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D, I.
D, J.
Dee, Giovanni
Dee, Ioannes
Dee, Iohannes
Dee, Joannes
Dee, Johann
Dee, Johannes
Dee, John
Dee, John (Dr)
Džon Di
Džons Dī
I. D, John Dee
Ioannes Dee
J. D, John Dee
John Dee (astrologue, mathématicien et antiquaire)
John Dee (britischer Philosoph, Mathematiker, Astrologe und Alchemist)
John Dee (Brits filosoof)
John Dee (brytyjski astrolog)
John Dee (English mathematican, astrologer and antiquary)
John Dee (matematico, geografo e alchimista inglese)
Τζων Ντη
Джон Дий
Джон Ді
Ди, Джон
Џон Ди
ג'ון די
די, ג'ון
جان دی (ستاره‌شناس، ریاضی‌دان، نویسنده، و فیلسوف بریتانیایی)
جون دي
ディー, ジョン
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Commandino, Federico (1509-1575)
English Printing Collection (Library of Congress)
Halliwell-Phillipps, J. O. (1820-1889)
Halliwell-Phillipps, James Orchard (1820-1889)
Kelly, Edward (1555-1595)
Leitch, Aaron (1974-)
Maxwell (ca 1665))
Mellis, John (active 1588.)
Muhammad al-Baghdadi, sec. X?
Record, Robert (1510?-1558)
Rubio Munt, José Luis
Shumaker, Wayne
Suster, Gerald
Turner, Robert
Viani de' Malatesti, Fulvio
Wechel (1593))
Alae seu scalae mathematicae
angelical language
Archimedes in the Middle Ages.
Autobiographical tracts of Dr. John Dee ...
Brytanici Imperii limites
Brytish monarchie
Catalogus librorum bibliothecae Mortlacensis D. Joh. Dee. a. 1583, 6 Sept.
Chronica sive historia de rebus glastoniensibus.
Course of philosophicall studies
Deníky Johna Deeho
Diaries of john dee
Enochian evocation of Dr. John Dee
Epistolae fratris Rogerii Baconis, de secretis operibus artis et naturae et de nullitate magiae
Euclid's elements of geometry In xv. books: with a supplement of divers propositions and corollaries. To which is added, a treatise of regular solids, by Campane and Flussas. Likewise Euclid's data: and Marinus his preface thereunto annexed. Also a treatise of the divisions of superficies, ascribed to Machomet Bagdedine, but published by Commandine, at the request of John Dee of London; whose preface to the said treatise declares it to be the worke of Euclide, the author of these elements. Published by the care and industry of John Leeke and George Serle, students in the mathematicks
Ground of artes
grounde of artes, teaching the perfect vvorke and practise of arithmetike, both in whole nu[m]bers and fractions, after a more easie ane exact sort, than hitherto hath bene set forth. Made by M. Robert Recorde, D. in Physick, and afterwards augmented by M. Iohn Dee. And now lately diligently corrected, [and] beautified with some new rules and necessarie additions: and further endowed with a thirde part, of rules of practize, abridged into a briefer methode than hitherto hath bene published: with diverse such necessary rules, as are incident to the trade of merchandize. Whereunto are also added diuers tables [and] instructions ... By Iohn Mellis of Southwark, scholemaster.., The
heptarchia mystica, The
Heptarquia mística, o, las divinas leyes de la Creación, La
Jeroglífico monádico, El
John Dee : essential readings
John Dee's conversations with angels
John Dee's five books of mystery : original sourcebook of Enochian magic : from the collected works known as Mysteriorum libri quinque
John Dee : the limits of the British Empire
langue angélique l'histoire complète et les mythes de la langue des anges tirée des journaux de John Dee et d'Edward Kelley
letter, containing a most briefe discourse apologeticall. -, A
Libellus Veneris nigro sacer
Libro del modo di dividere le superficie
List of manuscripts formerly owned by Dr. John Dee
mathematicall praeface to the Elements of geometrie of Euclid of Megara (1570), The
Monas hieroglyphica
Mysteriorum libri quinti, or, Five books mystical exercises of Dr. John Dee : an angelic revelation of cabalistic magic and other mysteries occult and divine revealed to Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelly, A.D. 1581-1583
Of famous and rich discoveries
Parallaticae commentationis praxeosque nucleus quidam. Authore Joanne Dee, Londinensi
perfect arte of navigation., The
private diary of Dr. John Dee, and the catalogue of his library of manuscripts, from the original manuscripts in the Ashmolean museum at Oxford, and Trinity college library, Cambridge., The
Propaedeumata aphoristica.
Quasi-Archimedean geometry in the thirteenth century
Renaissance curiosa
Rosie Crucian secrets, The : their excellent method of making medicines of metals also their lawes and mysteries
secrets of Doctor John Dee, The : being his alchemical, astrological, qabalistic, and rosicrucian arcana : together with symbolic illustrations of the trees of the planets
superficierum divisionibus liber Machometo Bagdedino ascriptus, nunc primum Ioannis Dee londinensis & Federici Commendini urbinatis opera in lucem editus., De
Sur (Doctor) John Dee
Tabula bonorum angelorum invocationes
texts and versions of John de Plano Carpini and William de Rubruquis, The
true and faitful relation of what passed for many yeers between Dr. John Dee and some spirits
Webster's new bibliographical dictionary, 1988:
Works. Selections.