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Black, R. E.
Black, Robert E.
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Merson, Michael H.
Michaelsen, Kim Fleischer
Mills, Anne (1951-...)
Mills, Anne (1951-..)
Mills, Anne J.
Mitchell, Abigail E.
Nestlé Nutrition Institute
Nestlé nutrition workshop 48 2000
Singhal, Atul
Sivitz, Laura
Sox, Harold C.
Uauy, Ricardo
Accelerating the health impact of the Gates Foundation.
Acceptability of Massage with Skin Barrier-Enhancing Emollients in Young Neonates in Bangladesh
Acute lower respiratory infections in childhood: opportunities for reducing the global burden through nutritional interventions.
Acute respiratory track infections - the forgotten pandemic
Age-related prevalence of shigella and salmonella antibodies and their association with diarrhoeal diseases in Peruvian children
Association between nutritional status, cell-mediated immune status and acute lower respiratory infections in Bangladeshi children.
Asymptomatic and symptomatic cryptosporidiosis: their acute effect on weight gain in Peruvian children.
Breast milk or animal-product foods improve linear growth of Peruvian toddlers consuming marginal diets.
burden of malaria mortality among African children in the year 2000, The
Can mothers recognize neonatal illness correctly? comparison of maternal report and assessment by community health workers in rural Bangladesh
Can the world afford to save the lives of 6 million children each year?
Causes of childhood death in Bangladesh: Results of a nation-wide verbal autopsy study
Causes of childhood deaths in Bangladesh: results of a nationwide verbal autopsy study.
Causes of chilhood death in Bangladesh: an update
Causes of deaths in children younger than 5 years in China in 2008.
Cell-mediated immune deficiency and malnutrition are independent risk factors for persistent diarrhea in Bangladeshi children.
Cognitive and motor development among small-for-gestational-age infants: impact of zinc supplementation, birth weight, and caregiving practices.
Combined iron and folic acid supplementation with or without zinc reduces time to walking unassisted among Zanzibari infants 5- to 11-mo old.
Community-based validation of assessment of newborn illnesses by trained community health workers in Sylhet district of Bangladesh
Community infection ratio as an indicator for tuberculosis control.
Comparison of Antibiotic Resistance and Serotype Composition of Carriage and Invasive Pneumococci among Bangladeshi Children: Implications for Treatment Policy and Vaccine Formulation
[Conclusions and recommendations of a WHO expert consultation meeting on iron supplementation for infants and young children in malaria endemic areas].
Consumption of food and nutrients by infants in Huascar (Lima), Peru.
Cost-effectiveness of skin-barrier-enhancing emollients among preterm infants in Bangladesh
Depressive symptoms among rural Bangladeshi mothers: implications for infant development
Determinants of infant growth in the slums of Dhaka: size and maturity at birth, breastfeeding and morbidity.
Determinents of infant growth in the slums of Dhaka: Size and maturity at birth, breastfeeding, and morbidity
Determining Gestational Age in a Low-resource Setting: Validity of Last Menstrual Period
Development and use of behavior and social interaction software installed on Palm handheld for observation of a child's social interactions with the environment.
Development of Nutritionally At-Risk Young Children Is Predicted by Malaria, Anemia, and Stunting in Pemba, Zanzibar.
Diagnosis and management of febrile children using the WHO/UNICEF guidelines for IMCI in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Diarrheal Diseases
Drug resistance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in selected urban and rural areas in Bangladesh
Effect of community-based behaviour change management on neonatal mortality in Shivgarh, Uttar Pradesh, India: a cluster-randomised controlled trial.
Effect of community-based newborn-care intervention package implemented through two service-delivery strategies in Sylhet district, Bangladesh: a cluster-randomised controlled trial.
Effect of early exclusive breastfeeding on morbidity among infants born to HIV-negative mothers in Zimbabwe.
Effect of El Niño and ambient temperature on hospital admissions for diarrhoeal diseases in Peruvian children.
effect of malnutrition on the risk of diarrheal and respiratory mortality in children < 2 y of age in Cebu, Philippines., The
effect of malnutrition on the risk of diarrheal and respiratory mortality in children less than 2 y of age in Cebu, Philippines, The
Effect of not breastfeeding on the risk of diarrheal and respiratory mortality in children under 2 years of age in Metro Cebu, The Philippines.
