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Ambrosio Padilla
Ambrosio Padilla (cestista, dirigente sportivo e politico filippino)
Ambrosio Padilla (Filipijns auteur)
Ambrosio Padilla (Filipino basketball player and senator)
Ambrosio Padilla (philippinischer Politiker)
Padilla, Ambrosio
born 1910-12-07 deceased 1996-08-11
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Padilla, Alexander
Philippines (Republic). Office of the Solicitor General
Philippines. Supreme Court
Philippines. Tanggapan ng Prokurador Heneral
Tumale, Feliciano C. (joint author.)
Unson, Celso E. F.
1976 supplement, Property, Arts. 414-773, Civil code annotated, vol. II (1972 ed.) by Ambrosio Padilla.
1987 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines, The : with comments and cases
Civil law, Civil code annotated; Civil code of the Philippines, Republic act no. 386
Conflict of laws; private international law. Original notes, July 1948; rev. July 21, 1950. New cases up to 1958.
Criminal law ; Revised penal code annotated
Criminal procedure : rules 110 to 127 (Rules of court in the Philippines)
Evidence annotated.
Evidence : rules of evidence
Legal articles on election of "strong president" (June 16, 1981)
Legal articles on lifting of martial law : (proclamation no. 2045, January 17, 1981)
Legal articles on the assassination of 'Ninoy' Aquino at MIA, August 21, 1983
Legal articles on the plebiscite on constitutional amendments, (April 16, 1981)
Memorandum report for the President of the Philippines : re: San Pedro Tunasan estate
My views on public issues, May 1982-April 1984
Partnership : text and cases
Philippine labor laws and social legislations
Property (Arts. 414-773; 1106-1155; 1497-1501; 1642-1731, Republic act no. 386).
Public addresses.
Ulat-memorandum para sa Pangulo ng Pilipinas ukol sa Asyenda San Pedro Tunasan
Ultimate criminal law, study guide and reviewer
Writings and addresses during martial law regime (September 1972-December 1980)