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I︠U︡raĭi︠a︡ Khip Musical group
Uria Heep
Uria Hepp
Uriah Heap
Uriah Heep
Uriah Heep Musical group (Musical group or band)
Uriah Heep (Musical group or band)
Uriah Hepp
Uriah Hip
yu-raia hi-pu
began 1970
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Baker, Keith (hasMember)
Bolder, Trevor (hasMember)
Box, Mick (hasMember)
Byron, David (hasMember)
Clarke, Iain (hasMember)
Clarke, Mark (hasMember)
Daisley, Bob (hasMember)
Dechert, Gregg (hasMember)
Fontaine, Steff (hasMember)
Goalby, Peter (hasMember)
Hensley, Ken (hasMember)
Kerslake, Lee (hasMember)
Lanzon, Phil (hasMember)
Lawton, John (hasMember)
Napier, Alex (hasMember)
Newton, Paul (hasMember)
Olsson, Nigel (hasMember)
Shaw, Bernie (hasMember)
Sinclair, John (hasMember)
Slade, Chris (hasMember)
Sloman, John (hasMember)
Thain, Gary (hasMember)
Wetton, John (hasMember)
20 Golden Greats
20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Uriah Heep
Absolute Best of Uriah Heep, The
Access All Areas - Live in Moscow 1987
Acoustically Driven
Across the Miles
Against All Odds
Against the Odds
All for One
All God's Children
All My Life (alternative version)
All of My Life
Always Knew (out-take), I
Angel (live 1985)
Angels Walk With You
Anthology, Volume One
Back Stage Girl (single B-Side)
Bad Bad Man (Spellbinder live 1996)
Bad Blood (live 1985)
Ballads, The
Beautiful Dream (demo version)
Been Away Too Long (demo version)
Been Hurt (out-take)
Been Hurt (single B-Side)
Best: DVD-AUDIO, The
best of metal hammer - The ballads, The
Best of... Part 1, The
Best of... Part 2, The
best of rock, The
Best of Uriah Heep, Volume 2, The
Between Two Worlds (live)
Biker's best
Bird of Prey (original version)
Bird of Prey (US album version)
Bird of Prey (US alternative version)
Bird of Prey (US mix)
Bits and pieces about Uriah Heep
Blind Eye (alternate version)
Blind Eye (Alternative Version)
"Blood on Stone" Anthology, Volume II
Blood on Stone (extended version)
Blood Red Roses (1990 remix)
Blood Red Roses (extended remix)
Blood Red Roses (extended version)
Blood Red Roses (remixed version)
Book of Lies
Born in a Trunk (instrumental alternative version)
Born in a Trunk (out-take)
Born in a Trunk (vocal version)
Box Wah Box
Bravo & [und] Ariola-Express präsentieren Hard 'n' heavy hammer
Bronze Records and Peter Bowyer present Uriah Heep live
Can See You, I
Can't Keep a Good Band Down (edited version)
Can't Stop Singing
Can’t Take That Away
Carry On (edited version)
Carry On (single edit)
Castle Masters Collection: Uriah Heep
Celebration: Forty Years of Rock
Chapter & Verse: The Uriah Heep Story
Chasing Shadows
Cheat 'n' Lie (live)
Cheater (single B-Side)
Chris Tetley Presents: The Uriah Heep Story
Circle of Hands (alternative version)
Circle of Hands (live 1973)
Circle of Hands (Spellbinder live 1996)
Circus (acoustic live 2000)
Classic Album Selection
Classic Collection
Classic Heep: An Anthology
Close My Eyes (Ken Hensley demo version), I
Collection, The
Come Away Melinda (alternative version 1)
Come Away Melinda: The Ballads
Come Back to Me
Comme Away Melinda
Corina (live 1987)
Corina (live Moscow 1988)
Corina (live version)
Corina (original studio demo version)
Corina (studio demo and mix)
Corridors of Madness
Crime of Passion (single b-side)
Cross That Line (extended version)
Cry Freedom
Crystal Ball (Alternative Version)
Crystal Ball (out-take)
Dance Dance Dance (out-take)
Dance, The
Definitive Collection, The
Definitive Spitfire Years, The
Demons and Wizards / High and mighty
Devil's Daughter
Devils Daughter
Different World (acoustic live 2000)
Dizengoff Street 99
Do You Know (demo version)
Does Anything Matter (Demo Version)
