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Kuznets Saymon Smit
Kuznets, Simon,
Kuznets, Simon S.
Kuznets, Simon Smith
Qûzneṣ, Šimʿôn
Saimons Kuznecs
Saymon Kuznes
Simon Kuznets (Amerikaans econoom (1901-1985))
Simon Kuznets (amerikansk ekonom)
Simon Kuznets (amerikansk økonom)
Simon Kuznets (amerykański ekonomista, noblista)
Simon Kuznets (Economist)
Simon Kuznets (economista russo)
Simon Kuznets (économiste et statisticien américain)
Simon Smith Kuznets
Simon Smith Kuznets (US-amerikanischer Ökonom (Nobelpreisträger))
Smith Kuznets, Simon
Кузнец, Саймон Смит
Сайман Кузнец
Сайман Кузьнец
Саймон Кузнець
Саймън Кузнец
Сајмон Кузнец (економист)
საიმონ კუზნეცი
Սայմոն Կուզնեց
סיימון קוזנץ
קוזנץ, סימון
سائمن کزٹس
سائمن کزنٹس
سيمون كوزنتس
سیمون کوزنتس (اقتصاددان آمریکایی)
सायमन कुझनेट्स
সাইমন কুজ্‌নেত্‌স
సైమన్ కుజ్‌నెట్స్
사이먼 쿠즈네츠
クズネツ, サイモン
クズネッツ, サイモン
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Altschul, Eugen
Brady, Dorothy
Bureau, Universities-National
Columbia University
Copeland, Morris A.
Easterlin, Richard A.
Edward F. Denison, Chairman editing committee
Elwyn T. Botinell (Chairman), editing committee
Epstein, Lillian
Friedman, Milton
Friedman, Milton (1912-2006)
Fuchs, Victor R.
Gilbert, Milton
Goldsmith, Raymond W.
Goldsmith, Raymond William (1904-...)
Gort, Michael
Hanson, Alice C.
Jenks, Elizabeth
Kuznets, Simon
Lo, Stephanie
Miller, Ann Ratner
Morris A. Copeland, editing committee
Muszlak, Pierre
Quandt, Richard E.
Reid, Margaret G.
Rubin, Ernest
Selma Goldsmith, editing committee
Simon Kuznets, Chairman Universities-National Bureau Committee
Simon Kuznets, editing committee
Thomas, Dorothy Swaine (1899-1977)
Weyl, E. Glen (1985-)
Weyl, Eric Glen (1985-)
Yale University Press
長谷部, 亮一
Addendum: Corrections and Revisions
Adjustments for Scope of Income
Adjustments for Unit and Basis of Classification
American Population since 1940
Analyses of economic change
Annual Estimates, 1919-1943
Appendices and Index to "Capital in the American Economy: Its Formation and Financing"
Appendices to "Immigration and the Foreign Born"
Appendices to "National Income and Capital Formation, 1919-1935"
Appendices to "Seasonal Variations in Industry and Trade"
Appendix 1: Basic Tables for Calculating Income Multiples and Savings-Income Ratios from the Sample Survey Data on Income and Savings
Appendix 2
Appendix 3
Appendix 4
Appendix 5
Appendix 6
Appendix A: The Reliability of the Department of Commerce Samples
Appendix B: Supplementary Material
Appendix C: Samples of Questionnaires Sent Out by Department of Commerce
Appendix to "Shares of Upper Income Groups in Income and Savings"
Apportionment of Gross National Product between Gross Capital Formation and Consumers' Outlay
Apportionment of National Income between Net Capital Formation and Consumers' Outlay
Aspectos cuantitativos del desarrollo económico
Aspects of post-world war II growth in less developed countries
Automobiles, Gasoline and Rubber (Group III)
Average Income Shares of Upper Income Groups
Average Levels of Income Shares, 1919-1938
Basic Data, Sources and Methods: Agriculture
Basic Data, Sources and Methods: Construction
Basic Data, Sources and Methods: Finance
Basic Data, Sources and Methods: Government
Basic Data, Sources and Methods: Manufacturing
Basic Data, Sources and Methods: Mining
Basic Data, Sources and Methods: Miscellaneous
Basic Data, Sources and Methods: Service
Basic Data, Sources and Methods: Trade
Basic Data, Sources and Methods: Transportation and Other Public Utilities
Basic Reference Tables
Basic Variant, The
Capital Formation, Saving, and Financing: Definitions and Relations
Capital in the American economy its formation and financing
Changes during Business Cycles, 1900-1938
Changes in Income Shares by Type, 1919-1948
Changes in Income Shares of Upper Income Groups
Changes in Income Shares over Time, Several Variants, 1913-1948
Changing Inventory Valuations and Their Effect on Business Savings and on National Income Produced
Characteristics of the Data and Procedures
Children and Adults in the Income Distribution.
