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Barry, J.
Barry, John
J. Barr
J.J. Barry
John Barry
John Barry And His Orchestra
John Barry & His Orchestra
John Barry & Orchestra
John Barry Prendergast
Prendergast, John Barry
The John Barry Orchestra
Creation class: 
Computer file
Language material
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related identities: 
Angelo, Michael (Pseudonym; other identity, same person)
Barry (other identity, same person)
Prendergast Barry, John (other identity, same person)
Prendergast, John Barry (other identity, same person)
Prendergast, Jonathan Barry (Wirklicher Name; other identity, same person)
Related names: 
Bannister, Jeff (co-performer)
Bassey, Shirley (1937-)
Broccoli, Albert R. (1909-1996)
City of Prague Philharmonic
Connery, Sean (1930-)
EMI music France
English Chamber Orchestra
Fleming, Ian (1908-1964)
Flick, Vic (co-performer)
Glen, John (1932-)
Hamilton, Guy (1922-)
John Barry Seven
John Barry Seven (see also from)
John Barry Seven Plus Four (see also from)
Maibaum, Richard (1909-1991)
Moore, Roger (1927-)
Naxos Digital Services
Reed, Les (co-performer)
Rossner, Stig (pseud. för Stig Anderson, 1931-1997.)
The John Barry Seven (isMemberOf)
Warner home video France
007 al servicio secreto de su majestad On Her Majesty's Secret Service
007 – Alternate Version 2
007 – Alternate Version1
007 and Counting
007 Bond Theme
007 (Dr. No)
007 (Du film "From Russia with Love")
007 (from film “From Russia With Love”)
007 Takes the Lecter (Long Version)
007 Takes the Lektor
009 Gets the Knife / Gobinda Attacks
009 Gets the Knife / Gorbinda Attacks
10M4 (Kee Nang Gets the Arrow)
11M2/A/B/C/D/E/F (The Final Act)
1M1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 (The Child Is Taken)
1M1 (Revised)
1M1 T8 "Main Title"
1M2 T2 "Montage of Deaths / Rhino Safari / I Believe You Are Too"
2 (Theme From the Persuaders), Die
3M5/6A (Tin Can Man)
3M7/4M0 (Follow That Bird)
4M1 (Best Man)
6 Underground
6M1 (Chandler’s Dream)
7M2 (Love Theme)
9M1 (Bottomless Pit)
9M2r (Wisdom of the Ages)
Abandoning Elsa
Abismo The deep
Acknowledge / Crater / Snake Fight
Across the Prairie
Across the Sea of Time
Additional and Alternate Cues
Adventurer: Closing Titles (alternate version), The
Adventurer: Italian Main Titles, The
Adventurer (TV), The
Afghanistan Plan
After Explosion
After the Fire
After Tomas
Aggressors, The
Agnus Dei (Based on Adagio for Strings)
Agressor, The
Air Bond
Airbase Jailbreak
Airport Source / On the Road
Airship to Silicon Valley
Aki, Tiger and Osato
Akton Battles the Robots
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: Curiouser and Curouser / You've Gotta Know When to Stop / The Me I Never Knew
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland / Petulia
All Is Lost
All These Things
All Time High (from "Octopussy") (performed by Rita Coolidge)
All Time High (Main Titles)
All You Can Do Is Tell Me You Love Me
Allemande From the Bach French Suite Number #5 in G Major
Allons Gai, Gai, Gai (The Lion In The Winter)
Alone Blues
Alone in the Night
Alone in Three-Quarter Time
Alone on the farm (1 min 55 s)
Alone On The Wide, Wide Sea (Complete)
Alpine Drive – Auric’s Factory
Alternate End Titles
Am Dances With Wolves / Back to Fort Hays, I
Am the Father of Her Child, I
Amazing Grace
Ambrosia (reprise)
Amicalement Vôtre, Thème (De "The Persuaders")
Amicalement vôtre (Theme From "The Persuaders")
And How to Get It
And You've Got One!
Angelo Beaten / Warren’s Murder
Angelo’s Theme
Another Chance
Another Visit / Kicking Bird’s Gift
Any Minute Now
Appointment: Theme (1969), The
Appointment: Theme From "The Appointment", The
Appointment: Try, The
Approaching Kara
Are You in There? (main Theme From King Kong)
Are You There? – End Title
Are You With Child
Aren't You Billy Fisher?
Arm in Arm
Arrival at the Island of Octopussy
Arrival of the Bomb and Count Down, The
Arrival on the Island
“Assassin” and Drugged
At Beaumanor
At the Bed-D-By Motel
Attack at Rheinfelden
Attempt at Rape, An
Attic, The
Au service secret de sa Majesté “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”
Auction, The
Autobahn March
Automobile, the Telephone, the Skyscraper, The
Away in a Manger
Baby I Love U!
Back on the Block
Back to Nature
Bail Out Over France
Bailando con lobos
Balkan Funk
Ballet, The
Banco De Cortez
Baptize This Child / Pearl, I
Barbra's Theme
Barrel Organ, The
Barrell Kills Parent
Bastards / Bloody Bastards
Battle at Piz Gloria
Baubles, Bangles and Beads
Beach at Night
Beach Landing
Beastly Beastly
Beat Girl: Blondie's Strip
Beat Girl: Blues for Beatniks
Beat Girl: Car Chase / Night Chase
Beat Girl: Chicken
Beat Girl: End Shot: Slaughter in Soho / Main Title: Beat Girl
Beat Girl: I Did What You Told Me
Beat Girl: It's Legal
Beat Girl: Lindon Home Rock
Beat Girl: Made You
Beat Girl: The Beat Girl Song
Beat Girl: The Cave / Beat Girl / Kids Stuff
Beat Girl: The City 2000 A.D.
Beat Girl: The Immediate Pleasure
Beat Girl: The Off Beat
Beat Girl: The Sharks
Beat Girl: The Stripper
Beat Girl: Time Out
Beat Spy
Beating, The
Beddy-Bye for Howard
Beginning of the Journey, The
Berlin Fashion
Best Man in the World (instrumental) (4M1R/2M2R), The
Best of Big Movie Hits, The
Best of John Barry, The
Best of the EMI Years, The
Betsy End Credits, The
Betsy: Main Title / Love Theme, The
Better Get Him
Beyondness of Things: Main Theme, The
Big Love Scene (original version), The
Big Shield
Big Time
Big Wheel
Billy (1974 original London cast)
Bird in a Gilded Cage, A
Bird / The Swimmer, The
Birth, The
Black Hole / Howard the Duck, The
Black Hole (John Barry) [1979], The
Black Hole: Main Title Theme, The
Black Hole: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, The
Black Hole (Suite), The
Black Hole: The Black Hole Suite
Black Night
Black Out in New York / How About Buying Me a Drink
Black Stockings
Blackmail / What Happened? / Loren’s Suicide
Blessed Illusion
Blofeld’s Plot
Blood Drive 1960
Blueberry Hill
Blues and Out
Blues for Beatniks
Blues for Bubber
Boat Chase, The
Bob and V.I.N.C.E.N.T.
