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Délano, Jack
Delano, Jack (American photographer and filmmaker, born 1914)
Jack Delano
Jack Delano (American photographer and composer)
Jack Delano (Amerikaans fotograaf (1914-1997))
Jack Delano (amerikanischer Fotograf und Komponist)
Jack Delano (amerikansk komponist og fotograf)
Jack Delano (amerikansk kompositör och fotograf)
Ovcharov, Jack
Ovcharov, Jacob
Ovcharov, Jascha
Делано, Джек
Джек Делано
جک دلانو (عکاس و آهنگساز آمریکایی)
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Notated music
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Collier, John (1913-1992)
Delano, Irene (1919-)
Lee, Russell (1903-1986)
Rosskam, Edwin (1903-1985)
Rothstein, Arthur (1915-1985)
United States. Farm Security Administration
United States. Office of Coordinator of Information. Foreign Information Service
United States. Office of War Information
Vachon, John (1914-1975)
Wolcott, Marion Post (1910-1990)
Concertino classico; arr. [from old catalog]
Connecticut scenes, Sept.-Nov. 1940
día que el pueblo se despidio de Muñoz, El
Durham and other towns in North Carolina, May-July, 1940. Tobacco warehouses
Durham, Farrington, and nearby small towns, No. Car. May, 1940. White and Negro tenant farmers "chopping," digging a hole with a wooden peg, and dropping a tobacco plant in each hole
East Hartford, Connecticut. September, 1941. Hamilton Standard Propeller Corporation
Eastern shore counties in Virginia. July, 1940. Barracks, surrounded by barbed wire fence, for migratory Negro agricultural workers from Florida
emperor's new clothes., The
Exhibits in the US information service in the temporary V building, at 14th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C.
Far from Main street, c1994:
[Farm Security Administration (FSA) photos of tenant farmers, Camp Croft area, South Carolina]
Farm Security Administration - Office of War Information color slides and transparencies collection (Library of Congress)
[Farmer stacking hay with a drop rake drawn by horse, near Springfield, Vermont]
Florence, Ala. July, 1942. Boy Scout camp
Fort Belvoir, Virginia, September, 1942. The induction and training in the U.S. Army of George Camblair of Washington, D.C.
Fort Bragg, near Fayetteville, No. Car. Mar., 1941. Trailer camp for migratory construction workers
Fort Loudon [i.e., Loudoun] Dam, Tennessee. June-August, 1942. Construction of Fort Loudon [i.e., Loudoun] Dam (TVA)
Greene County Fair, Greensboro, Ga. Oct., 1941. Crowd waiting in line and watching the ferris wheel, merry-go-round, hoopla concession and midget automobiles
Greene County, Ga. June, 1941. Interior and exterior views of the Bethesda Baptist Church, organized in 1775 and erected in 1817
Greene County, Ga. May-June, 1941. Farm Security Administration tenant purchase clients
Greensboro, Ga. May, 1941. Mary-Leila cotton textile mill
Greensboro, Greene County, Ga. 1939-1941. Saturday afternoon on Main street
Greensboro, Lowndesboro and Hale County, Ala. May, 1941. Negro church
Greensboro (vicinity), Ga. Nov., 1941. A story in pictures of Boyd Jones, a little Negro boy, and his father, mother, and little sister
Heard County, Ga. April-May, 1941. Tenant farmers
Heard County, Ga. The funeral of a nineteen-year-old Negro sawmill worker
Hinesville, Ga. April, 1941. Farm Security Administration relocation area for families who live in the Army's Camp Steward location
In search of maestro Rafael Cordero, c1993:
In the county jail, Greene Co., georgia, May 1941
Industrial and street scenes in Brockton, Lowell, and New Bedford, Mass., Dec. 1940-Jan. 1941
Ingalls Shipbuilding Company. July, 1942. Construction of ocean going barges for the U.S. Army in Decatur, Alabama on the Tennessee River
Madison, Wisconsin. April, 1942. John Stuart Curry, artist in residence at University of Wisconsin
Miscellaneous contact prints, from old glass plates, probably taken in New England and on Long Island (1900 and 1910?)
NAACP photographs of farmers, migrant agricultural workers, and sharecroppers
Negro schools in Greene County, Ga. May-Nov., 1941. Children entering a one-teacher school in Veazy
No movie tonite
[Nose of a B-29 fighter jet coming in for a landing at a field in Guam]
Old Dominion Home Industries Cooperative, Inc., near Fredericksburg, Va. June, 1941. Stafford County unit of the Virginia crafts co-op on U.S. Highway No. 1
Panoramic scenic views from Skyline Drive, Virginia, ca. 1940
Phoenix City and Anniston, Ala. May, 1941. Soldiers from Fort Benning, at the Idle Hour Amusement Park, near Phoenix City
Photographic memories
[Photographic panels from 1938 WPA Bootleg Coal exhibition]
Piezas en forma de canon
Puerto Rico, Dec. 1941-Jan. 1942
Puerto Rico mío : four decades of change
railroad photography of Jack Delano, The
Rockville (vicinity), Maryland. May, 1940
Sabios árboles, mágicos árboles
Santee-Cooper basin relocation area, near Bonneau, So. Car. March, 1941. Tearing down houses to be relocated
Selected prints by photojournalist Louise Rosskam and portraits of Rosskam taken by family and friends
Siloam, Ga. May-Oct., 1941. Main street of a small town
Siloam, Greene County, Ga. (vicinity). Midwife going on a call, carrying her kit
Smith family of Carroll County, Ga. April, 1941. Lamuel Smith, a Farm Security Administration borrower, his family, and their home life
Sonata, viola & piano, A minor [from old catalog]
Sonatina, flute, piano, B♭ major
Spartanburg relocation area, near Whitestone, So. Car. March, 1941. Truck and mule drawn wagon loads of household goods and farm equipment being moved from the Army's Camp Croft area to Pacolet
SS. Princess Anne, ferry boat between Little Creek, Va., and Cape Charles, Va. July, 1940. Dock at Little Creek, the "gateway to the South"
St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, Dec. 1941
Stupid Peter, and other tales.
Superfortress over Japan : twenty-four hours with a B-29
That's life, 1995:
Tobacco farming in Connecticut. 1937-1941. Tobacco culture by Polish-American farmers
Turpentine industry in Georgia. July, 1937, April 1941. Still in the piney woods.
U.S. Highway No. 1 between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, Md. June, 1940
U.S. Resettlement Administration and Farm Security Administration clients in Vermont. 1937-1939. Farmland and buildings
Union Manufacturing Co., Union Point, Ga. May-Nov., 1941. The hosiery mill which is owned by local capital
Union Point, Ga. June-Oct., 1941. High school graduation exercises held at night outdoors
United States Government's photodocumentary project on American railroading during the Second World War
Vermont state fair at Rutland, Sept. 1941
Visual materials from the Jack Delano papers
Washington, D.C. July 1941. National airport at Gravelly Point
Washington, D.C. October, 1942. Group of Turkish journalists visiting in the United States
Washington, D.C. September, 1942. International student assembly
White Plains, Ga. May-Oct., 1941. Methodist church, minister, and congregation
[Woman at Main Reading Room card catalog in the Library of Congress]
Woodville, Greene County, Ga. May-June, 1941. Children saying grace before eating their five cent hot lunches at school
WPA-Federal Art Project photographs of Pennsylvania coal miners and coal mining communities
Yorktown, Va. June, 1941. Bathing beach