Effect of Plasmodium falciparum Parasitemia on Erythrocyte Zinc Protoporphyrin
Effect of pneumonia case management on mortality in neonates, infants, and preschool children: a meta-analysis of community-based trials.
Effect of Skin Barrier Therapy on Neonatal Mortality Rates in Preterm Infants in Bangladesh: A Randomized, Controlled, Clinical Trial
Effect of the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness strategy on childhood mortality and nutrition in a rural area in Bangladesh: a cluster randomised trial
Effect of timing of first postnatal care home visit on neonatal mortality in Bangladesh: a observational cohort study.
Effect of Timing of First Postnatal Care Home Visit on Neonatal Mortality in Bangladesh: A Prospective Cohort Study
Effect of water and sanitation on childhood health in a poor Peruvian peri-urban community.
Effect of Zinc Added to Multi-Vitamin Supplementation Containing Low-Dose Vitamin A on Plasma Retinol Level in Children -- A Double-Blind Randomized, Controlled Trial
Effect of zinc supplementation between 1 and 6 mo of life on growth and morbidity of Bangladeshi infants in urban slums.
Effect of Zinc Supplementation During Pregnancy on Immune Response to Hib and BCG Vaccines in Bangladesh, The
Effect of zinc supplementation on mortality in children aged 1-48 months: a community-based randomised placebo-controlled trial.
Effectiveness of Haemophilus influenzae type B conjugate vaccine on prevention of pneumonia and meningitis in Bangladeshi children: a case-control study.
Effects of Acute Diarrhea on Linear Growth in Peruvian Children
Effects of common illnesses on infants' energy intakes from breast milk and other foods during longitudinal community-based studies in Huascar (Lima), Peru.
Effects of Cryptosporidium parvum infection in Peruvian children: growth faltering and subsequent catch-up growth.
Effects of fortified milk on morbidity in young children in north India: community based, randomised, double masked placebo controlled trial
Effects of routine prophylactic supplementation with iron and folic acid on admission to hospital and mortality in preschool children in a high malaria transmission setting: community-based, randomised, placebo-controlled trial
Effects of the El Nino phenomenon and ambient temperature on hospital admissions for diarrheal disease in Peruvian children
Efficacy of probiotics in prevention of acute diarrhoea: a meta-analysis of masked, randomised, placebo-controlled trials.
Efficacy of zinc in the treatment of severe pneumonia in hospitalized children <2 y old
Efficacy of zinc in young infants with acute watery diarrhea.
Epidemiologic differences between cyclosporiasis and cryptosporidiosis in Peruvian children.
Epidemiological and clinical characteristics of acute and persistent diarrhoea in rural Bangladeshi children.
Epidemiology of rotavirus diarrhea in a prospectively monitored American Indian population.
Estimating the completeness of under-5 death registration in Egypt.
Etiologic agents in acute vs persistent diarrhea in children under three years of age in peri-urban Lima, Perú.
Evaluating child survival programmes
Exclusive breastfeeding reduces acute respiratory infection and diarrhea deaths among infants in Dhaka slums.
Feeding during acute diarrhea as a risk factor for persistent diarrhea.
Foodborne illness and nutritional status: A statement from an American Society for Nutritional Sciences Working Group
Global, regional, and national causes of child mortality in 2008: a systematic analysis.
Growth patterns of breast-fed infants in affluent (United States) and poor (Peru) communities: implications for timing of complementary feeding.
Gulf War and health
Household surveillance of severe neonatal illness by community health workers in Mirzapur, Bangladesh: coverage and compliance with referral
How many child deaths can we prevent this year?
How much does breastfeeding protect against infant and child mortality due to infectious diseases? A pooled analysis of six studies from less developed countries
Immunization with the heptavalent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine in Bangladeshi infants and effects of zinc supplementation
Impact of an integrated nutrition and health programme on neonatal mortality in rural northern India
Incidence and etiology of infantile diarrhea and major routes of transmission in Huascar, Peru.