Bobby Visits / Back on Payroll
Bobsled Chase
Body Heat: Body Heat
Body Heat: Main Theme (1981)
Body Heat: Main Title
Body Heat: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Bogota 1984
Bomb, Part 1, The
Bomb, Part 2, The
Bombing, The
Bond and Draco
Bond Arrives in Rio and Boat Chase
Bond at the Monsoon Palace
Bond Averts World War Three
Bond Back in Action Again
Bond: Back in Action (The City of Prague Philharmonic feat. conductor: Nic Raine)
Bond Below the Disco Volante
Bond Escapes Roller
Bond in Macau
Bond Joins the Underwater Battle
Bond Look‐Alike
Bond Lured to Pyramid
Bond Meets Bambi and Thumper
Bond Meets Domino / Shark Tank / Lights Out for Paula/For King and Country
Bond Meets Octopussy
Bond Meets Stacey (A View to a Kill)
Bond Meets Tania
Bond Meets the Girls
Bond Settles In
Bond Smells a Rat
Bond With Spectre Frogmen
Bonds Meets Bambi and Thumper
Bons baisers de Russie “007”
Border Gate at Tijuana
Born Free: Main Theme / The Lion at Play (1966)
Born Free: Main Theme / The Lions at Play
Born Free: Playtime
Born Free: Theme From "Born Free"
Boston Tea Party
Bottoms Up
Bournemouth Strangler
Boys Club, The
Breaking of Silver, The
Breakout to Captivity
Buckin for Beardsley / Beardsley School for Girls
Buffalo Hunt (album version), The
Buffalo Hunt (alternate take), The
Buffalo Hunt (film version), The
Buffalo Hunt / Smiles a Lot Is Saved, The
Buffalo Rampage
Buffalo Robe, The
Bug House
Bump on the Head (alternate)
But Not Through My Realm
Cable Car and Snake Fight
Cable Car Showdown
Cafe Martinique
Cafe Music
Cairo, Kentucky
Call That Dancin'?
Came to the End of Me!, I
Can See What Others Cannot, I
Can't Forget
Can’t Sleep
Can You Speak?
Candle and Bed
Candle Light
Cape Martinique
Capsule in Space
Captain Meets Erica / Winning Erica
Caravan of Lonely Men
Carnival Chase
Caroline’s Note
Carve Up
Cavendish Gang Strikes, The
Central Park
Centrifuge and Corrinne Put Down
Centrifuge Trainer
Cero cero siete al servicio secreto de su majestad
Certain Success, A
Challenge, The
Change of Plans
Chapeau Gratis
Chaplin: Main Theme (1992)
Chaplin: Music From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Chaplin's Studio Opening
Charge (alternate)
Charlie, I Had The Strangest Experience
Charlie One-Eye
Charlie Proposes
Charlie’s Proposal
Charlie’s Unplayed Guitar
Charlotte's Letter
Chase Bomb Theme, The
Chase Is On, The
Chase / Trap
Chatanooga Choo-Choo (source)
Chateau Flight
Cherry Pink and the Apple Blossom White
Chew Me in Grisly Land
Child's Play
Childhood Memeory, A
Childhood Memory, A
Childhood Wish, A
Children's Song, A
Children, The
Chinatown Incident
Chinon / Eleanor’s Arrival
Christ, Forsake Me Not
Christmas Eve
Christmas Song, A
Christmas Wine, The
Church Organ
Cinema Gold
Circus, Circus
Circus, The
Classic John Barry, The
Climb to Skull Island
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Closer and Closer
Closer Look
Closing in on Ray
Closing Theme
Cocktail Hour
Code mercury
Coffee Grinder
Coin / The Vial / The Chase, The
Come, We Must Hurry
Command Control Center
Complimentary Suite
Coney Island (Across the Sea of Time)
Convoy, The
Cookie's Speakeasy
Copper Colored Gal
Corn Is Green, The
Corrine and the Safe
Corrine Put Down
Cotton Club Stomp #1
Cotton Club Stomp #2
Cotton Club: Suite: The Depression Hits / Best Beats Sandman / The Cotton Club, The
Cotton Club - The Depression Hits/Best Beats the Sandman/The Cotton Club, The
Countdown for Blofeld
Countryside and Courtship
Cover Blown (revised)
Cowboy de medianoche
Crash / To the Mansion
Crazy Dog
Creole Love Call
Cry, Cry the Beloved Country
Cry of the Beloved Country: Main Theme
Cry the Beloved Country: Main Theme (1995)
Curiouser and Curiouser (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland)
Cutty Sark (Dateline TV Theme)
Cygnus Floating
Dance With Reality
Dances With Wolves: Journey to Fort Sedgewick
Dances With Wolves: Main Theme
Dances with wolves original motion picture soundtrack
Dances With Wolves (radio promo mix)
Dances With Wolves: The Buffalo Hunt
Dances with wolves. The John Dunbar theme
Dangereusement vôtre
Danny Scipio, Thème (De la série TV "Vendetta")
Danny Scipio Theme, The
Danse avec les loups: Looks Like a Suicide
Danse avec les loups - The John Dumbar Theme
Danse avec les loups “The John Dunbar Theme”
Dante, Petrarch and Poe
Dante’s Theme
Dark Overlord
Dark Rider
Date With Charlie
David Meets Margaret
Dawn Chorus
Dawn in Sherwood
Dawn Raid on Fort Knox
Day of the Locust, The
Day's of Wine & Roses
Day the Earth Fell Silent, The
Day Together, A
Day Wall (alternate)
Daybreak Express Medley
Dead Deer in the River
Dead Miners / Fetter Man
Deadfall: Romance for Guitar & Orchestra (Abridged)
Deadfall: Romance for Guitare and Orchestra (Abridged version) (1968)
Deadfall: Theme From "Romance for Guitar & Orchestra"
Death at Kirk O'Fields
Death at the Whyte House
Death of Aki, The
Death of Carswell, The
Death of Cisco, The
Death of Fiona
Death of Goldfinger – End Titles, The
Death of Grant
Death of Kerim
Death of Kerin
Death of Largo
Death of Pati, The
Death of the Captain / End Title
Death of Tilley
Death of Timmons (alternate), The
Death of Tomas, The
Deck the Halls
Deed I Do
Deep - Main Theme, The
Deep Quest / Flood!
Departure for Rhinefelden
Depression Hits / Best Beats Sandman, The
Descent Into Decadence
Destroy Silicon Valley
Destroying Globes
DeSylva, Brown, Henderson - The Black Bottom
Diamantenfieber (Main Theme)
Diamantes para la eternidad Diamonds are forever
diamants sont éternels, Les
Diamonds Are Forever (Bond and Tiffany)
Diamonds Are Forever: Circus, Circus
Diamonds Are Forever (feat. Shirley Bassey)
Diamonds Are Forever: Main Theme (1971)
Diamonds Are Forever (performed by Shirley Bassey)
Diamonds Are Forever (source instrumental)
Diamonds Are Forever Suite: Blofeld's Laser / Killing Wint and Kidd
Diamonds Are Forever Suite: Diamonds Are Forever
Diamonds Are Forever Suite: Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd / Moon Buggy Ride
Diana Returns
Did It Seem Heavy?
Did We Break Up [Extended Version]
Did You Call Me From 'The Specialist'
Did You Call Me (The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)
Didn't Love You Less, I
Direct Hit
Discovering the Tramp / The Wedding Chase
Dixie Kidnaps Vera
Dixieland Tune
Django's Castle
Do Not Spoil My Pleasure
Do You Know How Christmas Trees Are Grown?
Do You Like Bad Girls?
