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Christie, W. H. M.
Christie, William Henry
Christie, William Henry Mahoney
William Christie (astronomo inglese)
William Christie (britischer Astronom)
William Christie (British astronomer)
William Christie (britisk astronom)
William Christie (Brits astronoom)
William Christie (brittisk astronom)
William Christie (tähtitieteilijä)
William Henry Mahoney Christie
Вилијам Кристи
Кристи, Уильям
ویلیام کریستی (ستاره‌شناس بریتانیایی)
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Christie, Harold A. H. (18..-19..))
Davidson, Charles Rundle (1875-1970))
Dyson, Frank Watson (1868-1939))
Eddington, Arthur Stanley (1882-1944))
Groombridge, Stephen (1755-1832))
Royal Greenwich Observatory
Royal Observatory, Greenwich
Thackeray, William Grasett
Trackerey, William Grasett
Turner, Herbert Hall (1861-1930))
Address delivered by the president, Mr. W. H. M. Christie, on presenting the gold medal of the Society to M. M. Lœwy
Astrographic catalogue 1900.0 : Greenwich section Dec.
New reduction of Groombridge's circumpolar catalogue for the epoch 1810·0
Observations of the planet Eros 1900-1901 for determination of the solar parallax from photographs taken and measured at the Royal observatory, Greenwich
On a new form of altazimuth
On an improved method of illuminating the field in a transit instrument, and its effect on the discordance in reversed positions of the instrument
On the errors of a photographed réseau
On the photographic magnitude of Nova Aurigæ, as determined at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich.
On the spectrum of comet 1880 d (Hartwig's)
On the systematic errors of the Greenwich north polar distances : abstract
Recomputation of the position of the ecliptic from observations of the sun in the years 1877-1886, and corrections to refraction in meridian observations of stars, sun, moon, and planets, for revised readings of the exterior thermometer, and of the barometer, in the years 1877-1886
Reduction of Greenwich Meteorological Observations. published by Order of the Board of Admiralty, in Obedience to His Majesty's Commandmade at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich
Remarks on the proposed change of the astronomical day to the members of the board of visitors of the Royal Observatory , Greenwich
Second ten-year catalogue of 6892 stars for the epoch 1890·0 : from observations with the transit-circle made at the Royal observatory, Greenwich
Telegraphic determinations of longitude made in the years 1888 to 1902
Total solar eclipse of 1896, August 9., The : reports of observers communicated to the joint permanent eclipse committee of the Royal Society and Royal Astronomical Society