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Hybrid Theory
Hybrid Theory Musical group
Limkin Park
Lincoln Park
Linkin park
Linkin Park (hudební skupina)
Linkin Park Musical group (Musical group or band)
Linkin Park (Musical group or band)
Linkin Park yhtye (Musical group or band)
began 1996
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Projected medium
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Bennington, Chester (hasMember)
Black Sabbath
Bourdon, Rob (hasMember)
Christener, Kyle (hasMember)
Deftones (Musical group)
Delson, Brad (hasMember)
Disturbed (Musical group)
Farrell, Dave (hasMember)
Hahn, Joseph “Joe” (hasMember)
Koziol, Scott (hasMember)
Mute Math (Musical group)
P.O.D. (Musical group)
Papa Roach
Shinoda, Mike (hasMember)
Unloco (Musical group)
Zombie, Rob (1966-)
1Stp Klosr (5.1 mix)
1stp Klosr (Humble Brothers remix) (found on Frat Party at the Pancake Festival DVD)
2001-06-03: Rock am Ring, Nürburgring, Germany
2001-09-14: BBC's Maida Vale session, London, UK
2002-02-02: Colorado Springs, CO, USA
2003-03-03: Rock City, Nottingham, UK
2003-12-13: KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas: Universal Amphitheatre, Universal City, CA, USA
2008-01-20: Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany
2011-02-25: A Thousand Suns Tour: Salt Lake City, UT, USA
2012-08-11: Jiffy Lube Live, Bristow, VA, USA
26 Lettaz in da Alphabet
3-Song E.P.
6 Tracks
8-Bit Rebellion!
A.06 (Alter-Native Mastering & Re-edit mix)
A-Six (original long version 2002)
About Minutes To Midnight (Audio Commentary)
Across the Line (Unreleased demo 2007)
Afraid This Time
After Canada (2005 demo)
Air Force One (2015 demo)
All for Nothing (Clean)
All for Nothing (instrumental)
And One (Alter-Native Mastering)
Animals (2011 demo)
Announcement Service Public
Anything Anything
Apaches (Until It Breaks demo No. 1)
Apartment Theme
Art of Meteora, The
Astral Projection
Attached (2003 demo)
Aubrey One (2009 demo)
Bang Three (What I’ve Done original demo)
Basil (2008 demo)
Basquiat (2007 demo)
Battle Symphony
BBC Snowboard / Music Festival
Be Somebody
Behind The Scenes
Believe Me
Berlin One, Version C (2009 demo)
Black Birds
Black Out
Blackout (RAC instrumental)
Blackout (RAC mix)
Blackout (Renholdër remix)
Blanka (2008 demo)
Bleed It Out (2007 demo)
Bleed It Out (Clean)
Bleed It Out (includes Happy Birthday)
Bleed It Out (Live from Projekt Revolution 2007)
Blue (1998 Unreleased Hybrid Theory demo)
Boss Theme
Box Me In
Bravo nu rock
Breakin' the Habit
Breaking the Habit (Ghost in the Machine Remix)
Breaking The Habit (Live At Soundcheck)
Breaking the Habit (Live in Hamburg)
Breaking the Habit (live in Madrid)
Breaking the Habit (original Mike 2002 demo)
Breaking The Habit (Piano Intro, 2006 Outro)
Breaking the Habit (single edit)
Broken dreams
Broken Foot (Meteora demo)
Burberry (2015 demo)
Burn It Down (acapella)
Burn It Down (Bobina remix)
Burn It Down (instrumental)
Burn It Down (live in LA 9.8.12)
Burn It Down (live Rock Im Park 2012)
Burn it Down (Paul Van Dyk remix)
Burn It Down (RAC remix)
Burn It Down (Tom Swoon remix)
Burning in the Skies (radio edit)
By My Self (Super Xero-live)
By Myself (Instrumental)
By Myself (Josh Abraham & Mike Shinoda)
By Myself (Marylin Manson remix)
By Myself (Super Xero)
By_Myslf (5.1 mix)
Can't Hold On, I
Can’t Hurt Me (2014 demo)
Carousel (Alter-Native Mastering)
Castle of Glass (acapella)
Castle of Glass (KingTiger's Corporate Bureaucracy remix)
Castle of Glass (M. Shinoda remix)
Castle of Glass (Sadenia remix instrumental)
Castle of Glass (WILDJAXX remix)
Catalyst (2010 demo), The
Catalyst (album version), The
Catalyst (feat. Cale Pellick), The
Catalyst (feat. DJ Endorphin), The
Catalyst ("Guitarmagedon" Does It Offend You, Yeah? remix), The
Catalyst (King Fantastic mix), The
Catalyst (King Fantastic remix), The
