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Dream theater
Dream Theater Groupe musical (Musical group or band)
Dream Theater Musical group (Musical group or band)
Dream Theater (Musical group or band)
Dream Theatre
began 1985
Location / Nationality: 
United States New York New York
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Notated music
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Begelman, Danny
Blue Öyster Cult
Bryan, Colgan
Collins, Chris (hasMember)
Da Capo Players
Dominici, Charlie (hasMember)
LaBrie, James
LaBrie, James (hasMember)
Majesty (see also from)
Mangini, Mike (hasMember)
Moore, Kevin (hasMember)
Myung, John (hasMember)
Night Ranger
Octavarium Orchestra
Petrucci, John (hasMember)
Portnoy, Mike (hasMember)
Romero, Chris (musician.)
Rudess, Jordan (hasMember)
Sherinian, Derek (hasMember)
Uriah Heep
04 Degrees of Radio Edits
1992-11-19: Forbidden Dreams: Imperial Hall, Osaka, Japan
1993-04-03: New York City
1993-08-26: Under a Moonlight: Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo, Japan
1993-08-28: Forbidden Dreams: Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan
1994-09-09: The Rudess Experiment 23: Burbank, CA, USA
1995-01-23: Forbidden Dreams: Shinjuku Kouseinenkin Kaikan Hall, Tokyo, Japan
1995-10-28: Tokyo, Japan
1996-12-14: Old Bridge, New Jersey
1998-01-16: Perfect Strangers, Live at the Koseinenkin Hall, Tokyo, Japan
1998-02-26: Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium
1998-05-18: House of Blues, Los Angeles, California
1998-06-22: Rotterdam, Netherlands
1998-12-29: Heading For Planet X: Irving Plaza, NY, NY, USA
1998-12-30: 5 Days in a Lifetime, The Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY, USA
1999-11-11: The Chill of Winter
2000-03-03: House of Blues, Orlando, FL, USA
2002-02-07: Three Hours of Inner Turbulence: Zenith, Paris, France
2002-03-15: World Tourbulence in Chicago: The Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL, USA
2002-03-28: Listen to This Larz: Beacon Theater, New York, NY, USA
2002-04-13: Shibuya Kōkaidō, Tokyo, Japan
2002-07-04: Bucharest, Romania
2002-08-13: Wake the Fuck Up: City Lights, Denver, CO, USA
2002-11-03: Rotterdamned: Ahoy, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2003-07-11: Gaze Into the Prism: Jones Beach, Wantagh, NY, USA
2004-02-11: Train to Madrid: Leganés, Madrid, Spain
2004-03-30: Oakdale Theater, Wallingford, CT, USA
2004-09-05: Sgt. Portnoy Progressive Hard Rock Band: Barrymore Theater, Madison, WI, USA
2005-06-11: Arrow Rock Festival, Lichtenvoorde, The Netherlands
2005-09-29: Hovet, Stockholm, Sweden
2005-10-11: Dark Side of a Dream: Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2005-12-04: Finally Here: Estadio Obras Sanitarias, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2006-01-11: Aich Geijutsu Theater, Nagoya, Japan
2006-01-13: Kokusai Forum, Tokyo, Japan
2006-03-22: Two Source Matrix: Massey Hall, Toronto, ON, Canada
2012-06-16: D-Tox Rockfest 2012: Montebello, QC, Canada
2112 Grand Finale
22 Acacia Avenue
2285 Entr’acte
6:00 (improvisation)
7 Mini Guitar Songs (demo) (instrumental)
9 Degrees of Backstage Turbulence (2002-11)
A.C.O.S. The Darkest Of Winters
A. Innocence / B. A Crack in the Mirror - The Mirror / C. Lie
About to Crash (reprise) / Losing Time / Grand Finale
Acid Rain
Acoustic at the Electric Factory
Acoustic Dreams
Act I: Scene Five: Through Her Eyes
Act I: Scene Four: Beyond This Life
Act I: Scene One: Regression
Act I: Scene Three: I. Through My Words
Act I: Scene Three: II. Fatal Tragedy
Act I: Scene Two: I. Overture 1928
Act I: Scene Two: II. Strange Déjà Vu