Classification by Industrial Source and Type of Income
Commodity Flow and Capital Formation in the Recent Recovery and Decline, 1932-1938
Commodity Flow and Capital Formation, Volume 1
Comparison and Some General Implications of Its Results, The
Comparisons with Other Estimates
Composition of Consumers' Outlay, The
Concept of National Income
Concepts and Assumptions in Long-Term Projections of National Product
Concluding Notes
Concluding Remarks
Conditions of Quantitative Research
Construction (Group IV)
Cotton and Cotton Textiles (Group II)
Coverage of Federal Income Tax Returns
Croissance économique moderne taux, structure, diffusion
Cross-Classification by Type of Payment and by Industrial Source
Cyclical fluctuations ; retail and wholesale trade, United States, 1919-1925
Data on Income from Independent Professional Practice, The
Decade Estimates
Definitions and Scope
Demographic analyses and interrelations
Demographic Aspects of the Size Distribution of Income: An Exploratory Essay.
Desarrollo económico, familia y distribución de la renta selección de ensayos
Dictionnaire des auteurs en sciences économiques & sociales ; sous la dir. de Philippe Deubel et Marc Montoussé, 2003
Directions of Further Inquiry
Distinction between Consumers' Outlay and Capital Formation, The
Distribution According to Industrial Origin
Distribution According to Type of Income
Distribution by Industrial Source
Distribution by Type of Final Product
Distribution by Type of Income
Distribution of Income among the Individuals and Households, The
Distribution of National Income
Driving forces of economic growth : What can we learn from history ?
Economic development, the family, and income distribution selected essays
Economic Elements Other Than Production and Trade
Economic growth and structure: selected essays
Economic growth: Brazil, India, Japan
Economic Problem, The
Economic Research: Retrospect and Prospect Vol 7: Quantitative Economic Research: Trends and Problems
Economic trends in the Soviet Union
Emphasis on the National Economy
Falk projet for economic research in Israel Jerusalem, 4th report 1957-1958, The
Fertility differentials between less developed and developed regions components and implications
Five Professions Studied, The
Food Products (Group I)
Foreword, table of contents
Foreword to "Capital in Agriculture: Its Formation and Financing Since 1870"
Foreword to "Capital in Transportation, Communications, and Public Utilities: Its Formation and Financing"
Foreword to "Economic Research: Retrospect and Prospect Vol 7: Quantitative Economic Research: Trends and Problems"
Fourth report 1957 and 1958 : the first decade
Gross capital formation, 1919-1933.
History of Economic Thought History of Economic Analysis, by Joseph A. Schumpeter. Edited from manuscript by Elizabeth Boody Schumpeter. New York: Oxford University Press, 1954. Pp. xxv, 1260. $17.50.
Identifying Major Research Problems
Immigration and the foreign born
Income and the Location of Practice
Income and wealth of the United States trends and structure... Papers [presented at the meeting of the association, Royaumont, August 1951] by Simon Kuznets and Raymond Goldsmith. Edited by Simon Kuznets
Income and wealth series...
Income from independent professional practice
Income originating in nine basic industries, 1919-1934.
Incomes from Independent Professional Practice, 1929-1936
Incomes in the Five Professions
Incomes in the Professions and in Other Pursuits
ingreso y la riqueza trabajos presentados en la Conferencia de la Asociación Internacional para la Investigación del Ingreso y la Riqueza celebrada en Río de Janeiro en junio de 1959, El
International Differences in Capital Formation and Financing
Introduction and Summary
Introduction to "Capital in Manufacturing and Mining: Its Formation and Financing"
Introduction to "Capital in the American Economy: Its Formation and Financing"
Introduction to "Commodity Flow and Capital Formation, Vol. 1"
Introduction to "National Income: A Summary of Findings"
Introduction to "National Income and Capital Formation, 1919-1935"
Introduction to "Seasonal Variations in Industry and Trade"
Introduction to "Trends and Cycles in Capital Formation by United States Railroads, 1970-1950"
Inventive Activity: Problems of Definition and Measurement
Items Omitted from the Estimates
Jewish economies development and migration in America and beyond
Kindai keizai seicho no bunseki.
