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Džeimss V Stjuarts
Giacomo V di Scozia
Iacob al V-lea al Scoției
Iacobus V
Iacobus (V; König von Schottland)
Iago V, brenin yr Alban
Jaakko V
Jacobo V de Escocia
Jacobus V van Schotland
Jacques (I; Roi d'Ecosse)
Jacques (V.)
Jacques V d'Écosse
Jacques (V; roi d'Écosse)
Jaime V da Escócia
Jakob 5. af Skotland
Jakob V av Skottland
Jakob (V; König von Schottland)
Jakob (V; kung av Skottland)
Jakobo la 5-a
Jakobo V.a Eskoziakoa
Jakov V, kralj Škota
Jakub V
Jakub (V; (król Szkocji ;)
Jakub V. Skotský
James (I; Roi d'Ecosse)
James V của Scotland
James V dari Skotlandia
James (V; King of Scotland)
James (V; König von Schottland)
James (V; koning van Schotland)
James V o Scotland
James V od Škotske
James (V of Scotland.)
James V of Scotland (King of Scots)
James (V; re di Scozia)
James (V; roi d'Écosse)
Jaume V d'Escòcia
Jokūbas V
Séamas V, Rí na nAlbanach
Seumas V Alba
V. Jakab skót király
Ιάκωβος Ε΄ της Σκωτίας
Джеймс V
Џејмс V од Шкотске
Якаў V, кароль Шатландыі
Яків V
Яков V
ჯეიმზ V
ג'יימס החמישי, מלך סקוטלנד
جيمس الخامس ملك إسكتلندا
जेम्स ५
जेम्स पाचवा
พระเจ้าเจมส์ที่ 5 แห่งสกอตแลนด์
제임스 5세
1512-1542). [m]
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Language material
Notated music
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Cochlaeus, Johannes (1479-1552))
Hannay, Robert Kerr
Hay, Denys (1915-....))
Jacques I (roi d'Écosse ; (1394-1437))
James I, King of Scotland (1394-1437)
Marie Stuart (reine d'Écosse ; (1542-1587))
Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress)
Purcell, Edward (1689-1740)
Ramsay, Allan
Ruddiman, Thomas (1674-1757))
Scotland Sovereign (1513-1542 : James V) (see also from)
Walsh, John (1709-1766)
Christ's kirk on the green In three cantos. Containing A very humorous Description of a Country Wedding, with a Squabble that ensued: also, how a Peace was made up, and a' things 'greed again. Written by King James the First, when confined a prisoner in England
Epistola Regis Scotorum ad Christianissimum Angliae et Franciae regem ante conflictum. Et responsum christianissimi Angliae et Franciae regis.
Epistolæ Jacobi Quarti, Jacobi Quinti, et Mariæ, regum Scotorum, eorumq; tutorum & regni gubernatorum; ad imperatores, reges, pontifices, principes, civitates, & alios, ab anno 1505, ad annum 1545.
Favourite air
gestis Scotorum, De
Historia Majorís Britanniæ, tam Anglie quam Scotie, per Joannem Majorem, nomíne quídem Scotum, professione autem theologum, e veterum monumentís concinnata..
Hymn to Venus
James V Ad Scotorum Regem Iacobum Quintum strena
Kingis quair, The
lawes and actes of parliament maid be King James the first and his successours kings of Scotland visied collected and extracted furth of the register, The : The contentes of this buik are expreemed in the leafe following.
Letters of James 5
Mary of Guise
O'er Bogie
old Scots poem of Chryste-Kirk on the green attempted in Latin heroic verse, The
On a lady playing upon the harpsicord
On Mr. Handel
On Princess Amelia
On Vaux Hall
Oxfordshire match
Patie and Peggy
Peggy I must love thee
Peranis [sic] and Andromeda
peremptory lover. Tune : John Anderson my Jo
perfections of true love
poetic remains of some of the Scotish kings., The
Polwart on the green
Pro Scotiae Regno Apologia Iohannis Cochlei Adversvs Personatum Alexandrum Alesium Scotum : Ad Sereniss. Scotoru[m] rege[m].
rape of Proserpine
Restrained from the sight of my dear
royal chace
Sae merry so we have been. A scotch song
satyrs' s advice to a stock-jobber
She raise and loot me in
She wou'd and she wou'd not
Sleepy body
slighted swain
snake in the grass. To a lady of pleasure
soldier's welcome home
Song in the comedy call'd The wife of Bath
song on the Prince & Princess of Orange
spinning lass
spring wish
Strephon's complaint
sun was sunk beneath the hill
Sylvia to Alexis
sympathizing heart
Tho times no longer look serene
Through the wood laddie
Timon in love
Tis not your outward charms
To a young lady weeping by a gentleman of Oxford
To Amanda
To fight in your cups and abuse the good creature
To Mirtilla
To Salinda
To the disconsolate Doris
toast. To the tune of saw ye my Peggy
Two ancient Scottish poems : The gaberlunzie-man, and Christ's kirk on the green : with notes and observations
unhappy lovers
Unrelenting dearest creature
vanity of riches
vera cometæ significatione, contra astrologorum omnium vanitatem libellus, nuper natus & æditus Johanne Ferrerio Pedemontano authore.., De
wawking of the faulds
way to content
wheel of fortune
Why Cloe will you author be
William and Margaret
Willie Winkies testament
Willy's rare and Willy's fair
Willy was a wanton wag
Within a solitary grove
works of James I, King of Scotland Containing The King's quair, Christis Kirk of the grene, and Peblis to the play, The
wrangling lovers. A Scotch song
Ye virgin powers defend my heart
Young Philander
Zephir who with spring returning