Act II: Scene Eight: The Spirit Carries On
Act II: Scene Nine: Finally Free
Act II: Scene Seven: I. The Dance of Eternity
Act II: Scene Seven: II. One Last Time
Act II: Scene Six: Home
Act of Faythe
After Life
Afterlife (instrumental)
Along for the Ride
Also sprach Zarathustra
Amazing Grace
Anna Lee (basic tracks)
Anna Lee (Derek noodling at the piano)
Anna Lee (mellotron, acoustic and Leslie guitars, slide guitar overdubs)
Another Day / Another Hand
Another Day / Baba O'Riley
Another Day in Tokyo
Another Day (live)
Another Day / Metropolis Part One
Another Dimension
Another Hand / The Killing Hand (live)
Another Won
Answer Lies Within, The
Anti-Procrastination Song (demo) (instrumental)
Any Colour You Like
Are Clearly Defined
As I Am (edited radio version)
astonishing, The
At Wit’s End (5.1 mix)
At Wit’s End (animation)
At Wit’s End (hi‐resolution audio)
At Wit’s End (instrumental mix)
ATCO Demos, The
Audio Bio
Autumn Moon
Awake Demos 1994, The
Awake Heavy Jam (unchanged)
Baba O'Riley
Back Pain Jam (unchanged), The
Band History Song-Collage
Barstool Warrior (5.1 mix)
Barstool Warrior (animation)
Barstool Warrior (hi‐resolution audio)
Barstool Warrior (instrumental mix)
Beach House Reality (6:00 demo)
Beatles Medley: Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight / The End
Begin Again
Behind the Chaos on the Road
Behind the Veil
Beneath the Surface (instrumental)
Best of Times (Mike Portnoy vocal demo), The
Better Life, A
Beyond This Life Improv Jam
Biaxident (Bonus Track)
Big Medley, The
Bigger Picture, The
Black Clouds & Silver Linings
Blind Faith
Bombay Vindaloo
Brain Damage
Break It Off
Break Me Up, Break Me Down
Breaking All Illusions (instrumental)
Breaking the fourth wall : Live from the Boston Opera House
Bridges in the Sky (instrumental)
Broadcast Archives: Classic Live FM Broadcast Recordings, The
Brother, Can You Hear Me?
Build Me Up, Break Me Down (instrumental)
Bulgarian TV Documentary (2002-07)
Burning My Soul (basic tracks)
Burning My Soul (demo)
Burning My Soul (guitar, key, vocals, talk box and whisper overdubs)
Burning My Soul / Hell's Kitchen
Burning My Soul (live)
Burning My Soul (original 96 version)
Burning My Soul (Radio Edit)
Carpe Diem
Carry That Weight
Caught in a New Millennium
Caught in a Web '96
Caught in a Web/Drum Solo
Caught in a Web Live USA 1994
Caught in a Web, Part 1
Caught in a Web (snippet)
Caught in Alice's 9 Inch Tool Garden
Caught in Alice's Nine Inch Tool Garden
Caught in São Paulo
Cemetery Gates
Change of Seasons (feat. Chris Cintron), A
Change of Seasons I & II, A
Change of Seasons: I. The Crimson Sunrise, A
Change of Seasons (I&W demo session), A
Change of Seasons: II. Innocence, A
Change of Seasons: IV. The Darkest of Winters, A
Change of Seasons (re-sourced), A
Change of Seasons: VI. The Inevitable Summer, A
Change of Seasons: VII. The Crimson Sunset, A
Chaos in Motion 2007–2008
Chaos in Progress: The Making of Systematic Chaos
Child in Time
Children of the Damned
Cleaning Out the Closet
Clockwork Orange (intro tape) / In the Name of God Outro (intro tape) / The Root of All Evil, A
Closing Message
Closing Scene
Constant Motion (live)
Constant Motion (radio edit)
Count of Tuscany, The
Cover My Eyes (demo)
Covers 2, The
Covers Medley / Innocence Faded
Crack In The Mirror / Let Me Breathe, A
Crack in the Mirror / Puppies on Acid, A
Crack in the Mirror/The Mirror, A
Crack of Doom
Crimson Sunrise, The
Crimson Sunset, The
Cry for Freedom (instrumental)
Cygnus X-1
Da Motts
Damage Inc. (feat. Barney Greenway)
Dance Of Eternity (Incl. Keyboard Solo), The
Dance of Eternity (reprise), The
