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Fairpoint Convention
Fairport convention
Fairport Convention Groupe musical (Musical group or band)
Fairport Convention Musical group (Musical group or band)
Fairport Convention (Musical group or band)
began 1967
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Allcock, Maartin (hasMember)
Ar Braz, Dan (hasMember)
Brady, Bob (hasMember)
Burridge, Roger (hasMember)
Carthy, Martin
Conway, Gerry (hasMember)
Denny, Sandy (hasMember)
Donahue, Jerry (hasMember)
Dyble, Judy (hasMember)
Farnell, Tom (hasMember)
Hill, Roger (hasMember)
Hutchings, Ashley (hasMember)
Lamble, Martin (hasMember)
Leslie, Chris (hasMember)
Lucas, Trevor (hasMember)
Mattacks, Dave (hasMember)
Matthews, Iain (hasMember)
Nicol, Simon
Nicol, Simon (hasMember)
Pegg, Dave
Pegg, Dave (hasMember)
Rea, David (hasMember)
Rowland, Bruce (hasMember)
Sanders, Ric (hasMember)
Stevenson, Savourna
Swarbrick, Dave
Swarbrick, Dave (hasMember)
Tanz- & Folkfest 2, 1992 Rudolstadt
Taylor, Graeme
Thompson, Richard (1949-)
Thompson, Richard (hasMember)
Turner, Jay
Warren, Paul (hasMember)
1988-04-30: Nightride
1995-01-22: Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, England, UK
25th Anniversary Concert
35th anniversary concert
5 Classic Albums
Accountancy Shanty (unreleased), The
Acoustically Down Under
Across the decades
Adieu, Adieu
After Hallowe'en
After Halloween (Byfield Home Demo - Alternate Take)
Airing Cupboard Tapes '71 - '74, The
Albert & Ted
All Along the Watchtower (live at Chateau Neuf, 1975)
All the Dance Numbers
All through the year a calendar in music & song ; the second Hokey Pokey charity compilation
All Your Beauty
Angel delight
Angles Brown
April Fool
Around the Wild Cape Horn
As Bitme
AT2: The Boot
Aunt Sally Shuffle
Autopsy (Alternate Take)
Autopsy (outtake)
"Babbacombe" Lee
Ballad of Easy Rider, The
Ballad of Ned Kelly, The
Banbury Fair
Banks of Sweet Primroses, The
Banks of the Sweet Primroses
Battle of Evermore
Battle of the Somme
Before the Moon
Beggar's Song, The
Behind the Darkness (live)
Best of Fairport Convention, The
Best Of The BBC Recordings, The
Best Wishes
Big Three Medley: The Swirling Pit / Matty Groves / The Rutland Reel / Sack the Juggler
Big William
Bird from the Mountain (Live in the UK, Winter 1990)
Bird on a Wire (radio session)
Bonnie Black Hare (Alternate Take), The
Bonnie Kate / Sir B. McKenzies'
Bonny Black Hare, The
Bonny Bunch of Roses & Tipplers Tales, The
Book Song
Both Sides Now
Bottom of the Punchbowl / East Nuke of Fife / Ye Mariners All
Bowman's Retreat
Bowman's Return, The
Bowmen's Retreat, The
Breakfast in Mayfair
Bridge of Sighs
Bridge Over the River Ash
Bridge Over the River Ashe / Barwick Green
Bridge Over the River Cherwell
Brilliancy Medley and the Cherokee Shuffle
Brilliancy Medley & Cherokee Shuffle, The
Brilliancy Medley / The Cherroke Shuffle, The
Bring 'em Down
Bring Me Back My Feathers
By Popular Request
Cajun Woman (Live at the Cropredy Festival, Cropredy, UK, 2002-08-09)
Calling On
Canny Capers
Card Song / Shuffle the Pack, The
Card Song / Shufle the Pack, The
Castel Rock
Castle Rock
Cat on the Mixer / 3 Left Feet
Cat on the Mixer / Three Left Feet, The
Caught a Whisper (live)
Cell Song, The
Celtic Dream (live)
Celtic Moon
Chelsea Morning
Cherokee Shuffle, The
Chronicle of Sorts: 1967–1969, A
Classic Collection, The
Claudy Banks
Claw (live), The
Clear Water
Close the Door Lightly When You Go
