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Chris Vrenna
Chris Vrenna (American musician)
Chris Vrenna (Amerikaans componist)
Chris Vrenna (amerikansk komponist)
Chris Vrenna (amerikansk kompositör)
Chris Vrenna (musicien américain)
Chris Vrenna (musicista statunitense)
Chris Vrenna (US-amerikanischer Musiker, Musikproduzent)
Kriss Vrenna
Vrenna, Chris
Vrenna, Chris Alan
Крис Вренна
Кріс Вренна
born 1967-02-23
Creation class: 
Language material
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related identities: 
Tweaker (pseud)
Related names: 
5, John (co-performer)
Adachi, Patti (co-performer)
Adams, Tim (co-performer)
Albini, Steve (co-performer)
Atkins, Martin (co-performer)
Balch, Michael (co-performer)
Baldursson, Sigtryggur (co-performer)
Barker, Paul (co-performer)
Beavan, Sean (co-performer)
Bellestar, Jenny (co-performer)
Berkowitz, Daisy (co-performer)
Biafra, Jello (co-performer)
Black, Bella (co-performer)
Black, Terry (co-performer)
Bones (co-performer)
Borland, Wes (co-performer)
Brötzmann, Caspar (co-performer)
Byker, Mary (co-performer)
Carey, Danny (co-performer)
Carroll, Lewis (1832-1898)
Catlin, BobDog (co-performer)
Chaussee, Mark (co-performer)
Chin, Meg Lee (co-performer)
Clayden, Jon S. (co-performer)
Clouser, Charlie (co-performer)
Cochrane, Dana (co-performer)
Connelly, Chris (co-performer)
Conner-Sculls, Lacey (co-performer)
Crittall, Steve (co-performer)
Daley, Marston (co-performer)
Denison, Duane (co-performer)
Die Warzau (isMemberOf)
Dillon, Mike (co-performer)
Downe, Taime (co-performer)
Einheit, F.M. (co-performer)
Electronic arts
Electronic arts France
Elias, Hanin (co-performer)
Esch, En (co-performer)
Eustis, Joshua (co-performer)
Exotic Birds (isMemberOf)
Ferguson, Gus (co-performer)
Ferguson, Paul (co-performer)
Fields, Jordan (co-performer)
Finck, Robin (co-performer)
Fischer, Lisa (co-performer)
Fish, Ginger (co-performer)
Flakus, Walter (co-performer)
Flanigan, Dirk (co-performer)
Flea (co-performer)
Flores, Bart (co-performer)
Flour (co-performer)
Francis, Black (co-performer)
Freer, Tom (co-performer)
Fuzz (co-performer)
Gacy, Madonna Wayne (co-performer)
Gerold, Andy (co-performer)
Gibson, Sharlotte (co-performer)
Gira, Michael (co-performer)
Goettel, Dwayne Rudolph (co-performer)
Gomel, Laura (co-performer)
Gruenbaum, Judd (co-performer)
Hall, Christopher (co-performer)
Harris, Mick (co-performer)
Haskett, Chris (co-performer)
Haymes, David (co-performer)
Heal, Marc (co-performer)
Holliday, Rob (co-performer)
Horne, Keith Van (co-performer)
Hubbard, Neil (co-performer)
Hunter, Barbara (co-performer)
Jack Off Jill (isMemberOf)
Jessicka (co-performer)
Joyce, Sean (co-performer)
Kendricks, David (co-performer)
Key, cEvin (co-performer)
King, Martin (co-performer)
Kiyzs, Algis (co-performer)
Krztoff (co-performer)
Kubiszewski, Andy (co-performer)
Larson, Amy (co-performer)
Lash, Tom (co-performer)
Leon, Arturo de (co-performer)
Levi, Levi (co-performer)
Little, Obioma (co-performer)
Ljung, Kim (co-performer)
Lohner, Danny (co-performer)
Louche, Jared (co-performer)
Lunch, Lydia (co-performer)
Lydon, John (co-performer)
Mackey, Curse (co-performer)
Manson, Marilyn (co-performer)
Marcus, Jim (co-performer)
Marilyn Manson (isMemberOf)
Mars, Lee (co-performer)
McCarthy, Douglas J. (co-performer)
McGee, American
McGuire, Andy (co-performer)
McNinch, Jason (co-performer)
Melchiondo, Michael (co-performer)
Mighty, Beefcake the (co-performer)
Miller, Jason Charles (co-performer)
Moore, Kurt (co-performer)
More, Jason (co-performer)
Moulder, Robin (co-performer)
Musarra, Ron (co-performer)
Nakatami, Michie (co-performer)
Nicholls, Hope (co-performer)
Nine Inch Nails (isMemberOf)
Nine inch nails (see also from)