Dance of Eternity / The Ytse Jam, The
Dark Eternal Night (N.A.D.S.), The
Dark Nintendo Night, The
Dark Side of the Moon
Darkest of Winters, The
[data track]
Death on Two Legs
Derek Sherinian Piano Solo
Descent of the NOMACS
Diary of a Madman
Different Strings / Analog Kid / La Villa Strangiato
Digital Discord
Disposable Heroes
Distance Over Time
Distant Echoes
DJ Outro
Don't Like You, I
Don't Look Past Me (corrected and enhanced)
Don’t Look Past Me (feat. John Hendricks)
Don't Look Past Me (I&W demo session)
Don't Look Past Me (listed as: Past (Into the Sun))
Dr Evil Theme
Dramatic Turn of Events, A
Drawing Lines In The Sand
Dream and Day
Dream of the Beast
Dream Out Loud
Dream's Blues (improvisation)
Dream Theater Chronicles, The
Dream Theater : full score anthology
Dream Theater - greatest hit (... and 21 other pretty cool songs)
Dream Theater - Live at Budokan
Dream Theater - Live at the Marquee
Dream Theater - Live scenes from New York
Drum Solo (Mike Portnoy)
Dying to Live Forever
Dystopian Overture
Echoes, Part 1
Encore Medley: Metropolis / Learning to Live / ACOS: The Crimson Sunset
Encores: Eve / Pull Me Under
End of Show
Endless Sacrifice
Enemy Inside (instrumental), The
Enigma Machine (visuals)
Erotomania (continued)
Erotomania / Paradigm Shift / Universal Mind
Eve / Pull Me Under
Eve (re-sourced)
Excerpt of Paradigm Shift
Excerpt Of The Mirror
Fall Into the Light (5.1 mix)
Fall Into the Light (animation)
Fall Into the Light (hi‐resolution audio)
Fall Into the Light (instrumental mix)
Falling Into Infinity Demos 1996–1997
False Awakening Suite (5.1 mix)
Far From Heaven (instrumental)
Farandole, The
Fasten Your Seatbelts
Fatal Tragedy
Final Jamming
Finally Free (New York)
[Finally Free Outro]
Forsaken (edit)
Forsaken EP
Forsaken (live)
Fortune in Lies (feat. vocals by John Arch), A
Fortune in Lies (instrumental), A
Fortune in Lies (live), A
Freeport Jam
Full score anthology
Funeral for a Friend / Love Lies Bleeding
Gates Of Babylon, The
Get Funky / Status Seeker
Gift of Music, The
Glass Prison, The
Gnos Sdrawkcab
Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight / The End (remastered)
Golden Slumbers (listed as: The Night)
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Goodnight Kiss
Gorilla Section (unchanged), The
Gorilla Session
Graspop Festival 2002
Great Debate, The
Great Gig in the Sky, The
Greatest hit : (--and 21 other pretty cool songs)
“Guitar Player” Spotlight: I. Indulge in Reverie / II.a. A Late Summers Rain / II.b. Schizophrenia
“Guitar Player” Spotlight II: I. Confessions of an Artist / II. Somewhere Under the Rainbow
Guitar Solo / Gladiator Theme
Guitar Solo - John Petrucci
Guitar Spot
Guitar Talkin' (Acoustic & Clinic)
Hallowed Be Thy Name
Happiness is a Warm Gun
Happy Birthday John Myung
Happy Holidays 2013
Hard + [and] heavy
Heart of the Sunrise
Heaven and Hell (Montreaux)
Heaven’s Cove
Hell's Kitchen (Bonus Track)
Hells Kitchen (writing the finale)
Hey you (Pink Floyd)
Highway Star
Hollow Tears
Hollow Years (acoustic, edge and classical guitar and vocals overdubs)
Hollow Years (basic tracks)
Hollow Years (demo)
Hollow Years (live)
Home for the Holidays Jam
Home (LP version)
Home (radio edit)
Home Sweet Home
Honor Thy Father
Hot for Teacher
Hovering Sojourn, The
Humphrey's by the Bay
Hymn of a Thousand Voices
I'm About to Faint Song
Ice Cream Man
Illumination Theory (5.1 mix)
Illumination Theory (visuals)
Images and Words: 15th Anniversary Performance
Images and Words Demos 1989–1991
images and words sound recording
Improv Jam
Improvised Melody
In the Dead of Night
In the Flesh?