Close to the Wind (live)
Close to You
Closing Time
Cloudy Banks
Come All Ye (Private Rehearsal Tape)
Come All Ye (take 1)
Come all ye : The first ten years
Come Up and See Me
Con Casey's Jig / Tripping Up the Stairs
Country Judy Jane
Country Pie
County Pie
Crazy Lady Blues (live)
Crazy Man Michael (Liege and Lief Rehearsals)
Crazy Man Michael (live)
Cropredy Box, The
Cropredy Capers: Twenty Five Years of Fairport Convention and Friends at Cropredy Festival
Cropredy: The Best and the Guests
Crowd (edit), The
Crowd Revisited, The
Cup of Tea! / A Loaf of Bread / Miss Monahan's
Cup of Tea! / A Loaf of Break / Miss Monahan's
Cup of Tea / Loaf of Bread / Miss Monohan's
Cut Across Shorty
Dan's Blues
Dancer, The
Danny Boy
Danny Jack's Chase
Danny Jack's Reward (expensive version)
Danza Del Crepusculo
Dark Eyed Molly
Darkside Wood
Dawn (alternate take)
Dawn (alternate version)
Day Trip to Bangor
Days of 49 (live at Fairfield Halls, 1973)
Dear Landlord (outtake)
Deepest in Darkest Night
Deserter / Medley: The Lark in the Morning / Rakish Paddy / Foxhunter's Jig / Toss the Feathers, The
Deserter (Rehersal Version), The
Devil in the Kitchen (Fiddlestix), The
Devil's Work
Diamonds and Gold
Dirty Line (Jigs and Reels)
Dirty Linen (Jigs & Reels)
Dirty Linen (live)
Doctor Of Physick (Live at the Cropredy Festival, Cropredy, UK, 2002-08-10)
Doctor Of Physik
Don't Be Late
Don't Believe You (unreleased), I
Don't Know Where I Stand (radio session), I
Don't Leave Too Soon
Dont Know Where I Stand, I
Down in the Flood (live at Fairfield Halls, 1973)
Down Where the Drunkards Roll
Dragon Breath
Dream Song
Duchess Anne
Eastern Rain (Sandy Solo Vocal Version)
Edge of the World
Eleanor's Dream
Encore Encore
End of a Holiday
Everything But the Skirl
Expletive delighted
Eynsham Poacher (Live in the UK, Winter 1990), The
Fairport Chronicles, The
Fairport Convention 50:50@50
Fairport Convention live at Open Air Burg Herzberg, Germany, 16th of July 1999
Fairport Convention - live at the BBC
Fairport Convention live at the L. A. Troubadour
Fairport Convention thirty-five
Fairport "live" Convention
Fairport Unconventional
Fame and Glory (live)
Far From Me
Farewell Farewell (rehearsal Tape)
Farewell to a Poor Man's Son (unreleased)
Festival Bell, The
Festival - Cropredy 2002
Fiddlestix: The Best of Fairport 1972-1984
Fiddlestix (The Devel In The Kitchen) (Without Orchestra)
Five Seasons, The
Flatback Caper
Flatpack Caper
Flowers of the Forest, The
Folk on 2
Foolish You
For Shame of Doing Wrong
Forever Young
Fossil Hunter, The
Four Poster Bed, The
Friendship Song
Frog Up the Pump (Jig Medley), The
From a Distance (Live in the UK, Winter 1990)
From Cropredy to Portmeirion
From Past Archives
Frozen Man (live)
Full house
Furs and Feathers (live)
Fylde Mountain Time / Roger Bucknall's Polka, The
Galileo's Apology
Gallivant, The
Game Pieces, The
Gas Almost Works, The
General Taylor / Mason's Apron
Genesis Hall (live)
George Jackson (live at the Howff)
Gest of Gauvain, The
Get On With It
Get Together (Unreleased)
Girl From the North Country
Glady's leap
Gladys' Leap
Golden Glove, The
Gone, Gone, Gone
Good Fortunes (live), The
Gottle o'geer
Grace and Favour
Guerre Folle, La
Hair of the Dogma / As Bitme/ John Barleycorn, The
Hand of Kindness
Hanging Song, The
Hangman's Reel, The
Hanks for the Memory: Shazam / Pipeline / Apache / Peter Gunn
Happy Man, The
Happyman, The
Hawkwood's Army
Head in a Sack?
