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G Unit Musical group (Musical group or band)
G-Unit (Musical group or band)
The G-Unit
began 2002
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Banks, Lloyd (hasMember)
Buck, Young (hasMember)
Cent, 50 (hasMember)
Eminem (Musician)
Game, The (hasMember)
Jagged Edge (Musical group)
Joe (1973-)
Knoxx, Mike (hasMember)
Olivia, 1981-
Spider Loc (Musician)
Trice, Obie
Yayo, Tony
Yayo, Tony (hasMember)
Young Buck (Rapper)
0 to 100
134 Allstars: The Mixtape
187 Ya Yo
21 Questions
300 Shots
50 Cent Is the Future
50 Cent Just Fucking Around
50 Cent presents G Unit : Dealin' w/50
50 Don’t Back Down
8 More Miles
Ahhh Shit
All About the Drug Money
And then--
As the World Turns
Baby If You Get on Your Knees
Baby U Got
Baby You Got
Back to the Street 2
Bad News
Banks Victory
Banks Workout, Part 1
Banks Workout, Part 2
Banks Workout, The
Be a Gentleman
Be Dead!
Beast Is G Unit, The
Beauty of Independence, The
Because of the Dough
Beg for mercy
Beg for merry
Betta Ask Somebody
Better Ask Somebody
Big Body Benz
Bitch Keeps Smokin' Up My Bud (skit)
Bitch Who Do You Love
Bitches Ain't Shit
Boy Boy
Bring My Bottles
Bump Dat Street Mix
Bump That (Street mix)
C.R.E.A. M (freestyle)
Cali Weed
Call Me
Casualties of War
Catch Me in the Hood
Chasin Paper
Check Cleared
Ching Ching Ching
Choose One
Clap Back
Close to Me
Clue Shit
Coke Life
Comin Thru
Cross My Path
Cut Master C Shit
Dats How We Roll (Gangsta’s Anthem)
Dave Chappelle
Dead a Pussy Nigga
Devils Advocate
Digital Scale
DJ Dub Devious Presents: The Mighty Mighty Unit
Doin Our Own Thang
Don't Fuck With You, I
Don't Tell Em
Don't Wanna Talk About It, I
Doper Than My Last One
Ease Up
Eminem's Intro
Everything Is Alrite
Eye for an Eye
Feel Good
Flip On You
Follow Me
Free Yayo
FREE Young Buck Freestyle
Front If You Want
Fucked Your Girl, I
G'd Up (instrumental)
G-Unit Anthem
G-Unit Freestyle
G-Unit Intro
G-Unit Loyal
g unit musical group beg for mercy sr p
G-Unit Radio Live In Belfast
G Unit Soldiers
G Unit That's What's Up!
Gangsta Muzik
Gangsta Shit
Gangstad Up
Get 2 No U
Get Away
Get Down
Get High All Time, I
Get That Money Mayne
Ghetto Qu'ran
GOD Pt. 3
God’s Plan
Gon Pay Me
Good Die Young, The
Got Me A Bottle
Gotta to Make It to Heaven
Grimy & Dirty
Grind, The
Grindin' My Whole Life
Groupie Love
Hated on Jesus
Hip-Hop Drunkies
Ho's Ho's Pt. 2
Hood, The
Hot '97 Freestyle, Part 2
Hot '97 Freesytle, Part 1
How to Rob
How to Stunt
Hustler's Ambition
I'll Shoot a Nigga Head
I'm a Hustler
I'm Grown
I’m So Hood
If Dead Men Could Talk
If I Can't
If I Make It to Heaven
If You Want It
In Da Club
In the Dope Spot
Its a Stick Up
Just A Touch
Just Fuckin' Round
Kill a N****
Killers' Theme
Kitty Kat
Know, I
Lay You Down
Like the Way She Do It (Promo Only Super clean edit), I
Like the Way She Do It (super clean) (Promo Only clean edit), I
Live Fast
Live Nigga
Long Kiss Goodnight, The
Lost Flash Drive, The
Mad Or Nah
Make Me Feel Good
Man Down (Young Buck)
