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Israel Beriʼut, Miśrad ha-
Israel Health, Ministry of
Israel Ministry of Health
Israel Misrad ha-beriut
Israel Misrad Ha-Beriut Department of International Relations
Israel Miśrad ha-beriʼut
Israel YaṬénā ṭebaqā ministér
Medinat Israel Misrad ha'briut
ישראל משרד הבריאות
ישראל משרד הבריאות יחידה לתכנון וסטטיסטיקה
ישראל משרד הבריאת
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Israel Yerushalayim
Creation class: 
Language material
Creation role: 
60 years of health in Israel
Abstracts: Sponsors: The Ministry of Health, The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, The Israel Society of Obstetrics and Gynacology.
Be-ḳaṿ ha-beriʼut.
Beriʼut ha-tsibur.
Beriʼut meha-sheṭaḥ.
Causes of death
Child injuries in Israel : Beterem national report 2006
Childhood injuries in Israel : 'Beterem' national report 2002
Diagnostic statistics of hospitalizations
Din ṿe-ḥeshbon.
Epidemiologic investigation of ischemic heart disease and hypertension
epidemiologic study of hypertension and ischemic heart disease in a defined segment of an adult population in Israel, An : methodological manual
Estimated probabilities of men aged 40 and over developing a myocardial infarction in five years
Food additives legislation [rules published up to March, 1966]
Health and health services in Judaea, Samaria and Gaza ...
Health and health services in Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Sinai
Health in Israel, 1948-1978
Health in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza
Health services for the mentally retarded in Israel.
Health status in Israel, 1999 :
Health status in Israel, 2005 : ages 0-17
Health survey
Highlights of the health care system in Israel
Hitʼabduyot ṿe-nisyonot hitʼabdut (varies slightly) 1960/66, 1968/71, 1972/76
Ḥoḳ beriʼut mamlakhti, 5754-1994.
Individual society and health : proceedings of a symposium held in Jerusalem to mark World Health Day on 7 April 1986
Infant mortality
Israel health services.
Israël : service de santé.
Israel-South Africa Workshop on Research Trends in Dental Sciences : scientific program and abstracts : September 10-11, 1992, Maale Hamisha.
Israeli and Palestinian health care reforms : proceedings of a seminar, Jerusalem, October 31, 1994
Ḳaṿim li-mediniyut beriʼut leʼumit le-ṭeṿaḥ arokh be-Yiśraʼel.
Maʻarekhet ha-beriʼut be-Yiśraʼel, 1948-1968
Mangeśtāwi yaṭénā wāstenā ḥegenā danb : māwaq yamigabah nagar, mabtehena--yaʼagaritu gedāǧ
Manufactures listing of Israel drug register-imported.
Mediniyut le-ḳidum ha-meḥḳar ha-refuʼi be-Yiśraʼel : duaḥ ha-Ṿaʻadah ha-leʼumit le-meḥḳar refuʼi
Meʼafyenim demografiyim-ḥevratiyim shel temutat tinoḳot ʻal besis netune 1985-1989
Meʼafyenim demografiyim-ḥevratiyim shel temutat tinoḳot ʻal besis netuni ...
Minister of Health's report on smoking in Israel, The
Monthly epidemiological bulletin
National Health Insurance Law, 5754-1994.
Neḳudat ha-ḳishur : Model ḳehilati le-ṭipul be-nifgeʻe samim : tokhnit 18+.
Netsiv ḳevilut le-ḥoḳ biṭuaḥ beriʼut mamlakhti.
Organization Gestosis.
Peʻulot Miśrad ha-beriʼut.
Poverty alleviation - the Israeli experience
Preliminary report on the census of mental in-patients in Israel, July 1, 1964
presentation to the Johanansburg[!] World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD), A : subject: poverty alleviation - the Israeli experience
Presentation to the Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Development
profil sherute ha beriut be yisrael 1981 x ref
Psikhologim be-Yiśraʼel : 1977-1999
Report on the Demonstration Office in the District Health Office, Jerusalem
Report on the health and health services in Judaea, Samaria, Gaza and Sinai.
Report submitted by the Commission for Clarifying the Problem of the Shortage of Doctors, 1963-1964.
Scientific programme and abstracts
Seḳer shimush be-sherute beriʼut.
Seḳirat śar-ha-beriʼut ... ʻal peʻulot ha-Miśrad li-shenat ...
Sibot mavet.
Sixty years of health in Israel
Socio-demographic characteristics of infant mortality based on data for ...
Sociodemographic characteristics of infant mortality based on data for ...
Statistical analysis of the demographic characteristics of the persons insured in the sick funds.
Sṭaṭisṭiḳah avḥanatit shel ishpuzim
Suicides and attempted suicides.
survey of ambulatory facilities for mental cases in Israel, by H. S. Halevi and Z. Cochavy., A
Survey on food consumption and nutritional status among the rural population in Israel, 1959-60
Survey on use of the health services.
Technology assessment in health care : from theory to practice
Temutat tinoḳot : meʼafyenim demografiyim-ḥevratiyim.
Theinfluence of community water supply on health and social progress in Israel : a report in preparation for the technical discussions at the Seventeenth World Health Assembly 1964
Use of health services survey
Yarḥon ha-Maḥlaḳah le-epidemyologyah
Zekhuyot ha-mevuṭaḥim : lefi ḥoḳ biṭuaḥ beriʼut mamlakhti.
בריאות הציבור.
היפגעות ילדים בישראל : דו"ח בטרם לאומה 2002
היפגעות ילדים בישראל : דו"ח 'בטרם' לאומה 2006
הפגעות ילדים בישראל
‏זכויות המבוטחים :‏ ‏ ‏לפי חוק ביטוח בריאות ממלכתי.
מאפיינים דמוגרפיים־חברתיים של תמותת תינוקות על בסיס נתוני 9891־5891
מדיניות לקידום המחקר הרפואי בישראל : דו״ח הועדה הלאומית למחקר רפואי
מערכת הבריאות בישראל, 8491־8691
נקודת הקישור : מודל קהילתי לטיפול בנפגעי סמים : תוכנית 81+.
סטטיסטיקה אבחנתית של אישפוזים.
סקר שימוש בשירותי הבריאות.
פסיכולוגים בישראל : 1977-1999
קווים למדיניות בריאות לאומית לטווח ארוך בישראל.