Dogfight / Journey to China / Antmore Surprises / The General's Cannon, The
Dolls House, A
Don't Stop the Show
Don't Touch Me Ned / Bomb for Tomas
Donna’s Theme
Door Opens, The
Doors & Bikes and Things
Dove (End Title) (No EFX), The
Dove: Main Theme / Hitchhike to Darwin / Sail the Summer Winds, The
Dove: Main Themes (1974), The
Dove (Main Title), The
Down by the Riverside
Downtown Walker
Dr. No Suite: Death of the Tarantula / Killing the Guard / Death of Dr. No
Dr. No Suite: The James Bond Theme
Dr. Rodger Prynne
Drax Estate
Drax Shuttle Launch
Dream Maker
Dress Shop (album version)
Dress, The
Drive to Vegas (album version)
Drop in the Ocean, A
Drop Me Off in Harlem
Dum and Dee Dance
“Dunbar, ” Not “Dumb Bear”
Durant Is Dead
Dusk at Piz Gloria
Dwan Alone / Jack & Dwan
Dwan Falls
Early Days in London
East St. Louis Toodle-O
Eat Topless
Eatin' Crow / Snow Walk
Eleanor and Franklin: Main Theme (1976)
Elephant Stampede
Elgin’s Room
Elizabeth in London
Elizabeth’s Ride
Elizabeth's Theme
Elizebeth Theme
Ellis Island
Elsa at Play
Elsa's Kill
Elsa´s Kill
Else at Play
EMI years., The
Emperor's Speech, The
End Credits (original version)
End Game
End Is at Hand, The
End Title (Alternate Version-Orchestra Mix)
End Title / Final Justice
End Title - Petulia
End Title Theme: Follow Me (vocal)
End Title (You Are Karen)
End Titles
English Garden
Enigma: Main Title
Enigma: Tom Explains Enigma
Entry Into the Last Valley
Escape From Piz Gloria
Escape From Waziri / Eve & Struts
Escape Into Hyperspace
Escape (Original Version), The
Escape With Boswell
Escape With Bothwell
especialista, El
Eternal Echoes
Eve Finds Her Father
Evening Song, An
Every Which Way
Everything at Hand
Excercise at Gibraltar
Execution, The
expert, L'
Explosive Trent
Eya, Eya, Nova Gaudia (The Lion In The Winter)
Face Off With Hakim
Fallen Heroes
Falling in Love
Fancy Dance
Fanfare for Philip / The Great Hall Feast
Farewell and End Title
Farewell and Finale Part I & II
Farewell, Little Dream
Farewell to Struts
Fashion and Fantasy (Theme From "The Day of the Locust")
Feeding Time
Fergus Lamb
Feuerball (Main Theme)
Fictionist, The
Fifteenth Day, The
Fight Aand Recognition / Marian And Robin Meet / He Was My King
Fight at Kobe Dock-Helga
Fight of the Lioness
Fight / The Fight Must Go On, The
Film Music by John Barry
Film Music of John Barry, The
Final Confrontation
Final Dive/Final Eel Attack / End Credits
Finale (alternate)
Finale and End Titles
Finale (revised)
Finale / Some of Us Belong to the Star (reprise) / Ambrosia (reprise)
Finding the Cornet / Spy on Board / The Smoke Stack
Finding the Plane / Underwater Ballet / Bond With Spectre Frogmen / Leiter to the Rescue / Bond Joins Underwater Battle
Fire and Passion (Theme From "The Day of the Locust")
Fire Dance
First Bomb / Ray's Place, The
First Discovery
First Love Theme - By The Stream
First Steps
First Time, The
Flashback & Photos from Indecent Proposal
Flight From Katmandu
Flight Into Space
Flight of the Lioness
Flight Over Africa
Flight Over New York
Florida Fantasy (Midnight Cowboy)
Flying Car
Flying Carpet, The
Flying Lesson, The
Flying over Africa (3 min 22 s)
Fog Bank (alternate)
Follow, Follow (Main Title From Follow Me)
Follow Me (instrumental)
Following the Diamonds
For King and Country
Four in the Morning
Frances and Doc
Frances: Theme
Fred & Cyd
Free at Last
Freefall (Rerecorded)
Frei geboren
Friends of the Evergreen
From London to L.A.
From Russia With Love: 007 (1963)
From Russia with Love – Alternate Version 1
From Russia with Love – Alternate Version 2
From Russia with Love (Du film "From Russia with Love")
From Russia with Love: From Russia with Love (symphonic version)
From Russia With Love (instrumental)
From Russia With Love: Main Theme
From Russia With Love (performed by Matt Monro)
From Russia With Love Suite: 007 Takes the Lektor
From Russia With Love Suite: Girl Trouble
From Russia With Love Suite: Main Title
From Russia With Love Suite: The Golden Horn
From Russia With Love Suite: The Zagreb Express / Gypsy Camp
From The Depths
Full Moon Domain - Beauty Is a Beast
Fun City
Game of Death: Billy and Ann's Love Theme
Game of Death: Billy's Funeral Dirge
Game of Death (Cantonese), The
Game of Death: Game of Death / End Title
Game of Death: Garden Fight
Game of Death: Goodbye Dr. Land
Game of Death: Main Title / Set Fight With Chuck Norris
Game of Death (Mandarin), The
Game of Death / Night Games
Game of Death: Stick Fight (with Sound Effects) / Main Title (reprise)
Game of Death: The Big Motorcycle Fight
Game of Death: Three Motorcycles / Stick Fight With Santo
Game of Death: Will This Be the Song I'll Be Singing Tomorrow (instrumental)
Game of Hide and Seek
Garçon !
Garden of the Locust/Lovers in the Valley, The
Garden of the Locust (shorter version), The
Gassing Derval
Gassing the Gangsters
Gathering Speed
Gene Explores the Titanic / Deep Quest Trapped
Gestapo Headquarters (revised)
Get Lost Jack Frost
Get Over It
Get Smashed / Alone in a Bar
Get to Hell Out of Here
Getting the Bullet
Gifts of Nature
Girl Trouble (from film “From Russia With Love”)
Girl With the Sun in Her Hair (music from the SUNSILK TV commercial), The
Girl With the Sun in Her Hair: Sunsilk Commercial (1968), The
Girl With The Sun In The Hair, The
Give Me a Smile
Giving Away of the Women - An Offertory Chant, The
Glass Menagerie, The
Glory of Love
Go Well Umfundisi
God Damn You
God Save Us / Pedantic, Boring, Old
Going, Going Gone
Golden Gate Fight
Golden Girl
Golden Horn, The
Goldfinger: Dawn Raid at Fort Knox
Goldfinger (Du film Goldfinger)
Goldfinger (instrumental version)
Goldfinger: Intro Miami / Alpine Drive
Goldfinger: Main Theme (1964)
Goldfinger (performed by Shirley Bassey)
Goldfinger Suite: Into Miami / Alpine Drive
Gondola Chase
Good Times Are Comin' (End Title), The
Good Times Are Comin' (extended version), The
Good Times Are Comin' (Main Title), The
Good Times Are Comin' (Monte Alone), The
Good Times Are Comin' (single version), The
Good Times Are Coming, The
Goodbye Akton
Goodbye Harry (Continuation)
Goodbye John (album version)
Goodbye John (alternate)
Goodbye John (revised)
Goodbye To Hester
Goodbye Two Socks (alternate)
Goodhead and Bond
Goodnight Goodnight
Goodnight Moon
Graf Returns / Mountain Skirmish - The Village Attack
Grand Hotel
Grandfather / It’s All in the Family / Working on Betsy
Grandmother Calls
Great Big Nothing
Great Movie Sounds Of John Barry
Great TV and Film Hits
Greatest Works of John Barry, The
Grey's Day
Guitar Lament
Gumbold’s Safe
Gumshoe Piano
Gun Barrel
Gunbarrel - Hijacking - Freefall
Gunbarrel / Manhunt
Gunbarrel / Traction Table / Gassing the Plane / Car Chase
Gus and Oscar
Gypsy Camp
Hacket Funeral and Fight
Hackett Funeral and Fight
Had a Compass From Denys (Karen’s Theme II), I
Had a Farm (from "Out of Africa"), I
Had a Farm in Africa (Out of Africa), I
Had A Farm In Africa [Saimaza], I
Had a Farm (Main Title), I
Hai Fat's Resignation
Hallway, The
Hamba Notsokolo
Hammett's Dream
Hand-Fed Jerky
Handful of Songs, A
Hang a Wooden Suit / Capital Expansion
Hanover Street
Hansen Tries to Murder Captain
Happy to Be Themselves
Have I Changed Very Much Since You Last Saw Me?
Have you got a story for me ? (1 min 12 s)
Have You Heard of a Man Called Jones? – End Theme
Haven't Got You, I
He and She / Call it Betsy / It’s the Car
He Cathes Her
He Knows the Way Out!
He’s Dangerous
He's Dead / Basement
He Was My King
He Was Our Only Child
Head / The Breakers
Heartlands, The
Heather and Roz
Helicopter to Yacht (short version)
Herb Garden, The
Hercules Takes Off
Here Comes Nancy Now!
