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Sigh and the Electric Space Band
Sigh (Musical group or band)
began 1990-05
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Fujinami, Satoshi (hasMember)
Harashima, Junichi (hasMember)
Ishikawa, Shinichi (hasMember)
Kawashima, Mirai (hasMember)
Mikannibal, Dr (hasMember)
Oshima, You (hasMember)
Ozeki, Kazuki (hasMember)
12 Souls (rough mix)
42 49 (no vocals)
42 49 (rough mix)
art de mourir, L'
At My Funeral
Beyond Centuries (unreleased mix)
Black Curse (unreleased version)
Black Metal (live)
Black Metal (Venom cover - previously unreleased)
Born Condemend Criminal
Bring Back the Dead
Casketburner, The
Confession to Be Buried (demo)
Corpsecry - Angelfall
Countess Bathory
Curse of Izanagi (re-recorded 2007 version)
Curse of Izanagi (rough mix)
Curse of Izanagi, The
Dead Sing (rough mix), The
Death Throes (Tragedies rough mix)
Death With Dishonor
Desolation of My Mind (Desolation demo)
Desolation (Tragedies rough mix)
Desolation (unreleased mix)
Diabolic Suicide
Dies Iræ / The Master Malice
Divine Graveyard
Doman Seman (rough mix)
Dreamsphere (Return to the Chaos)
Dwellers in a Dream (alternate Guitar Solo version)
Eastern Force of Evil; Live '92-'96, The
Ecstatic Transformation
Enlightenment Day (demo), The
Equale: I. Prelude / II. Fugato / III. Coda
Evil Dead
Fall to the Thrall
Forlorn (Europe / US original version), The
Gallows Gallery: Special Edition
Gavotte Grim (demo)
Ghastly Funeral Theatre / Tragedies
Graveward Suite
Gundali (intro) / Teacher's Pet
Hail Horror Hail (rough mix)
Hands of the String-Puller
Hangman's Hymn / In Paradisum / Das Ende
Hangman's hymn : Musikalische Exequien
Hangman's Hymn Preview
Hard, Die
Heir to Despair
Heresy I: Oblivium
Heresy II: Acosmism
Heresy III: Sub Specie Aeternitatis
Homo Homini Lupus
Hunters Not Horned
Iconoclasm in the 4th Desert
Imaginary sonicscape
Impromptu (Allegro Maestoso)
In a Drowse (demo 2003)
In Devil's Arms
In Memories Delusional
In Paradisum (alternative version)
In Somniphobia
In the Mind of a Lunatic
Infernal Cries
Infernal Death
Infidel Art
Inked in Blood (demo)
Inked in Blood (live)
Intro: Soushiki
Intro / Taste Defeat / Suicideogenic
Introitus (demo)
Introitus / Kyrie
Introitus (rough cut)
Invitation to Die (rough mix)
Izuna (unreleased mix)
[jazzy outtake 1]
[jazzy outtake 2]
Kaedit Nos Pestis
Knell, The
Kyrie (alternative version)
Last Elegy (unreleased mix), The
Lucid Nightmares: I. Opening Theme: Lucid Nightmare
Lucid Nightmares: II. Somniphobia
Lucid Nightmares: III. L'Excommunication à Minuit
Lucid Nightmares: IV. Amnesia
Lucid Nightmares: V. Far Beneath the In-Between
Lucid Nightmares: VI. Amongst the Phantoms of Abandoned Tumbrils
Lucid Nightmares: VII. Ending Theme: Continuum
Mayhem With Mercy
Me-Devil (demo)
Me-Devil (live)
Memories as a Sinner, The
Mentally Numb (Desolation demo)
Mentally Numb (Tragedies rough mix)
Messenger From Tomorrow, A
Messiahplan (demo)
Messiahplan (Gunface alternate guitar solo take)
Midnight Sun
Molesters of My Soul (alternate version), The
Musica in Tempora Belli
Nietzschean Conspiracy
Out of the Grave (Previously Unreleased demo version)
Outro: Higeki
Overture 2
Overture (alternative version)
Overture / Rex Tremendæ / I Saw the World's End
Pale Monument (demo)
Pale Monument (harsh vocal version)
Prelude to the Oracle
Psychedelic Warlords
Ready for the Final War
Red Funeral, The
Requiem for Fools
Requiem - Nostalgia
Salvation in Flame / Confutatis
Scarlet Dream
Scenario IV: Dread Dreams
Scenes from hell
Scorn Defeat 20th Anniversary Gig
Seed of Eternity (rough mix)
Seven Gates of Hell, The
Severed Ways
Shadowking, The
Shikigami (rough mix)
Sigh (Tragedies rough mix)
Silver Universe (demo)
Slaughtergarden Suite: I. At Dawn / II. The Dead Are Born / III. Destiny / IV. Slaughtergarden / V. Aftermath
Soul Grave, The
Suicidogenic (Chthonic version)
Suicidogenic (unreleased mix)
Summer Funeral, The
Sunset Song, A
Taste Defeat
Teacher's Pet
To Hell and Back: Tribute to Venom
Tombfiller (alternate Guitar Solo version), The
Tranquilizer Song (David Harrow mix), The
Tranquilizer Song (David Harrow remix outtake), The
Tranquilizer Song (demo), The
Transfiguration Fear, The
Trial by the Dead, The
Tribute to Venom, A
Under the Runes
Unreleased Track
Victory of Dakini, A
Waltz: Dread Dreams
Weakness Within (Desolation demo)
Welcome to Hell
Witching Hour (live)
Zombie Terror (Far East Gate in Inferno comp), The
Zombie Terror (Lamentation version), The
Zombie Terror (unreleased mix), The
Contributed to or performed: 
Amazon Metal Sampler
Blackend: The Black Metal Compilation, Volume 1
Dark Psyche, The
Daze öf the Undergröund: A Tribute tö Hawkwind
Endless Metamorphosis of Polystylistic Variations, An
Evilized Japan, Volume 1
Here's the Metal: May 2015
Identity 7: Deadly Sins
In the Eyes of Death III
Maximum Metal, Volume 118
Metal Museum, Volume 19: Avantgarde Metal, The
Metal X-Treme
Sigh / Kawir
Swine of Hades
Terrorizer: Fear Candy 104
Terrorizer: Fear Candy 22
Voices From Valhalla: A Tribute to Bathory
Zero Tolerance: ZTaudio005