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No Doubt
No Doubt Musical group (Musical group or band)
No Doubt (Musical group or band)
began 1986-12
Location / Nationality: 
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Bradley, Stephen (hasMember)
Carpenter, Eric (hasMember)
Dumont, Tom (hasMember)
Gonzalez, Gabe (hasMember)
Hammerstedt, Don (hasMember)
Henderson, Alex (hasMember)
Jordan, Phil (hasMember)
Kanal, Tony (hasMember)
McNair, Gabrial (hasMember)
Snoop Dogg, 1972-
Spence, John (hasMember)
Stefani, Eric (hasMember)
Stefani, Gwen (hasMember)
Westside Connection (Musical group)
Wham! (Musical group)
White Zombie
Young, Adrian (hasMember)
2000-06-28: Y100 FEZtival, Camden, NJ, USA
Aladdin (live, 1993: San Diego, CA, USA)
Artificial Sweetener
Band Interview
Bath water
Bathwater (2002 live)
Bathwater (alternate)
Bathwater (Invincible Overlord remix)
Beacon Street collection, The
Beauty Contest (non-album version)
Beavis and Butt-Head do America original motion picture soundtrack
Best 2000, The
Big City Train
Big Distraction / [silence] / Too Late (instrumental)
Blue in the Face
Boom Box
Brand New Day
Burning London the Clash tribute
By the Way
California Broadcast (HD Remastered Edition)
Cellophane Boy (non-album version)
Climb (live), The
Comforting Lie
Crossing all over
Dark Blue / Too Late (instrumental)
Different People (album version)
Different People (live)
Don't Be Afraid
Don’t Let Me Down
Don't Speak (acoustic version)
Don't Speak (album version)
Don’t Speak (alternate edit)
Don’t Speak (alternate version)
Don't Speak (California Concert, 1995)
Don't Speak (KROQ Weenie Roast 6.16.96)
Don't Speak (live From Hamburg)
Don’t Speak (live Hamburg, Germany)
Don't Speak (live rehearsal)
Dreaming the Same Dream
Easy (acoustic — Santa Monica sessions)
End It on This
End of the World (1999-12-31: NY, USA)
End on This (live from Holland)
Everything in Time (London)
Everything in Time (Los Angeles)
Everything in time No Doubt - B-sides, rarities, remixes
Everything's Wrong
Ex-Girlfriend (acoustic live)
Ex-Girlfriend (demo)
Ex-Girlfriend (disc 1)
Ex-Girlfriend (disc 2)
Ex-Girlfriend (Philip Steir remix)
Ex-Girlfriend (The Psycho Ex mix)
Excuse Me Mr. (KROQ almost acoustic christmas 12.17.95)
Excuse Me Mr. (KROQ Weenie Roast 6.16.96)
Excuse Me Mr. (live dub mix)
Excuse Me Mr. (live rehearsal)
Excuse Me Mr. (San Jose University Events Center 16/12/95)
Excuse Me Mr (Universal Ampitheater 17/12/95)
Full Circle
Get On The Ball (KROQ almost acoustic christmas 12.17.95)
Girls Get the Bass in the Back
Go music from the motion picture
Greener Pasteurs
Greener Pastures
Gwen Stefani Interview (On radio Talking Music, 1995)
Happy: Live in Holland
Happy Now (KROQ Weenie Roast 6.16.96)
Heart Breaker (live)
Hella Good (album version)
Hella Good (Jackal & Hyde Remix)
Hella Good (live)
Hella Good (Release Yourself remix)
Hella Good (Roger's Release Yourself mix)
Hella Good (Roger Sanchez main mix)
Hella Good (Sharam Joy mix)
Hella Good (Techni-Ka remix)
Hey Baby (Fabian remix)
Hey Baby (Kelly G’s Bumpin’ Baby club mix)
Hey Baby (live)
