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Blu Peter
Harris, P.
Creation class: 
Musical sound recording
Creation role: 
Related identities: 
Harris, Peter (real name)
Related names: 
Azzido da bass
Elevator (isMemberOf)
Fleming, John (00')
M10 Musidisc distribution service
Miller & Floyd
Pearce, Darren
React music ltd
Shimmon, Mark
White, Kevin (co-performer)
Biological Response (Connected mix)
Biological Response (feat. Tamra) (Pascal F.E.O.S. remix)
Biological Response (feat. Tamra) (Peace Division Chemical dub)
Biological Response (JHK remix)
Blue Air (<X-Cabs remix Two)
Blue Air (Club Class mix)
Blue Air (FOS mix)
Blue Air (Freedom of Sound mix)
Blue Air (X-Cabs 2)
Blue Air (X-Cabs remix One)
Blue Air (X-Cabs remix Two)
Bring You Luv (Love for a Fine Tune mix), I
Demolition (Lighten the Load)
Flagship (Choci X DDR X Blu Peter's mix)
Flagship (Higher Energy)
Funk Is Free
Funky Suite (F.C. Kahuna Headstart remix)
Funky Suite (FC Kahuna Headstart mix)
Funky Suite (FC Kahuna's Headstart remix)
Funky Suite (James Holden remix)
Funky Suite (Oliver Lieb mix)
Funky Suite (Oliver Lieb remix)
Funky Suite (Summer Vibe)
Get a New Cat
James Has Kittens (remix)
Magic (Luxor remix)
Magic (original mix)
Mayday X.
Mind Over Matter
Pictures in Your Mind (Arabesque mix), The
Pictures in Your Mind (club mix), The
Reactivate 10: Snappy Cracklepop Techno (DJ mix by Blu Peter)
Reactivate 12
Reactivate 16
Singled out
Substance (Salt Tank Psilocybe Skies mix)
Substance (Salt Tank Remix)
Substance (Tarrentella vs. Redanka mix)
Substance (Tarrentella vs. Redanka remix)
Tell Me What You Want (edit)
Twenty first century deep trance
Widescreen & Digital
Contributed to or performed: 
21st Century Deep Trance
21st Century Trance
21st Century Trance 2
21st Century Trance 3
Best of Reactivate
Best of Reactivate 2
Blu Peter: Tip of the Iceberg / Motorway / The Age of Love / Shinny / Magic / Sugar Shack
Club Together 3
Electronic Chillage
Enter the Hardbag
Mayday X
Phuture Tech Trance, Volume 1
React 10
React Singles Club
React Techno Classics
React Test Eight
React Test Eleven
React Test Five
React Test Four
React Test Seven
React Test Ten
React Test Three
Reactivate 13
Reactivate 14
Reactivate 16
Trance House 6
Trance Nation 9
Transmission: Sound System for the Nation
Trip Trance Issue, The