List of Publications
Lists of Tables and Notes
Long Swings in Financing of Capital Formation
Long Swings in Population Growth, Capital Formation, and National Product
Long-Term Changes, 1869-1938
Meaning of Long-Term Trends, The
Measurement of Economic Growth
Methods of Measurement
Modern Economic Growth: Findings and Reflections.
Modern economic growth rate, structure and spread
Monetary Business Cycle Theory in Germany
National Income, 1929-1932
National income a summary of findings
National Income, Aggregate Payments, and Consumers' Outlay
National Income and Capital Formation, 1919-1935
National Income and Its Composition, 1919-1938, Volume I
National Income and Its Composition, 1919-1938, Volume II
National Income Estimates for the United States Prior to 1870
National Product, 1939-1943
National Product in Wartime
National Product in World Wars I and II
National Product since 1869
National Product, War and Prewar
Notes on the Quantitative Approach to Economic Growth
On the Measurement of National Wealth
Other Determinants of Professional Income
Part I: Classification of Manufactured Commodities
Part II: Annual Output of Finished Commodities, in Current and 1929 Prices
Part III: The Spread in 1929 between the Values of Finished Commodities at Producers' Prices and at Their Cost to Ultimate Consumers
Part IV: Changes Over Time in Transportation Costs and Distributive Margins
Part IV: Comment
Part V: Flow of Finished Commodities to Ultimate Consumers, At the Cost to Them
Part VI: The Volume of Construction
Part VII: Net Changes in Inventories
Part VIII: Summary
Past as Prologue, The
Political arithmetic : Simon Kuznets and the empirical tradition in economics
Population, capital, and growth selected essays
Population Change and Aggregate Output
Population redistribution and economic growth United States, 1870-1950
Postwar economic growth
Problems in the Study of Economic Growth
Problems of Interpretation
Programme d'enquêtes comparatives sur le processus d'industrialisation dans le monde actuel An outline of a comparative study of industrialization, Avril 1949
Quantitative aspects of the economic growth of nations
Quantitative economic research : trends and problems
Recent Population Trends in Less Developed Countries and Implications for Internal Income Inequality
Recent Trends in Quantitative Economic Research
Regional Aspects
Reliability of the Estimates
Reproducible Wealth - Its Growth and Industrial Distribution, 1880-1939
Rural-urban differences in fertility an international comparison
Seasonal Similarities and Differences Among Industries
Seasonal variations in industry and trade
Secular movements in production and prices their nature and their bearing upon cyclical fluctuations
Share of Services in the Flow of Goods to Consumers, The
Shares of upper income groups in income and savings
Simon S. Kuznets, Theodore W. Schultz, W. Arthur Lewis and Robert M. Solow
Six conférences sur la croissance économique
Six lectures on economic growth
Social Characteristics of Upper Income Groups
Stability of Relative Income Status, The
Staff Reports: National Income and Capital Formation
State as a Unit in Study of Economic Growth, The
Statistical Appendix
Statistical Determinants of Upper Income Shares
Statistical Measurement, The
Statistical Methods and Problems
Statistics and Economic History
Structure, 1919-1938
Structure of the American Economy, 1919–1929. By Wassily W. Leontief. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1941. Pp. xi, 181. $2.50., The
Studies in Income and Wealth
Studies of economic growth in industrialized countries
Suggestions for an Inquiry Into the Economic Growth of Nations
Summary of Discusson and Postscript
Summary of Findings [Capital in the American Economy: Its Formation and Financing]
Supplementary Data
Supplementary Memoranda - On Comparative Study of Economic Structure and Growth of Nations
Table of contents, foreword
Tables of content, preface
Temporal Changes in Income
Temporal Changes in Seasonal Amplitude
Temporal Changes in Seasonal Pattern
Title pages
Total National Product
Treatment of Output
Trends in Financing of Capital Formation: Share of Internal Funds
Trends in Financing of Capital Formation: Structure of External Financing
Trends in the Structure of Capital Formation
Trends in Total Capital Formation, 1869—1955
Two Centuries of Economic Growth: Reflections on U.S. Experience.
Uses of national income in peace and war
Wesen und Bedeutung des Trends : zur Theorie der säkularen Bewegung
Wzrost gospodarczy narodów : produkt i struktura produkcji
Wzrost gospodarczy narodów ; tł. [z ang.] Adam Szeworski. - Warszawa, 1976.
諸国民の経済成長 : 総生産高および生産構造
Published without thesis note
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Columbia University, 1926