Indicators for monitoring the growth of peruvian infants: weight and length gain vs attained weight and length.
Infant growth patterns in the slums of Dhaka in relation to birth weight, intrauterine growth retardation, and prematurity.
Infection Control Practices Reduce Nosocomial Infections and Mortality in Preterm Infants in Bangladesh
Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) in Bangladesh: early findings from a cluster-randomised study.
Interactive effects of iron and zinc on biochemical and functional outcomes in supplementation trials
International nutrition : achieving millennium goals and beyond
International public health diseases, programs, systems, and policies
Interpreting health statistics for policymaking: the story behind the headlines.
Intervention models for the management of children with signs of pneumonia or malaria by community health workers
Iron Deficiency and Physical Growth Predict Attainment of Walking but Not Crawling in Poorly Nourished Zanzibari Infants.
Iron supplementation in early childhood: health benefits and risks
Lack of an Adverse Effect of Giardia intestinalis Infection on the Health of Peruvian Children
Lack of therapeutic efficacy of vitamin A for non-cholera, watery diarrhoea in Bangladeshi children.
Learning from new initiatives in maternal and child health.
Malnutrition as an underlying cause of childhood deaths associated with infectious diseases in developing countries
Malnutrition, cell-mediated immune deficiency, and diarrhea: a community-based longitudinal study in rural Bangladeshi children.
Maternal and child undernutrition: global and regional exposures and health consequences
Maternal depressive symptoms and infant growth in rural Bangladesh.
Measurement of biomarkers in surveys in developing countries: Opportunities and Problems
Measuring impact in the Millennium Development Goal era and beyond: a new approach to large-scale effectiveness evaluations
Meta-analysis of intervention trials on case-management of pneumonia in community settings.
Methodological issues in diarrhoeal diseases epidemiology: definition of diarrhoeal episodes.
Micronutrients in pregnancy.
Model of Child Morbidity, Mortality, and Health Interventions, A
Molecular basis of resistance displayed by highly ciprofloxacin-resistant Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi in Bangladesh.
Multi-country analysis of the effects of diarrhoea on childhood stunting.
Multi-Country Evaluation of the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness Strategy: Lessons for the Evaluation of Public Health Interventions, The
need for maternal zinc supplementation in developing countries: An unresolved issue, The
NGO facilitation of a government community-based maternal and neonatal health programme in rural India: improvements in equity
Non-specific effects of diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccination on child mortality in Cebu, The Philippines
Nosocomial Sepsis Risk Score for Preterm Infants in Low-resource Settings
Optimal duration of exclusive breast feeding in low income countries
Persistent diarrhea in children of developing countries.
placebo-controlled trial of Lactobacillus GG to prevent diarrhea in undernourished Peruvian children., A
Population-Based Incidence and Etiology of Community-Acquired Neonatal Bacteremia in Mirzapur, Bangladesh: An Observational Study
Population-Based Study of Hospital Admission Incidence Rate and Bacterial Aetiology of Acute Lower Respiratory Infections in Children Aged Less than Five Years in Bangladesh, A
Potential for misclassification of infants' usual feeding practices using 24-hour dietary assessment methods
Potential implications of the integrated management of childhood illness (IMCI) for hospital referral and pharmaceutical usage in western Uganda.
Potential interventions for the prevention of childhood pneumonia in developing countries: improving nutrition.
Predicting the distribution of under-five deaths by cause in countries without adequate vital registration systems
Prevalence of sputum smear-positive tuberculosis in a rural area in Bangladesh
Prevention of diarrhea and pneumonia by zinc supplementation in children in developing countries: Pooled analysis of randomized controlled trials
Public health issues in infant and child nutrition
Quality of care for under-fives in first-level health facilities in one district of Bangladesh
Randomized, community-based trial of the effect of zinc supplementation, with and without other micronutrients, on the duration of persistent childhood diarrhea in Lima, Peru.
randomized controlled clinical trial of zinc, vitamin A or both in undernourished children with persistent diarrhea in Bangladesh., A
Randomized controlled trial of the effect of daily supplementation with zinc or multiple micronutrients on the morbidity, growth, and micronutrient status of young Peruvian children.