Dragons and dreams music inspired by fantasy books and movies
Dream On (edit)
Dreammare (1970 BBC session)
Dreammare (alternative version)
Dreammare (intro)
Dreammare (outro)
Dreams (alternative version)
Dreams (extended version)
Dreams (unedited long version)
Drei unter'm Dach orig. Soundtrack
Drum Solo/Gypsy Reprise
Easy Leaving
Easy Livin’ (5.1 mix)
Easy Livin’ (alternate version)
Easy Livin' (alternative version)
Easy Livin' (Film mix)
Easy Livin’ (live, 1975: USA)
Easy Livin' (live 1980)
Easy Livin' (live Europe 1979)
Easy Livin' (live Moscow 1988)
Easy Livin' (live Shepperton 1974)
Easy livin' ... Rock of the seventies
Easy Livin' (Spellbinder live 1996)
Easy Livin' The Singles A's & B's
Easy Livin' Uriah Heep Best
Easy Living
Easy rider
Easy Road (Film mix), The
Easy Road (live Shepperton 1974), The
Echoes in the Dark (alternate version)
Echoes in the Dark (Alternative Version)
Echoes in the Dark (edit version)
Electrically Driven
Empty the Vaults: The Rarities
Everything in Life
Fallen angel including Come back to me
Fallin in Love
Falling In Love (Alternate Live Version - Previously Unreleased)
Falling in Love (live 1979)
Far Better Way (Firefly session out-take), A
Fear of Falling
Feelings (edited version)
Feelings ("Five Miles" session)
Feelings (Live - Previously Unreleased)
Feelings (single edit)
Feels Like
Fires of Hell (Your Only Son)
First Touch
Flyin' High
Footprints in the Snow (Ken Hensley demo version)
Free Me (live Johannesburg 1995)
Free 'n' Easy (live)
From Spice to Uriah Heep - Transition: The Lansdowne Tapes
From the Front Row... Live!
Future echoes of the past : The legend continues...
Gary's Song (Crystal Ball alternative version)
Get the hits
Ghost of the Ocean
Gimme Love (single B-Side)
Gold Collection, The
Gold from the Byron Era
Golden Palace, The
Golden Place, The
Goldene Super 20 [zwanzig]
Greatest Hits
Green Eye (alternative version)
Green Eye (demo)
Gypsy (alternative extended single mix)
Gypsy (alternative version)
Gypsy (BBC session)
Gypsy (edited version)
Gypsy (extended version)
Gypsy (live Astoria, London 1997)
Gypsy (live Europe 1979)
Gypsy (live Moscow 1988)
Gypsy (live November 1989)
Gypsy (radio Show)
Gypsy (single edit remix)
Gypsy (single version)
Gypsy (Spellbinder live 1996)
Hanging Tree, The
Happy Birthday (Alternative Version)
Happy Birthday (The Magician's Birthday edit)
Hard + [and] heavy
Hard 'n' heavy hammer
Hard rock experience
Hard Way to Learn
Head first
Hear Voices, I
Heartache City (live Moscow 1988)
Heartless Land
Heaven's Rain
heavy metal collection, The
heavy set, The
Here Am I (alternative version 2)
Here Am I (out-take)
Here I Am (Salisbury session out-take mix)
High and mighty
High Priestess (alternative version)
High Priestess (edited single version)
High Priestess (single edit)
Hit-Festival d. internat. Doppelalbum ; RTL präsentiert d. internat. Stars
Hits of the 80's
Hold Your Head Up (12" single extended version)
Hold Your Head Up (new edit)
Hold Your Head Up (single edit)
Holding On
Holy Roller (1992 demo session)
Holy Roller (out-take)
Home Again to You (alternative version)
Home Again to You (demo version)
Home Again to You (out-take)
Hot Night in a Cold Town
Hot Persuasion (demo version)
I'll Keep on Trying (alternative mix 2)
I'll Keep on Trying (alternative version)
I'm Alive Again (out-take)
I'm Alive Again (Ridge Farm Sessions)
I’m Ready
If I Had the Time (extended version)
If I Had the Time (Ken Hensley demo version)
Illusion (full unedited version) / Masquerade
In the Moment
Innocent victim
Inside Uriah Heep: The Hensley Years 1970-1976
Inside Uriah Heep: The Hensley Years 1976-1980
Instrumental and Studio Chat
Interview German Radio 1976
Into the Wild
Ironstrike: 14 Rock Hard Hits
Is Anybody Gonna Help Me?