Here's to Us
Here There Be Dragons
Hester Rides to Town
Hester Walks Through Town
Hey Lady
Hidaway - Vocal, Georgie Fame
Hide and Seek
High Grass
High Road and End Title
High Road to China: Suite (1983)
Highway 101 (from 'Petulia')
Hip’s Trip
His Decision
Hit and Miss (theme from 'Jukebox Jury')
Hitch-Hike to Darwin
Hits & The Misses, The
Holiday with Elsa
hombre de la pistola de oro, El
Home Again; Things Are Going to Be Slow From Now On
Home Life
homme au pistolet d'or, L'
Hot and Heavy
Hot Voodoo
Hotter and Heavier
How Beautiful You Made Me
How Beautiful You Make Me
How Far Is It to the Next Town (reprise)
How Much of the Dream Comes True?
Howard the Duck: Beddy-Bye for Howard
Howard the Duck: Dark Overload
Howard the Duck: Journey to Earth
Howard the Duck: Lullaby of Duckland
Howard the Duck: Ultralight Flight
Howard the Duck: You're the Duckiest
Human Jungle (alternative version)
Human Jungle (from the TV series), The
Hungry Tart (shorter version), The
Hunt, The
I’ll Be With You in Apple Blossom Time
I'll Drink to That
I'm a Friend of Simon's
I’m Better at Hello (Karen’s Theme I)
I'm Burning Up
I'm Frightened
I'm Not the Man I Seem
I'm Still in the Game
I'm Weak
I've Been a Bad Woman!
I've Just Fallen for Someone
I’ve Never Been This Far Before
Ice Chase
Ice Planet / Heading for Zarkon, The
Icpress, danger immédiat “The Icpress File”
If I Knew a Song of Africa
If I Know a Song of Africa (Karen’s Theme III)
If You’re Not Clean, I’ll Kill You
Ill Wind
In All the Right Places
In an Eighteenth Century Drawing Room
In Bed
In My Own Time
In Position / Preparation for Battle
In Search of Scaramanga's Fun House
In Search of Scaramanga’s Island
In the Broken Promise Land of Fifteen
In the Church / This Way
In The Church / Troops Make Camp
In, Through… and Beyond!
Incomprehensible Captivity
Indecent Proposal: Main Theme (1993)
Indecent Proposal: Suite
Indians Attack, The
Inflight Fight
Instrumental Suite from Indecent Proposal
Interchange / Night Intruder
Into a Bar
Into Miami
Into New York
Into the Hole
Into Vienna
Intoxicated David
Introducing Mr. Bond
Ipcress File: A Man Alone (1965), The
Ipcress File (Main Title Theme), The
Iron Horse
Is He the One?
Is It My Son?
Is That What Happened?
Is This Where I Wake Up
Island, The
Isn't It Romantic
It Doesn’t Matter Anymore
It Is My Son / That Killed Your Son
It's Love
It's Not Too Beautiful
It Were All Green Hills
Jack in Pursuit
Jagged Edge
James Bond 007 - Diamantenfieber
James Bond 007 - Goldfinger
James Bond 007 Selection
James Bond - Astronaut?
James Bond - Goldfinger: Theme Orchestra Version (Alpine Drive)
James Bond - Im Geheimdienst Ihrer Majestät
James Bond in Japan
James Bond Is Back
James Bond - Man lebt nur zweimal: Mountains and Sunsets
James Bond - Medley
James Bond — Ninja
James Bond - On Her Majesty’s Secret Service / View to a Kill Suite
James Bond Theme (album version), The
James Bond Theme (Aus ''Dr. No''), The
James Bond, Thème (Du film "Dr. No")
James Bond Theme from Dr. No, The
James Bond Theme (reprise), The
James Bond Theme: Symphonic Version (1962), The
James Bond With Bongoes (On the way from the airport)
jauría humana The chase, La
Jazz Along Alone
Jeepers Creepers
Jenny Weeds
Jenseits von Afrika: Main Theme
Jenseits von Afrika: Main Title
Jeu de la mort / Night Games, Le
Joan Barry Trouble / Oona Arrives
Joe Buck Rides Again
John and Amy Meet
John Barry Collection, The
John Barry Conducts His Greatest Movie Hits
John Barry Saloon
John Barry: The Collection: 40 Years of Film Music
John Barry - The EMI Years, Volume 2
John Bursts In / The End / End Titles
John Bursts In / The End ("Robin and Marian")
John Dunbar Theme (Bailando con lobos), The
John Dunbar Theme (Der mit dem Wolf tanzt)
John Dunbar Theme (film Dances with Wolves), The
John Dunbar Theme (film version), The
John Dunbar Theme (From "Dance With Wolves")
John Dunbar Theme (radio promo mix), The
John Dunbar Theme (Theme From "Dances With Wolves"), The
John Dunbar Theme (with vocal slate), The
Journey Back in Time, The
Journey to Blofeld’s Hideaway
Journey to Draco’s Hideaway
Journey to Earth
Journey to England
Journey to Fort Sedgewick (alternate take)
Journey to Fort Sedgewick / Shooting Star / John Dunbar Theme / Arrival at Fort Sedgewick (expanded)
Journey to Scotland
Journey to the Buffalo Killing Ground (Dances With Wolves)
June 27th
Jungle / The Hole / Camp Site / Dwan Scared
Junkyard, The
Just as You Were
Kara Meets Bond
Karen and Denys
Karen Builds a School
Karen's Journey Ends
Karen’s Journey / Siyawe
Karen's Journey Starts
Karen's Return From Border
Kate’s O.K.