Catalyst (live in Madrid), The
Catalyst (Music Video), The
Catalyst (radio edit), The
Chair (1999 Part of Me demo)
[Chali] (5.1 mix)
Chance of Rain (2006 demo)
Chester - Coming Monday ID
Chester - Mention of Single with Release Date
Chester - New Single ID
Chester - On the New Single
Chester - World Premiere This Monday Tune In
Coal (1997 Demo)
Collapsing the unit
Collateral Damage
Collision course
Consequence A (2010 demo)
Consequence B (2010 demo)
Crash the best in nu rock
Crawling (Down Beat Instrumental Project)
Crawling (Extreme version)
Crawling (Krwlng Intro w/ Vocals)
"Crawling" (Live at Projekt Revolution 2008 - includes verses from "Hands Held High" featuring Chris Cornell)
Crawling (new intro)
Crawling (One More Light live)
Crawling Vr. 2
Cumulus (2002 demo)
Cure for Mr. Hahn's Itch, The
Cure for the Itch
Da Bloos
Dark Crystal (2015 demo)
[data track]
Dave Sbeat feat. Joe (2009)
Decade Underground, A
Dirt Off Your Shoulder / Lying From You
Divided (2005 demo)
Don't Believe, I
Don't Stay (Live in Shanghai, 2007)
Down Syndrome, The
Dr. Giggles
dracula 2000 p
Dracula 2000 Wes Craven presents a legend reborn ; music from the dimension motion picture
Drawbar (instrumental)
Drawing ("Breaking the Habit" demo 2002)
Drum Song ("Little Things Give You Away" demo 2006)
Dub, The
Dust Brothers
Easier to Run (live LP Underground Tour 2003)
Empty Spaces/When They Come For Me
Enth E nd (5.1 mix)
Enth E Nd / Frgt/10
Enth E Nd (instrumental)
Enth E Nd (unreleased demo)
Esaul (A Place for My Head demo)
Esaul (Place for My Head demo version)
Extra Live: Linkin Park : Live in New York.
Face Inside
Faint (Beat Only Instrumental Project)
Faint (demo 2002)
Faint (live from Third Encore studio, North Hollywood, CA, 3/14/2007)
Faint (Live in Hamburg, 2011)
Fear ("Leave Out All the Rest" demo 2006)
Feel (demo '01) (bonus track)
Fifth Element, The
Figure.09 (demo 2002)
Final Masquerade (acapella)
Final Masquerade (acappella)
Final Masquerade (instrumental)
Finger Points, The
First Steps
Foot Patrol (Until It Breaks demo No. 2)
Forgotten (cut edit)
Forgotten (demo)
Forgotten (Instrumental)
Forgotten (live)
Frgt/10 (5.1 mix)
Frgt/10 (instrumental)
Froctagon (2009 demo)
From the Inside (album version)
From The Inside (Ext. Intro)
From the Inside (Live in Sydney)
From the Inside (live LP Underground Tour 2003)
From the "Live in Texas" Album
Get through
Give It All Away
Given Up (Clean)
Given Up (live, 2007-03-14: Third Encore studio, North Hollywood, CA)
Given Up (radio edit)
Given Up (Third Encore session)
Go Away
Greatest Hits
Greatest Songs
Grr (1999 demo)
Grudgematch (2009 demo)
Guilty All the Same (acoustic remix)
Guilty All the Same (instrumental)
Guilty All the Same (live)
H! Vltg3 (5.1 mix)
H! Vltg3 (a cappella)
H! Vltg3 (instrumental)
H! Vltg3 / Pts.of.Athrty
H! Vltg3 (unreleased demo)
Halfway Right
Halo (2002 demo)
Hands Held High (Clean)
Hard Way, The
Have Not Begun (2009 demo), I
Heartburn (2007 demo)
Hemispheres (2011 demo)
Here Nearby
High Voltage (live remix)
High Voltage (WTC mix)
Hit the Floor (Noise Instrumental Project)
Hold nothing back
Holding Company (2011 demo)
Holding You
Hunger Strike (live From Projekt Revolution 2008, Chris Cornell feat. Chester Bennington)
Hunting Party: Acapellas + Instrumentals, The
Hunting Party (Clean), The
Hunting Party: Live from Mexico, The
Hurry (1999 demo)
Hybrid Theory (bonus edition)
Hybrid Theory (Digital Video Compilation)
Hybrid Theory EP
Hybrid Theory Instrumentals
Hybrid Theory: Live Around the World
Hybrid Theory: Live at Download Festival 2014
I’ll Be Gone (acapella)
I’ll Be Gone (instrumental)
I’ll Be Gone (Schoolboy remix)
In Between (live From London UK, Jan 29 '08)
In My Remains (acapella)
In My Remains (instrumental)
In Pieces
In the Beginning
In The End (BeeKay remix)
In the End (club remix)
In the End (demo)
