume 10 (bonus disc)
Punk-O-Rama, Volume 2
Punk-O-Rama, Volume 2.1
Punk-O-Rama, Volume 3
Punk-O-Rama, Volume 4: Straight Outta the Pit
Punk-O-Rama, Volume 6
Punk-O-Rama, Volume 7
Punk-O-Rama, Volume 8
Punk-O-Rama, Volume 9
Punk‐O‐Rama, Volume 1
Punk‐O‐Rama, Volume 2
Punk‐O‐Rama, Volume 3
Punk‐O‐Rama, Volume 4: Straight Outta the Pit
Punk‐O‐Rama, Volume 6
Radio Kerrang! Volume 6
Ragazzi Bizarre
Raise Your Voice
Raise Your Voice!
Ramasser les morceaux : Le punk pour les nul-le-s
Recovery! Hits From the Back Door
Rock Against Bush, Volume 2
Rock Box
Rock Hard: Lauschangriff Vol.72
Rock Sound: Music With Attitude, Volume 33
Rock Sound: Music With Attitude, Volume 62
Rock Sound: Sound Check, Volume 99
Rock Summer 2003
Rolling Stone: Rare Trax, Volume 13: Helter Skelter: Musik für die Stunden danach
Ronny's Pop Show 31
Sampler Rock Sound, Volume 19
Sampler Rock Sound, Volume 6
Sheer Grind
Short Music for Short People
Skankin' Up Xmas
Skate to Hell: The Extreme Skaterock Collection
Skaters Have More Fun, Volume 2
So This Is Christmas
Solution to Benefit Heal the Bay, The
Someone Got Their Head Kicked In!
Someone's Gonna Get Their Head to Believe in Something
Songs of Tony Sly: A Tribute, The
Sound of Hollywood, Volume 2: Destroy L.A., The
Soundtrack for Revolution
Spew 6
Street Noise
Studio Brussel – Het jaar van de gitaar
Summer Sampler 2005
Tapes Suck 2: The Revenge
Tony Hawk's American Wasteland
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
Tony Hawk's Project 8
Triple J: Short Fast Loud
Urban Outfitters 26
Vans Warped Tour '98
Vans Warped Tour: 2004 Tour Compilation
Vans Warped Tour: 2007 Tour Compilation
Vans Warped Tour: 2009 Tour Compilation
Vice CD, Volume 14: Number 6
VISIONS: All Areas, Volume 123
VISIONS: All Areas, Volume 148
VISIONS: All Areas, Volume 2
VISIONS: All Areas, Volume 23
VISIONS: All Areas, Volume 83
VISIONS: The New, the Classic and the Unexplored, Volume Two
Vivamania, Volume 1: The Best of Alternative Music
Vorwärts und nicht vergessen! (2)
We’re Only Gonna Die
We’re Only Gonna Die (live)
Werners Paadie
Whatever: The ’90s Pop & Culture Box
Wild CD 07: Live at Roskilde ’96
World Warped III Live
You Gotta Hear This, Volume 2
Zoo Magazine CD Sampler 14