Hey Baby (Phillip Steir Girls Like the Bass in the Back remix)
Hey Baby (Stank remix) (dirty version)
Hey Baby (The Homeboy mix)
Hey Baby / The Making Of Rock Steady
Hey You (acoustic version)
Hey You (live Den Haag, Holland)
Hey You (live From Den Haag)
Hey You (live from Holland)
Hits from Orange County: The Singles Collection
Home Movies (1992–1997)
Home Now
Imperial March, The
In My Head
Interview 1
Interview 2
Interview 3
Interview 4
Intro / Hella Good
Intro: What's Cooking? (KROQ Weenie Roast 6.16.96)
It's My Life (album version)
It's My Life / Bathwater (The Remixes)
It's My Life (Chocolate O'Brian remix)
It's My Life (Great People club mix)
It's My Life (It Never Ends)
It's My Life (Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke mix)
It’s My Life (Laidback Luke mix)
Its My Life (Studio 33 mix)
Just a Girl (106 BPM Pop Rock)
Just a Girl (1Live acoustic version)
Just A Girl (Berkeley Community Center 12.15.95)
Just a Girl (Berkeley Community Theater 15/12/95)
Just a Girl (Enhanced version)
Just a Girl (karaoke mix)
Just A Girl (KROQ Weenie Roast 6.16.96)
Just a Girl (live from London)
Just a Girl (live London, UK)
Just a Girl (Radio 1 live acoustic version)
Just a Girl (radio mix)
Just a Girl (San Jose University Events Center 16/12/95)
Just a Girl (Universal Ampitheater 17/12/95)
Just a Girl (vocal mix)
Key to the City
Let's Get Back (Berkeley Community Center 12.15.95)
Let's Get Back (Berkeley Community Theater 15/12/95)
Let's Get Back (KROQ Weenie Roast 6.16.96)
Lets Get Back
Little Something Refreshing, A
Live in the Tragic Kingdom
Looking Hot (acoustic — Santa Monica sessions)
Looking Hot (Bass Over Babylon remix)
Looking Hot (instrumental)
Looking Hot (Jonas Quant remix)
Looking Hot (Kill Paris remix)
Looking Hot (R3hab remix)
Looking Hot (radio edit)
Looking Hot (Stephen Hilton remix)
Love to Love You Baby
Magic’s in the Makeup
Making Out
Marry Me
Move On
Multicultural Trampoline Machine, The
Music from the motion picture Zoolander
New & Approved (new remix)
New (live)
New (New & Approved remix) (extended edit)
New (New Doubt club mix)
No Doubt in Jamaica
No Doubt - the singles 1992 - 2003
No doubt the videos 1992-2003.
Now 15
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (live from Holland)
Oi to the World
omnibus press presents the story of no doubt
One More Summer (acoustic — Santa Monica sessions)
One More Summer (Jonas Quant remix)
Open the Gate
Photo Gallery
Platinum Blonde Life
Pop Collection
Push and shove : Deluxe edition
Push and Shove (Dismantle vs. Major Lazer remix)
Return of Saturn
Rock Steady (2002 live)
rugrats movie music from the motion picture, The
Running (album version)
Sad for Me
Sail On
Sailin’ On (from MOM Music for Our Mother Ocean)
Settle Down (acoustic — Santa Monica sessions)
Settle Down (Jonas Quant remix)
Settle Down (Major Lazer remix)
Settle Down (radio edit)
Settle Down (Remixes)
Settle Down (So Shifty remix)
Simple Kind of Life (acoustic live)
singles, 1992-2003, The
Six Feet Under
Ska‐Face Live in Germany 1997‐03‐08
Spiderwebs (album version)
Spiderwebs (Berkeley Community Theater 15/12/95)
Spiderwebs (David Letterman Show)