In the End (Down Mix Instrumental Project)
In the End (Hip Hop remix version)
In the End (Kay-DC remix)
In the End (live, BBC Radio One)
In the End (live in Madrid)
In the End (live Itunes Festival 2011)
In the End: Live & Rare
In the End (new intro)
In The End (Short Ambient Intro)
In the End (Techno remix)
In the Memory
In this world
In Time
In Your Eyes
Inside Living Things
Interview Disc
Into the Light
Intro / This Is for Real
[intro] / With You
Iridescent (from Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon)
Issho Ni
It's Goin' Down
iTunes Festival: London 2011
iTunes Live from SoHo
Jigga What / Faint
Joe - Coming Monday ID
Joe - Here Is the Single
Joe - New Single ID
Joe - The Idea Behind the Video
Jornada del muerto
Just Like Heroin
Just Want Your Company, I
Keys to the Kingdom (acapella)
Keys to the Kingdom (acappella)
Keys to the Kingdom (Clean)
Keys to the Kingdom (instrumental)
Kick Me When I'm Down
Krwlng (5.1 mix)
Krwlng (unreleased demo)
Kyu4 The Ich
Kyur4 th Ich (5.1 mix)
L.O.A.T.R. (M. Shinoda remix)
Last Time, The
Learning Curve, The
Leave Out All The Rest [Live] (Album Version Edit)
Leave Out All the Rest (Live At Milton Keynes)
Leave Out All the Rest (Live from Projekt Revolution - Detroit MI, Aug. 22 '07)
Leave Out All the Rest (live, Projekt Revolution, 2007-08-22: Clarkston, MI, USA)
Leave Out All the Rest / Shadow of the Day / Iridescent
Leave Out All the Rest (single version)
Leave Out All the Rest (studio version)
Lies Greed Misery (2010 demo)
Lies Greed Misery (acapella)
Lies Greed Misery (Dirtyphonics remix)
Lies Greed Misery (instrumental)
Lies Greed Misery (live Rock Im Park 2012)
Light That Never Comes (Carnizzy remix), A
Light That Never Comes (Rick Rubin Reboot), A
Line in the Sand (acapella), A
Line in the Sand (acappella), A
Line in the Sand (instrumental), A
[Linkin Park. Bleed it out--music video]
Linkin Park Underground 9: Demos
[Linkin Park. What I've done--music video]
Little Nicky music from the motion picture.
Little Things Give You Away, The
Live in Hong Kong
Live in London
Live in Osaka 2006-08-12
Live in Texas
Live in Tokyo
Living Things +
Living Things: Acapellas and Instrumentals
Living Things Remixed
Lost in the Echo (acapella)
Lost in the Echo (B Roger remix)
Lost in the Echo (DJ Vojo remix)
Lost in the Echo (instrumental)
Lost In the Echo (Killsonik Remix) [Edit]
Lost in the Echo (live in LA 9.8.12)
LP Jam 01
LP Jam 02
LP Underground 7
LP Underground 9: Demos
LP Underground X: Demos
Lying from You (album version)
Lying From You (live, 2003: Underground Tour)
Lying from You (Live in New York, 2008)
Lying from You (Live In Texas)
Lying From You (live LP Underground Tour 2003)
Lying From You / Papercut
Making of Meteora, The
Making Of Minutes To Midnight
Making of "Pts.of.Athrty" Animated Video
Making Of "What I've Done" Video
Malathion+Tritonus (2008 Berlin demo)
Mall Theme
Mark the Graves (acapella)
Mark the Graves (acappella)
Mark the Graves (instrumental)
Matrix reloaded music from and inspired by the motion picture
matrix reloaded the album., The
Maximum Linkin Park
Meeting Of A Thousand Suns
Messenger, The
Meteora (bonus edition)
Meteora Collection (Digital Video Compilation)
Meteora / Hybrid Theory
Meteora: Live Around the World
Mike - Coming Monday ID
Mike - Mention of Single with Release Date
Mike - New Single ID
Mike - On Joe and the Video
Mike - On Making the First Single
Mike - On Recording the Album on the Road
Mike - On "Somewhere I Belong" and Meteora
Mike - On the Fan Club Tour and LP Underground
Mike - On the Shows
Mike - World Premiere This Monday Tune In
Minutes to Midnight (Advanced) XXL
Minutes To Midnight (BestBuy Edition)
Minutes to Midnight (Circuit City DMD)
Minutes to Midnight: Live Around the World
Minutes to Midnight Piano Instrumentals
Mmm...Cookies: Sweet Hamster Like Jewels from America!