It Ain't Easy
Joly Morning
July Morning (Alternative Mix; Live)
July Morning (alternative version)
July Morning (live November 1989)
July Morning Rain
July Morning (Single Edit)
Just good songs the best of today's rock music
Keep on Ridin'
King Biscuit Flower Hour presents.
Kiss me the best love and pop ballads
Kiss of Freedom
Kiss the Rainbow
L.A. Woman
Lady in Black (alternative single version)
Lady in Black (alternative version - take 7)
Lady in Black / Easy Livin'
Lady in Black (edited version)
Lady in Black (live Europe 1979)
Lady in Black (live November 1989)
Lady in Black (single edit remix)
Lady in Black (Spellbinder live 1996)
Lansdowne tapes, The
Last Farewell (Alternate Version Of 'One More Night' - Previously Unreleased)
Law, The
Legends of pop & rock
Let It Ride ("Five Miles" session)
Let's rock
Light of a Thousand Stars
Limited Edition 5000
Live '73
Live at Koko: London 2014
Live at Shepperton '74
Live In Armenia
Live in Copenhagen 1973
Live in Europe 1979
Live in Moscow
Live in the USA
Live January 1973
Live on Air
Live on the King Biscuit Flower Hour: Uriah Heep
Live rock
Logical Progression
Logical Revelations
Lonely Nights (live)
Look At Yourself (Alternative Mix)
Look at Yourself (alternative single version)
Look at Yourself (alternative version 2)
Look at Yourself (BBC live version)
Look at Yourself / Firefly
Look at Yourself (live 1987)
Look at Yourself (live Europe 1979)
Look at Yourself (mono version)
Look at Yourself (radio Show)
Look at Yourself (single edit)
Looking at You
Lost One Love
Loud and proud
Loud, Proud & Heavy - The Best Of
Love, Hate and Fear (out-take)
Love, Hate & Fear (Wonderworld session out-take)
Love in Silence
Love is Blind
Love Machine (Alternative Mix)
Love Machine (Film mix)
Love Machine (single edit)
Love or Nothing (single edit)
Love Stealer (single a-side version)
Lovesongs die schönsten Schmusehits
Lucy Blues (alternative version 1)
Lucy Blues (alternative version 2)
Lying (Out Take - Previously Unreleased)
Magic Lantern (alternative version)
Magic Night
Magician's Birthday (alternate version), The
Magician's Birthday (Alternative Version), The
Magician's Birthday (edit), The
Magician's Birthday Party, The
Make a Little Love
Making of Outsider, The
Masquerade (single B-Side)
Masters of rock
Mean Fiddler London (disc 1: Electric Set)
Medley (Roll Over Beethoven, Blue Suede Shoes, Hound Dog, At the Top)
Medley: The Wizard / Paradise / Circle of Hands
Metal attack the cream of hard rock
Metal Hammer presents - Metal masters
Minute (radio edit), Eine
Miracle Child (single b-side)
Mister Majestic (live 1987)
Mistress of All Time
Misty Eyes (edit version)
Mit RTL Radio in die 70er [siebziger]
Money Talk
More Fool You
Mr. Majestic (live November 1989)
Mr. Majestic (original studio demo version)
Mr. Majestic (studio demo and mix)
My Joanna Needs Tuning (single b-side)
Nail On The Head [bonus multimedia videoclip]
Name of the Game (Ken Hensley demo version)
Name of the Game (out-take)
Night of the Wolf
No Return
Official Bootleg - Live at Sweden Rock Festival 2009
On the Rebound: A Very 'Eavy 40th Anniversary Collection
One Day
One for the road
One Minute (60 Seconds)
One Minute (Promo video)