Keep a Walkin'
Kevin Costner in the Studio
Kevin Dead / Goodbye Coffin
Kicking Bird’s Gift
Kill for Pussy
Killer Fires
Killing at Kiunga
Killing at Ksunga
Killing - Next Morning, The
King Kong (John Guillermin)
King Kong: Prelude and Love Theme
King Rat March
Kissably Close
Kitchen Floor (revised)
Knack and How to Get It (The Knack Et Comment Lavoir), The
Knack… et comment l’avoir “The Knack”, Le
Knack: Main Theme (1965), The
Knack (vocal), The
Kong Escapes
Kong Hits the Big Apple
Kong's Hand
Kong's Heart Beat / End Title
Koskov Escapes
Kung Fu Fight-Boat Chase
la Harry James, A
Lady From L.A., The
Landing - The Pyramid - Pet Python
Laser Beam, The
Last Call
Last Deadfall, The
Last Fight
Last Time, The
Last Valley: Main Theme (choral version), The
Last Valley: Main Title / Finale, The
Last Valley - Main Titles, Part 1, The
Last Valley - Main Titles, Part 2, The
Last Valley: Suite (1970), The
Last Word Is Mine, The
Late to Work
Launch Adrift
Legend Begins, The
Legend of the Lone Ranger, The
Leila Dances
Leiter to the Rescue
Lesbian Tango, The
Let Him Go / Kicking Bird Visits / Coffee Cups
Let It Go Free
Let’s Do It
Let’s Go Get ’em
Let’s Have a Wonderful Time
Let's See That Beautiful Face / "Did You Call Me"
Let the rest of the world go by (3 min 12 s)
Letter Has Served a Purpose, The
Letter to My Brother
Licence to Kill
Liebesgrüße aus Moskau (Main Theme)
Life in Mono
Lights Out for Paula
Like to Make the Talk / Falling in Love, I
Like Waltz
Lion in Winter: Main Title / Eleanor's Arrival / We're All Jungle Creatures, The
Lion in Winter: Suite (1968), The
Lion in Winter - Suite: The Lion in Winter / Eleanor's Arrival / We're Jungle Creatures, The
Lion in Winter: The Lion in Winter Main Theme, The
Little Brown Jug (source)
Little Hammer
Little Nellie
Little Old‐Fashioned Nostalgia, A
Little Yellow Roses
Living Daylights: Air Bond / Necros Attack, The
Living Daylights - Air Bond/Necros Attacks, The
Living Daylights - End Title (Alternative Version), The
Living Daylights - End Title (If There Was A Man), The
Living Daylights: Hercules Takes Off (1987), The
Living Daylights: Koskov Escapes / Hercules Take Off, The
Living Daylights - Kosvok Escapes/Hercules Take Off, The
Living Daylights: Mujahadin / Afghanistan Plan, The
Living daylightsoriginal motion picture soundtrack, The
Lobster Quadrille, The
Locked in the Boot
Lolita, My Love (Original Cast)
London 1946
London Theme, The
Loneliness of Autumn, The
Lonely Avenue
Lonely Lover (film version)
Lonely Lover (violin version)
Lonely Lover (woodwind version)
Long John
Look Around
Look for Me at Fong's
Look Out Charlie / A Hurried Exit
Looking for Simon
Looks Like a Suicide
Looks Like Suicide (Theme from Dances With Wolves)
Loss of the Journal and the Return to Winter Camp, The
Lost My Bet
Love Among the Ruins
Love Her, I
Love Me Tender
Love My Love, I
Love Scene – The Old House, The
Love Theme, The
Lover's Clasp
Löwe im Winter, Der
Lower East Side, The
Lucky Dollar
Lullaby of Duckland
Macadam Cowboy “Midnight Cowboy”
Magnificent Seven, The
Main Theme (I Had A Farm In Africa) (From "Out Of Africa")
Main theme [James Bond license to kill]
Main Theme (James Bond / Lizenz zum Töten)
Main Theme ‐ On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
Main Theme: Wednesday's Child
Main Title / A Nasty Headache
Main Title (album version)
Main Title (alternate revised)
Main Title (Alternate Version) / Leading In (Alternate Version)
Main Title / Bruce Lee Theme
Main Title / Charlie Gets the Knife
Main Title (Film Version) / Leading In
Main Title - Goldfinger / Into Miami
Main Title (I Had a Farm in Africa)
Main Title II
Main Title / Looks Like a Suicide (expanded)
Main Title / Looks Like a Suicide / Second Suicide Attempt
Main Title (Movie version)
Main Title - Petulia
Main Title (piano version)
Main Title / The Arrival / Search for Home
Main Title: The Chase
Main Title / The Game's Afoot
Main Title the Letter
Main Title / The Lion in Winter
Main Title / The Mine Shaft
Main Title/The Valley (from The Last Valley)
Main Title – The Whisperers
Main Title Theme: Follow Me (vocal)
Main Title Theme, Part 2
Main Title Theme (Zulu)
Main Title: Thunderball
Main Titles
Making Love
Man Alone (1), A
Man Alone (2), A
Man Alone (3), A
Man Alone (The Ipcress File), A
Man Can Develop..., A
Man From Madrid
Man In The Mask (Instrumental), The
Man lebt nur zweimal (Main Theme)
Man of My Dreams, The
Man on a Scooter, The
Man Overboard / SMERSH in Action
Man With The Golden Gun - Chew Me In Grisly Land/Hip's Trip/Return To Scaramanga's Fun House, The
Man With the Golden Gun (end title), The
Man With the Golden Gun End Titles (voice only), The
Man With the Golden Gun: Expanded Soundtrack, The
Man With the Golden Gun (Jazz instrumental), The
Man With The Golden Gun - Kung Fu Fight/Let's Go Get 'Em/In Search of Scaramanga's Island, The
Man With the Golden Gun - Main Theme, The
Man With the Golden Gun (movie version), The
Man With the Golden Gun (performed by Lulu), The
Man With The Golden Gun - Slow Boat From China/Nick Nack/The Man With The Golden Gun, The
Man With the Golden Gun: Slow Boat From China / The Man With the Golden Gun (1974), The
March of the Mandarins
March Out of My Life
March to the Castle
Mark's Graveyard Site
Marriage, The
Mary and Darnley
Mary at Chartley
Mary Queen of Scots: Main Theme
Mary Queen of Scots: Vivre et Mourir (1971)
Mary's Theme (reprise)
Masquerade: End Title
Matador From Trinidad
Matter of Survival, A
Matter of Who, A
Matty's Place
Matty Was Mary Ann
May and Ray at the Cemetery
May Dances With Tomas / "Did You Call Me"
May Day Bombs Out
May Day Jumps
May Meets Joe / I'm Not a Woman You Can Trust
May's Room / "Did You Call Me"
Maybe My Luck has Changed
Me I Never Knew, The
Meadow of Delight and Sadness
Media Vita in Morte Sumus (In the Midst of Life We Are in Death)
Medley: Off With Their Heads / The Croquet Game / Off With Their Heads / The Moral Song / Off With Their Heads
Meeting Harry
Meeting in St. Sophia
Meeting, The
Meeting With Grantby and Fight
Meeting With Kudrow
Memorias de África
Memories of the Titanic
Memories of Yesterday
Men Walk
Menace, The
Mercury Rising: The Story Ends
Message From Paul
Michael & Julia on Hearse
Midnight Cowbowy: Main Theme
Midnight Cowboy: Florida Fantasy
Midnight Cowboy: Fun City
Midnight Cowboy: Main Theme (1969)
Midnight Cowboy, Thème (Du film "Midnight Cowboy")
Mill Stream
Minnie the Moocher
Minuet From Quintet in E (Boccherini)
Miss Goodhead Meets Bond
Miss Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Miss Penelope
Missed the Last Rainbow, I
Missionary Ridge
Mister Death Angel Flanders
Mister Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Mister Moses: Suite (1965)
Mister Moses: Suite: Main Title / Moses in the River / An Elephant Called Emily / The Damn / "What Would I Do for Laughs?"
mit dem Wolf tanzt: Main Theme, Der
Mobile Called "Boom", A
Model House
Mohamet's Dance
Monkey Feathers
Montage of Deaths
Monte Walsh: Suite (1970)
Monte Walsh - The Good Times are Comin'
Monte Walsh - Theme The Good Times Are Coming
Mooche, The
Mood Indigo
Mood One
Mood Two
Moody River
Moon Buggy Ride
Moonraker: Arrival at Chateau Drax / Freefall
Moonraker - Arrival At Chateaux Drax/Freefall
Moonraker - Flight Into Space
Moonraker (instrumental)
Moonraker - Miss Goodhead Meets Bond/Bond Lured To The Pyramids
Moonraker: Moonraker
Moonraker Overture, The
Moonraker (performed by Shirley Bassey)
Moonraker (Shaken and Stirred)
More Discovery
More Things Change, The
Morning After, The
Morning Worm / Buffalo Bones
Morris Hides as He Sees Handcart
Morris Visits Dr. Pratt
Motorbike and the Dove, The
Motorcycle Chase and Bridge Battle (revised)
Mountains and Sunsets
Moviola II: Action and Adventure
Moviola: Theme (1992)
Mozart's Sonata in A major, K.331
Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (feat. Shirley Bassey)
Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (mono)
Mr One and Only
Mr. Otis
Mr. Tight Trousers
Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd / Bond to Holland
Mujahadin and Opium
Multi Image
Murder at the Fair
Music of Goodbye, The
Music of John Barry, The
Must Go / Only a Sioux, I
My Last Trip Home
My Last Wish
My Life: Love Theme
My Love Has Two Faces (instrumental demo)
My Love Has Two Faces (male vocal)
My Romance
My Sister's Keeper: Suite
My Tears Will Turn to Laughter
NASA Prepares Shuttle Launch
Natural Clown (reduced orchestration), A
Natural Clown/The Death of a Clown, A
Naughty Naughty
Near Miss
Near the Lake
Necros Attacks
Need You (album version), I
Network Ball Attack
Never Have I Felt So Free
Never Let Go
New Day Will Come, A
New Reserve, The
News of Hetty's Death
Next Time
Nice to Meet You Brian
Night Battle at Rhinefelden
Night Games: Afterplay
Night Games: Descent Into Decadence
Night Games: Phantom of the Orgasm
Night Games: The Lesbian Tango
Night Games: The Wet Spot
Night Games: Water Sport / The Dominatrix's Waltz
Night Visitor
Night Walk in Berlin
Night Wall Part 1 (alternate)
Night Wall Part 2 (alternate)
Nineteen Twelve
No Coffee / Enjoy the Book
No Love but Your Love
No Love Have I
Nobody and Nothing – Jazz
Nocturnal New York
Norman Leaves
Not Again
Not Guilty
Nothing We Can Do / Heather and Roz
O'Malley and Eve
Octopussy: All Time High
Octopussy - Bond Meets Octopussy/Bond Look Alike/The Palace Fight
Octopussy: Palace Flight
Octopussy: Suite - Bond Meets Octopussy / The Palace Fight
Oddjob’s Pressing Engagement
Of a Year Unknown
Off Again: Follow Me (vocal)
Off Beat, The
Offertory Chant, An
Oh How I Love Jesus
Ohinyan / End Credits
Okay Dad; Mother Shut Up!
