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Kid Beyond
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related names: 
Anders, Darryl C. (co-performer)
Barton, Leslie (co-performer)
Bauer, Lindsay (co-performer)
Bayless, Brandon (co-performer)
Benson, Dirk (co-performer)
Bissonette, Gregg (co-performer)
Brooks, Brad (co-performer)
Butler, Dunning (co-performer)
Clary, Frank "Dukes" (co-performer)
Cortez, Tish (co-performer)
Dickason, Moorea (co-performer)
DiStasi, Gavin (co-performer)
Doppler, Doug (co-performer)
Dubey, Stuart (co-performer)
Dugdale, Scott (co-performer)
Edwards, Mark (co-performer)
Elkerton, Rich (co-performer)
Fierabracel, Ric (co-performer)
Frank, Bill (co-performer)
Gallant, Nick (co-performer)
Harrill, Ken (co-performer)
Henderson, Marcus (co-performer)
Lee, Mark David (co-performer)
Littlejohn, Will (co-performer)
Lundy, Brooks (co-performer)
Magdaluyo, Melecio (co-performer)
Nieva, Kimberly A. (co-performer)
Nuenuebel, Becca (co-performer)
Perry, Chris (co-performer)
Rothwell, Andrew (co-performer)
Sealund, Casey (co-performer)
Shorago, Danny (co-performer)
Sutton, Ray J. (co-performer)
Taber, Lance (co-performer)
Taylor, Joel (co-performer)
Urbano, Mike (co-performer)
Urrutia, David Dees (co-performer)
WaveGroup Sound (isMemberOf)
Willacy, Austin (co-performer)
Workman, Lyle (co-performer)
Yen, Tyson (co-performer)
Zelinsky, Susan (co-performer)
Deep Inside (DJ Jethro remix)
Mothership (Mutaytor Dublab remix)
Shall Be Free, I
Wandering Star (Aspect McCarthy remix)
Wandering Star (Hypnomadic remix)
Contributed to or performed: 
GAMH & Slim's Summer 2006
Radio RAM & Magic Records Present RAM Café 6: Lounge & Chillout
Sing 3: Mélange a Trois
SXSW 2007 Showcasing Artists