More Greatest Hits, The
Morei Sky
Move On (Fort Minor)
MTV Ultimate Mash Up
Music from the motion picture Little Nicky
My December (Alter-Native Mastering)
My December (Down Mix Instrumental Project)
My December (live, 2002: The Project Revolution Tour)
My December (live Project Rev. 2002)
My December (original version)
My December (single version 2001)
My_Dsmbr (O'NEAL edit)
My Own Summer (live)
My Reason
My<Dsmbr (5.1 mix)
New Divide (a cappella)
New Divide (album version)
New Divide (instrumental)
New Divide (live in Madrid)
New Divide (live Itunes Festival 2011)
No Laundry
No More Sorrow (Live) [Best Buy Bonus Track]
No More Sorrow (Third Encore Session)
No Roads Left
No way
Nobody Can Save Me
Nobody's Listening (Green Lantern remix)
Not Alone
Now I See
Ntr\mssion (5.1 mix)
Numb (DJ AnounymOS Remix v1)
Numb/Encore (live version)
Numb (Heatbeat Bootleg)
Numb (Jerry Galeries 80s Remix)
Numb (live from Tel Aviv, 11-15-10)
Numb (live in LA 9.8.12)
Numb (Live in New York, 2008)
Numb (ShadowFrog mix)
Numb (W3PLAY remix)
Numb (WHITENO1SE remix)
Oh No (Points of Authority demo)
One More Light (Chester Forever Steve Aoki remix)
One More Light Live (Clean)
One More Light (Skipaay remix)
One Perfect Something
One Step Closer (Cut Off Instrumental Project)
One Step Closer (Ext. Bridge w/ Reanimation Lyrics Tease)
One Step Closer (Humble Brothers remix) (FM radio)
One Step Closer (Humble Brothers remix) (known as the Humble Bros. remix FM edit)
One Step Closer (live at the MTV VMA 2001)
One Step Closer (live LP Underground Tour 2003)
One Step Closer (live version)
One Step Closer / Lying From You / Somewhere I Belong / No More Sorrow / Papercut / From the Inside / Numb / Pushing Me Away / Breaking the Habit / Crawling / In the End / Bleed It Out / The Little Things Give You Away / What I've Done / Faint
One Step Closer (Reanimated live)
One Step Closer (Rock mix)
One Step Closer (studio version)
One Thing
Open My Mind
Opening (5.1 mix)
Opening (intro to the Nemesis)
Orlando 2000
Over the top
Overnight Success?