One Minute (radio edit)
One More Night (Last Farewell)
One on One
One Way or Another
Only Human
Only the Young
Other Side of Midnight (live), The
Out on the Street
Out-takes: The Easy Road / Sleazy Livin / Easy Livin'
Outsider, The
Pacific Highway (original studio demo version)
Pacific Highway (studio demo and mix)
Paradise (alternative version)
Paradise / The Spell
Park (alternative version), The
Party Time
Perfect Little Heart
Pilgrim (extended version)
Platinum: The Ultimate Collection
Playing for Time (Ridge Farm Sessions)
Playing for Time (single b-side)
Poet’s Justice (alternative version)
Poor Little Rich Girl (single version)
pop collection, The
Power to the Rockers
Powers of Addiction (out-take)
Prima Donna (demo version)
Prima Donna (live, 1975: USA)
Proud Words (alternative version)
Proud Words (Demons and Wizards session out-take)
Proud Words on a Dusty Shelf (out-take)
Put Your Lovin' on Me
Put Your Music Where Your Mouth Is (outtake)
Radio Hamburg - Yesterhits
Raging Through The Silence - The 20th Anniversary Concert - Live At The London Astoria 18th May 1989
Rain (alternate version)
Rain (Alternative Version)
Rain (edit version)
Rainbow Demon (alternative version)
Rainbow Demon: Heep Live and in the Studio 1994-98
Rainbow Demon (single edit)
Rarities from the Bronze Age
Real Turned On (alternative mix 3)
Real Turned On (alternative version)
Red Lights
Remasters - The Official Anthology
Remember 16 internat. Super-Oldies
return to fantasy a tribute to Uriah Heep, A
Return to Fantasy (extended version)
Return to Fantasy (live, 1975: USA)
Return to Fantasy (single B-Side)
Return to Fantasy (single edit version)
Revelations: The Uriah Heep Anthology
Rich Kid
Right to Live (Fallen Angel session out-take), A
Right To Live (Promo B-Side), A
River (Innocent Victim session out-take), The
River (outtake), The
rock album the best of today's rock music, The
Rock box
Rock Champions
Rock classics the greatest rock songs
Rock Giants
Rock History: The Best of Uriah Heep
Rock inferno
Rock live best of rock
Rock masters
Rock 'n' Roll Medley '74 (Film mix): Roll Over Beethoven / Blue Suede Shoes / Mean Woman Blues / Hound Dog / At the Hop / Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On / Blue Suede Shoes
Rock 'n' Roll Medley (live January 1973)
Rock the Foundation
Rockarama (live 1985)
Rockarama (live 1987)
Rockarama (single edit)
Rollin' On
Rollin' the Rock
Rough Justice
Running All Night (with the Lion)
Sail the Rivers (studio track)
Salisbury (alternative version) (live)
Salisbury (U.S. promo single edit)
Save It
Say Goodbye
Sea of light
Searching (extended demo version)
Searching (instrumental out-take)
Sell Your Soul (live version)
Seven Days
Seven Stars (alternative version)
Seven Stars (extended version)
Seven Stars (live)
Seven Stars (unedited long version)
Shadows and the Wind, The
Shadows of Grief (Alternative Mix)
Shady Lady (live, 1975: USA)
She Still Calls His Name (1992 demo session)
Shelter from the Rain
Shout It Out (non-album single b-side)
Showdown (demo version)
Silver White Man (alternate version)
Silver White Man (instrumental out-take)
Silver White Man (No Vox; Alternative Version)
Simon the Bullet Freak (alternative single version)