Spiderwebs (KROQ Weenie Roast 6.16.96)
Spiderwebs (live, acoustic in the studio at 107.7 the End Seattle)
Spiderwebs (live From Kroq)
Spiderwebs (New York)
Spiderwebs (San Jose University Events Center 16/12/95)
Spiderwebs (Universal Ampitheater 17/12/95)
Spiderwebs (version 1, live rehearsal)
Spiderwebs (version 2, live rehearsal)
Stand and Deliver
Star Wars Intro / Get on the Ball (Universal Ampitheater 17/12/95)
Star Wars / Sunday Morning (San Jose University Events Center 16/12/95)
Staring Problem
Start the Fire
Sunday Morning (2002 live)
Sunday Morning (live rehearsal)
Sunday Morning (radio edit)
Supercop music from and inspired by the dimension motion picture
Sushi Chick
Suspension Without Suspense
That’s Just Me
Throw It Away
Too Late
Total Hate ’95
Total Hate (KROQ Weenie Roast 6.16.96)
Tragic Kingdom + Rock Steady
Tragic Kingdom (live)
Trapped in a Box
Under Construction
Underneath It All (acoustic live)
Underneath it all : [piano, vocal, guitar]
Underneath It All (Radio 1 live acoustic version)
Underneath It All (Radio 1Live Acoustic Version)
Underneath It All (radio edit)
Up Yours
Videos 1992-2003, The
Waiting Room
World Go ’Round
You Can Do It
You’re So Foxy
Zoolander music from the motion picture.
Contributed to or performed: 
“Challah” Twins
100 Most Beautiful Songs
100% Hits of ’97
100x zomer 2014
101 Acoustic
1996 New Rock Music CD
1997 GRAMMY Nominees
1998 GRAMMY Nominees
20 Years on MTV: 1996
2001 Planeta Rock, Vol. II
2002-10-30: Waterhouse Centre, Orlando, FL, USA
3X plus de bruit!
89FM - A Revista Rock - 12 anos
90s Mixtape
90s Rock
Absolute Music 14
Acoustic Best 12
Album of the Year, Volume 1
Alias: The Soundtrack: Best of Season 2
Alias: The Soundtrack: Best of Season 3
Arrow Power Ballads
Beavis and Butt‐Head Do America
Beavis and Butt‐Head Do America: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Best Alternative, Volume 5
Best of ’97
Best of the 90's (disc 1)
Best of the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas, The
Best of the New Millennium Pop, Volume 1
Best Rock Ballads in the World… Ever! Volume 2, The
beste uit de Mega Top 100: van 1997, Het
Beste uit Power Vrouwen Top 101, Het
Big Shiny Tunes
Biggest Hits of 97, The
Billboard Top 10 Karaoke 1990's, Volume 1
Braun MTV Eurochart '97, Volume 2, The
Braun MTV Eurochart ’97, Volume 5, The
Bravo Hits 16
Bravo Hits 45
Bravo: The Hits 2012
Bridge School Concerts: 25th Anniversary Edition, The
Brit Awards 98
Burning London: The Clash Tribute
California Ska Quake
Call Me
Classic Cuts Presents: Anthems
Classic Cuts Presents: Pop Covers
Comet: Die Hits der Sieger
Crossing All Over! Volume 6
Definitivt BEAT, Nummer 5•96
DJ Hero Complete Rip
DV8 Essential Remixes: Urban Series, Volume 2
Echo 1998
Electrocution vol.3 (Remixes)
Ellen’s I’m Gonna Make You Dance Jams
Éxito total: 30 éxitos originales
Festivalbar 97
Fetenhits: The Real Classics, Volume 6
Future Dance Hits, Vol. 23
Girls Get the Bass in the Back (Hey Baby remix)
Glamour & The Squalor: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, The
Go: Music From the Motion Picture
Greatest Hits 1997
Greatest Hits of 1997, The
