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Pain, A.
Pain, Adam
‏پين، ادم
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Language material
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Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit
Christoplos, Ian
Kantor, Paula
Lough, Oliver
Mansfield, Consultant
Mansfield, David
SADCC Soil and Water Conservation and Land Utilization Programme. Co-ordination unit
Saltmarshe, Douglas
Sutton, Jacky
Winterbotham, Emily
‏مينسفيلد، ديويد
Afghanistan looking ahead challenges for governance and community welfare.
Alternative livelihoods : substance or slogan?
Crops of the drier regions of the tropics, 1984:
Dānistan-i saṭḥ-i mutaghayyir-i kisht-i kūknār dar Afghānistān, 2007 or 2008:
Gender, youth and urban labour market participation : evidence from the tailoring sector in Kabul, Afghanistan
Informal credit practices in rural Afghanistan
New challenges to food security : from climate change to fragile states
Objectives, strategies, and techniques in applied research on soil and water management : proceedings from a workshop jointly held by the SADCC SWCLU Sector Coordination Unit and the Land and Water Management Research Programme of SACCAR, Gaborone, Botswana, 26-29 September, 1988
Opium poppy and informal credit
Opium poppy eradication : how to raise risk when there is nothing to lose?
Opium poppy strikes back the 2011 return of opium in Balkh and Badakhshan Provinces
Opium trading systems in Helmand and Ghor
Reconstructing agriculture in Afghanistan
social life of the onion, The : the informal regulation of the onion market in Nangarhar, Afghanistan : researching livelihoods and services affected by conflict
Three villages in Alingar, Laghman : a case study of rural livelihoods
Tracing rural Afghan livelihoods
Understanding and addressing context in rural Afghanistan : how villages differ and why
Understanding markets in Afghanistan : a case study of carpets and the Andkhoy carpet market
Understanding village institutions : case studies on water management from Faryab and Saripul
Water management , livestock and the opium economy : opium poppy cultivation in Kunduz and Balkh
‏دانستن سطح متغير کشت کوکنار در افغانستان :‏ ‏شواهد از کار‌ساحورى /‏