Simon the Bullet Freak (alternative version 2)
Simon the Bullet Freak (single B-Side)
Simon the Bullet Freak (US album version)
Simply the best
Sir Price tolle CD-Überraschungen zum kleinen Preis ; zum Kennenlernen
Skool's Burnin'
So Tired (Film mix)
So Tired (live 1974)
Something or Noth
Something or Nothing (different version)
Something or Nothing (Film mix)
Something or Nothing (live Shepperton 1974)
Something or Nothing (radio Show)
Son of a Bitch (single b-side)
Sonic Origami
Southern Star
Speed kings das Album zur Formel 1 Weltmeisterschaft
Speed of Sound
Spell (alternative version), The
Spellbinder Live
Spider Woman (alternate version)
Spider Woman (Alternative Version)
Spirit of Freedom
Split Image (out-take)
Stand Back
Stay on top
Stealin' 4L51
Stealin' (alternative live version)
Stealin' (Film mix)
Stealin’ (live, 1975: USA)
Stealin' (live 1979)
Stealin' (live Shepperton 1974)
Stealin' (new version)
Stealin' (single edit remix)
Step by Step
Still Calls His Name
Still 'eavy, Still Proud: Two Decades of Uriah Heep
Stone's Throw (Wonderworld session out-take)
Stones Throw (out-take)
Straight Through the Heart
Street Lady (Alternate Version Of 'Woman Of The Night' - Previously Unreleased)
Struttin' (Alternate Version Of 'Gimme Love' - Previously Unreleased)
Suicidal Man (live 1980)
Sundown (alternative version)
Sundown (out-take)
Sunrise (alternate single version)
Sunrise (Alternative Single Version)
Sunrise (single edit)
Sunshine (single b-side)
Super 20
Super Best Uriah Heep Collection
Sweet Freedom (alternative live version)
Sweet Freedom (live Shepperton 1974)
Sweet Freedom (new version)
Sweet Lorrain (alternate version)
Sweet Lorraine (alternate single version)
Sweet Lorraine (Alternative Single Version)
Sweet Lorraine (live 1973)
Sweet Pretender
Sweet Sugar
Sweet Talk
Sympathy (live 2001)
T-Bird Angel
Take Care (Demo Version)
Tales (alternate version)
Tales (Alternative Version)
Tears in My Eyes (Alternative Mix Extended)
Tears in My Eyes (alternative version)
Tears in My Eyes (extended mix)
Tears of the World
Teenage love
That's the Way That It Is (demo version)
That's the Way That It Is (live 1984)
That's the Way That It Is (live version)
That's the way that it is Son of a bitch
Their Hits
Think It Over (alternative version)
Think It Over (single A-Side)
Think It Over (single version)
Time of Revelation: 25 Years On..., A
Time to Live (alternative version)
Time Will Come (single b-side), The
Tin Soldier (single b-side)
tollen 70er [Siebziger], Die
Too Scared to Run (live 1984)
Too Scared to Run (live 1987)
Too Scared to Run (live Moscow 1988)
Too Scared to Run (live version)
Totally Driven
Trail of Diamonds
Traveller in Time (alternative version)
"Travellers in Time" Anthology, Volume 1
Two Decades in Rock
Ultimate Collection, The
Universal Wheels
uriah heep 1980 printing subj
Uriah Heep Best
Uriah Heep Forever
Uriah Heep Live at Shepperton 74
Uriah Heep's Gold: Looking Back
Uriah Heep Story Interview (with Chris Tetley), The
Uriah Heep - The ballads
Valley of Kings ("Ridge Farm" session)
Valley of the Kings (Ridge Farm Sessions)
very best of-- Uriah Heep, The
Very 'eavy very 'umble
Voice on My T.V.