Oktober – Walk From the River
Ol' Nicodemus
Old Friends
Old House, The
Old Neighborhood, The
Old Woman, The
On Hanover Street
On her majesty's Secret Service (Du film "On her majesty's Secret Service")
On Her Majesty's Secret Service Suite: Bond Meets the Girls: Bond and the Girls / Who Will Buy My Yesterdays?
On Her Majesty's Secret Service Suite: Escape From Piz Gloria and the Ski Chase
On Her Majesty's Secret Service Suite: This Never Happened to the Other Fella' / Gumbold's Safe Break
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service: We Have All the Time in the World
On ne vit que deux fois “Space March”
On ne vit que deux fois “You Only Live Twice”
On to India / Arrival in Katmandu / Souls Approaches
Once Having Been Lovers
One Million Dollars
One More Time
Only a Bird in a Gilded Cage
Onto Waziri / Khan
Onward Christian Spaceman
Opening, The
Opening Titles: James Bond Is Back / Lionel Bart - From Russia With Love / Monty Norman - James Bond Theme
Opération Tonnerre “Thunderball”
Opium Den / Escape From Fongs, The
Orson Welles' Great Mysteries (from the TV series)
Out of Africa (End Credits)
out of africa film pozegnanie z afryka
Out of Africa: Flying over Africa
Out of Africa: I Had a Farm (Main Title)
Out of Africa - Main Theme
Out of Africa (Main Title) (aus "Jenseits von Afrika") John Barry 1992
Out of Africa: Main Title (I Had a Farm in Africa)
Out of Africa: Music From the Motion Picture Soundtrack
Out of Afrika - Main Theme
Outhouse Sprint
Over and Out
Over and Over
Over the Wall / Escape
Over The Wall (Original Version)
Overture / Ambrosia
Pain Gone Till Tomorrow
Palace Fight, The
Panorama para matar
Pantyhose / Maidenform (Michael Lang)
Paramount on Parade/The Invaders(From The Vagabond King)/June in January/Columbia the Gem of the Ocean
Parking Lot Bomb, The
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part IX
Part V
Part VI
Part VII
Part X
Part XI
Part XII
Party's Over, The
Passion Flower Hotel (Original 1965 London Cast)
Patty and Robin
Pawnee Are Coming / Rifles / Pawnee / Pawnee Attack / Stone Calf Dies / Toughest Pawnee Dies
Pawnee Attack Part I & II
Pawnees / Pawnee Attack / Stone Calf Dies / Toughest Dies
Pegasus’ Stable
Peggy Sue Got Married: Peggy Sue's Homecoming
Peggy Sue Got Married: The Deluxe Edition
Peggy Sue Visits Grandparents
Peggy Sue With Michael [Alternate]
Persuaders!: Main Titles, The
Persuaders (The Farewell mix), The
Persuaders! -Theme From The Persuaders!, The
Persuaders Theme (From the TV Series), The
Persuaders: TV Series (1971), The
Peter Franks
Petrox Marching Band
Petulia: End Title
Petulia: Main Title
Phantom of the Orgasm
Photo Strip
Piano Source
Picture of Love (Theme From "The Day of the Locust"), A
Pictures From the Past
Pidele al tiempo que vuelva
Place / Buffalo Charge, The
Place Inside Alive and Welll, A
Plague Pit, The
Play It Again (The Tamarind Seed)
Playing by Heart - Vows Renewed
Plenty, Then Tiffany
Plus Belles Musiques de films, Les
Poison Pen
Police Chase
Poor Creatures
Poor Fatherless Child
Porpoise Escort
Portrait of Frances, A
Potted Palms
Preparation for Battle
Preparation, The
Presentation (alternate #1)
Presentation (alternate #2)
Pretty Busy
Priest Prays for Guidance / The Shrine, The
Proposition indécente
Puck Dies
Pun Song, The
Pussy Galore’s Flying Circus
Puzzle, The
Pyramid of Cheops
Q’s Trick
Quarry, The
Quiller and the Bomb
Quiller Caught – The Fight
Quiller Memorandum: Wednesday's Child (1966), The
Radio Show – Soap
Raging Inferno
Raid on Chang's Camp / Finale & End Titles
"Raindrop" Prelude in D Flat Major
Raise the Titanic / Deep Quest Saved
Raise the Titanic: Suite (1980)
Raking It In
Rape of Khutai, The
Ray Covers May / "Did You Call Me"
Ray Meets May at Her Funeral
Razor Attack, The
Ready to Embark
Ready When You Are, J.B.
Real... John Barry, The
Recession, The
Recovery of Marlowe, The
Remembering Chet (Playing by Heart)
Remembering Hetty
Rescue Attempt / Blowing the Tanks
Rescue of Dances With Wolves / Sgt. Bauer Dies
Resourceful Man, A
Responsible for Bringing Us Together
Restaurant, The
Return From the Hunt / Never So Lonely
Return to Scaramanga’s Fun House
Return to the Present
Return to the Sea - 2033 A.D.
Returning Home
Reunion / Born Free
Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini
Richard’s Joust / Geoffrey’s Battle
Ride On
Ride to Fort Hayes
Ride to Fort Hays
Ride To Sherwood (Alternate Version )
Ride to Sherwood / The Ride to Nottingham (Film version), The
Ride to Sherwood / The Ride to Nottingham (original version), The
Ride To Sherwood (Version #2)
Rien ne sert de courir “Walk Don’t Run”
Ring Dem Bells
Ritual, The
River (4 min 26 s), The
Robin and Marian Meet / Fight & Recognition / "He Was My King"
Robin and Marian: Suite (1976)
Robin and Marion
Robin und Marian (Love Theme)
Rocco's Theme
Rockafeller Skank, The
Roll Dance, The
Roller Coaster, The
Romance for Guitar and Orchestra
Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Ouverture
Rooftop Arrival
Room 417
Rotten Cat
Round-Up, The
Rowdy Rumba
Royal Procession, The
Ruby Cairo Theme: Flamenco
Run to the Heli-Pad, The
Russian Threat / The Titanic Enters New York Harbor
S.P.E.C.T.R.E. and Village
Sacrifice - Hail to the King
Safari (2 min 40 s)
Sail The Summer Winds (Main Title From The Dove)
Salon Source
Same Old Song (reprise), The
Same Party
Samson Gets It / Angelo Takes Over
Satin Smooth
Saturday Night Philosopher
Savages Have Killed Him, The
Say It Isn't So
Scaramanga’s Fun House
Scarlet Letter - End Title
Scarlet Letter: Love Theme (1995), The
Scary Night in the Park
Scene Unseen
School Song (reprise)
Science Fiction
Score Outtakes Suite
Sea of Death
Séance on a Wet Afternoon: Main Title / The Kidnap / The Ransom / End Title
Seance on a Wet Afternoon (Omni Trio remix)
Search for Vulcan
Searching for Matty / Agreement (film edit)
Second Love Theme
Second Spat
Secret du rapport Quiller “Wednesday’s Child”, Le
Secrets of My Heart, The
Secrets of Rome
See Ya / 11m1
Shadow of Death, The
Shark Bait / Coffin Discovers / Death Grip
She Moved On
She’s Hurt
She Tries (alternate)
She Will Not Speak
Shelley Waits
Ship at Sea/Strange Tale / Hey Look
Shock of Each Moment of Still Being Alive, The
Shoeshine Blues
Shrine, The
Sicilian Defence / Southby / "The Mountain Comes to Us", The
Sicilian Project / Dog Attack, The
Silent Treatment, The
Simon Is Going Home
Simon on the Edge / Death of Kudrow
Simon's Theme (Mercury Rising)
Simply Wonderful / Finding Crib
Sing You Sinners
Sioux Steal Cisco
Sir Hillary’s Night Out (Who Will Buy My Yesterdays?)