Ozzfest 2001 the second millennium
P5hng Me A*wy (5.1 mix)
Pale (2006 demo)
Paper cut
Papercut (Ghost in the Machine Remix)
Papercut (Japan edit)
Papercut (live at Docklands Arena, London)
Papercut (live at Milton Keynes)
Papercut (live at Yalding House, London, England, 1/12/2001 - BBC One)
Papercut (Long Intro)
Papercut (Rewind Instrumental Project)
Park Esaul (demo)
Part of Me (Alter-Native Mastering)
PB n' Jellyfish
Pen Is Mightier Then the Sword, The
Piano Instrumentals
Place for My Head (Esaul), A
Place for My Head (live, Docklands Arena, London), A
Place for My Head (Long Down Vocal Instrumental Mix Project), A
Plc.4 Mie Hæd (5.1 mix)
Pods 1 of 3 (1998 demo)
Pods 2 of 3 (1998 demo)
Pods 3 of 3 (1998 demo)
Points of Authority (demo)
Points Of Authority (Instrumental)
Points of Authority (live, Docklands Arena, London)
Points of Authority (live on BBC Radio One)
Points of Authority (Second mix)
Powerless (acapella)
Powerless (Enferno remix)
Ppr:kut (5.1 mix)
Ppr:Kut (unreleased demo)
Pre-Boss Theme
Pretend to Be (2008 demo)
Pretty Birdy (Somewhere I Belong 2002 demo)
Primo (I'll Be Gone-Longform 2010 demo)
Program (Meteora demo)
Project Revolution: The Remixes
Pts.of.Athrty (5.1 mix)
Pts.of.Athrty (Crystal Method remix)
Pts.of.Athrty / H! Vltg3
Pts.Of.Athrty (released previously by Jay Gordon in 2008)
Public Service Announcement - Intro
Pushing Me Away (Instrumental)
Pushing Me Away (Piano Version Live Debut)
Queen Of The Damned
QWERTY (2006 Version)
[Qwety] (Live Somer Sonic '06) (bonus track)
Radiance, The
Rare And Unreleased
Reaching Out
Reading My Eyes
Real life
Reanimation (Internal Demo)
Rebellion (acapella)
Rebellion (instrumental)
Reliving Things
Requiem, The
Rhinocerous (2002 demo)
[Riff Raff] (5.1 mix)
Rnw@y (5.1 mix)
Road to revolution Linkin Park live at Milton Keynes
Roads Untraveled (acapella)
Roads Untraveled (DJ Vojo remix)
Roads Untraveled (instrumental)
Rob - Coming Monday ID
Rob - Mention of Single with Release Date
Rob - New Single ID
Rob - On the Album and their Goals
Rob - On the Process of Making Meteora
Rob - On the Somewhere I Belong Video Shoot
Rob - World Premiere This Monday Tune In
Robot Boy (Test mix, Optional vocal take)
Rolling in the Deep (live from iTunes Festival: London 2011)
Runaway (11-09 version)
Runaway (instrumental)
Sad ("By Myself" demo 1999)
Screaming at space (bonus track)
Session (Ghost in the Machine Remix)
Shadow Of The Day Making of the Video)
Shadow of the Day (single edit)
Shadow of the Day (studio version)
Sharp Edges (One More Light live)
She Shines
Shinoda (intro)
Skin to Bone (acapella)
Skin to Bone (instrumental)
Slip (1998 Unreleased Hybrid Theory demo)
So Far Away
Sold My Soul to Yo Mama
Somewhere I Belong (Big Skapinsky Remix)
Somewhere I Belong - Instrumental Snippet
Somewhere I Belong (live at Milton Keynes)
Somewhere I Belong (Live in Koln, 2008)
Somewhere I Belong (Tyler Clark Remix)
Songs From the Underground
Sorry for Now (acapella)
Sorry for Now (instrumental)
Soul Song
Soundtrack (Meteora demo)
Space Station
Splitting the DNA
Stagelight Demos
Starting to Fly
Stay Away
[Stef] (5.1 mix)
Step Up (1999 demo)
Step Up (Alter-Native Mastering)
Step Up (live, 2002: The Project Revolution Tour)
Step Up / Nobody's Listening / It's Goin' Down
Stick and Move ("Runaway" demo 1998)
Street Team Sampler
Studio Collection
Studio Finals 5/7/00
Summoning (instrumental), The
Superman (radio remix)
Superxero (demo)
Symphonies of Light Reprise (2010 demo)
Taking It Further
Talking to Myself (DJ Vojo remix)
Talking To Myself (Live)
Thousand Suns (bonus edition), A
Thousand Suns (Bonus Version), A
Thousand Suns (Deluxe Version), A
Thousand Suns: Live Around the World, A
Thousand Suns: Puerta de Alcalá, A
Thousand Suns: The Full Experience, A
Thousand Suns+, A
Three Band Terror (Until It Breaks demo No. 3)
Tinfoil / Powerless (instrumental)
TooLeGit (2010 demo)
Transformers the album.
Tribal Ink
Twilight Biss zum Morgengrauen ; music from the original motion picture soundtrack
Under Attack (B-Sides)
Under Attack (Crawling)
Underground 12
Underground 15 Downloadable Tracks
Underground 2.0
Underground 3.0
Underground 4.0
Underground 5.0
Underground 6.0
Underground Eleven
Underground Sixteen
Underground V2.5: Limited Edition Fan Club CD
Underground XIII
Underground XIV
Unfortunate (2002 demo)
Universe (2006 demo)
Unreleased Volume #1
Until It Breaks (acapella)
Until It Breaks (Datsik remix)
Until It Breaks (instrumental)
Until It Breaks (Money Mark Headphone remix)
Until It's Gone (acapella)
Until It's Gone (acappella)
Until It's Gone (instrumental)
Until It’s Gone (live at Rock am Ring)
Until It’s Gone (Zakii remix)
Until The End
Untitled (In the End), The
Unwanted Truth
Valentine music from the motion picture
Valentine's Day (live From Frankfurt Germany, Jan 20 '08)
Various - wired up.