Voice on My TV
Wake the sleeper
Wake Up (Set Your Sights) (alternative mix)
Wake Up (set your sights) (alternative version)
Wake Up (set your sights) (single edit)
Wake Up: The Singles Collection
Walking in Your Shadow (alternative mix 1)
Walking in Your Shadow (alternative version)
Wanna Be Free (Alternative Mix), I
War Child
Wayne's world hits
We Got We
Weekend Warriors
Weep in Silence (extended version)
Whad'ya Say
What Can I Do (single b-side)
What Kind of God
What's Within My Heart (Alternative Mix)
What's Within My Heart (alternative version 2)
What's Within My Heart (alternative version 3)
What's Within My Heart (out-take)
What Should Be Done (Alternative Mix)
What Should Be Done (alternative version 1)
What Should Be Done (alternative version 2)
What Should Be Done (BBC live version)
When the War Is Over
Which Way Will the Wind Blow
Who Needs Me (live Europe 1979)
Why (11:18 min. version)
Why (alternate single edit)
Why (alternative version)
Why Did You Go (demo version)
Why (extended version)
Why Fourteen Minutes (Alternative Mix)
Why (long version)
Why (out-take)
Why (single b-side)
Why (Studio Jam)
Why (unedited version)
Wimbledon [19]93 the champions of British rock
Wise Man (edited version)
Wise Man (single edit)
Wise Man (TV backing track version)
Wizard (alternative version), The
Wizard (live 1984 version), The
Wizard (live Moscow 1988), The
Wizard (Spellbinder live 1996), The
Wizards: The Best Of
Woman Of The Night (Alternate Live Version - Previously Unreleased)
Woman of the Night (live Europe 1979)
Woman of the World (Ken Hensley demo version)
Women Of The Night
Won't Change, I
Won't Have to Wait Too Long
Won't Mind (Film mix), I
Won't Mind (live), I
Won't Mind (radio Show), I
Words in a Distance
Words in the Distance
World Ballads Collection
Year or a Day, A
You Are the Only One
You Can't Keep a Good Band Down
Your Love ("Five Miles" session)
Your Turn to Remember: The Definitive Anthology 1970 - 1990
Contributed to or performed: 
100 Acoustic Memories
100 Hits Hard Rock
100 Hits Paint It Black
100 Hits The House of the Rising Sun
100 Rock Hits
100% Rock
100% Rock Ballads
100% Rock Classics, Part Four
100% Rock, Volume 2
101 mejores canciones del Rock, Las
16 Legendäre Hits
18 Rock Classics, Volume 4
1975 - Die Stars - Die Hits - Die Facts
20th Century Hits for a New Millennium: 1970–1974
20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: Super Heroes of Rock
20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of '70s Rock
40 Jahre Disco: Disco Ballads
40 Jahre Disco: Disco Glitter
50 Rock Love Songs
50 Years Around the Rock
70's Best Of: De Woodstock au Walkman
70's: The Rare Cuts
70er Rock & Pop
94,3 r.s.2 Oldieparty
Absolute Rock Classics 3
Acoustic Nights II
All Singing – All Talking – All Rocking
All Time Greatest Rock Classics
Alltime Greatest Rock Classics 2 of the 70s, 80s & 90s, The
American Chopper: The Series
Antenne Bayern: Rock Classics
Aral MusicCollection No. 10: Paranoid
Ars Longa Vita Brevis
Art of Sysyphus Vol. 13, The
Bayern 1 – Die Oldie‐WM
Best Heavy Metal Album in the World... Ever!, The
Best of 2008, The
Best of Hard Rock
Best of Hardrock, Vol. 3
Best of King Biscuit - Live | CD1, The
Best of King Biscuit - Live | CD2, The
Best of Love Songs
Best of Metal Hammer: The Ballads, The
Best of Progressive Rock, The
Best of Rock
Best of Rock History (Festival Edition)
Best of Rock, The
Best of the 70’s: 60 Fantastic Songs
Best of the 70s
Best of the 70s: Superstars und ihre größten Hits
Best of the Best: Welcome to the King Biscuit Flower Hour
Best Symfo Rock, The
Biker's Best
Bild Rock Hits
Birthday Rock
Blues and Rock Ballads Vol.1
Born to Be Wild
Born to Be Wild: The Original Rock Classics
Boys Are Back in Town 2012, The
Champions of Rock
Chart Boxx: Best of Rock
Clásicos de la Emisión Pirata, Volumen II
Classic Rock Anthems
Classic Rock Presents: Voodoo Lounge
Classic Rock: 1971-1973
Classic Rock: 1976-1977
Classic Rock: Classic Cuts No.1
Classic Rock: Classic Cuts No.2
Classic Rock: Live Rock
concert du siècle, Le
Drivin' Rock
Drivin’ Metal: Ace of Spades
Easy Livin' - Rock of the Seventies
Easy Livin' - Rock of the Seventies, Volume 2
Easy Rider
Echt Kultig: Die Internationale
Electric Seventies
Essential Metal Anthems
Essential Progressive Rock
Feelgood Hits for the Summer
Feelings 1
Fetenhits: The Ballads
Fetenhits: The Real 70’s
Fetenhits: The Real Classics, the 2nd
Finest of Hard-Rock, Volume 1 (disc 1), The
Finest of Hard-Rock, Volume 1, The
Floor Fillers: Rock Classics
Flower Power Collection, The
Fühl’s noch mal!