Heard It Through the Grapevine, I
Heart of the Song, The
Hen's March / The Four Poster Bed, The
Hens March /Medley
Hens March Through the Midden & The Four Poster Bed (live), The
Here Comes the Cowboys
Here's to Tom Paine
Hexamshire Lass, The
Hexhamshire Lass, The
Heyday: BBC Radio Sessions 1968-1969
Heyday the BBC sessions 1968-1969 extended
Heydey BBC radio sessions, 1968-69
High School Confidential
Highway 61 Revisited
Hiring Fair, The
Historia de la música rock - 56
History of Fairport Convention, The
Home is Where the Heart is
Honour and Praise
Honour & Praise (Live in the UK, Winter 1990)
House Full: Live at the LA Troubadour
Housefull Fairport Convention live in L.A.
How Many Times
Hungarian Rhapsody
I'll Keep It With Me
I'll Keep It With Mine (Live at the Cropredy Festival, Cropredy, UK, 2002-08-09)
I'm Already There
If I Had a Ribbon Bow
If It Feels Good, You Know It Can't Be Wrong
If ( Stomp )
In Other Words (Fly Me to the Moon)
In Our Town
"In real time" live '87
Instrumental Medley '85: The Riverhead / Gladys' Leap / The Wise Maid
Instrumental Medley: The Cuckoo's Nest / Hardiman the Fiddler / Papa Stoor
Insult to Injury
Iron Lion
Islands, The
It'll Take a Long Time (live)
It'll Take More Than the Blues
It’s Alright Ma, It’s Only Witchcraft
It's Now or Never
It Suits Me Well
It Takes A Lot To Laugh (Live at the Cropredy Festival, Cropredy, UK, 2002-08-09)
Jack o' Diamonds (Live at the Cropredy Festival, Cropredy, UK, 2002-08-09)
Jack O'Rion
Jack Orion
Jams O'Donnell's Jig
Jenny Nettles
Jenny's Chickens / The Mason's Apron
Jewel in the Crown
John Babbacombe Lee
John Barleycorn
John Condon (live)
John Condone
John Gaudie/Bowman's Retreat
John My Son
John's Reflection on His Boyhood, His Introduction to Miss Keyes and the Glen, His Restlessness, and His Struggles With His Family, Finally Successful, to Join the Navy.
John The Gun (Live at the Cropredy Festival, Cropredy, UK, 2002-08-10)
John Was Hardly More Than a Bewildered Observer at His Own Trial, Not Being Allowed to Say More Than a Few Words. The Tides of Fate Wash Him to the Condemned Cell Where He Waits Three Sad Weeks for His Last Night on Earth.
Jonah's Oak
Journeyman's Grace (Live at the Cropredy Festival, Cropredy, UK, 2002-08-10), The
Just Dandy
Keep on Sailing
Keep on Turning the Wheel
Kind Fortune
King and Queen of England (demo), The
kleine Nachtmusik / Bridge Over the River Ash, Eine
Knights of the Road
Knockin' on Heaven's Door (live)
Knockin' On Heven's Door
Knocking on Heaven's Door (live at the L.A. Troubadour, 1974)
Lady Is a Tramp (unreleased), The
Lady of pleasure
Lady Vanishes, The
Lalla Rookh
Lark in the Morning Medley, The
Last Waltz, The
Lasting Spirit: The Collection, A
Late November
Lay Down Your Weary Tune (live on John Peel's Top Gear)
Lay Me Down Easy
Learning the Game
Let It Go
Let's Get Together
Level Pegging
Liege and lief
Liege & lief deluxe edition
Liege & Lief Medley (The Lark in the Morning / Rakish Paddy / Foxhunter's Jig / Toss the Feathers), The
Life's a Long Song
Light My Fire
Light of Day, The
Lika an Old Fashioned Waltz
Like an Old Fashioned Waltz (live)
Like An Old Fasioned Waltz
Limey's Lament
Listen, Listen
Little Did I Think
Live at Broughton Castle
Live at Cropredy '08
Live at my father's place 1974
Live at the BBC
Live at The LA Troubadour
Live Convention
Lobster, The
London Apprentice / Johnny Ginears
London Danny
London River (Live in the UK, Winter 1990)