Vegas Theory, Las
Vengeance Is Mine
Vertical Limit
Victimized (acapella)
Victimized (instrumental)
Victimized (M. Shinoda remix)
Waiting for the End (1st edition)
Waiting for the End (2nd edition)
Waiting for the End (live in Madrid)
Waiting for the End (Non-rap version)
Waiting for the End ([redacted] remix)
Waiting for the End (The Glitch Mob remix)
Wake 2.0
Wake Me
Walking Dead (DJ Z-Trip Ft. Chester Bennington), The
War (acapella)
War (acappella)
War (instrumental)
Wastelands (acapella)
Wastelands (acappella)
Wastelands (instrumental)
Wastelands (live)
We made it
We Use the Pain
What I've Done (9RAVITY remix)
What I've Done (distorted remix)
What I've Done (Live At Soundcheck)
What I've Done (live from Third Encore studio, North Hollywood, CA, 3/14/2007)
What I've Done (live in Madrid)
What I've Done (live Itunes Festival 2011)
What I've Done (Mike Shinoda remix)
What I’ve Done (Sunray vs. DJ Maax remix)
"What I've Done" Video
What's in the Eyes
What We Don't Know (2007 demo)
When They Come for Me (live)
Wired up
Wisdom, Justice, and Love
With You (demo)
With You (Instrumental)
With You (live in LA 9.8.12)
With You (live Ozzfest 2001)
With You (Short Meteora Tour Intro)
Wizard Song, The
Wretches and Kings
Wth>You (5.1 mix)
X-Ecutioner Style (5.1 mix)
Yo (MTM demo)
You Ain't Gotsta Gotsta
Contributed to or performed: 
[data track]
$675.000 Mixtape, The
06 (skit), A
100 Most Beautiful Songs
100% Hits: The Best of 2008
1000% Golden Soundtrack
2007-07-07: Live Earth, Makuhari Messe, Tokyo, Japan
2011 North American Tour EP
4 GT 10
Afrekening, Volume 26, De
After Collision
Album Rock, L'
Album Rock, Volume 2, L'
Album Rock, Volume 5, L'
All for Nothing
All for Nothing (acapella)
All for Nothing (acappella)
Alternative Times, Volume 105
Alternative Times, Volume 117
Alternative Times, Volume 119
Alternative Times, Volume 12
Alternative Times, Volume 13
Alternative Times, Volume 24
Alternative Times, Volume 36
Alternative Times, Volume 37
Alternative Times, Volume 43
Alternative Times, Volume 49
Alternative Times, Volume 8
Alternative Times, Volume 83
Alternative Times, Volume 85
Alternative Times, Volume 86
Alternative Times, Volume 9
American Eagle Outfitters: In Flight Programming
Announcement Service Public (skit)
Any Man & In the End (Fucking Crazy) (Paul)
Back to School
Beats, Remixes, and a Side of Mash Ups
Best of 2008
Big Cheese - Big Hitters
Big Pimpin’ / Papercut
Big Shiny Tunes 13
Big Shiny Tunes 6
Big Shiny Tunes 8
Biggest - 19 Hits in One Super Value Album
Bonus Beat
Bootcamp Powermix, Volume 2
Braun MTV Eurochart '07, Volume 4, The
Bravo Hits 45
Bravo Nu Rock
Bravo: The Hits 2014
Bravo: The Hits 2017
Broken Dreams
Broken Dreams II
Burn It Down / Love the Way You Lie
Buy Myself
Castle of Glass (Sadenia remix)
Catalyst (remix), The
Catalyst / Cocaine (alternate version), The
Channel Z: The Best Of, Volume 2
Channel Z: The Best Of, Volume 3
Cien de la 100, Las
Coca Cola Hits 2003, Volume 2
Coca Cola Hits 2005
Collabos and Bullets
Collision Course
Collision Course 3
Collision Course II
Concrete Corner
Concrete Corner: December 2K
Concrete Corner: November 2K
Cool to the Core
Dark Passenger: Music From and Inspired By Dexter
Darker Than Blood
Darker Than Blood (Bassjackers remix)
Darker Than Blood (Dirty Audio remix)
Darker Than Blood (Josh Macias remix)
Darker Than Blood (Panic City remix)
Darker Than Blood (Remixes)
Darker Than the Light That Never Bleeds (Chester Forever Steve Aoki remix)
Dead Space
Depressing Music to Kill Yourself To