Gold Rock Ballads
goldene Schlager-Archiv: Die Hits des Jahres 1977, Das
Greatest Ever Rock Party
Greatest Ever Rock: The Definitive Collection
Greatest Ever! Dad Rock: The Definitive Collection
Greatest Ever! Prog Rock: The Definitive Collection
Greatest Ever! Rock Anthems: The Definitive Collection
Guitar Legends
Guitar Rock: Classics
Guitar Rock: Greatest Hits
Guitar Rock: Guitar Thunder
Halvliter rock
Hard 'n' Heavy
Hard 'n' Heavy Hammer
Hard 'n' Heavy: Ballads
Hard Rock Collection, The
Hard Rock Essentials
Hard Rock Essentials: 1970's
Hard Rock Gold
Harley-Davidson Road Songs, Volume 2
Harley-Davidson: One for the Road
Haven't Heard That Song in Ages, I
Hear It! Volume 73
Heart Rock: Rock für’s Herz, Volume 1
Heavy 100
Heavy Metal Box, The
Heavy Metal Head-Bangin' Hits
Heavy Metal Memories
Heavy Metal, Volume 1
Heavy Metal, Volume 2
Heavy Metal: The First 20 Years
Heavy Rock
Hellfest 2012
Hifi Visionen: Oldie-CD 22
Highway Rockin'
Highway Rockin’: Ultimate Driving Collection
History of Pop 1970-1972, The
Hit-Giganten: Best of Rock, Die
Hit-Giganten: Rockballaden, Die
Hit-Giganten: Rocksongs, Die
Hits der 70er
Hits der 70er: Rock & Pop Edition, Die
Hits of the 80's
Hits zum Schmusen
Hot Rock
I'm a Freak, Baby... A Journey Through the British Heavy Psych and Hard Rock Underground Scene 1968-72
Ilja Richter präsentiert: Disco 76-77
Impossible Concert, The
Jägermeister: Rock-Hits der 70er
Jazda obowiązkowa
K-SHE95 Summer Classics 2
Kingdom of Metal
Kneipenhits: Rock Classics
Kultakiekko: Kaikkien aikojen lätkähitit 1995–2011
Kuschelrock 2
Kuschelrock Special Edition: Feelings of the Seventies
Legends of Rock: Down & Dirty
Legends of Rock: The British Rock Invasion
Legends: Ultimate Rock Collection: Good Golly
Let Your Love Flow
Licht aus! Spot an! Best of Disco 1/72
Life on Mars
Live Rock Masters
Live Rock: On Stage
Loud and Proud
Many Faces of David Bowie, The
Marquee Metal
Masters of Rock
Masters of Rock (disc 1)
Masters of Rock, Volume 1
Masters of Rock, Volume 2
Maximum Power
Maximum Rock
Mega Pop Box, Die
Metal Anthems: The Solid Gold Collection
Metal Box, The
Metal Edition
Metal Foundry
Metal Gods
Metal Gods, Volume 2
Metal Killers Kollection
Metal Mania
Metal Rock: Hard & Heavy
Monsters of Rock
My First Love
neue Kuschelrock CD 1, Die
Only Classic Rock Album You’ll Ever Need, The
Oor Best Album Tracks Classic Rock
Original Rock Meets Classic, The
Party Power Pack, Volume 5
Playlist Plus: Classic Rock
Pop Giganten: Hits der 70er
Power Ballads
Prog Rock and Beyond
Pure Rock 1970
Pure Rock 1971
Pure Rock 1972
Pure Rock 1973
Pure Rock 1974
Pure Rock 1975
Pure Rock 1977
Pure Soft Metal
Radio Caroline Calling: 70's Flashback
Radio Caroline Calling: Rock Flashback
Raised on Rock
Raw Power Sampler
Reelin’ in the Years, Volume 5
Remember Hits 1965-1985
Remember The 70’s (Volume 5)
Return to Fantasy
Rock & Pop Diamonds 1971
Rock Anthems: The Solid Gold Collection