Lord Is in This Place... How Dreadful Is This Place, The
Lord Marlborough (live)
Love at First Sight
Love on a Farmboy's Wages
Lucky Old Sun
M.1 Breakdown
Man in the Water, The
Manor Album, The
Marie La Cordelière
Marijuana Australiana
Mason's Apron
Matthew, Mark, Luke And John (David Rea Vocal Version)
Matthew, Mark, Luke & John (live)
Matty Grooves
Matty Groves - Dirty Linen
Matty Groves / High Road to Linton
Matty Groves (live)
Matty Groves (Multi-version)
Matty Groves (take 1)
Matty Groves / The Rutland Reel / Sack the Juggler
Maverick Child (outtake)
Me with You
Medley: Cup of Tea-Loaf of Bread-Miss Monohan's
Medley: Lark In the Morning / Matty Groves / Rutland Reel / Sack the Juggler (Live in the UK, Winter 1990)
Medley: Mock Morris: The Green Man / The Cropredy Badger / Molly on the Jetty
Medley: The Lark in the Morning / Rakish Paddy / Foxhunter's Jig / Toss the Feathers
Medley: The Lark in the Morning / Rakish Paddy / Foxhunters' Jig / Toss the Feathers
Medley - There Was Once Love
Meet Me on the Ledge
Meet On The Ledge (Live at the Cropredy Festival, Cropredy, UK, 2002-08-10)
Meet On the Ledge (Live in the UK, Winter 1990)
Meet on the Ledge (Overture)
Meet on the ledge the classic years, 1967-1975
Meet on the Ledge: The Collection
Mercy Bay (live)
Midnight Special
Million Dollar Bash (Live at the Cropredy Festival, Cropredy, UK, 2002-08-09)
Miss Stevenson's / Turnabout
moat on the ledge sound recording
Mock Morris '90 - Medley - The Green Man / The Cropredy Badger / Molly on the Jetty
Morgane (live)
Morning Glory
Morris Medley
moveable feast, A
Mr. Lacey (Sandy Denny lead vocal version)
Mr Lacey (Sandy Solo Vocal Version)
Mr Sands Is in the Building
My Feet Are Set for Dancing
My Girl the Month of May
My Love is in America
Myths and Heroes
Naked Highwayman (Live at the Cropredy Festival, Cropredy, UK, 2002-08-10), The
Neil Gow's Apprentice
Neil's Morris (Live at the Cropredy Festival, Cropredy, UK, 2002-08-10)
Newspaper Reading (read by A.L. Lloyd)
Night Comes In
Night in the City
Night-Time Girl
nine sr p
No Man's Land
No More Sad Refrains
Noise Club, The
Nottamum Town
Nottamun Town (A Capella)
Nottamun Town (alternate version)
Nottamun Town (Live at the Cropredy Festival, Cropredy, UK, 2002-08-09)
Now and Then (demo)
Now Be Thankful (mono)
Now Be Thankful (stereo)
Now Be Thankfull (live)
Off the Desk
Old New Borrowed Blue
On the Floor (Live in the UK, Winter 1990)
One More Chance (Alternate Take)
One More Chance (take 1)
One Sure Thing (excerpt)
One Sure Thing (Live at the Cropredy Festival, Cropredy, UK, 2002-08-09)
Open the Door Homer
Open the Door Richard (David Symonds BBC session)
Orange Blossom Special
Our Band
Our Bus Rolls On
Over the Falls
Over the next hill
Peggy's Pub
Percy's Song (live on John Peel's Top Gear)
Percys Song
Plainsman, The
Pleasure and Pain
Polly on the Shore (Promo Video)
Poor Ditching Boy, The
Poor Will And The Jolly Hangman (Guitar, Vocal Version)
Poor Will And The Jolly Hangman (Live at the Cropredy Festival, Cropredy, UK, 2002-08-10)
Poor Willy and the Jolly Hangman
Port Merion
Portmeirion (Live in the UK, Winter 1990)
Possibly Parsons Green (Austraian 7" Version)
Put A Sock In It
Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood (Take 1/Edit)
Quiet Joys of Brotherhood (take 1), The
Quiet Joys of Brotherhood (take 4), The
Ramble On
Rambling Rover
Rattle Trap
Red And Gold (Live at the Cropredy Festival, Cropredy, UK, 2002-08-09)