In the Name of God
In the Presence of Enemies: I. Prelude / II. Resurrection
In the Presence of Enemies, Part 1
In the Presence of Enemies, Part I
In the Presence of Enemies: Part II / III. Heretic / IV. The Slaughter of the Damned / V. The Reckoning (instrumental) / VI. Salvation
In the Presence of Enemies pt. 2
In the Year 2002
Indulge in Reverie
Infinite Dream Cirkus, The
Innocence Faded
Instru Mental: The 1987 Recordings
Instrumental II: Your Brain on Our Music
Instrumental III: No Sleep Since Brooklyn
Instrumental Jam
Instrumental Mini Medley: The Rover / Killers / Damage Inc. / In the Flesh? / Heart of the Sunrise
International Fan Club Christmas CD 1996
Interview With James Labrie
Intro / Also sprach Zarathustra
Intro (Simpson's Theme)
Intro: Simpsons Theme
[intro tape #2]
[intro tape] / The Root of All Evil
Jacob’s Ladder
[James' speech #1]
[James' speech #2]
John Petrucci Guitar Solo
John Petrucci Guitar Spot
John Petrucci Guitar World
John Petrucci's Acoustic Improvisation
John Thinks He’s Randy Song
John Thinks He’s Yngwie Song
[Jordan Rudess keyboard solo] / Octavarium (intro)
Jordan Rudess Keyboard World
Jtse' Jam, The
Just Let Me Breath (demo)
Just Let Me Breath (live)
Just Let Me Breathe (basic tracks)
Just Let Me Breathe (Demo)
Just Let Me Breathe (feedback and rhythm guitars, leadguitar and keys, vocal overdubs)
Keyboard anthology
Keyboard Solo/Anna Lee
Keyboard Solo - Derk Sherinian
[keyboards solo - Jordan]
Keymaster (instrumental)
Keymaster (Scarred demo)
Killing Hand (feat. vocals by John Arch)
Killing Hand (instrumental), The
Larks Tongues in Aspic, Part 2
Larks' Tongues in Aspic, Part II
Late Summer's Rain / Schizophrenia, A
Laura Palmer's Theme
Learning to Live (extended instrumental section)
Learning to Live (instrumental demo)
Learning to Live (live)
Led Zeppelin Medley
Leper Messiah
Life Left Behind, A
Lifting Shadows off a Dream
Light Fuse and Get Away (instrumental version)
Light Guitar Piece
Lines in the Sand (bass, guitar, synth, and vocal overdubs)
Lines in the Sand (demo)
Lines in the Sand (Doug Pinnick vocals)
Lines in the Sand (intro, key, piano, and string overdubs)
Live & Alive, Vol. 2
Live at Budokan
Live at Luna Park : Deluxe edition
Live at Summerfest, 1993: FM Radio Broadcast
Live at The Heineken Musik Hall
Live at the Marquee
Live Bonus Tracks
Live in Long Island
Live in Milan (11-04-93)
Live In Seoul
Live scenes from New York
Live Scenes From Orlando
Long Island Expressway
Long Island Sound
Looking Glass, The
Lord Nafaryus
Lords of Sound
Losing Faythe
Losing Time (Grand Finale)
Lost Not Forgotten (instrumental)
Lost Paris Tapes, The
Lost Without You
Machine Chatter
Machine Messiah
Made in Japan
Majestic Harmonies
Majesty Demos 1985–1986, The
Making of Falling Into Infinity, The
Making of Scenes From a Memory, The
March of the Tyrant
Master of Metallica
Master of Puppets: Live
Mean Street
Mean Streets / Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Medley: To Live Forever / Mike Portnoy Drum Solo
Medley: Wait for Sleep / Surrounded
Merci Beaucoup Paris
Metal Sampler
Metropolis 1928: Scenes From Echo's Hill
Metropolis 2000 Scenes From a World Tour