Rapid Identification and Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing of Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhi Isolated from Blood: Implications for Therapy
Rates, Timing and Causes of Neonatal Deaths in Rural India: Implications for Neonatal Health Programmes
reappraisal of the Peruvian and Brazilian lower titer (4 x 10 to the4 pfu/dose) tetravalent rhesus rotavirus human vaccine efficacy trials: Analysis by severity of diarrhea, A
relationship between infants' preceding appetite, illness, and growth performance and mothers' subsequent feeding practice decisions., The
Relative effects of diarrhea, fever, and dietary energy intake on weight gain in rural Bangladeshi children.
Report on reactigenicity and immunogenicity of Wellcome cholera toxoids in Bangladeshi volunteers
Research priorities and post-partum care strategies for the prevention and optimal management of neonatal infections in less developed countries
Research Priorities for the Reduction of Perinatal and Neonatal Morbidity and Mortality in Developing Country Communities
Research to support household and community IMCI
Risk factors for dehydrating diarrhoea among Brazilian infants: A case-control study
Setting priorities in global child health research investments: guidelines for implementation of CHNRI method.
Sex and Socioeconomic Differentials in Child Health in Rural Bangladesh: Findings from a Baseline Survey for Evaluating Integrated Management of Childhood Illness
Sexually transmitted infections prevalence rates in slum communities of Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Short-term effects of vitamin A and antimalarial treatment on erythropoiesis in severely anemic Zanzibari preschool children.
Simultaneous weekly supplementation of iron and zinc is associated with lower morbidity due to diarrhea and acute lower respiratory infection in Bangladeshi infants.
Supplementation with Zinc, but Not Vitamin A, Improves Seroconversion to Vibriocidal Antibody in Children Given an Oral Cholera Vaccine
Therapeutic and preventive effects of zinc on serious childhood infectious diseases in developing countries.
Therapeutic effects of oral zinc in acute and persistent diarrhea in children in developing countries: pooled analysis of randomized controlled trials.
Trends in Use of Referral Hospital Services for Care of Sick Newborns in a Community-Based Intervention in Tangail District, Bangladesh
Undernutrition as an underlying cause of child deaths associated with diarrhea, pneumonia, malaria, and measles
Validation of caretaker interviews to diagnose causes of severe neonatal illness
Validation of community health workers' assessment of neonatal illness in rural Bangladesh
Validation of Visual Estimation of Portion Size Consumed As a Method for Estimating Food Intake by Young Indian Children
Validity and epidemiology of reported poor appetite among Peruvian infants from a low-income, periurban community.
Weekly Iron Supplementation Does Not Block Increases in Serum Zinc Due to Weekly Zinc Supplementation in Bangladeshi Infants.
What works? Interventions for maternal and child undernutrition and survival.
Where and why are 10 million children dying every year?
WHO estimates of the causes of death in children.
Within- and between-individual variation in energy intakes by low-income Peruvian infants
Young Zanzibari Children with Iron Deficiency, Iron Deficiency Anemia, Stunting, or Malaria Have Lower Motor Activity Scores and Spend Less Time in Locomotion
Zinc and childhood infectious disease morbidity and mortality.
Zinc cream and reliability of tuberculosis skin testing.
Zinc deficiency and immune function, infectious disease morbidity and mortality in children in developing countries
Zinc deficiency, infectious disease and mortality in the developing world.
Zinc deficiency, infectious disease and mortality in the developing world1,2
Zinc for Child Health : proceedings of a symposium held in Baltimore, Maryland, November 17-19, 1996
Zinc supplementation for the prevention of acute lower respiratory infection in children in developing countries: meta-analysis and meta-regression of randomized trials
Zinc supplementation in infants born small for gestational age reduces mortality: a prospective, randomized, controlled trial.
Zinc supplementation in young children with acute diarrhea in India.
Zinc supplementation reduces the incidence of acute lower respiratory infection in infants and preschool children - A double-blind controlled trial
Zinc supplementation reduces the incidence of acute lower respiratory infections in infants and preschool children: a double-blind, controlled trial.
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