Red & Gold (Live in the UK, Winter 1990)
Red Tide
Reno, Nevada
Reunion Hill
Reynard the Fox
Rhythm of the Time
Ringing Down the Years
Rising for the Moon (demo)
Rising For The Moon (Live at the Cropredy Festival, Cropredy, UK, 2002-08-10)
Rocky Road
Rose Hip, The
Rosemary's Sister
Rosie (David Rea Vocal Version)
Rosie (Live at the Cropredy Festival, Cropredy, UK, 2002-08-10)
Royal Seleccion No 13 (Medley): The Parade Of The Tin Soldier / Haste To The Wedding / Clarke's Hornpipe / The Dashing White Sergent, The
Royal Selection No. 13
Rubber Band
Rui's Guitar
Run Johnny Run
Rutland Reel / Sack the Juggler, The
Sad Song (As Long As It Is Mine)
Sad Song (unreleased)
Sailing Boat
Sailor’s Life (original version), A
Sailors Alphabet
Sailors Tail (First Version With Swarb), A
Sandy's Song (AKA Take Away The Load)
Sandy's Song (Take Away the Load) (demo)
Saturday Rolling Around
See You Next Year
Sense of Occasion
Serenade to a Cuckoo
Set Me Up
Seventeen Come Sunday
Shattering Live Experience, A
She Moves Through the Fair (acoustic)
She Moves Through the Fair (live)
She's Like a Sparrow
She's Like the Swallow
Sheep In The Meadow
Shines Like Gold
Si Tu Dois Partir (live)
Si Tu Duis Patir
Sickness and Disease
Sickness and Diseases
Sigh Beg Sigh Mór
Sir B. Mackenzie ...
Sir B. McKenzie (Extract)
Sir B. McKenzie's Daughter's Lament for the 77th Mounted Lancers Retreat from the Straits of Loch Knombe, in the Year of Our Lord 1727, On the Occasion of the Announcement of Her Marriage To the Laird of Kinleakie
Sir B McKenzies
Sir Patrick Spens (Liege and Lief rehearsal Tape)
Sir Patrick Spens (live)
Sir Patrick Spens (radio session)
Sir Patrick Spens (Sandy Denny vocal version)
Sir William Gower
Six Days on the Road
Slip Jigs and Reels
Slipjigs and Reels
Sloth (Live at the Cropredy Festival, Cropredy, UK, 2002-08-10)
Sock in It
Soldier, The
Solo (live)
Some of our yesterdays anthology 1985-1995.
Some Special Place
Some Sweet Day
Something You Got (live)
Something You've Got
South Dakota to Manchester
Spanish Main
Spring Song
St. Ninian's Isle / Trumpet Hornpipe
Staines Morris
Step by Step
Still a Mystery
Still Miss Someone, I
Stranger to Himself
Struck it Right
Summer Before the War, The
Summer by the Cherwell
Summer in December
Sun Shade
Surfeit of Lampreys, A
Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller
Swimming Song, The
Tale in the Hard Time
Talking About My Love
Tam Lin (Live at the Cropredy Festival, Cropredy, UK, 2002-08-09)
Tanz- & [und] Folkfest Rudolstadt [19]92
That'll Be the Day (live)
Theme From MASH (Suicide Is Painless) / End of a Holiday / Matty Groves / Dirty Linen
Then & Now 1982–1996: The Best of Fairport Convention
Theodore's Song
There Once Was Love / Innstück
This Was the Happiest Period in His Life. All Locked Set Fair for a Career Until He Was Stricken With Sickness and Invalided Out of His Chosen Niche in Life. Reluctantly and Unhappily He Turned to a Number of Menial Occupations and Finally Returned to the Services of Miss Keyes.
Three Drunken Maidens
Three Jigs for Jamie
Throwaway Street Puzzle
Time Is Near, The
Time Will Show The Wiser (Live at the Cropredy Festival, Cropredy, UK, 2002-08-09)
Tipplers Tales
To Althea From Prison
Tomorrow Is a Long Time
Toss the Feathers
Tragedy Now Strikes Hard. The World's Imagination Is Caught by the Brutal Senseless-Ness of the Apparent Criminal Who Slays His Kind Old Mistress.