Metropolis 2000: Scenes From New York
Metropolis (feat. vocals by Steve Stone)
Metropolis I / YYZ
Metropolis (Incl. Excerpts Of "Children Of The Grave" & "One")
Metropolis (instrumental demo)
Metropolis, Part 1: The Miracle and the Sleeper
Metropolis, Part 2: Scenes From a Memory
Metropolis, Part I (including Discotheque / One)
Metropolis, Part I: The Miracle and the Sleeper
Metropolis Pt. 2 (live rehearsal version)
Metropolis pt. 2 Scenes from a memory
Metropolis Pt. I (Including Nicky Lemon and the Migraines "I Don't Like You")
Mike Portnoy Drum Solo (feat. Scott Rockenfield)
Mike Thinks He’s Dee Dee Ramone Introducing a Song Song
Mind Beside Itself: Erotomania - Voices - The Silent Man, A
Mind Beside Itself : I : Erotomania, A
Mind Beside Itself : II : Voices, A
Mind Beside Itself : III : The Silent Man, A
Mind Control
Ministry of Lost Souls, The
Mirror / Lie, The
Mirror (listed as: Puppies on Acid), The
Mission Impossible / Afterlife
Mission: Impossible Theme (enhanced)
Moby Dick
Moment of Betrayal
Moon Bubbles
Mosquitos in Harmony Song
Mother Father
Mule / Drum Solo, The
My Last Farewell
Mystery Track
Necromancer, The
Never Enough
New Beginning, A
New Millenium
New Millennium (basic tracks)
New Millennium (Bonus Track)
New Millennium (piano, acoustic guitar, stick and 7-string guitar overdubs)
Nightmare Cinema
Nightmare to Remember, A
Nighttown Nostalgia
No Sleep Since Brooklyn (Instrumental III)
Number of the Beast (live), The
NYC Radio Ad
O Holy Night (re-sourced)
Oakdale Odyssey, The
Octavarium (alternate ending)
Octavarium Animation
Official 1986 Demo, The
Official Bootleg: Dark Side of the Moon
Oh Holy Night (live)
Oliver’s Twist
On the Back of Angels
On the Backs of Angels (instrumental)
On the Run
Once in a "live"time
Once in a LIVEtime Outtakes
One Last Time
One of These Days
Ones Who Help to Set the Sun (instrumental), The
Only a Matter of Time (instrumental)
Only a Matter of Time / March of the Tyrant
Ony a Matter of Time
Opening Message
Opening Scene
Original Album Series
Our New World
Out of Reach (5.1 mix)
Out of Reach (animation)
Out of Reach (hi‐resolution audio)
Out of Reach (instrumental mix)
Outcry (instrumental)
Outro (Twin Peaks)
Over My Head
Overture 1928
Overture 2000
Pale Blue Dot (5.1 mix)
Pale Blue Dot (animation)
Pale Blue Dot (hi‐resolution audio)
Pale Blue Dot (instrumental mix)
Panic Attack
Paradigm Shift (Bonus Track)
Paralyzed (5.1 mix)
Paralyzed (animation)
Paralyzed (hi‐resolution audio)
Paralyzed (instrumental mix)
Parfect Strangers
Particle E. Motion
Path That Divides, The
Perfect Dreams
Perfect Stranger
Perfect Strangers (Nightmare Cinema)
Peruvian Jam: Peruvian Skies / Wish You Were Here / Wherever I May Roam
Peruvian Skies (basic tracks)
Peruvian Skies / Dr. Evil Theme
Peruvian Skies / Enter Sandman Teaser
Peruvian Skies (Rhodes, mellotron, acoustic guitar and vocals overdubs)
Peruvian Skies / Wish You Were Here (fragment) / Wherever I May Roam (fragment)
Photo Gallery
Piano Intro
Piano Solo / Wait for Sleep
Power Down
Precious Dreams
Precious Things
Prisoner, The
Progressive Nation 2008
Prophets of War
Psycho Theme (intro)
