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Folc III Nerra
Folco III d'Angiò
Foulk III
Foulque (III.; Anjou, Graf)
Foulque (III Nerra; Count of Anjou)
Foulque Nerra
Foulque Nerra (comte d'Anjou)
Foulques (03; comte d'Anjou)
Foulques (3; comte d'Anjou)
Foulques (III.; Anjou, Graf)
Foulques (III; comte d'Anjou)
Foulques III d'Anjou
Foulques (III Nerra; Count of Anjou)
Foulques III od Anjoua
Foulques III, Pangeran Anjou
Foulques (le Noir)
Foulques (Nerra)
Foulques Nerra, Comte d' Anjou
Foulques Nerra (Count of Anjou)
Foulques (граф анжуйский; III)
Fulco III av Anjou
Fulco III de Anjou
Fulco III van Anjou
Fulk III, Count of Anjou (Count of Anjou)
Fulk III Nerra
Fulk (III Nerra; Count of Anjou)
Fulk III Nerra, Count of Anjou (French nobleman and architect, 970 or 987-1040)
Fulk III of Anjou
Fulk Nerra
Fulk the Black
Fulk (граф анжуйский; 972-1040)
Fulko (Anjou, Graf III.)
Fulko III Czarny
Fulko III (Graf von Anjou)
Fulko III. z Anjou
Fulko Nerra
Nerra, Foulque
Nerra, Foulques (comte d'Anjou)
Φούλκων Γ΄ του Ανζού
Фулк III
Фульк III Нерра
Фульк (граф анжуйский; 972-1040)
approximately 970-1040
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Language material
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Bachrach B. S (1939- Bernard S)
faucon noir, 1987:, Le
Fulk Nerra, the Neo-Roman concul, 987-1040 a political biography of the Angevin count