Travelling by Steam
tree with roots, A : Fairport Convention & Friends and the songs of Bob Dylan
Tree With Roots - Fairport Convention & Friends and the Songs of Bob Dylan, A
Trial Song
Tried So Hard
Tunes my Mother Taught Me
Ukulele Central
Verdict (read by Philip Sterling-Wall), The
Violets of Dawn
Vision, The
Wait for the Tide to Come In
Wake Up John (Hanging Song)
Walk a While
Walk Awhile (Bumpers version)
Walk Awhile (Live at the Cropredy Festival, Cropredy, UK, 2002-08-10)
Wandered by a Brookside, I
Wandering Man
Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight, I
Was Sixteen, Part 1, I
Was Sixteen, Part 2, I
Wassail Song, The
Wat Tyler
Way I Feel, The
Weightless / The Gravity Reel
Western Wind
What Is True? (demo)
"What We Did on Our Holidays" An Introduction to Fairport Convention
What we did on our Saturday
When First Into The Country
When First Into This Country
When First to this Country
When I Get to the Border
When It Comes, He Cannot Sleep, but When He Does, a Strange, Prophetic Dream Comes to Him, and Helps Him to Bear the Strain of His Next Day's Ordeal as Scaffold and Its Crew Try in Vain Three Times to Take His Life.
Where Is Colin?
White Dress (alternate version)
White Dress (live on LWT)
Who Knows? The Woodworm Archives, Volume 1
Who Knows Where The Time Goes (Alternate Take)
Who Knows Where The Time Goes (Live at the Cropredy Festival, Cropredy, UK, 2002-08-09)
Who Knows Where the Time Goes (Soft acoustic version)
Who Knows Where the Times Goes? (live)
Widow Of Westmoorland (Live at the Cropredy Festival, Cropredy, UK, 2002-08-10), The
Widow of Westmoreland's Daughter
Widow of Westmoreland, The
Widow of Westmorland's Daughter, The
Willow Creek
Wings (edit)
Wishfullness Waltz, The
Wishfulness waltz
Wizard of the Worldly Game
Woman or a Man
Wood and the Fire, The
Wood and the Wire, The
Woodworm Song
Woodworm Swing
Woodworm Years, The
Wouldn't Say No
Wounded Whale, The
XXXV - The 35th Anniversary Album
Ye Marine'rs All
Ye Mariners All (Bottom Of The Punch Bowl East Nuke Of Fyfe Ye Mariners)
Ye Mariners All (live)
Year and a Day, A
Yellow Bird
You Ain't Going Nowhere (Live at the Cropredy Festival, Cropredy, UK, 2002-08-10)
You Never Wanted me
You're Gonna Need My Help
Youngest Daughter, The
Your Heart and Mine
Contributed to or performed: 
'Thanks' / Matty Groves
(Guitar, Vocal) A Collection Of Unreleased And Rare Material 1967-1976
100 Forgotten Sixties Classics
100 Franse Klassiekers, Volume 2
20 jaar Folkfestival Dranouter
50 plus belles chansons Celtes, Les
All New Electric Muse: The Story of Folk Into Rock, The
All Through the Year
And the Heavens Cried
And the Times They Were A-Changin'
And Who Knows Where the Time Goes
Anthems in Eden: An Anthology of British & Irish Folk 1955–1978
Anthology of English Folk
Back on the Road
Ballad Of Easy Rider… WMD Vol.2 [An Ultrasound Production 2017], The
Beginner's Guide to English Folk
Beginner's Guide to Folk Music
Best of British Folk Rock, The
Best of British Folk, The
Best of Sandy Denny, The
Bob Dylan Songbook, The
Boxful of Treasures, A
Cambridge Folk Festival (Celebrating 50 Years)
Celebration of Great British Folk, A
Celtic Stars Mystic Waves
Children of the Revolution
Circle Dance: The Hokey Pokey Charity Compilation
Classic Rock #109: 100% Live
Dirty Linen
Don’t Think, Feel!
