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AEA (Agenzia europea dell'ambiente)
AEE (Agence europeéenne pour l'environnement)
AEMA (Agencia Europea de Medio Ambiente)
Agence européenne de l'environnement
Agence européenne por l'environnement
Agence Européenne pour l'Environnement
Agencia Europea de Medio Ambiente
Agencia Europea de Medioambiente
Agência Europeia do Ambiente
Agenzia europea dell'ambiente
Communautés européennes, Agence européenne pour l'environnement
Communautés européennes, Conseil, Agence européenne pour l'environnement
EEA (European Environment Agency)
EMA (Europees Milieu Agentschap)
Euroopan ympäristökeskus
Europaeiske Miliøagentur
Europæiske Miljøagentur
Europäische Umweltagentur
European Environment Agency
European Environment Agency (Kobenhavn)
Europees Milieu Agentschap
Europeiska miljöbyrån
Europejska Agencja Środowiska
Ev̲ro̲païkos Organismos Perivallontos
Evropská agentura pro životní prostředí
Union européenne, Agence européenne pour l'environnement
Union européenne Agencia Europea de Medio Ambiente
Union européenne Agenzia europea dell'ambiente
Union européenne, Conseil, Agence européenne pour l'environnement
Union européenne Europäische Umweltagentur
Union européenne European Environment Agency
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Crowe, Matthew
European Commission. Directorate-General for Environment, Nuclear Safety (and Civil Protection.)
European Commission. Joint Research Centre
European Topic Centre on Air and Climate Change
European Topic Centre on Inland Waters
European Topic Centre on Waste
Jol, André
Nixon, S.
Oficina de Publicaciones Oficiales de las Comunidades Europeas
Stanners, David
Světová zdravotnická organizace. Regionální úřadovna pro Evropu
Thyssen, Niels
Tsotsos, Dimitrios
Wieringa, Keimpe
Annual report
Arctic environment European perspectives ; why should Europe care?
changing faces of Europe's coastal areas, The
Climate change and a European low-carbon energy system
Corine land cover 2000 mapping a decade of change
Down to earth soil degradation and sustainable development in Europe ; a challenge for the 21st century
EEA annual report
EEA strategy : 2004-2008
Effectiveness of packaging waste management systems in selected countries : an EEA pilot study
Effectiveness of urban wastewater treatment policies in selected countries : an EEA pilot study
Energy and environment in the European Union : tracking progress towards integration
Energy and environment report 2008
Environment and health
Environment in the European Union at the turn of the century.
Environmental assessment report
Environmental issues series.
Environmental management tools for SMEs a handbook
Environmental signals European Environment Agency regular indicator report
Environmental statement for ...
Environmental taxes implementation and environmental effectiveness
Environmental taxes recent developments in tools for integration
Europe's environment : the Dobříš assessment : an overview
Europe's environment : the second assessment
Europe's water : an indicator-based assessment : summary.
European Community and member states greenhouse gas emission trends ...
European environment, The : state and outlook 2005
Genetically modified organisms (GMOs): the significance of gene flow through pollen transfer : a review and interpretation of published literature and recent/current research from the ESF 'Assessing the impact of GM Plants' (AIGM) programme for the European Science Foundation and the European Environment Agency.
Greenhouse gas emission trends and projections in Europe 2003 summary ; tracking progress by the EU and acceding and candidate countries towards achieving their Kyoto protocol targets
Greenhouse gas emission trends and projections in Europe 2005
Greenhouse gas emission trends and projections in Europe 2008 : tracking progress towards Kyoto targets.
Hazardous substances in the European marine environment : trends in metals and persistent organic pollutants
Hazardous waste generation in EEA member countries : comparability of classification systems and quantities
High nature value farmland : characteristics, trends, and policy challenges.
Household consumption and the environment
How much bioenergy can Europe produce without harming the environment?
Impacts of Europe's changing climate : an indicator-based assessment
Indicators on transport and environment integration in the EU
Indicators tracking transport and environment integration in the European Union
Information for improving Europe's environment an introduction to the European Environment Agency
Integration of environment into EU agriculture policy : the IRENA indicator-based assessment report.
..., l'année en bref
Land accounts for Europe 1990-2000 : towards integrated land and ecosystem accounting
Land cover annual topic update ...
Late lessons from early warnings the precautionary principle 1896 - 2000
Life cycle assessment (LCA) a guide to approaches, experiences and information sources
Management of contaminated sites in Western Europe
Mapping the impacts of recent natural disasters and technological accidents in Europe
Marine and coastal environment : Annual topic update 1999.
Material flow-based indicators in environmental reporting
medio ambiente en Europa cuarta evaluación, El
Nature conservation annual topic update
network of special protection areas, The : EU Birds Directive : protecting Europe's biodiversity for 25 years
Nutrients in European ecosystems
Pan-European environment, The : glimpses into an uncertain future
Perspectivas del medio ambiente europeo
Priority issues in the Mediterranean environment
Progress towards halting the loss of biodiversity by 2010
Renewable energies success stories
Reporting on environmental measures are we being effective?
Scaling up ecosystem benefits a contribution to the Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) study
Sectoral use of water
Selection criteria for the catalogue of data sources
Source apportionment of nitrogen and phosphorus inputs into the aquatic environment
Spatial and ecological assessment of the TEN : demonstration of indicators and GIS methods
srodowisko w unii europejskiej na przelomie stulecia
State and pressures of the marine and coastal Mediterranean environment
state of the European arctic environment, The
Sustainable consumption and production in South East Europe and Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia : joint UNEP-EEA report on the opportunities and lessons learned.
Sustainable development for local authorities
Sustainable use and management of natural resources
Sustainable use of Europe's water? : State, prospects and issues.
Sustainable water use in Europe
Technical report (European Environment Agency)
Ten key transport and environment issues for policy-makers : TERM 2004 : indicators tracking transport and environment integration in the European Union
TERM 2001 : indicators tracking transport and environment integration in the European Union
TERM 2005, indicators tracking transport and environment in the European Union
TERM 2006: indicators tracking transport and environment in the European Union
Topic report (European Environment Agency)
Towards a European habitat classification : background review 1989-1995
Towards an urban atlas assessment of spatial data on 25 European cities and urban areas
Towards sustainable development for local authorities : approaches, experiences and sources
Transport and environment : facing a dilemma : indicators tracking transport and environment in the European Union
Transport and environment : on the way to a new common transport policy : TERM 2006: indicators tracking transport and environment in the European Union
Tropospheric ozone in the European Union the consolidated report
Urban sprawl in Europe : the ignored challenge.
Using the market for cost-effective environment policy : market-based instruments in Europe
Waste : annual topic update 2000.
Waste without borders in the EU? : transboundary shipments of waste
Water and health in Europe : a joint report from the European Environment Agency and the WHO Regional Office for Europe
Water resources across Europe : confronting water scarcity and drought
Weg für die EU-Erweiterung ebnen, Den
Životní prostředí v Evropě: třetí kolo hodnocení : shrnutí