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Pettifer, S R
Pettifer, Stephen
Pettifer, Stephen Robert
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University of Manchester
active registry for bioinformatics web services, An
Arcadia: a visualization tool for metabolic pathways
BioCatalogue: a universal catalogue of web services for the life sciences.
BioXSD: the common data-exchange format for everyday bioinformatics web services
Calling International Rescue: knowledge lost in literature and data landslide!
Can immersive virtual reality reduce phantom limb pain?
consensus yeast metabolic network reconstruction obtained from a community approach to systems biology, A
Defrosting the digital library: bibliographic tools for the next generation web.
EMBRACE web service collection., The
Experience using web services for biological sequence analysis.
Immersive virtual reality as a rehabilitative technology for phantom limb experience: a protocol.
Iota: An approach to physically-based modelling in virtual environments
Low-complexity regions within protein sequences have position-dependent roles.
network architecture supporting consistent rich behaviour in collaborative interactive applications, A
operating environment for large scale virtual reality, An
Performance of a skilled motor task in virtual and real environments
Performance on a skilled motor task in virtual and real environments
Transfer of route learning from virtual to real environments.
treatment of phantom limb pain using immersive virtual reality: Three case studies, The
Utopia documents: linking scholarly literature with research data
UTOPIA - user-friendly tools for operating informatics applications
Visualising biological data: a semantic approach to tool and database integration.
WIWS: a protein structure bioinformatics Web service collection.