Down in the Flood
Dust on the Nettles: A Journey Through the British Underground Folk Scene 1967-1972
Dylan Covered
Ebbets Field 1974
Electric Eden: Unearthing Britain's Visionary Music
Electric Muse: The Story of Folk Into Rock
Entente 74 Minute CD Collection, The
Essential British Folk
Excalibur : La Légende des Celtes
Father's Day Sampler
Feast of Folk: 16 Evergreen Favourites, A
Feber 2: Andres Lokko - Folk
First Cuts IV (Green Linnet Sampler)
Folk Heartbeats
Folk on 2
Folk Rock Anthology
Folk Routes
Four Decades of Folk Rock
From Galway to Graceland
From the Coffeehouse
Gaitas, Violines Y Otras Hierbas
Gaitas, violines y otras hierbas 2
Galway to Graceland
Georgia on My Mind
Grace and Frankie
guitar / vocal
Guv'nor Vol 2, The
Guv'nor Volume 4, The
Guv'nor, Volume 2, The
Guv'nor, Volume 3, The
Hexhamshire Lass
History of Progressive Folk, A
I've Always Kept a Unicorn; The Acoustic Sandy Denny
Island 1990 Promo
Island 40, Volume 3: 1968-1975: Acoustic Waves
Island Story, The
Island Story: 1962-1987 25th Anniversary, The
It'll Take a Long Time
It'll Take a Long Time (live)
Jesus on the Mainline (live)
John Peel: A Tribute
John the Gun
Journeyman's Grace (BBC radio session recording), The
Lady of Carlisle, The
Late November
LateNightTales: Four Tet
LateNightTales: Midlake
Legends of Folk Rock
Like an Old Fashioned Waltz
Like an Old Fashioned Waltz (previously unreleased)
Magic Bus: Summer of Love
Matty Groves
Medley, The
Meet on the Ledge: An Island Records Folk-Rock Anthology
Mega Celtic
Mess o' Blues
Mojo Presents: Island Folk
More Celtic Stories
Music Weaver: Sandy Denny Remembered, The
My Heart's in New South Wales
Mystery Train
Never Chance Your Luck Against the Sea
New Electric Muse II: The Continuing Story of Folk Into Rock
New Electric Muse: The Story of Folk Into Rock
Nice Enough to Eat
No More Sad Refrains: The Anthology
North Country Girl
Notes and the Words: A Collection of Demos and Rarities, The
Now Hear This!
Only Folk Collection You'll Ever Need, The
Paste Sampler 181
Philadelphia Folk Festival 40th Anniversary
Poor Will & The Jolly Hangman (feat. Fairport Convention)
Progressive Rock Box Set, The
Progressive Rock Trilogy
Q: Essential Chill Out
Quazi Be Good
Rafferty's Folly
Rock Festival
Rock Renaissance IV
Royal, The
RT on FR: Richard Thompson on the Free Reed Label
RT: The Life and Music of Richard Thompson
Sandy Denny
Scarborough Fair: The Best of English Folk
Sleeping Beauties: Songs We Shouldn't Forget
Some Old Salty
Spirit of Joy: Tales From the Polydor Underground ● 1967-1974
Springtime of the Year
Story of British Folk, The
Strangely Strange but Oddly Normal: An Island Anthology: 1967-1972
Süddeutsche Zeitung | Diskothek: 1969: Ein Jahr und seine 20 Songs
Swarb!! C is for Collaboration
Swarb!! E is for Extras
Swarb!! S is for Swarb
Sword Dance / Young Black Cow
Sword Dance / Young Black Crow (feat. Fairport Convention)
Take What You Need : UK Covers Of Bob Dylan Songs 1964-69
Tanz- & FolkFest Rudolstadt '92
Télérama: 60 ans de musiques
Top of the Pops: 1964–1969
Trip: Created by Saint Etienne, The
Troubadours of British Folk, Volume 1: Unearthing the Tradition
Troubadours of British Folk, Volume 2
True Acoustic
Ultimate Collection: Acoustic - 100 Hits, The
Un-herd Volume 10
Uncut: Dreams
Uncut: The Playlist May 2006
Vietnam War (The Soundtrack), The
Vietnam War: A Film by Ken Burns & Lynn Novick, The
Walking on a Wire: 1968–2009
Wall of Death (feat. Fairport Convention)
Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight (feat. Fairport Convention), I
Watching the Dark
When an Old Cricketer
Where Would You Rather Be Tonight?
White Bicycles: Making Music in the 1960s: The Joe Boyd Story
White Dress
Whiter Shade of Pale
Who Knows Where the Time Goes
Who Knows Where the Time Goes?
Word of Mouth 27
You Can All Join In