Sit Him High
Six Robots
Ski Chase
Skid Row
Sleep, Baby [Alternate]
Sleep Well My Darling
Slow Day
Slumber, Inc.
Small Act of Contrition, A
Smoke Signal / The Death of Timmons
Smoky Blues
Sniper Was a Woman, The
Snow Job
Soccer Game
Social Swing
Soft Kisses / Dive Preparations
Soft Shoe Salesman (album version)
Some of Us Belong to the Stars
Some Where In Time: Main Theme
Someone Nice Like You
Something Different
Something's Up!
Somewhere in Time (End Credits)
Somewhere in Time: Main Theme
Somewhere in Time: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Sophia Loren in Rome
Sorta Romantic
Souvenirs d'Afrique
Soviet Capsule
Spa, The
Space Laser Battle
Space Lazer Battle
Space March (Capsule in Space)
Space Shuttle Ballet
Space War
Spanish Harlem
Speaking Mirrors
Specialist in Miami, The
Specialist - Main Theme/Bogota 1984/"Did You Call Me?", The
Specialist: Suite (1994), The
Specialist: Suite: Main Title / Bogota 1984 / You Bastard, How Do You Feel, Better? / "Did You Call Me?", The
Specialist (The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra), The
Spit and Polish
Spotting the Herd (alternate 1)
Spotting the Herd (alternate 2)
Stands With a Fist Remembers
Starcrash Suite
Start the Countdown
Starting Again
Station Stop and Space Laser Battle
Statue Dance
Sticks and Stones
Still Bein' Afraid
Stocking Feet
Stop Talking Foolish - Stop Talking Anything
Story Begins..., The
Story Ends..., The
Storyteller / Garden of the Locust, The
Strange Planet / The Troggs Attack
Stranger in the Night
Street Chase
Streets and Parks Lanes
Stringbeat: A Handful of Songs
Stringbeat: Baubles, Bangles and Beads
Stringbeat: Donna's Theme
Stringbeat: It Doesn't Matter Anymore
Stringbeat: Like Waltz
Stringbeat: Man From Madrid
Stringbeat: Moody River
Stringbeat: Rodeo
Stringbeat: Rum-Dee-Dum-Dee-Dah
Stringbeat: Spanish Harlem
Stringbeat: Starfire
Stringbeat: Sweet Talk
Stringbeat: The Challenge
Stringbeat: There's Life in the Old Boy Yet
Stringbeat: Zapata
Strip Drive
Stripper, The
Subway Ride, The
Subway Story and Dance
Suite (from The Lion in Winter)
Suite No. 1 (Main Title / Montage of Deaths / Rhino Safari / I Believe You Are Too / Well That's What I'll Do Then / Julie Runs From Front Door / Morris Takes Candle / God Save Us! Tag)
Suite No. 2 (Good Day Cousin / Peacock Looks at Body / …Sequence / I Was Not Always / Salvation Army Major-Masterman / Finish)
Super Tanker
Sur Les Quais
Surprise and Explosion
Survival Test
Sweet Talk
Swept from the sea
Swinging at the Riverside
Swinging City
Switching the Body
Syndicate, The
Tamarind Seed: Play It Again (1974), The
Tamarind Seed: Suite: Play It Again / The Accident / Double Agent / End Credits, The
Tanaka's World
Tania Meets Klebb
Teasing the Korean
Tell Me, Tell Me
Tenderly (feat. Chet Baker)
Tetha Leyanto
"Thank God for Southby" / In the Graveyard / End Titles
That Fatal Kiss
That Old Box
That Old Feeling (Lew Brown & Sammy Fain)
That’s It
That’s My Little Octopussy
Thème de James Bond “The James Bond Theme”
Theme Demo 1
Theme Demo 2
Theme Demo 3
Theme Demo 4
Theme Demo 5
Theme Demo 6
Theme Demo 6A
Theme Demo 7
Theme Demo 8
Theme Demo 9
Thème des Grands Fonds (Theme From The Deep) (instrumental)
Theme from "Born Free" (aus "Born Free - frei geboren") John Barry 1967
Theme From "Chaplin"
Theme from Dances With Wolves
Theme From Goldfinger
Theme From "Indecent Proposal"
Theme From King Rat
Theme From 'Midnight Cowboy'
Theme From Persuaders (Sinclair Waltz)
Theme From Persuaders (Snobbar som jobbar)
Theme From 'Romance for Guitar and Orchestra'
Theme From "Romance for Guitar Snd Orchestra"
Theme From "Somewhere in Time"
Theme From "The Appointment"
Theme From "The Day of the Locust" / Finale
Theme from The Deep (Down, Deep Inside)
Theme From the Ipcress File
Theme From the Magnificent Seven
Theme from) The Persuaders, (The
Themeology: The Best of John Barry
Then the Morning Comes
There Goes the Hotel Room / The Fight
There Is a Radio in This Hut
There Is Power in the Blood
There's Life in the Old Boy Yet
These Foolish Things (feat. Chet Baker)
They Might Be Giants: Main Title / The Game's Afoot
They Told Me
Third Dive
Third Love Theme - Do You Love Me?
