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Martin, Paul
Merton, Paul
Paul Merton
Paul Merton (British comedian)
Paul Merton (Brits acteur)
Paul Merton (englischer Comedian und Moderator)
Пол Мертон
Пол Мертон (британски комичар)
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Acaster, James (co-performer)
Addison, Chris (co-performer)
Allen, Tom (co-performer)
Amos, Stephen K. (co-performer)
Bailey, Bill (co-performer)
Balding, Clare (co-performer)
Banks, Tony (co-performer)
Barnes, Angela (co-performer)
Beaumont, Lucy (co-performer)
Bishop, John (co-performer)
Blackburn, Tony (co-performer)
Blair, Isla (co-performer)
Blofeld, Henry (co-performer)
Bonneville, Hugh (co-performer)
Brand, Jo (co-performer)
Brandreth, Gyles (co-performer)
Briain, Dara Ó (co-performer)
Brigstocke, Marcus (co-performer)
Britton, Fern (co-performer)
Broacha, Cyrus (co-performer)
Bruce, Ken (co-performer)
Brydon, Rob (co-performer)
Bryson, Ann (co-performer)
Buress, Hannibal (co-performer)
Byrne, Jason (co-performer)
Calman, Susan (co-performer)
Cashman, Michael (co-performer)
Caulfield, Jo (co-performer)
Charles, Craig (co-performer)
Clary, Julian (co-performer)
Cochrane, Alun (co-performer)
Collingwood, Charles (co-performer)
Dee, Jack (co-performer)
Dennis, Hugh (co-performer)
Duff, Blythe (co-performer)
Eclair, Jenny (co-performer)
Eldon, Kevin (co-performer)
Evans, Pippa (co-performer)
Feltz, Vanessa (co-performer)
Ferguson, Craig (co-performer)
Ferguson, Lynn (co-performer)
Finnemore, John (co-performer)
Fortune, John (co-performer)
Freud, Clement (co-performer)
Freud, Emma (co-performer)
Front, Rebecca (co-performer)
Frost, Stephen (co-performer)
Frostrup, Mariella (co-performer)
Fry, Stephen (co-performer)
Gilbert, Rhod (co-performer)
Giles, Annabel (co-performer)
Glover, Fi (co-performer)
Goddard, Liza (co-performer)
Godley, Janey (co-performer)
Godliman, Kerry (co-performer)
Gorman, Dave (co-performer)
Hamilton, Andy (co-performer)
Hancock, Sheila (co-performer)
Hardy, Jeremy (co-performer)
Hawks, Tony (co-performer)
Hayridge, Hattie (co-performer)
Herring, Richard (co-performer)
Hesketh-Harvey, Kit (co-performer)
Hound, Rufus (co-performer)
Ince, Robin (co-performer)
Izzard, Eddie (co-performer)
Jones, Peter (co-performer)
Jones, Ruth (co-performer)
Junkin, John (co-performer)
Jupitus, Phill (co-performer)
Jupp, Miles (co-performer)
Kane, Russell (co-performer)
Kelly, Gerry (co-performer)
Khorsandi, Shappi (co-performer)
Kielty, Patrick (co-performer)
Kumar, Nish (co-performer)
Lawrence, Josie (co-performer)
Lederer, Helen (co-performer)
Lipman, Maureen (co-performer)
Lock, Sean (co-performer)
Long, Josie (co-performer)
Lycett, Joe (co-performer)
Lyons, Zoe (co-performer)
MacAulay, Fred (co-performer)
Mack, Lee (co-performer)
Manford, Jason (co-performer)
Mangan, Stephen (co-performer)
Marshall, Carolyn (co-performer)
McCarthy, Pete (co-performer)
McErlane, Maria (co-performer)
McGowan, Alistair (co-performer)
McLynn, Pauline (co-performer)
McMillan, Ian (co-performer)
McShane, Michael (co-performer)
Messiter, Ian (co-performer)
Messiter, Malcolm (co-performer)
Moorhouse, Justin (co-performer)
Morton, Richard (co-performer)
Mullarkey, Neil (co-performer)
Mulville, Jimmy (co-performer)
Murdoch, Richard (co-performer)
Murray, Al (co-performer)
Neill, Chris (co-performer)
Nimmo, Derek (co-performer)
Noble, Ross (co-performer)
Norton, Graham (co-performer)
O’Connor, Tom (co-performer)
O’Neill, Owen (co-performer)
Pal, Anuvab (co-performer)
Parsons, Nicholas (co-performer)
Pascoe, Sara (co-performer)
Percival, Lance (co-performer)
Perkins, Sue (co-performer)
Pollard, Su (co-performer)
Proops, Greg (co-performer)
Punt, Steve (co-performer)
Quentin, Caroline (co-performer)
Rantzen, Esther (co-performer)
Ravens, Jan (co-performer)
Revell, Nick (co-performer)
Rice, Tim (co-performer)
Richard, Wendy (co-performer)
Robbins, Kate (co-performer)
Robbins, Ted (co-performer)
Ross, Jonathan (co-performer)
Ryan, Katherine (co-performer)
Sayle, Alexei (co-performer)
Self, Will (co-performer)
Sergeant, John (co-performer)
Sewell, Brian (co-performer)
Simpson, Lee (co-performer)
Sinha, Paul (co-performer)
Skinner, Frank (co-performer)
Slattery, Tony (co-performer)
Smith, Arthur (co-performer)
Smith, Linda (co-performer)
Spinetti, Victor (co-performer)
Staplehurst, Janet (co-performer)
Stilgoe, Richard (co-performer)
Sweeney, Jim (co-performer)
Tarbuck, Liza (co-performer)
Tennant, David (co-performer)
The “Just a Minute” Team (isMemberOf)
Timothy, Christopher (co-performer)
Toksvig, Sandi (co-performer)
Tovey, Russell (co-performer)
Unwin, Stanley (co-performer)
Vine, Tim (co-performer)
Vranch, Richard (co-performer)
Wakeman, Rick (co-performer)
Walker, Roy (co-performer)
Walsh, Holly (co-performer)
Watson, Mark (co-performer)
Webster, Suki (co-performer)
Widdicombe, Josh (co-performer)
Williams, Simon (co-performer)
Wilmot, Gary (co-performer)
Winton, Dale (co-performer)
Wogan, Terry (co-performer)
Only When I Laugh
Contributed to or performed: 
Autumn Audio Choice
Have I Got News for You
Just a Minute: Anniversary Special
Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury
Playhouse Theatre, London
Playhouse Theatre, London (cont’d)