Ogre (co-performer)
Oldham, Will
Omega, Vikki (co-performer)
P-Orridge, Genesis Breyer (co-performer)
Palladino, Pino (co-performer)
Paterson, Dr Alex (co-performer)
Patrick, Richard (co-performer)
Pigface (isMemberOf)
Pounder, Eric (co-performer)
Randall, Chris (co-performer)
Rankine, Lesley (co-performer)
Ratcliffe, Keff (co-performer)
Raven, Paul (co-performer)
Rea, Bobby (co-performer)
Reade, Laurie (co-performer)
Reynolds, Mary Dee (co-performer)
Reznor, Trent (co-performer)
Rieflin, William (co-performer)
Rogue entertainment
Ruchhoft, Barb (co-performer)
Rushe, Nick (co-performer)
Sablan, Fred (co-performer)
Santiago, Roberto (co-performer)
Schultz, Matthew (co-performer)
Seibold, Steven (co-performer)
Sims, David (co-performer)
Skold (co-performer)
Sochaki, Jim (co-performer)
Sprawl, Pat (co-performer)
Spybey, Mark (co-performer)
Stabbing Westward (isMemberOf)
Sugarcube, Siggy (co-performer)
Svitek, Louis (co-performer)
Sylvian, David
Teitelbaum, James (co-performer)
Thirlwell, J.G. (co-performer)
Trumfio, Dave (co-performer)
Trump, Joe (co-performer)
Tucker, William (co-performer)
Walk, Mark (co-performer)
Walker, Geordie (co-performer)
Walsh, Clint (co-performer)
Walters, Michelle (co-performer)
Ward, Jeff (co-performer)
Watanabe, Scott (co-performer)
Wedren, Craig
Weiss, Andrew (co-performer)
Welz, Astrid (co-performer)
White, Jeordie (co-performer)
Wills, John (co-performer)
Woolley, James (co-performer)
Wreck, Becky (co-performer)
Wright, David (co-performer)
X, Duncan (co-performer)
Yamano, Atsuko (co-performer)
Yamano, Naoko (co-performer)
Yoffe, Adam (co-performer)
Youth (co-performer)
Yow, David (co-performer)
Zaki (co-performer)
2 A.M.
American McGee’s Alice: Original Music Score
attraction to all things uncertain, The
Bataglia Suite: Pezzini la Virago / Wallow / Assassin, The
Battle with the Red Queen
Blank and White
Born Villain
Breaking the Same Old Ground
By the Riverside
Cain non LP track
Centipede, The
Crude Sunlight
Doom 3
Falling Down the Rabbit Hole
Fire and Brimstone
Flowers of Evil, The
Flyin' traps [SR] p1997:
Flying on the Wings of Steam (remix)
Fortress of Doors
Four Rusted Horses
Fungiferous Flora
Funhouse, The
Gardener, The
Go Off
Happy Ending, A
Have to Look Up Just to See Hell, I
Hey, Cruel World…
House I Grew Up In, The
I’m Not Edible
Into the Fire
It's Still Happening
Late to the Jabberwocky
Lay Down Your Goddamn Arms
Leave a Scar
Looking Glass
Murderers Are Getting Prettier Every Day
No Reflection
Overneath the Path of Misery
Perfect Drug, The
Pool of Tears
Pretty as a Swastika
Profane Exhibit, The
Pure Genius
Quake 4
Running to the Edge of the World
Skool Daze (Alec Empire remix)
Skool Daze / Late Night Shopping remix
Sleepwalking Away
Steel Box, The
Take the Pill
Taking Tea in Dreamland
Time to Die
Truth Is
Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum
Unkillable Monster
Village of the Doomed
Want to Kill You Like They Do in the Movies, I
We’re From America
Wight Spider
Will you album version
Will you Chris Vrenna remix
Wonderland Woods (Tweaker Remix) / Take the Pill
Worse Than Yesterday
Xiaolin Showdown Theme (extended version)
אמריקן מק'גי אליס
דום 3
دوم 3
لرزش ۴
डूम 3
தூம் 3
둠 3
아메리칸 맥기의 앨리스
アリス イン ナイトメア
Contributed to or performed: 
Age Remembered - A Steampunk / Neo-Victorian Old World Mix, An
Alice: Madness Returns
As the Church Bell Chimes (Tweaker remix)
Bataglia Suite: Pezzini la Virago / Wallow / Assassin, The
Black Sun
End Is Only the Beginning - EP, The
Finale: Apocalypticraft / Tunnel
Flyin' Traps
Quake IV - Soundtrack for a Video Game
Screaming Slave
Songs of the Witchblade: A Soundtrack to the Comic Books
Suicide Diaries, The
Xiaolin Showdown
YTV Big Fun Party Mix 6