This Is How You Dance
This Never Happened to the Other Feller
This Was Mary
This Way Mary
Three Attackers, The
Three Key Lock / All Yours
Three of Us, The
Three on a Bed
Through Caverns Measureless to Man
Thunderball (Du film "Thunderball")
Thunderball (instrumental)
Thunderball: Main Theme (1965)
Thunderball Main Title
Thunderball (performed by Tom Jones)
Thunderball Radio Spot
Thunderball Suite: Finale: Fight on the Disco Volante / Death of Largo
Thunderball Suite: The Bomb / Café Martinique (Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang)
Thunderball - The Bomb/Café Martinque
Thunderball - Thunderball (Tom Jones)
Tibbett Gets Washed Out
Tick Which Applies
Tickle of Original Feeling, The
Tiffany Case
Time Is Like A Burrito
Times Square and Broadway
Timmons Leaves
Titanic Uncovered, The
To California / The Cutting Room
To Cornwall / "All That's Left" (Memories of the Titanic)
To Hell With Blofeld
To Love and Be Loved
To Rome
To the Chapel
Together at Sunset
Tom Explains Enigma
Tom Goes To Cottage
Tonight's Romance / Tomorrow's Romance (Michael Lang)
Tontine Box Is Put on Hearse
Total Dismay
Touch and Go
Tower / Helpless
Tower of Death
Train Search / Art & Simon, The
Train to Johannesburg, The
Trap (alternate)
Trapped II
Trip To Beaumanor
Tritsch Tratsch Polka, The
trou noir, Le
Trying to Forget
Tuer n'est pas jouer
Tuned in at Changi
Turned Injun
TV Theme to the Persuaders
Twelfth Street Rag
Twice Is the Only Way to Live
Twist It
Two on a Bike
Two Socks at Play
Two Socks – The Wolf Theme
Uitar Lament (You Decide James)
Ultimate John Barry, The
Ultralight Flight
Unchained Melody
Underwater Mayhem / Death of Largo / End Titles
Unexpected Reunion
Unknown Seas
Until September: Candle Light
Until September: End Title
Until September: Foreplay
Until September: He Catches Her
Until September: "It's Love"
Until September: Main Title
Until September: Memories
Until September: Not Again
Until September: One More Time
Until September: Second Spat
Until September: Seine
Until September / Star Crash
Until September: The Morning After
Until September: Waiting
Unused Fanfare
Up French Creek / Bein' Afraid
Up to the Sky
Urgentissimo - Like Everything this Summer
Us and Oscar / Oscar
Used to Hide in There, I
Valley Chase
Vaughan Williams - Dives & Lazarus
Vendetta (De la série TV "Vendetta")
Vendetta “The Danny Scipio Theme”
Venini Glassworks - Dr Goodhead
Veracruz Encounter
Very Best of John Barry, The
Very Exhilarating Read, A
View to a Kill (Main Titles), A
View to a Kill: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, A
View to a Kill (performed by Duran Duran), A
View To A Kill - Wine With Stacey/Fanfare/Snow Job, A
View to a Kill: Wine With Stacey / Snow Job (1985), A
View to a Kill: Wine With Stacy / Fanfare / Snow Job, A
Village Attack, The
Villagers Fight for the Shrine, The
Vivre Et Mourir (feat. Vanessa Redgrave)
Vogel Leaves the Valley
Vogel's Dream - The Last Valley
Von Kern's Attack
Voo Doo
Wait Till It Happens / I’m Shelley
Waiting and First Flight
Waiting for Joy
Waiting For Signals
Walk don't run
Walk From the River
Walkabout: Back to Nature (1970)
Walkabout / Follow Me
Walkabout: Night in the Outback
Walkabout: Stranded
Walkabout: Survival Test / The Journey
Walkabout: The Children
Walkabout: The Deserted Settlement / The Final Dance
Walkabout: The Three of Us
Walkabout: Together at Sunrise
Walkabout: Walkabout
Want to Stay the Night, I
Warren - You'll Never Know
Warthog Hunt
Watch Your Step
Water Pistol, A
Water Sports / The Domanatrix's Waltz
Waterfront Rendezvous
Waterloo Sketches
Waziri Source
Waziri Village Attack and Escape
Waziri Village Attack & Escape (High Road to China)
We Danced Home Again
We Have All the Time in the World (from "On Her Majesty's Secret Service") (performed by Louis Armstrong)
We Have All the Time in the World / James Bond Theme
We Have All the Time in the World (orchestral version)
We Must Be Careful (The Love Theme)
We’re All Jungle Creatures
We're in Business
We’re Losing Him
We Taught Him Nothing
Wedding Source
Wedding / The Busy Bee, The
Wednesday’s Child – Main Theme
Wednesday's Child (The Quiller Memorandum)
Welcome to America, Welcome to New York
Wet Spot, The
What a Question
What Did I Do Wrong
What Do You Want From Me?
What Does This Country Need Today?
What I Want
What Sort of Life Did They Lead
What Took You So Long? / A Toast
When Johnny Comes Marching Home
When the Saints Come Marching In
When the Saints Go Marching In
Where Does One Pee?
Where You Are
Which Way is the Sun?
Whisperers, The
White Buffalo, The
Who Will Buy My Yesterdays
Whole Place Is Wired / She's Hot Ray, The
"Why Not Winter in the Valley?" / The Death of Eskesen
Whyte House, The
Wigram Arrives
Wild and Free
Wild Pipa
Will This Be the Song I'll Be Singing Tomorrow? (vocal)
Will You Walk a Little Faster?
William Tell Overture
Williams, Roger Roger Williams Collection (The)
Win One / You Always Know
Wind in His Hair Goes Back
Wind & The Rain, The
Wine With Stacey (A View to a Kill)
Wisdom of the Ages
Wished on the Moon, I
Witch Burning
Witch, The
Witchcraft / Erica Is Burned at the Stake
Wonder of America, The
World Trade Center
Wrap Up / Finale, The
Wrong Box: Main Theme (1966), The
Xing’mombila – Part 1 (No EFX)
Xing’mombila – Part 2 (No EFX)
Yes, Who Is That?
Yesternight Suite (Interpolating "By Myself" & "As Time Goes By")
Yo Yo Fight / Death of Vijay
You Are Karen M'Sabu
You Bastard / How Do You Feel? / Better! / "Did You Call Me" / Finale
You Can Do It If You Try
You Can't Forget Her / Don't Be a Chump, Let Her Go!
You Go in and Get Him / "Did You Call Me"
You Go to My Head (feat. Chet Baker)
You Know What I Mean
You'll Get Your Money / One Eye Open
You'll Keep Me Then
You Only Live Twice: Main Theme / The Capsule in Space (1967)
You only live twice Man lever bara två gånger : [from the film "You only live twice"]
You Only Live Twice Suite: Bond's Funeral / The Human Torpedo / Mountains and Sunsets
You Only Live Twice: Suite: Mountains and Sunsets / The Wedding / You Only Live Twice
You Only Live Twice Suite: The Wedding / Bond Averts Ww III / Capsule in Space
You're a Believer
You're Following Me
You're Mine
You’re on Your Own Again
You're the Duckiest
You There
You've Been Robbed
You've Got More Things Going for You than Teeth, Baby
You’ve Got to Know When to Stop
You You Fight / Death of Vijay
Your Ship Is Dead / Here You'll Need This / Second Dive / Eel Attack
Zero Gravity
Zero zero seven
Zulu: Bromhead's Safari / Wagons Over
Zulu: Durnford's Horses Arrive and Depart / The Third Assault
Zulu: Isandhlwana 1879, Main Theme
Zulu: Main Theme (1963)
Zulu: Main Theme / First Zulu Appearance and Assault
Zulu: Main Theme / Isandhlwana
Zulu: March of the "Men of Harlech"
Zulu: "Men of Harlech" / End Title
Zulu: News of the Massacre / Rorke's Drift Threatened
Zulu - Openng Sequence
Zulu Stamp
Zulu: "You're All Going to Die!"
Zulu: Zulu Main Theme / Isandhiwana 1879
Zulu: Zulu's Final Appearance and Salute
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From Russia With Love
Funiculi Funicula Millennium 2
Generation Fernseh-Kult
Generation Fernseh-Kult 2
Girl Watching
Going, Going, Gone
Gold Star Ballroom - The Viennese Waltz
Golden Age of Rock ’n’ Roll: 1960, The
Golden Child, The
Golden Seal (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), The
Golden Seal, The
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grandi sigle, volume 4: sigle telefilm, Le
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Lolita, My Love (1971 Boston cast)
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Sea, The Memorial, The Cave, The
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Somewhere in Time
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Sound of Fashion, Volume 2, The
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Sound Track
Specialist, The
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Story Begins, The
Sunset and Sunrise 4
Sur Les Quais
Swept from the Sea
Swimming Lessons
Tell Me, Tell Me
Theme From The Deep (Down, Deep Inside)
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This Is Cult Fiction: 17 Cult TV & Movie Classics
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Time to Remember: 1962, A
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View to a Kill: Wine With Stacey / Snow Job, A
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We Have All the Time in the World
Wedding, The
Western Collection
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Wild West, The
Wild, Wild Westerns
World of Science Fiction, The
Yanko About to Die
Yanko and Son Dance
Yanko Asks Amy Out
Yanko's Dance
Yanko's Delirium
You Came from the Sea
You Only Live Twice
You Only Live Twice - You Only Live Twice
You Only Live Twice (End Title)
You Only Live Twice Theme
You're Safe Now
Zapping - Un disco sin interrupciones
Zulu Maid