ISNI Community

The ISNI community is made up of several constituencies: the founding members, registration agencies, general members, data contributors, and organizations concerned with the identification and description of information resources (such as ORCID). Each member of the ISNI community participates in ensuring the quality of ISNI data. Our data quality policy documentation can be found here.

Founding members of ISNI-IA

The founding members constitute the Governing Board of Directors of ISNI-International Agency.

ISNI Registration Agencies

A registration agency provides the interface between ISNI applicants and the ISNI Assignment Agency.

Registration Agencies are appointed by the ISNI International Agency and provide ISNI related services to all users.

ISNI Members

Membership is a flexible way to benefit from the ISNI services, with an attractive price and without obligation to act on behalf of others as does a Registration Agency. To discuss membership, please email

Data Contributors

Institutions and repositories from different domains contribute their data to the central ISNI database and working directly with the ISNI Assignment Agency. The ISNI records are enriched thanks to these contributions. Unprecedented cross-domain links between libraries authority files, rights management societies, researchers’ databases, the music industry, the book supply chain and more are created thanks to these contributions.

Documentation for contributors


As an individual you can get your ISNI by applying through a Registration Agency for your unique identifier, which links to professional databases and directories. Your ISNI provides authoritative disambiguation and collocation - distinguishing you from others who might share your name, and bringing together different ways in which your name might be listed (M. B. Smith vs. Michele Smith vs. Michele B. Smith).

OCLC Research Partners Task Force on Representing Organizations in ISNI

The OCLC Research Partners Task Force on Representing organizations in ISNI is charged to document how organizations should be represented in the ISNI database. The task group's goal is to advise the OCLC ISNI team in Leiden on ways to improve ISNI record quality, encoding, completeness, user interface, diffusion and to help better engage the community.

ISNI & other identifiers

ORCID is focused on the identification of researchers. To ensure the identifier links researchers with their works, ORCID works with the research community to embed these identifiers in workflows, such as manuscript submission, grant application, and dataset deposition. ORCID is working with ISNI to ensure that these data sets are linked.

ISNI also works closely with representatives from ISBN, ISRC, ISSN, ISAN, and other identification standards bodies to ensure maximum compatibility with data sets throughout the information supply chain.

ORCID and ISNI recently released a Memo of Understanding specifying how each organization intends to work together going forward.

About the ISNI International Agency

ISNI is the globally recognized and adopted standard approved by ISO for the unique identification of the public identities across all fields of creative activity.

Registration Agency

A registration agent provides the interface between ISNI applicants and the ISNI Registration Authority, which is governed by the ISNI board and administered by OCLC.

Search the ISNI Database

Use the lookup tool provided by OCLC to search the ISNI database, to discover which Public Identities have already been assigned ISNIs.