Pull Me Under (edit)
Pull Me Under (Fake Intro Tape) / Battery
Pull Me Under (live)
Pull Me Under / Master of Puppets
Pull Me Under / Metropolis
Pull Me Under (Warped version)
Pull Me Wreck Tropolis
Puppies On Acid/Acos II
Puppies on Acid / Take the Time
Purple Rain
Raise the Knife
Raw Dog
Red Barchella
Red Hill Mining Town
Repentance: VIII. Regret / IX. Restitution
Resurrection of Ernie (instrumental)
Riding the Train of Thought
Rite of Passage (edit 2), A
Road to Revolution, The
Rock n' Roll
Room 137 (5.1 mix)
Room 137 (animation)
Room 137 (hi‐resolution audio)
Room 137 (instrumental mix)
Root of All Evil, The
Rover / Achilles Last Stand / The Song Remains the Same, The
Rudess Experiment, The
Rudess Solo
Run Like Hell
Run to the Hills
Rush medley (Different strings / Analog kid / La villa strangiato)
S2N (5.1 mix)
S2N (animation)
S2N (hi‐resolution audio)
S2N (instrumental mix)
Sacrificed Sons
Santiago, Chile 12/6/05
Saurus (demo) (instrumental), The
Savior in the Square, A
Scarred / 2112: Grand Finale / YYZ
Scene Nine: Finally Free
Scene Seven: i. The Dance of Eternity / ii. One Last Time
Scene Three: i. Through My Words / ii. Fatal Tragedy
Scene Two: i. Overture 1928 / ii. Strange Deja Vu
Scenes from a memory
Scenes From a World Tour
Scenes From São Paulo
Schmedley Wilcox
School Song, The
Score [20th anniversary world tour live with the Octavarium Orchestra]
Score So Far... (20th Anniversary Documentary), The
Sea of Aniquity
Selections From Live Scenes From New York
Shattered Fortress, The
Show That Stumped Them All, The
Silent Man (acoustic version), The
Silent Man (electric version), The
Silly Tour Moment
Since I've Been Lovin You
Since I've Been Loving You (Led Zeppelin)
Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence: I. Overture
Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence: II. About to Crash
Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence: III. War Inside My Head
Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence: IV. The Test That Stumped Them All
Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence: V. Goodnight Kiss
Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence: VI. Solitary Shell
Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence: VII. About to Crash (reprise)
Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence: VIII. Losing Time / Grand Finale
Skyway of Nightmares
Small Club Adventure
Smoke on the Water
Soilitary Shell
Solar Groove
Solar System Race Song
Solitary Shell
Sort of Homecoming, A
Soundboard Master Series, Volume 4: Japan Tour ’93
Space-Dye Vest
Space Truckin’
Speak to Me / Breathe
Speak to Me (demo)
Spirit Carries On (Bullshit version), The
Spirit Carries On (New York), The
Spirit Carries On (Scene Eight), The
Spirit of St. Louis, The
Spirit Really Carries On, The
Spontaneous Combustion
Stage & Backstage Tour
Status Seeker
Story So Far..., The
Strange dèjá vu
Strange Kind of Woman
Stranger Than Fiction
Stream of Consciousness
string quartet tribute to Dream Theater, The
studio albums 1992-2011, The
Subconscious: Gold Edition
Surrender to Reason
Surrounded (Live at the The Marquee Club, London, April 23,1993)
