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Brodie, Howard
Howard Brodie
Howard Brodie (American artist)
Howard Brodie (Amerikaans kunstenaar (1915-2010))
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Emile Zola Berman
Mrs. Sirhan
Psychiatrist Dr. Pollack
Rd. to Kokumbona a GI passes a roadside grave moving up
Republic caucus prior to convening Dirksen, Sen. Saltonstall
Road to Kokumbona Jap field piece
Ruby - just before verdict was read
Ruby listening to description of death
Ruby looking at movies of shooting Oswald
Running to a fox hole with raincoat over nude body, helmet and flashlight - Guadalcanal
[Scene in a Guadalcanal foxhole near the front at midnight]
Security 5 guards around Sirhan
Security check for press
Sen. Goldwater introducing Rehnquist to Senate Judiciary Committee for Supreme Court
Sen. Humphrey U.S. Senate
Sen. Strom Thurmond Civil rights filibuster
Senate. Civil rights debate Gallery
Sgt. Howard J. Brodie #19086947 "Yank" staff artist - N.Y.C.
Sgt. Major Fox of New Hebrides Defense Force
Shakespeare quote against Russell, "methinks ye protest too much & public is aware of it," Sen. Humphrey Civil rights debate
Sirhan awaiting 1st verdict jury re-entered... Sirhan's tongue came out + licked his lips (my best memory)
Sirhan biting nail
Sirhan, final look from holding room after death verdict
Sirhan on birthday
[Sirhan on stand leaning back]
Sirhan pointing to prosecutor from stand, violent gesture
Sirhan rage at war
Sirhan's brother
[Sirhan Sirhan from the side]
[Sirhan Sirhan in profile]
Sirhan slapping table when Fitts quoted Diamond "U don't know whether he lies or tells the truth"
Sirhan smiles early today
Sirhan start of blowing up
Sirhan strange smile after hearing he was killing father in Kennedy
Sirhan strange smile listening to psycho testimony
Sirhan thumbs up and winking (back to mother + bros) at final selection of jury
Sirhan turning around in court and savoring the attractive legs of N.Y. Times girl reporter
Sirhan uptight reassured by Parsons & McCowan
Sirhans [sic] boyhood friend from Ardra
Sketched on a C-47 transport from New Caledonia to Espiritu Santo, Dec. 42
Sketched Pvt. Merle "Judge" Hardy tired & hot coming in from a patrol at the front
Sketched this inside a dugout
Soldiers going up the Matanakau River [e.g. Mataniko River] - Guadalcanal - 3 sketches
Solicitor General Bork
Spectators U.S. Supreme Ct. Cap. punishment arguments
[Squad leader]
stench of dead Japs was nauseating - Inf. on the road to Kokumbona - Guadalcanal - sketched between air alarms, The
"Suppose it was your family" - "There but for the grace of God go I" Humphrey in opening civil rights speech
Supreme Ct. Assoc. Justice Harry Blackmun
Surg. tech. Cpl. T. Bob Muehlenfeld 3 BN
[Taking a break]
Taking a "K.I.A." down a jeep trail from Mt. Aestin [i.e. Mt. Austen] Guadalcanal
"Time has come" Dirkson [i.e. Dirksen] speech before vote
To jury Doc Diamond
Top turret B-17 made from sketch notes
trial of Jack Ruby in Dallas, Texas, The
War drawings : World War II, Korea
[What a jungle trail at the front looks like]
Winter, European theater
With Kennedy when assassinated witness Rafer Johnson
Witness Brand judge
Witness Calivan
Witness Carreon from firing range
Witness Clark he quoted Sirhan reference "sob"
Witness Davis wandered into pantry at Ambassador, saw Sirhan
Witness Jesse Unruh
Witness Murphy
Witness Rosy Grier
WW in Amer. art, 1985: