ISNI & Other Identifiers


ORCID is focused on the identification of researchers. To ensure the identifier links researchers with their works, ORCID works with the research community to embed these identifiers in workflows, such as manuscript submission, grant application, and dataset deposition.

For the benefit of the user communities that they have in common, ORCID and ISNI have already taken a first collaborative step in defining system interoperability. The ORCID ID is compatible in format with the ISNI ISO Standard (ISO 27729).  The ORCID Registry randomly assigns ORCID IDs from a block of numbers set aside for them by the ISNI International Agency which avoids having the same number assigned to different people.

See also: ISNI and ORCID Issue Joint Statement on Interoperation, April 2013

See also : ORCID to begin using Ringgold as Registration Agency



NISO publishes NISO RP-17-2013, Institutional Identification: Identifying Organizations in the Information Supply Chain , recommending adoption of ISNI as an institutional identifier

About the ISNI International Agency

ISNI is the globally recognized and adopted standard approved by ISO for the unique identification of the public identities across all fields of creative activity.

Registration Agency

A registration agent provides the interface between ISNI applicants and the ISNI Registration Authority, which is governed by the ISNI board and administered by OCLC.

Search the ISNI Database

Use the lookup tool provided by OCLC to search the ISNI database, to discover which Public Identities have already been assigned ISNIs.