Rock Anthems: The Ultimate Collection
Rock Attack
Rock Ballads Forever
Rock Box
Rock Box, The
Rock Busters
Rock Chronicles: The Seventies
Rock Classics
Rock Classics Top 100
Rock Classics, Volume 5
Rock Collection, The
Rock Collection: Hard 'n' Heavy, The
Rock Collection: Rock Inferno, The
Rock Collection: Rock Passion, The
Rock Collection: Rock Solid, The
Rock Der Rykker
Rock Diamonds
Rock Favourites
Rock Festival
Rock Generation
Rock Giants
Rock Giganten
Rock in Love
Rock Legends
Rock live (Best of Rock)
Rock Monsters
Rock Monsters: Unleash the Beast
Rock of the 70’s, Volume 5
Rock on Route 66: Die stärksten Rocksongs
Rock Out!: 40 Classic Heavy-Rockers
Rock Resurrection
Rock Romances, Volume 3
Rock Songs
Rock That Party
Rock Times plus, Volume 5: 1971-1974
Rock Times, Volume 12: 1977-1978
Rockin’ 70’s
Rockland Radio: Welcome to Classic Rock! Chapter 1
Rockos! Volume 4: Balladen, Los
Route 66
RTL Radio - Die größten Oldies, CD 2
SATURN Party Edition: Die geilsten Rock Hits
Schmuse-Hits, Volume 3 (disc 1: Daydream)
Schmusehits 3
schönsten Rock Balladen, Die
Scream for Rock
Seventies Complete, Volume 1
Seventies Top 100
Simply the Best: Superstars & Legendäre Hits der 70er, Volume 2
Sing & Swing
Sir Price
Sommer-Hitfestival 2001: 40 Hits, Oldies & Schlager
Sound of Fashion, The
Sound of Fashion, Volume 1 & 2, The
Sound of Music, The
Sounds of the Seventies: Seventies Generation
Space Hymns: An Introduction To Prog Rock
Stärksten Rock Hits II, Die
Starstruck: Ultimate 70s Rock
Stereoplay Special CD 48: Hard&Heavy
Summer ’69
Summer of Love
Summer of Love: The Spirit of Flower Power (set I)
Sunday Morning Collection
Super Rock Hits
Superhits of Rock 1965-79
Take It From Ear: An Earmusic Sampler
Teenage Rebels! - Dead End Street
Teenage Rebels! - Silver Machine
Testament van de Seventies
That's Freedom: Rock For The Road
Thomas Gottschalk präsentiert: 50 Jahre Rock! Let's Have a Party - Klassiker und Hits!
Time Life Music - Rock Classics: Hard & Heavy
Time Life Music - The Ultimate 70s Compilation: Dance Party & Disco Edition
Time Machine: A Vertigo Retrospective
Ultimate Collection: Rock - 100 Hits, The
Ultimate Love Songs Collection, The
Ultimate Rock Collection, The
Ultimate Rock Collection: The Quieter Side, The
ultimative Chart Show: Die erfolgreichsten Rock-Classics aller Zeiten, Die
ultimative Chart Show: Die erfolgreichsten Rock-Hymnen, Die
ultimative Chart Show: Die erfolgreichsten Rockballaden aller Zeiten, Die
ultimative Chart Show: Die erfolgreichsten Rockballaden, Die
ultimative Chart Show: Die erfolgreichsten Rockstars aller Zeiten, Die
ultimative Chart Show: Die erfolgreichsten Stars der 70er Jahre, Die
ultimativen Chart-Hits: Das Beste aus den 70ern, Die
Very Best of Rock 1976-79, The
VTM Holiday Party Hits 2
Wayne’s World Hits 2
WDR 200 (Die Hits der besten Bands)
WDR 4: Ab in die 70er
Welcome to Hell
Wondrous Stories: 34 Artists That Shaped the Prog Rock Era