Many Men (live)
Mary Jane
megamixes, The
Minds Playing Tricks
Money Make the World Go Round
Move That Dope
My Buddy
My Minds' Playin' Tricks Freestyle
Nah' I'm Talkin Bout
Nah I’m Talking Bout
Nigga Holdin, A
No Days Off
No More Games
On Some Shit
Ordinary (remix)
People Talkin
Phresher Wait A Minute
Plug, The
Poppin' Them Hangs
Poppin’ Them Thangs (explicit)
Porno Star
Pov City Anthem Freestyle
Problem Child
Pump Pump
Put Your Hands Up
Put Yours Hands Up Again
Ready or Not
Real Killers
Real Quick (remix)
Red Child (instrumentals), The
Red Spyda Interlude
Reunion Freestyle, The
Reunited (Collectors Edition)
Ride wit u
Ride With Me
Rider, Part 2 (clean) (Promo Only clean edit)
Ridin’ Through the Hood
Robbery Pt. 2
Round Here
Salute U
Salute You
Seen Too Much
Set The Pick
Short Stay
Shot in the Street
Show You
sight of blood, The
Smell Pu**y (live), I
Smell Pussy, I
South Side
Squeeze First
Straight Outta Southside
Stunt 101 (Cookin Soul remix)
Summer Jam Reunion (intro)
Surrounded By Hoes
Symphony 2003
T.O.S. terminate on sight
Terminate on sight
Tha gangsta mix
Tha Realest Killaz
That's What's Up!
They All for Sale (Guns & Thangs)
They Not Ready
They Talked About Jesus
Thoughts of a predicate felon
Thug Loyalty
Thug's What I Want, A
Thuggin Til I'm Gone Pt. 2
Tony Yayo Explosion
Trick Ho
True Loyalty
U Should Be Here
Wanna Get to Know You (Kurupt mix)
Wanna Go, I
Warned You, I
Watch Me
We on Some Shit
We Run These Streets
What Goes Around Comes Around
What's My Name, Part 2
What Up Gangsta
Where I’m From
Where the Dope At
Who Do You Love
Whoo Kid Kayslay Shit!
Words From Eminem
Work It Out
Yass B**ch
Yay Got That Fire
You Ain't No Gangsta
You're Gonna Get Fucked Tonight
You So Tough
Your Not Ready
Contributed to or performed: 
24 Shots
5 Star General
50 Cent Just Fucking Around
8 Mile Freestyle
8 Mile Road
8 More Miles
8 More Miles (freestyle)
Addicted to Beef, Part 2 (Hosted by the Game)
After Curtis
After My Chedda
All Star-Superbowl Weekend 2004...The Mixtape
And Then...
Angels Around Me
Another Set Back
Australia/New Zealand Tour Mixtape 2004
Automatic Gunfire
Baby Phat (Freestyle)
Back Seat/Tony Yayo
Bad News
Bad Newz
Bang Bang
Banks Victory
Banks Workout, The
Barbershop 2: Back in Business
Barbershop 2: Back in Business: Soundtrack
Be Here
Beats, Rhymes & Life, Volume 1
Beef Wit Me?
Before I Self Destruct
Beg for Mercy
BET Awards: '04 Nominees
Bitches Ain't Shit
Black Flavour Club III
Black Summer Party: Best Of
Black Winter Party
Blast (Freestyle), The
Bottom Girl
Bravo Black Hits, Volume 11
Bravo Black Hits, Volume 19
Bravo Hip Hop Special History 2
Bump Dat
Bump Dat Street Mix
Bump Heads
Bump Headz
Bump Headz Part 2
Bump That Freestyle
Bump That Street Mix
Burn Freestyle
C.R.E.A.M. Freestyle
C'zars Palace
Call Me
Call the Shots) Round Here, (I
Callin Shots
Came From the Botttom
Charge It to The Game: The Mixtape
Checc Ya Mail
Check It
Chi Town Classic, Volume 2
Classic Hip Hop
Clear Mix
Clue 50
Clue Shit!