Dirt of Your Shoulder
Dirt Off Your Shoulder / Lying From You
Dirt Off Your Shoulder / Lying from You (clean)
Dirt Off Your Shoulder / Lying From You (MTV Ultimate Mash-Ups)
Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying from You
DJ AnounymOS
DMC Complete Rock
DMC DJ Only 102
DMC DJ Promo DJO 140
Dome, Vol. 82, The
Download to Donate for Haiti
Download to Donate: Tsunami Relief
Dracula 2000
Dracula 2000: Music From the Dimension Motion Picture
Dreams on Shady Park
Dukedagod & The Diplomats Present: The Title Stays in Harlem
ECW Anarchy Rocks Extreme Music 2
End Credits
Essential Bands
Evolution of Pac, The
False Flag
Family Values Tour 2001, The
Festival 06
Festivalguide Free CD 2001
FIFA 11 Soundtrack
Fight Music & Lying From You (live)
Fish Market
Forgot About Dre & Place for My Head
From Bottom to Top
Future Trance 66
Giving In
Good Goodbye
Guilty All the Same
Guilty All the Same (acapella)
Guilty All the Same (acappella)
Guilty All the Same (shorter edit)
Guitar Hero: World Tour
Heavy (acapella)
Heavy (Clean)
Heavy (Disero remix)
Heavy (instrumental)
Heavy (Nicky Romero remix)
Heavy (TV track)
High School Rocks
Hit Explosion: 2002, Volume 1
Hits 19, The
Hörsturz, Vol. 2
Hurt Locker
Hustlers Ambition & One Step Closer (Special Shady Park version)
I'll Be Gone / Drop the World
I’ll Be Gone (Vice remix)
In My Remains / Renegade
In The Studio
Incoming: The Sounds of 2001
Intro / Breaking the Habit / Not Afraid
It Can’t Come Quickly Enough / Numb
It's Goin Down (clean)
It's Going Down (MTV Ultimate Mash-Ups)
It’s Going Down
Izzo / In the End
Jay-Z Arrives
Jigga What / Faint
Jigga What / Faint (MTV Ultimate Mash-Ups)
Jigga What/Faint
Kerrang! High Voltage
Kerrang! Recharged
Kerrang! The Album
Kerrang! The Album '08
Kerrang! The Album, Volume 2
Kill Bill, Vol. 1
Kokowääh 2
KROQ Kevin & Bean: The Real Slim Santa
KROQ Kevin & Bean: The Year They Recalled Santa Claus
KROQ: New Music 2001
Kuschelrock 22
L’Album Rock, Volume 3
Letter to My Unborn
Light That Never Comes (Angger Dimas remix), A
Light That Never Comes (Brian Yates remix), A
Light That Never Comes (Coone remix), A
Light That Never Comes (original mix), A
Light That Never Comes (Rick Rubin reboot), A
Light That Never Comes (Twoloud remix), A
Light That Never Comes (Vicetone remix dub), A
Light That Never Comes (Vicetone remix), A
Light That Never Comes, A
Light That Never Comes: Remixes, A
Like a Pimp vs. Papercut
Little Nicky
Live Earth: The Concerts for a Climate in Crisis
Lost In The Echo (Thought Crime Remix)
Lost in the Echo / Soldier (extended intro)
Lulz: A corruption of LOL #VI: Bawwwww
Matrix Reloaded: The Album, The
maxx' de bruit 3, Un
Meedeiners, Volume 06
Megahits 2014: Die Erste
MegaHits: Sommer 2017
Monitor This! October/November 2000
More Voltage
Movie Soundtrack Favorites
MTV Ultimate Mash-Ups Presents: Collision Course
My Name Is & Hit the Floor
Need for Speed Rivals
Neon Future II
Neon Future Odyssey
New Whole Burbank Catalog: Warner Bros. Records Record Store Day 2018 Sampler, The
No Apologies & Frgt 10
No Bullshit
Now That's What I Call Music! Best of 2000-2009
NOW That’s What I Call Music, Vol. 63
NOW: The Hits of Spring 2012
NOW: The Hits of Summer 2009
NOW: The Hits of Winter 2008
NRJ Summer Hits Only 2008
NU-Clear CD Collection: Rock Music CD, Volume 1
Numb (DJ Veli mix)
Numb (Kastra "Chicken Nuts" Edit)
Numb (piano vocal version)
Numb / Encore
Numb / Encore (a cappella - clean version)
Numb / Encore (a cappella)
Numb / Encore (Bonus Beat)
Numb / Encore (clean version)