Guitar Hero 5
Guitar Hero: World Tour
Hey Baby
Hey Baby (Clean Stank remix)
Hey Baby (DV8 remix)
Hey Baby (Stank remix)
Hey Baby (Stank remix) (dirty version)
Hey Baby (The Homeboy mix)
Hit Box, Volume 13
Hit Break, Volume 5
Hit Explosion 1996, Volume 10
Hit Explosion 1997, Volume 5
Hit Express Vol. 3
Hit Machine 18
Hitbreak 2004, Volume 1 (disc 1)
Hitmachine, Volume 11
Hott Trakks 169
Huge Hits 1997
If You Can Draw Binky
It’s My Life
Just a Girl (MTV Awards 200)
Knuffelrock 6
Knuffelrock 9
KROQ: New Music 1996
KuschelRock 11
Lazer Strikes Back
Lazer Strikes Back, Volume 3
Lazer Strikes Back, Volume 4
Look at All the Love We Found: A Tribute to Sublime
Lost Archives, The
Love Album IV, The
Mastermix: Pro Disc 24
Mastermix: Pro Disc 42
Mind Over Machine
Monkey Man
Most Wanted 1997
Most Wanted Music 1
Most Wanted Music 5
Most Wanted Music Vol. 2
Most Wanted Rock 3
Most Wanted Rock, Volume 2
MTV - 20 Years of Pop Music
Music for Our Mother Ocean
New Friend
No.1 DJ Collection: 90's, Volume 8, The
Now That's What I Call Music! 11
Now That's What I Call Music! 15
Now That's What I Call Music! USA
Now That’s What I Call Music! 3
Now That’s What I Call Music! 36
Now That’s What I Call Music! 37
NOW: 25 Top Hits of the 1990's
Now! 2
NOW! 25 Top Hits of the 1990’s
Now! 25 Top Hits of The 2000's
Now! T.W.I.C.M. Collection (1983-2000)
Nu Dance Traxx #64
Pepsi Hits 2003
Perfect Love, A
Platin, Vol. 2
Promo Only Canada: Mainstream Radio, February 2003
Promo Only Canada: Urban Radio, April 2002
Promo Only: Mainstream Club, March 2002
Promo Only: Mainstream Radio, April 2002
Promo Only: Mainstream Radio, February 2003
Promo Only: Mainstream Radio, June 2000
Promo Only: Mainstream Radio, November 2003
Promo Only: Modern Rock Radio, March 1999
Promo Only: Modern Rock Radio, May 2000
Push and Shove
Push and Shove (Anthony Gorry remix)
Radioactive Chartbusters, Volume 3
Radioactive: Modern Rock Series, April 2002
Radioactivity Volume 02-05
Real Love Survives (Rock Steady remix), A
Remember the 90s, Volume 2
Réservoir Rock, Volume III
Revenge of the Rock
Rock 90
Rock Against Bush, Volume 2
Rock Alternativo
Rock Ballads, Vol. 2
Rock Steady Vibe (Rock Steady remix), A
Romeo & Julia: Die schönsten Love Songs aller Zeiten.
Royal Gallery: Romantic Paradise
Rugrats Movie, The
Saw Red
Ska Trax: The New Generation
Ska-Ville USA, Volume 3
Smash Hits 98
Smash Hits: Summer '97
Smokin’ It Up: Bradley’s Tokin’ Days
Sound Check 5
Spring Cleaning: A Polydor New Release Sampler, Vol 2: March/April
Studio 33: The Story
Supercop: Music From and Inspired by the Dimension Motion Picture
Teen Spirit
Television Rules the Nation vs. Hella Good
This Year's Love (Now and Forever)
Throw My Toys Around, I
Top 100 Pop Love Songs
Top 5 Hits #1
Top 97: Die besten Hits des Jahres
Triple J: Hottest 100, Volume 4
True Love
Ultra‐Pop 2000–2009: A Decade of Hits
Underneath It All
Unreleased Unmixed Unavailable Uncut, Volume 460
Very Special Christmas 3, A
Very Special Christmas: 25 Years Bringing Joy to the World, A
Video Hits 97: 20 Great Hits
WLIR-Kives Pulls The Plug
Zoolander: Music From the Motion Picture