Collapse Freestyle
Cradle 2 the Grave
Cross My Path / Whoo
Cry Me a River (remix)
Cuffing Season
Cut Master C Shit
Dealin' W/50
Deep Cover 2002
DJ Clue Presents: Thee American Idol
DJ Envy Presents: Blok Party, Volume 1
Doin My Own Thang
Doin' My Own Thang
Doin' My Own Thing
Doing My Own Thing
Don't Know Officer, I
Dr. Numbers Presents Still Ill, Volume 1
Eight More Miles
Empire Strikes Back, The
Essential R&B: The Very Best of R&B: Winter 2005
Exclusives and Remixes, Volume 2
Fall Back
Fat Bitch
Fat Bitches
Feel Good
Follow Me Gangsta
Follow Me Gangster
For Love or War
Friday After Next
Funk Flex
Funkymix 74
Funkymix 76
Future Is Now, The
G Unit Anthem
G Unit Soldiers
G Unit That's What's Up!
G Unit/U.T.P.
G-Unit Anthem
G-Unit Radio Part 15: Are You A Window Shopper?
G-Unit Radio, Part 13: The Return of the Ghetto Millionaire
G-Unit Radio, Part 4
G-Unit Radio, Part 5: All Eyes on Us
G-Unit Radio, Part 9: Grand Theft Auto G-Unit City
G-Unit Skit
G-Unit: Best, Volume 1 (2005)
G, Part 2
Gangsta Shit Ain't Easy
Gangster and a Gentleman
Gansta Unit, Volume 2
Get on Your Knees
Get That Money
Get You Shot
GGG G-Unit
Gonna Be Alright
Got Me a Bottle
Got the Hood on Smash
Greatest Hits
Greatest Hits, Vol. 1
Green Lantern
Grindin, Part 2
Guess Who's Back?
Hail Mary
Hate It or Love It (G Unit remix) (radio)
Hate It or Love It (remix)
Heat Ja Diss
Hip Hop Classics
Hip Hop II: The Collection
Hip Hop III: The Collection
Hip Hop III: The Collection: New Hits
Hip Hop MTV2
History of Hip Hop 3, The
Holla Hour
Hood Radio, Volume 1
Hot Joints, Volume 2
Hott2death Sega 21
I'm Leavin'
I'm So Sorry
I’m Sorry
If I Can't
If I Can’t / Poppin’ Them Thangs
If I Could Go (Freestyle)
If U Want It
If You Want It
In da Hood
In the House
Invasion, Part 1: Shady Times
Invincible: The Lost Tapes, Volume 1
Invincible: The Lost Tapes, Volume 2
It's Like This and Like That
It’s My Time
It’s So Hard
IZMatic Vol.3 50 Cent Edition
Juice CD, Vol. 38
Kill Bloodclott Bill
Kiss Presents: Hot Joints 2
Kiss Presents: The Hip Hop Collection
Know You Don't Love Me (Promo Only clean edit), I
Know You Don't Love Me, I
Latest & Greatest: R&B Party
Let It Go
Like the Way She Do It (explicit), I
Like the Way She Do It (remix), I
Like the Way She Do It, I
Lil Bit Of Everything U.T.P., A
Long Time No See
Love You Better (extended remix)
Loyal To The Game
Magic Stick
Major Flavours
Major Flavours 4.5
Major Flavours 5
Making Moves With Touch: Hip Hop #70
Man Down
Mastermix: Pro Disc 45
Maximum Bass Overdrive
Military Discipline
Mind Playin' Tricks
Ministry of Sound: Anthems: Hip-Hop III
Ministry of Sound: I Love R&B
Mixtape Legend
Money to Burn (4th Edition)
More Max Payne: Big Mike Runs the City