Swell Guitar Piece (demo) (instrumental), A
Systematic chaos
Take Away My Pain (alternate take)
Take Away My Pain (basic tracks)
Take Away My Pain (demo)
Take Away My Pain (space guitar, Hawaiin keys, heavy keys, and vocal overdubs)
Take Hold of the Flame
Take the Time (edit)
Take the Time (instrumental demo)
Take The Time / Regression Fanfare
Take the Time / Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
Take the Time / The Mists of Evening
Take the Time / Working Man / By-Tor & The Snow Dog
Take Your Fingers From My Hair
Taste the Memories
Tears (live)
Tears (re-sourced)
Teaser / Speak to Me / Breathe
Tempting Offer, A
Tenement Funster / Flick of the Wrist / Lily of the Valley
Test That Stumped Them All, The
Thank You for the Crew
Thank You's
Theme From "A Clockwork Orange"
These Walls
Thing That Should Not Be, The
This Dying Soul
This Is the Life (instrumental)
Three Days
Through her eyes
Through My Words / Fatal Tragedy
Time / Breathe (reprise)
Tin Trooper
To Live Forever '91
To Live Forever '94
To Live Forever (acoustic, speed corrected)
To Live Forever (demo)
To Live Forever / Drum Solo
To Live Forever (feat. John Hendricks)
To Live Forever (feat. Steve Stone)
To Live Forever - Instrumental
To Live Forever / Jam
To Live Forever / Moonbubbles / Showdown
To Set the Sun
To Tame a Land
Too Far
Touring Into Infinity 1997
Train of Thought: Instrumental Demos 2003
Train of Thought World Tour 2004
Trial of Singles
Trial of Tears (basic tracks)
Trial of Tears (lead guitar, bass, acoustic guitar, and piano overdubs)
Trial of Tears (the end(?))
Triple Album Collection, The
Trooper, The
Two Far (demo) (instrumental)
Two Far (instrumental version)
Uncovered 2003-2005
Under a Cyber Moon
Under a Glass Moon (instrumental demo)
Under Peruvian Skies
Universal Dream, The
Universal Mind
Untethered Angel (5.1 mix)
Untethered Angel (animation)
Untethered Angel (hi‐resolution audio)
Untethered Angel (instrumental mix)
[untitled] (John Petrucci new song demo)
Us and Them
Vacant / Stream of Consciousness
Van Halen Medley
Video Intro Montage
Viking Outro (demo) (instrumental)
Viper King (5.1 mix)
Viper King (animation)
Viper King (hi‐resolution audio)
Viper King (instrumental mix)
Vision '89, A
Vital Star
Voices (live)
Wait for Sleep (acoustic live)
Wait for Sleep (acoustic version)
Wait for Sleep / Surrounded
Walk Beside You, I
Walk Besides You, I
Walk This Way
Walking Shadow, The
Wanted Dead or Alive (unchanged)
War Inside My Head
War Pigs
Way It Used to Be, The
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Welcome To A New Millenium
What Did They Say? / Wipeout / Canadian Rap
When Demos and Singles Unite
When Dream and Day Reunite
When Dream and Day Unite Demos 1987–1989
When Dream and Today Unite
When Images and Words Unite: Pull Me Under / Under a Glass Moon / A Fortune in Lies / Only a Matter of Time / Take the Time (live)
When Your Time Has Come
Where Are You Now
Where Eagles Dare
Whispers on the Wind
Winter (re-sourced)
Winter's Night Jam
Wipeout / Canadian Rap
Wish You Were Here
Wither (John Petrucci vocal demo)
Wither (piano version)
Won't Get Fooled Again