Numb / Encore (instrumental)
Numb / Encore (MTV Ultimate Mash-Ups)
Numb Encore
Numb/Encore (a cappella explicit)
Numb/Encore (a cappella radio edit)
Numb/Encore (DJ Child remix)
Numb/Encore (DJ Ivan Fillini remix)
Numb/Encore (instrumental)
Numb/Encore (radio edit)
Numb/Encore (RNM Project club mix)
Numb/Encore (Seven radio cut)
Numb/Encore (Seven remix)
Numb/Encore (Tribal mix)
Old Days
One Step Closer
One Step Closer (Reanimated)
Ozzfest 2000
Ozzfest 2001: The Second Millennium
Paper Cut
Passion Of Tupac, The
Photo Gallery
Place 4 My Head (original Reanimation remix)
Points of Authority
Points of Authority / 99 Problems / One Step Closer
Points of Authority / 99 Problems / One Step Closer (MTV Ultimate Mash-Ups)
Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
Pretty Waiting (skit)
Pretty Waiting & Lying From You
Projekt Revolution 2004 Sampler
Promo Only: Canada Modern Rock Radio, November 2007
Promo Only: Club Video, September 2012
Promo Only: Hot Video, December 2013
Promo Only: Hot Video, September 2014
Promo Only: Mainstream Radio, December 2010
Promo Only: Mainstream Radio, July 2011
Promo Only: Mainstream Radio, November 2003
Promo Only: Modern Rock Radio January 2015
Promo Only: Modern Rock Radio, July 2004
Promo Only: Modern Rock Radio, March 2003
Promo Only: Modern Rock Radio, March 2004
Promo Only: Modern Rock Radio, October 2003
Promo Only: Modern Rock Radio, October 2010
Promo Only: Modern Rock Radio, September 2001
Promo Only: Rhythm Radio, June 2008
Promo Only: Urban Club, June 2008 (disc 1)
Promo Only: Urban Radio, June 2008
Real Slim Shady & Enth E Nd, The
Rebellion (acappella)
Redneck Olympics
Return of the Rock, Volume 2, The
Revolutions in Sound: Warner Bros. Records: The First Fifty Years
Roads Untraveled (Rad Omen remix)
Rock Festival 2006
Rock Phenomenon
Rock Phenomenon: Hip-Hop vs. Rock Mash-Ups
Rock Sound Volume 49
Rock Sound Volume 53
Rock Sound: Music With Attitude, Volume 19
Salva tu culo, volumen 1 (Mixed by DJ Soak) (Hosted by Gran Purismo)
Shit on You & Crazy in Love & Point of Authority
Skin to Bone (Nick Catchdubs remix)
Skin to Bone / Forever
Songs for the Philippines
Sony Music Radio Sampler, January 2002
Sound Check
Studio Hits Edition 38
Sunfly Gold, Volume 34: Linkin Park & Limp Bizkit
Super Fresh
Things in My Jeep
Time Stands Still
Tinfoil / Powerless / No Love
Transformers: Dark of the Moon (Music From and Inspired by the Film)
Transformers: Dark of the Moon: Complete Motion Picture Score
Transformers: Dark of the Moon: The Album
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: The Album
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: The Score
Transformers: The Album
Triple M’s New Stuff, Vol. 1
Tropical Vibes, Vol. 1
Twelfth Dynasty, The
Twilight: Music From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Twilight: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Ultra Dance 15
Underworld: Awakening
Underworld: Awakening: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Until It Breaks / Despicable
Various Rock [Malaysian Compilation]
Victimized / The Re-Up
Violent Rhythm
Virgin Radio Summer Pop 2017
Voices of Trance 034 (2nd Hour: PM mix)
Waiting for the End / I Need a Doctor
We Made It
We Made It (a cappella edit)
We Made It (amended version)
We Made It (clean)
We Made It (instrumental)
We Major
Welcome to Detroit & High Voltage
Whateverturnsuon, Volume 5
When They Come for Me / Underground
White Noise
Wired Up
Wired Up 2
Wired-Up 2
X Games IX
YTMND Soundtrack, Volume 2