Morning Show
Move That Dope (Move That Doh) (remix)
MTV Intro
My Buddy
NBA Live
New Breed, The
New World Order, Part 2: The Saga Continues
New York Life
Nigga Witta Attitude
No Mercy, No Fear
NY Rap
NY State of Mind, Vol. 1
Official Mixtape for the Streets, The
Ohh (remix)
On Fire
On Fire Mixtape
Only One Can Win
Ooh (remix)
Operation Desert Storm
Operation Desert Storm, Part 2
Order of Protection
Outta Control
P.I.M.P. (G-Unit remix)
Party Ain't Over
Piano Man
Playa Chronicles (Chapter 2)
Poppin Them Thangs
Porno Star
Promo Only: Rhythm Radio, February 2006
Promo Only: Rhythm Radio, June 2008
Promo Only: Urban Club, June 2008 (disc 1)
Promo Only: Urban Club, September 2008 (disc 1)
Promo Only: Urban Radio, February 2006
Promo Only: Urban Radio, June 2008
PT2. & Bump Heads
R&B Classics Collection
R&B Collection
Ratatat Remixes Mixtape, Volume 1
Real Rude Boyz
Realest Killaz
Remix Anthology
Remixes, Vol. 1
Remixes, Volume 1 (Revisited), The
Ride (with)
Ride Wit U
Ride Wit U (instrumental)
Ride Wit U (No rap)
Ride Wit U / More & More
Ride with the Big Dawg
Rider Freestyle
Rider, Part 2
Rider, Pt. 2
Rise and Fall of Thuggy Stardust and the Hustlers From Mars, The
Rock Wit U
Rookie of the Year
Round Here
Runtastic Power Workout, Volume 1
Say What U Want
Scarlet Skit
Science of Self: The Best of DJ Khalil, The
Shoot 'em Up
Skit #1
Skit #2
Skit #3
Skit 2
Smell Pussy, I
Soldier (remix)
Soldier, The
Soul Is Forever: The Remix Album
Southside G-Unit
Star&Buc Outro
Stay Gangsta'd Up
Stay Gangstered Up
Stick Up
Street Hitz 8: Reggae Issue / Street Hitz 7
Streetsweeper Vol. 2: The Pain From The Game, The
Streetsweeper, Volume 2: The Pain From the Game, The
Stunt 101
Suck Me Off
Sumthin for the Radio (mixed by DJ Big Mike)
Sun Goes Down
sun goes down EP
Surrounded by Hoes
SVA Live 2003
Takeover, The
Taking the Streets, Part 2 (hosted by Raekwon)
Team, The
Tha Gangsta Mix
That's What's Up
The, Volume 2
Thoughts of a Predicate Felon
Throwback: Summer Jamz
Tony Yayo Explosion
Top Hits RB46 March 2005
Trevor Nelson Collection 3, The
True Loyalty
Truth/You Not Ready, The
U Remind Me of My Bitch
U Should Be Here
Urban Weekend
Wanna Get to
Wanna Get to Know You
Wax Assassin II: Training Day
Wax On Wax Off
We All Die Someday
We Got the Hood on Smash
We Run the Streets
We Still Be Ridin'
We Up
What's Poppin'
Where I'm From
Where I’m From
Where Ya Hood At, Part 3 (Mixed by DJ Clue)
Where Ya Hood At, Part 4 (Mixed by DJ Clue)
Whoo Kid
Whoo Kid Kayslay Shit
Whoo Kid Kayslay Shit!
Work It (remix)
World, The
Y’all Ain’t Fuckin Wit Us
Ya Heard Me?
You Can Have Me
You Got to Be Crazy
You Know What It Is, Volume 2
You Should Be Here
You're Not Ready
Your After My Chedda