X Aspect, The
Yes Medley: Machine Messiah / Heart of the Sunrise / Close to the Edge / Siberian Khatru / Starship Trooper
You Not Me (basic tracks)
You Not Me (Edit)
You Not Me (strings, piano, vocals and key overdubs)
You or Me
Your Majesty (demo) (instrumental)
Your Majesty (instrumental version)
Ytse Jam (Incl. Drum Solo), The
Ytse Jam (instrumental)
Ytse Jam Reprise, The
Ytsejam, The
Zoo / Learning to Live / Whole Lotta Love, The
Contributed to or performed: 
90's Oldies: Rock
Afterlife (live)
All That Rock
Annual Assault 2008
Another Won (live)
Answer Lies Within, The
Art of Live, The
Art of Sysyphus Extra Berlin, Volume 1, The
Art of Sysyphus, Vol. 101, The
Art of Sysyphus, Vol. 61, The
Best of Symphonic Rock, The
Best Symfo Rock, The
Biggest Hits Live USA, Vol. 9
Bridge Across Europe Tour 2001
Clásicos de la Emisión Pirata, Volumen II
Classic Rock #106: The Masters
Classic Rock #124: Guitarmageddon!
Classic Rock #136: Guitarmageddon, Volume 2
Classic Rock #140: The Best of 2009
Comfortably Numb
Compilation Rock Hard 44
Compilation Rock Hard 45
Concrete Approved: June 2007
Cry Freedom (live)
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Even More Power Ballads
Farewell to Kings, A
Fields of Rock Summer 2007
Gates of Babylon (live), The
Gigantour: Tour Sampler
God of War: Blood & Metal
Graspop Metal Meeting 1996-2015
Guitar Hero: World Tour
Guitar's Practicing Musicians, Volume III
Hard Music, Volume 1
Heart Rock Cafe
Highlights 2013
History of Trunks, The
In the Name of the King
Maiden Heaven: A Tribute to Iron Maiden
March of the Tyrant (live)
Maximum Metal, Volume 116
Media Markt Collection: Rockin’ the Hard Way
Metal CD, Volume 5
Metal Guitars
Metal Hammer #172: The Black Crusade... And Beyond
Metal Hammer #185: Razor
Metal Hammer #194: Razor - The Heavy Hitters
Metal Hammer #249: Metal on Metal
Metal Hammer Presents: Proud to Be Loud
Metal Hammer: Roadworks
Metal Museum, Volume 11: Progressive Metal, The
Metal Top 50
Musician Magazine's New Music Sampler: A Little on the CD Side, Volume 15
Musician Magazine's New Music Sampler: A Little on the CD Side, Volume 7
Muzyczne Pejzaże (prezentuje Piotr Kosiński)
Nordic Tour Sampler
Our New World
Perfect Strangers
Peruvian Skies
Planet Rock: The Best Rock Album in the Universe
Pleasant Shade of Dreams, A
Prog : Le coffret idéal
Prognosis 2
Protect the Innocent
Reach the Beach and Rule the Pool: Spring Breakers '93
Roadrunner Records 2014 Summer Sampler
Roadrunner Undercover, Volume 1
Rock & Metal Factory
Rock Ballads 2
Rock Ballads, Volume 5
Rock Ballads: The Collection
Rock Classics Nr. 6: Sons & Daughters of Pink Floyd
Rock Giganten
Rock Hard #33
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 56
Rock Hard: Dynamit, Volume 66
Rock Hard: Lauschangriff Vol.70
Sacrificed Sons
Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
Sons & Daughters of Pink Floyd
Sweden Rock, Volume 1
Take Hold of the Flame
Terrorizer: Fear Candy 47
Thunder: In the Metaland, Volume 8
Top Hits U.S.A. T170
Tour Sampler
Wach Auf!
Won’t Get Fooled Again
Wondrous Stories: A Complete Introduction to Progressive Rock
Your Majesty (live)